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Good morning radio family once again very nice to have your weekend company welcome to our public affairs show. The weekend edition of community focus and our intercom stations. Always enjoy not only to have your great company but certainly the conversations that take place at members of our community focused family. If she is family and every sense of the word if she's not here talking about accessible festival. We're engaged in conversation about change is all on. How do you go from place to place by means of the Winston-Salem transit authority so with that sand. I want to say good morning Su our good family friend Tina Carson Wilkens good morning. An age where you are doing great just cold yes something about this weather will be near 61 day and will plummet to look guys will be in court scenes. Very cold like in the twenties or thirties the next but that's OK we're here in a nice warm studio it's absolutely. And were definitely gonna pass along some warm vibes. To our listeners this morning. And she really that is going to be the subject of our conversation as I just mentioned or eluded to. Not accessible festival we'll have another program. With which as we do every year I was look forward to talking to you about that and likewise of their conversation. About Winston of the Winston-Salem transit authority. Here we are again in a new year yes and already the first month is gone yeah. Can you believe it now I can I clear neither I just thought about that the other day as I agreed just kicked off 2018. A don't have the other months remaining. And taking that opportunity to talk about with our listeners. What is drawing the attention to the need first of all to make changes. Two of the area I'm sure of course a lot of our listeners especially in Winston-Salem to route 100 what's going on here. Brown 100 started out in 2017. As a route that we wanted to. Give the students at Winston-Salem state university. And some the other on campuses at that route travels past. The opportunity to go directly to for science tech should they be you know taking classes at mine tech campus. And unfortunately for 100. It was non. As well received it as we initially thought it would appear and so armed when we were going through the process of reassessing all of the route even more Winston-Salem City Council we're on in the city councilman for the east ward. Councilman Montgomery. Ask ask why we want it to put route 100 on the chopping block as we were initially gonna pull it out. Bond he challenged us specifically to marketed. To confuse me college campus two college campuses along the route. And maybe make some changes to it. To give the students. An opportunity to do shop being right or to go out with friends and eat at restaurants and soul. All we had redesigned it and now we're going to launch it on February 20. Very good so obviously. Councilman Montgomery Darwin. Has been staying very busy I have always wondered if he announced lightly. Answering my own question and not to put you on the spot Tina I've always thought because. He became counsel and has such a young age she's probably the youngest. Sitting on sixteen on the City Council SEC a graduate of ashy and yes here socked him. So that would explain some things Seattle. So really when you have a voice for the students. Themselves and that really speaks volumes you know I guess it was it just a few short years ago when he himself. No lived on their campus right exactly yeah. What I try and look dad or act on opportunities. Not only for. Himself but other students to be able to network. Is as we hang out with their friends and whatever else and so. I must say. That he'd. Really thought about the knees of the college student exactly W. SS UV and also. Along that route we have Salem College okay we also have North Carolina School of the Arts yes and we have for site can command so you know it's going to be. A great. Opportunity for. Us too. I guess more or less and network with a bring millennial seem to public transportation absolutely. And see where that counts and I think that's an excellent idea because you you talk about. Those four schools who which have very diverse campus absolutely. And for a very uniquely and distinctly different. Universities. And you're right. It Tina and things are probably a little bit different when you an hour coming along. As as far as our mode of transportation we were in school but do you think about most colonials today a lot of them typically. And this may be sometimes we may automatically quote unquote as soon. That they have a car run or they can find a ride from somewhere else or for somebody else. But how great that the city can provide that needed transportation you have to take them from point a to point B I because only meals just like. Generation X. yours or the rest of us. They have places they need to be yet and things that they wanna do this and how nice that we'll hound that route back to the company. Or take care of those various trial in ways of them. In meeting the public well transportation meals to go shopping and grocery stores right. They'll be able to. Go shopping period at some of the department stores along that route exact time because although it starts at the at Union Station in which is on Martin Luther King Jr. drive in