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Radio family back from commercial break to welcome those of you just joining us and those who have been with us since the beginning of the program. Thank you for sticking around it is more on the weekend additional community focused her. On our Entercom stations I'm Renee Von. And as we are well into a brand new year. Here 2018. And whether you make resolutions. Or you make decisions that are important to your health and wellbeing. It is usually at the beginning of the year. We're weak make those goals to become a better us a better year. And no better to people to help us with those health goals then with members of the Wake Forest Baptist health what are loss. I have doctors Jamie aren't. Medical weight loss director and joining here doctor follows Fernandez I liked that name. Surgical weight loss medical director gentlemen good morning and welcome to. The second half of community focused and I do okay what the name Sarah did. Thank you Graham and you're more than welcome and thank you both for being a part of the weekend edition of community focus. As just mentioned when introducing your. To the Q last community focused family weight loss is generally one of the many goals are for some. Individuals resolutions. Set to try to achieve those lifestyle changes correct. But that's mostly it's so is on one of the top three on their list it's always the New Year's resolution. What Jamie I have strive to build a Wake Forest is find these life long solutions. I'm for that resolution list so that it doesn't become a recurring theme. Absolutely and a very obtainable goal for many of us here in 2018. So doctors let's discuss the topic on losing weight. What are ones some of the signs we should look forward in the need to lose weight. And please explain the health benefits associated in weight loss and doctor art I'd like to start. With a well and I think. One of the main things that people start to notice. When they are having a problem with their weight and it's really starting to impact their health as they do start did not feel well they won't notice my energy level is Dana and maybe they unnoticed then. They're not sleeping as well because now they have sleep apnea. Maybe they'll notice that. They get pain in their knees or their back core of the joint success on the now moving around is easily as they once used to. Those are all signs and symptoms that you know sort of point to the idea that you may need to sir thing about your weight especially if it's crept up on you you know to pounce. Since graduation from high school in Yunnan on your mid fifties. As stars to be. A significant amount of weight in man accumulates a retirement. Can also lead to other health problems like high blood pressure and diabetes elevated cholesterol. And if you have. Early signs are there if you've done some testing with your physician and they've told you. You know you have pre diabetes are at your blood pressure start to creep up and now may have to put John medication. Your weight is one of the first things that your physician might look at and say you know if you turn these things around then those things could definitely get better. Absolutely. Now to your doctor Fernandez when talking about obesity. And not always an easy subject to discuss but it is a real. And a serious problem just right here in the United States yes. The leading cause of preventable death which is a real sad statistic it's overtaken both tobacco and alcohol as preventable cause of death in our country. And unfortunately. You know. It's a problem that. Crosses. Race lines gender lines and age lines that really affects any and all people part of it is that. Our country's become affluent so we have easy access to food the food line. Is good and bad and too much bad is bad very church we've become deathly much less active that we were in the past and so we're consuming. We're burning less calories even though we're consuming more. And genetically you know our bodies are real efficient machines have processing those calories and keeping him in now wasting too many it's always cat trying to wait for that next famine or drought. Or big winter storm that knocked out electricity and never seem to knock out for long enough and so unfortunately obese he's become a real serious problem. Exactly and in most cases we are not moving nearly enough we're not active enough. For example many of us likely sit in an office all day. And especially in the winner time win and we take notice of the fact it gets dark so early. We really need to think about ways and even means we can get that needed exercise in and all those things that can really benefit us. Absolutely we know we know the the more active you can become the more calories you burn it tends to actually help people both from a weight loss perspective but also mental health perspective too so. I'm activity and exercise is a real important part of a healthy life and I can imagine some heads shaking in agreement on that when. Let me ask you this question. Does our metabolism slow down the more we climb the ladder or simply as we age absolutely say you know as unfortunate as create your metabolism has a slow and actually the more inactive one gets it tends to slow your metabolism announces new. And you know people think that we have really. Active metabolism times and it's sure when you're young and very active but. As we get older start to slow down it really slows down a one of the problems. Some of metabolism is dieting rides and I cannot up and down dieting that we do that Yo-Yo dieting effect actually attends a really hurt to metabolism even more. Really tend to slow down more that's why some people have left phenomenal book. We'll lose 2030 pounds