Winston-Salem it's. When it in its the route is going to end at pain small OK so there are so many. And I says it will be right all along the route round and then it world that destination is saint small excellent. And that ties in nicely with my next question gene how do you. Or how does west in general feel that the target audience is being the students. Will respond to that change short we're hoping because stiff statistically. Millennia old it's in some communities prefer public transportation vs their own car. Okay so we're hoping that this will be. A way for us to literally opened the door right to new opportunities. New places to go in new adventure is some half for them to pursue with their friends. And so we we are going to make a conscientious effort to reach out to them a grand to have them join us on route 100. Excellent and you know what that is such an amazing way and I would like to. Possibly say. Tina that's a teachable moment. For a lot of our young winds here's a great way number one to save on not just money yen in general but one we particularly focus on mind. The gas fluctuation. And howled in on the crisis is constantly seem to be going to happen down Fiat and just maintaining a car right in itself. It it has its challenges is just and one of the things that we realize is some students who come to. Winston-Salem state university's campus and some some the other camp is along the way. From the communities that they are coming from right. There's no public transportation so this is a chance for them to learn how to use it exactly. At friends' music for the four years maybe five more hit he had it in our community hopefully they will. Continue to live in the Winston-Salem or Piedmont Triad area right once they graduate. Blacked. Even if they don't they will be able to take the experience that they have gained as an opportunity users exit through another community and so you don't realize you don't. Have to have a car in order to have a life. Very true thing I liked the way he's saying that and I think to Tino when I think about just that area in general. And I may have mentioned this TU I know I have before on the program. May not necessarily with few. Growing up in that area very familiar with our green street not just highway 52 in general. And this is how far back my family goes. As far as when the trains used to come into and send him and weakened literally save them from our house when they were still houses. On that street. But now that we look at the growth of Winston-Salem state. Salem College life and particularly wins and this is what I got to wrap my mind around because. As there are getting into the final stages if they are not there already. On completing a lot of the new construction all year. Yeah that's off a 52 because now and I Coke ads that are totally different looks it does it really does. But you know the nostalgia I guess and that is every time. When I'm on that highway I look NIC yet and that's where you know my family and I have spent my my formative years growing not when when I moved. I to North Carolina and been here F percent sell a lot of great memories and at the same town along a wonderful grocer for that area. Yeah it's been great I think it started when. They're happy yield gardens community. Took on that hope's six project bright as it was about you know Peter find that communities exactly and some. Some homes sold bad. Other residents in happy hill would be able to be homeowners exactly you know be able to live to be apartment dwellers right if they so it shows in Seoul. With a bag growth has console. Much. I guess. Beautification. Want to salute you all along 52 with the new. LA wonderful it really isn't meant I think to with Tina thank you for mentioning that all the great memories that that I had in. Having a chance to to work with one day and take it now again at The Sims recreation center still got to get into my mind he's officially retire or yeah. I can never did you actually get used to it either in an and I doubt very seriously that he's going to be a true when I. But definitely just thinking of having an opportunity. Of course. In the happy hill area and every year. That they would do DR reunion boon for the community. Like we said just just some great memories and and the new ones that won't get to be main Alia with the students are currently attempting. Winston-Salem state university Tina we are off to a fine start as always. Always great Stanley to have you on the program Q you're so welcome so we're gonna continue. In our conversation not only about the changes again to. Route 100 and winning is the official start date Mon February 25 okay radio family keep that in mind. Were also going to be discussing more of doubt. The colleges along the route is it solely for college students or can we as a community. Be a part of that so definitely Tina we're gonna come back much for the weekend edition of community focus and we will return right after this. The weekend edition of community focus in its heard Saturday and Sundays and I Entercom stations thank you ready a family. If you're just tuning in we've been with the since the beginning of the program. Great company from EU and definitely from members of our community focus Stanley. The Winston-Salem transit authority western marketing community relations. Joins