with his diet craze and then they'll kind of go back to life as normal and no game that plus another ten more. And it's really that those diets really do. Some damage to one's metabolism. Now doctor art that you can't quite a few conversations about some time going through some weight loss. Psychologically. We may think we're fixed. But the reality is it's actually. A life long process you're right and it's a very important point we see obesity is a chronic disease. And that's different from what most people think of obesity and most people think of it is a is a character far as a personal. Blacking. Self control and discipline. And if obesity we're just about wanting to be there and then. We never have an obesity Carlton and I think the issue is that it's a chronic disease and as with most chronic diseases it requires chronic long term treatment. So that's the way we think about it at the weight management sooner as we we put together a team of individuals to help people engage in treatment not just for. Three weeks or three months. Before long term and we wanna be party medical care team so that. When you have that inevitable slip or in life is stressful when you start to lose focus on some of the things that give you successful. UM. A group of people to turn to who can help you get back on track. And that's what's so many of us need to hear. Got so many different questions going through my mind right now as to. Why Wake Forest Baptist how would be a wise choice for help and assistance to lose weight this year. What are the options available to choose from and how does one know. Which option our options are the best because doctor Fernandez went I have heard about Wake Forest health. Is really exciting and of course we want everyone. Listening right here and right now on community focus to get equally excited so the one question really I guess to sum it all up. Please tell us what you offered there. Well we probably have a more comprehensive programs for weight loss on the eastern seaboard. You know we have. The best of both sides both medical and surgical options we don't have and this topic options for weight loss. So we basically have the broadest array of individuals that their soul MP focus is. Helping people lose weight and maintain that weight loss. And so whether your interest since surgery you're on diets or even though. Injured after ballooned. Those are all things we can offer and help people through that decision process. That's great and when you're dealing with doctors like yourself she can't excellent advice. As to which option to choose and of course I'm sure there's a complete medical exam. As well as consultation. Tell us about that process so. All of our patients whether it's medical or surgical meet with nutritionists meet with exercise physiologist. And with psychologists and behaviors. So we try to act. Surround the patient with as much support and information as they can handle exactly basically help him through the journey does it is it is like Jamie were saying a very chronic disease. Is a lifelong disease. And definitely is a long journey to get there and it requires a lot of changes and things we take for granted as far as making choices about food. Or exercise. Or words shopper wording go I mean it really makes. A big profound change. In everybody's life in order to be successful managing this disease and so that's why we bring all these individuals around to support that person through the process. And doctors this really helps us to understand. There is a real team that is there. To be of service. To answer questions. To provide all that's needed. To reach that goal of losing weight and they look at a lot of happy people but if they come to see you. They will see results. And it's going to change not only their lives. But the laws of their families. And it will be the best year ever and even more cell. In the years to come we sure hope so short sweet and to the point. And this is a good point in time to think you and welcome radio family those of you who may just be joining us. To the weekend edition of community focus here on our intercom stations. I'm Renee Von along with the doctor nurse Jamie art. Medical weight loss doctor. And doctor first Fernando has its surgical weight loss medical director and they are here to represent a Wake Forest Baptist health. Weight loss now doctor art tell us where to find the Wake Forest Baptist health management locations. So we have two locations where individuals. In the Triad area so we ever. Clinic over in Winston-Salem. Country club road at 4614 country club road. And then we have found our newest location over in Greensboro. And north elm streets and 39 north three north elm street in the Wake Forest Baptist health multi specialty clinic there. So different parts of the Triad we also are actually have some new options for people who are outside of those. General areas where we actually provide. Visits virtually so that means. Video visits. We give you a scale that we can monetary US home. Is so you only need to come in the clinic or. And those. Visits that we deemed to be especially. Necessary to be in person so we're actually moving. Outside of just the clinical walls in actually trying to get our reach out to people who might need to. Have our access to our services but aren't so close to us and need to travel a bit and thank you on behalf of our listeners are making that so available. They'll tell us about the two programs so we have to medical weight loss programs dad's come in different forms for. Different purposes our first one is our our defense program this is a twelve month program designed to help people who need to lose fifty pounds or more. And maybe you've got a few extra medical problems like. Type two diabetes or you get some significant knee pain issues may be need to have a knee replaced in you've been told you need to lose weight in order to. Have you knee replaced this type of program can help you lose weight quickly. Safely under medical supervision. With a lot of intensive behavioral and nutrition counseling as well as some exercise training support. Our essentials program is our second program this is a six month program is really designed to help people lose. Somewhere on the order of about 24 to forty pans and six month period of time. It's now 12 pounds per week for most people. During that timeframe in is really designed for people who are interested in. Learning how to prepare healthy meals right away maybe they get some steals about related to meal planning and preparation and home goods is need to be pointed in the right direction. It's really sort of get the support that they need to be effective in terms of their way our strategy in the essentials program is really good they're good option for them. I think the nice thing about. What we do in the weight management sim is that. Surgeons and medical physicians like myself and darker fellows here. We worked together and so often times we're working with some of the same patience if I am a program. Our treatment strategy for a patient that's not quite getting the job done. I can always turn their fellows and say hey. I got this patient here who actually might need a surgical treatment. And we can very easily him and often that's a unique absolute aspect of our centers as he was saying earlier. You don't have a lot of centers even in the country that. Think about obesity treatment in a comprehensive way and put it. Medical and surgical programs together so that patients don't have to go different places to get the kind of treatment that they want and so I think that's. One of the values of having a surgical treatment program like we do which is such a great great assets. Definitely. And from your perspective you can make an evaluation. And you know if surgery is really a good option. So doctor scientists do tell us about the surgical options. That are available at WFPH. So there's really three perceive you right now surgically that we can offer patients and thus lead to distract me the rule Y gastric bypass. And Billy pancreatic diversion duty a switch. Now they are quite different names sometimes the stomach stapling has been referred to as justice the gastric bypass. He sometimes through why Goss is another name for the bypassed the switched. Is probably most commonly do talk about the bill bankrupt aversion to deal switch in the in the sleeve talks about the sleep gastric me. None of them have devices placed and they're all surgeries either on the Islamic or the small test and Ambrose. The sleeve is the most simplest of all three the one with the least risk. We remove about two thirds or three quarters of the stomach going perform that procedure and it's not reversal once it's removed it's rude there's no putting it back. And generally what a house people feel is. Full after very small meal helps also to curb the appetite hunger they feel. And generally it's pretty effective in helping patients lose about half of their access weigh what that procedure. And it's its outpatient so most cases you'll generally just and the first night in the house from and go home after that and kind of continue the recovery down. Generally eat patients will lose. Over the first six to twelve months with that surgery. And then biggest downside to it is in about 15% a patient they can develop some reflux symptoms afterwards. The other procedure we more probably due tomorrow probably do is the rule I guess who bypass procedure one of the older procedures it's been around since the mid sixties. We don't remove any body parts of this procedure so it is reversible unlike the sleeve. We create a small pouch at the very top part of the stomach. Then we disconnect the small intestine and connect one end of small tests and back to the pouch so the couch and empty and then the other end of the small test is connected to small test itself. So it combines some of the restriction similar to what we see with the sleeve but also has some Malibu source and by bypassing. The majority of the stomach and part of the small tests and so this procedure a little more effective for weight loss in the sleeve I'm better for reflux too severe real severe reflux the bypass is actually the best choice of all the procedures. And we see a little better weight loss and we see with sleeve patience with this procedure paces clues about 60%. Of their access way with this procedure. And general we LC a little better kick for patients with diabetes do with this sheet so about two thirds are diabetics who. Come off most of their insulin or the medications and may not need any long term after this procedure process fairly effective for that. Com and then the last procedures to do deal switch so this the most complex of all the procedures. But it combines a little bit of both of the other two procedures we talked about so we sleeve the stomach. What this procedure is well removing only about 60% estimate would still watch. And then we bypass the majority of the small intestine when we do this procedure so there's a lot more Mal absorption now we see with the bypass procedure. So all three of the procedures this is the one that we see the best weight loss swift. And also the least chance of the way he regained some fortune what all these surgeries. You know the lifestyle part I a diet and exercise is a very important component of the success of these patients. And so that's an important thing for people to realize is that just because you have surgery doesn't mean we cure