us this morning Tina Carson Wilkens. By the way or wished is that 100 west State Street in downtown Winston-Salem we'll get into the particulars. At the address Tina but as you and I come back from break. We were not only talking about. The attention. That is come about with the changes to route 100. I wanted to ask you this what colleges and can or along this route to those who may not have heard you earlier in the program. Will it originates basically. At Union Station right at Winston-Salem state university cat when the route leaves from right location is gonna. Take a ride on a rams drive going to Salem drive who's gonna go. Past Salem College. So those students have been contacted as well they're just yeah it's gonna hit main street so it's going to. Travel right past the university of north Carolina school of the arts and and then it's gonna go up to Silas creek. Where it would take a right turn. And goes right past stuff precise text main campus from there and that's where the route is changed or. The changes have been implement that we plan to implement is gonna take a ride on Miller street can't. And so is gonna go right past. I go out. Harris teeter at publix whole foods trying and it's gonna take a left turn on Stratford road where it will go past treat their Jews. All the time period shots on our list assault and now stretch of the ruin a lobbying senator Barack. Chris between lieutenant. Out but it's gonna go all the way down stripper roads so it'll pass a Wal-Mart neighborhood market and hang hang on a few other. You know restaurants that they would be able to give manager of there is gonna take turn right turn and come back down onto Silas creek and it's and it's ended. And Hanes mall that's actually you know she knew I Tina outside of the shopping excursions. But the students are likely to be engaged in. I think of two of a lot of the students who either have. He part time apple perhaps a full time job part time ample to yeah exactly even if they wanna do on an internship or move on eBay you'll he has an opportunity to do so. Because this round will start. I's gonna operate Monday through Saturday until midnight and east and it will operate on Sundays from 7 AM to 6:30 PM theory coup that. So what a nice way to to accommodate Derek. We sure aren't or we know they are likely busy schedules right for for a lot of our young ones. But man some of those those routes are are well traveled five probably most of our audience that's listening to yeah to the program so some very familiar areas. And as we mentioned earlier. When I think about just North Carolina in general just how many colleges and universities are within close. Proximity. And we only mention floor area. Yeah which this route what impact and that's really great because those schools aren't in rather close proximity there. To one another Taylor and like you mentioned earlier and I really appreciate that Tina sometimes it may be situation where. They may have their primary classes mean on one campus. And may be taking another corresponding course that requires them to go off can't absolutely. And to be at another school so this will give them that they absolutely do that absolutely. Now. Is this route solely for college. In answer can we see any of us in the community rally around anybody in the community can ride and sell and make it you know pay their fair and ride or use their bus passed. But you know it brings about a point ahead up. This is my head up passengers to contact me who was derailed at the idea. Of being able to use route 100 because he can get on it at his home. And goatee his job was now he doesn't have to come downtown and I as a route 100 does not come downtown is across town route running so it it never sees downtown Winston set up. But on so you know if the public policy user that we wholehearted. Lee in minority antacid so yeah now that gentleman has to be one of the few yeah. We'll have that luxury down. Would that benefit rather of being able to take the route from literally where wary house or you're gonna love well I only had to use one bus married. Her that is grey yeah definitely. Aren't there in neat well let me ask you this first. Where does the route began an end and and I in you just mentioned the time that the service supper well it begins at Union Station which is the old Davis garage right looks young enough so it begins there and it ends at Hanes mall it's an hour and fifteen minutes. Long which means. When it starts. By the time he gets to the end it'll be about thirty. And it. Eight minutes assists it was at 38 minute ride one way out then OK not at all and then it'll hit right back up Silas creek parkway coming back. To Union Station and as we mentioned earlier the time that it's gonna save where you don't have to be doing the driving you right leave it to somewhere. Demi isn't that wonderful and just sit on their you can converse with your friends please read the paper absolutely yeah. On your laptop or some sort errors like sure sure absolutely. Now to this question are there or any other routes that will connect with the route 100. And where would take only house so we're route 100. At Union Station. He's he's meanwhile could use route 105. Or even route 110. Because at or even route 86 so anyone who uses those routes. Would be able to go to Union Station you get off wait for morale 100 to get there then go out to Hanes mall now is gonna connect. With about 84 it'll connect with 85. It also connect at Hanes mall with quite a feud so it's gonna connect with 808182. None at all. Yeah I mean 84 again and Hanes mall and also with 107. So it will give people an opportunity to jump on. The bus that they might catch from home Ryan and go to the malls and then go to any number of places along absolutely. You know again getting back to putting the focus one. Public transportation. And to see how much it is really changed. Over the years again. A live let me and the reason I say that is right hell yeah January 2 of this very year ya. We added to. Service who eleven of our routes while so right now Newton. The Winston-Salem transit authority has 24. Night routes is how down we went from fifteen hits when he seventeen all the way only to Tony for a guy it's so so Monday through. Saturday at ninety Derek 24 buses on the streets of Winston says time is actually in in just a short period of time aria. And every year and on Sundays we have seventeen buses that are unhappy isn't and I am so it's. It's a real and it literally doubled on exactly how it out so he has changed quite a bit imagine and especially Tina with you. Serving as a marketing community relations. Person. How this. Is stars have any opportunity to see so much change do. Over the years. It's just had to have been playing amazing India to see how far would still has come look when when I stuck her. When I started at the threat transit authority some 27. Years laugh. Literally. I have seen us go from flex buses which look like boxes on yes. Hybrids now right and to expand the service that way that we had think there were three buses that travel at night. When I start when you start and we've all had to stay on the bus for like. An hour and I have literally do you get from point eight point patients have been sold the city went to Salem has made such a great investment. Test in the public transit system that. Are you can't help but you know be thankful apps and just city council for paying attention not only to their constituents but also to those of us who have expressed. The concerns of our ridership to them. The innocent. No absolutely and I thank you for mentioning that to Tina because it really. I think has some really change the mindset. For a lot of individuals who probably would have never given public transportation. A second thought because of the misnomer new war. Really the myths and shall we say a belt. Who public transportation was for via because I think a lot of people would. Want to assume automatically went into certain neighborhoods sure remember certain group of people. And yes most would likely think owned it only goes to those in lower income. But neighborhoods that is that is exactly not at all and then when you factor in like you said especially. A younger generation right Immelman Neilson who you probably would never put the two together Melinda knows in public transportation. And I love the point you made earlier is that a lot of them are confirming. Public trans. Tuition they know what I think right after they don't have the hassle. You know of owning a car maintain an uncle sounding gas in the car answers for all those little thing yes we do with him that day. Absolutely. Ready a family it is the weekend additional community focus its heard every Saturday and Sunday morning. Here on how war intercom stations thank you for tuning in and you are hearing not only for me Rene Vonn but this show is all about great. Members of our community gambling. Focus Stanley community focus Stanley yet Tina I'm. I'm blaming honestly think I did earlier. Wit they Winston-Salem transit authorities she serves as the marketing. Community relations. Per cent and Tina Jesse excitement about what is forthcoming. Not only with the route 100. But are there any other merchants along the route offering incentives to students. To come to their establishments. Well yeah out some of our. I guess. Merchants or you know businesses along the way he will be offering coupons it's no any to encourage the students succumbed to their business and it's very couldn't get it is good and is so you know they'll have a chance to. A market to a brand new group. Customers that's on hand by having them come and you know and ensure their coupons or write down just really if you think about it just like the rest of us. How risky is Gatti. Yet they know they are gonna. Outsider whatever we had with the meal card available on campus. Pretty much of it we because sometimes there was a little near as soon why we could. Could eat it when she ran that car and up it was like you know what you do know is that common mom and dad yeah. Why things and now we're how Michael and good food where is my next bill gonna come from. So how grave that these businesses. Are reaching now grown to two young when they are endless because one thing I really. He noticed the amount millennia holes they really liked to hang out with different school and he asks so the business isn't know that as well several. What if I walked in the door as a passenger not 100 and I have a coupon then obviously my friends may wanna. Examiner as well so are sick as a great opportunity. For. Everybody is definitely a win win situation yeah and when I think