juvenile obesity. We talked about these serves as tools to help manage and control BC long term write nice things about to do deal switches. It has. The best affect our on things like diabetes cholesterol and high blood pressure of all the surgery who do ninety plus percent of patients that are diabetic will never actually use medication to control their diabetes after the surgery so as a very effective. Biggest downside to it is. The malnutrition Parsons we do cause significant Mal source from this procedure patients do need to take. A significant amount of vitamins long term to avoid problems with either vitamin hormonal deficiencies long term. And if a ball through the procedures as the one the requires the most vitamin supplementation. And that is quite a bit of information to tin can is specially when hearing it for the first time. I'm a public affairs shows such as community focus so the next obvious question to ask. Is there a website doctor aren't our listeners can take a close look and all we've discussed today. Yes actually they can go to wake health that edu. In the into a search for weight management. They air on the wake health. Website. People can also find us on FaceBook where you've got a pretty active group on FaceBook and that way you can check out. What other people are saying about our programs and our and our staff. Tom says they go to FaceBook and look look for weight management sinner. And it Wake Forest. Then they should be able to find us there as well. Very good thank you for that. And if you can. Share some personalized information doctor for us. About this wonderful program at Wake Forest Baptist self so the magic Sergio program goes through a cycle where every three years we're. Verified by America society of metabolic combats surgery in the American college of surgeons. To basically verify that were performing the procedures correctly safely. That we have. The resources to help manage patients through the surgery after surgery and should any complications arise that we can. Capture them early and treat them appropriately so pacers have the best outcomes possible. And they also want to verify that we're doing our due diligence as far as keeping ourselves up to date. With the new missing greatest information. And treatments for patients. So that patients really get the best outcomes they have. And we've been certified. Senator for them for the last. I guess now eleven years in 2018. Excellent and so. We Kerry also designations from other major insurance carriers like at nine UnitedHealth. And Cigna as well also. We we tried to stage on everybody's preferred lists for these surgeries and these procedures doctors. Gentlemen. I can't thank you enough for sharing this important health information. Really enjoyed. What I've heard. Now what would you say is really in need of losing weight. And may be they've tried everything from eight to say doctor Fernandez so why should they come to Wake Forest Baptist health. Well I think. You know when you think about obesity there's really five things you can do there's diet there's edit exercise. There's medications. There's surgery and of course there's been discovered procedures like the balloon and that's those are all things that we have. Experts in each and every one of those areas and we can offer patient support in all of those areas lifelong. And so I think if someone is feeling like they if they wanna try one more diet. Well they need to try Jamie's. Either opt to passer essentials program was they're gonna get the best bang for the buck right there. If they've. Tried to diets and they're not sure they want don't know but they're considering surgery than I think they need to come see one of our surgeons and discuss the different procedures we have the offer because I think we have the best there is. To offer them to be successful in their weight loss journey. And indeed radio family whether the journey is just beginning. You may run into some bumps into the road and who hasn't for any of us we all face obstacles. I instances in which. Things which tried to deter us and throw us off track. And even if you've had some success in your weight loss journey and you just need an extra boost. You definitely have that here on the weekend edition of community focus. With doctors Cheney aren't. Again medical weight loss director and doctor follows Fernandez surgical weight loss medical director. And again if you need additional information so that that journey. Cannot only be ongoing. But a successful journey that will be long term. So again to get additional information outside of the great information shared. By these gentlemen and these doctors this morning again you can go to wake health. Dot edu. Search for weight management on the website. You can also find the most social media. Via their FaceBook page H. To see to read and to hear what others. Are saying about the programs and the great staff. Just look for weight management center at Wake Forest. So again doctor it's art and Fernandez I want to thank you gentlemen welcome to the community focused family and again thank you. For this wonderful information that you've shared. Here on the weekend edition of community focus glad to be here thank you forever and yes happy new year and certainly hoping for the best and what this year can bring to us. And radio family thank you for not only a great company put for the wonderful things you. Are doing in our communities as we are indeed into a new year please keep up the great work and you know. Which made in this new year there are still know that it's. Just until next time so thank you for joining hands in the week an additional community focused do enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of your weekend take care.