about two Tina not only just see every day activities. That a lot of our college kids are engaged he think about all of the different occasions. That come up you know we knew that the one great thing about living. In an around the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina is in general that this is a sport scare again so whether it's football. Or basketball. You know you've you've got X who won't. Three out of don't the four schools if I'm correct. In terms of a lot of the sporting activities aren't that take place and of course when when you think about a school such as once the same state. Homecoming right you know you gotta get set for data or getting set for of course the big game that's coming out which. I. No my team's not in it anyway I. Did so good you know sporting game or sporting event. To be able to have all these various places where you can do your shopping just prepare going to be activities happening and yeah. Now let me ask you this what's the costs. I'm sure someone listening says this all sounds good to one's gonna cost me he's he's the service well it should use though went to film transit authority. Here he would know it's one dollar one way. Why well a dollar one way war and they can dole on and make a huge investment. Up thirty dollars for a monthly path it's not bad at all and so I mean think about it heads nowadays you're gonna put band in you're. Gas tank ends and then sell. True you know on a weekly basis have is that we Hamachi do you drive more I'll let you ask so is this only a dollar plan but I'm I'm a Clinton mentioned that to you because you're right. It depends on on how many various trips you have to make to a particular place there again how much that's gonna add up. Long term when you think about the money's your right there put. Two wars. Put in nine gas and the gas tank and all the other things that's just one experience yeah Trabant car exactly exactly. I'm sure the the overall excitement about this has been building. With the students well where. Hope being that they're getting excited about it because you know right now on many of the campuses and boom and Winston's and around the country. They have their own mini transmontaigne highest M yeah but this is going to. Give the students. The big chance to jump on the fix robust system. And to go to any number of places. Know that the bus will be coming back exactly time of excellent point he has it does take it to the next level because you're right. For those schools that may have their own transportation. You don't find too many that can take you across town now. Many and especially to take you if you do have a job Barack and the place it's like to so it's so he gives them a frees them up. He really MVS economy. Central their own schedule sobriety yeah right. And especially when we look at the schedule of the Rouse themselves yes I mean up until midnight yeah I mean most millennial soon. Lot of them are still up around midnight and now. I'm not one of them and I have a bit of millennial under an analogue. It. But it is great news and hopefully for for those who normally meals that are listening. To receive on community focus. We'll take this information share with their friends and and let them know to get ready for that big date which is once again yeah it's February 25 excellent looking forward to that. Now if a student Tina isn't sure of the time that the bustle becoming too dear. Perspective campus. How can they get that information well our mobility management department. They're there and a customer service reps are standing at the ready to answer the phone and give him any. I information that they might need about what time because the bus we're against the most things like that. But they can also go to our website it grabbed the US transit dot com no just click on routes but for route 100 ring and it'll tell them. You know exactly do you know what. Time to catch the bus where they're going to be standing things of that nature Adobe Lucy got. Not actual route and get a bus will be travelling and a they can also ease next pass a very good at this next bus solely to simply. Com and sign on from the the next bus alerts. And they might be in their dorm room you know figure out you know where I'm gonna go on route 100 X and it's a message is gonna pop up you know and disseminate your bus is on its way. And that is you know Hillary had gone out to the bus stop and we have to get there. Really great and tugged at just technology. And how far it's amazing it is amazing to see what what the young ones can do anything. Amylin meals entrees they are a diverse Smart. Very Smart very talented and. And most know how to make use of their time Yao and in a valuable way. That's really great to know women a couple of minutes remaining outside of pitched the what's coming. With Ralph 100. Anything else just with Winston in general that the listeners main means of hey we have a way airlines coming down the pike wow. The closing of I forty yes that's that's huge yeah yeah and soul you know bed is going to go into effect in November OK so there are a lot of changes that we're gonna implement and he knew in order to. Accommodate. Then mini mini people who presently use their cars trying to get to Winston-Salem Dan Sloan. Vera gonna be some pop park and ride lots they were gonna implement new service you know that will be. On making available to them so. Wednesday is so I guess ridge is really really busy in our general manager art Barnes told us two years ago you know in. It at the beginning of Tony seventeen EC we're really gonna be busy this year and we really weren't. And then at the beginning of this year and he's there we're really going to be a busy and we and we have them out yeah this area apps apps in the house are doing this doing great frame please send my hello I'll be happy to Diaz and any time you wanna bring art and program wink wink a dark. Now that he doesn't mind but you're right in the end. That can be said of yourself thank you both. And two key and everyone with a list of staff for taking the time out that you do. To really share with us team and some green information on this very Kuerten playing Q analyst Louise really can get the word Allah that's one thing I think is so much for giving. Media opportunity absolutely and share that has a route 100. Is going to. Mom be one of those routes and we hope that. Students to public online. Will be able to utilize and enjoy it's absolutely because that's what it's. Pretty much four as it starts at one place goes to another place and they don't have to worry about. Coming downtown to transfer more and only time they if they want to transfer along the round may have the option of doing math itself. I think you forgive me it's ounces or less information definitely. And getting back to the changes that are going to be taking place with with interstate forty. That would give us an opportunity of course to have you back on the program as we get closer to November now and now to Santiago and maybe I can convince our articles and I wish you lad I absolutely love laugh and please tell thinking she's now Zeller and chat. Still out there anytime. But thank you any other out closing thoughts but that may come to mind now the right here well I just hope that the students at Winston-Salem state universities Salem College. North Carolina School of the Arts. And to offer site Hanik. Our. Energized and ready to. Jump on that bus go shopping have fun with apps and and any anyone in the general public who wants to get on that bus. Look for it because February 20/20 fifth is going to be a great day it's certainly not for folks in this area and if you think about it if you want to. Shout out to our city councilman Darren Montgomery and thank him for he is vision. Regarding this particular route instead of cutting it out for an eight we expanded it and we're gonna try to make it matters absolutely have. And especially when we think of teen death and as the the weather warms up and we'll stay warm yeah. Well I have four cell I'm more of a spring fall kind of person. But just imagine the impact that Indies in all seriousness as the seasons change all the places that are. Our young ones are colonials will be able to go to him. By means of around one honey I mean there are sold many places and then they go and hang out with your friends and him or as we said earlier if they wanna get a part time job exactly or even doing interns should ship those kinds of things are extremely in the years and when I think about. Two I T in this final thought with. Someone who is. Perhaps new to the area. It's coming to Winston-Salem. In general or is attending one of the four schools and precise tech school of the arts Salem College or Winston-Salem. Who is considered an out of state student man what a great opportunity for. He or she to learn about the rich history and no doubt of Winston-Salem because a lot of people at least I remember this growing up. There's probably two things that most people. Knew about Winston-Salem. And that was old Salem Newton. And that was in the other west to that idea and that was basically yes but but there's so much more to it and. Absolutely yeah particularly. In the area down that route pretty much travel right. They history of it's in Columbia chair or am I happy held garden although the buses. That that route does not go through those communities per saying. It hits on the friends exactly so you know they get a chance to see some of the changes that again coming out. Come into play found it travels or historical part. Of the city some of the beautiful. Oklahoma absolutely they're out travel has so they they want to happen election and I imagine how much you get to see when you're not behind this idea and doing it strictly a back door because we have the safest in an hour bus drivers Ryan but again we mentioned earlier can do the driving Flores capsule so how nice what Tina is always Nigerian on this program no goodbyes salad Ford to that next time okay we get to chat. So thank you so much and thank you radio family definitely. No and like to share. During the closing on this program every weekend. To acknowledge and to thank you for the good things you're doing and our communities please keep up the great work and indeed until that next time that next weekend that comes along. I hope to be right here with you. To engage in great conversation wins another member of our community focus family. I'm looking forward to doing just that in the meantime do have a wonderful rest of this today and the rest of this weekend. As we do bring another edition of community focused to a close until then take care.