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Ready a family hello and once again welcome to another week in addition of community focus wonderful company has always here on our air comes stations. Thank you so much for your listener ship and certainly am thankful. Four members of our community focused family who were doing some awesome things in our community and I am happy to have the newest member. Or of our community focused Stanley joining me this morning let me tell you a little bit first of all about uniting youth care services are committed to be involved. In the communities that they serve striving to provide an array of services. Supports and resources so that. I says consumers can acquire the skills needed to live more successfully. In our communities and no better person. To represent this fine organization. Then Lucy cliche who is joining me on the program. I did a nice radio named les. Good morning hello Renee. Well love that smile I think today as saying today is your so welcome and thank you for coming here on behalf. Of the united youth care services just a little brief introduction of what our conversation will be about and adjusts in just set introduction a loan. It looks like you are right exactly where you wanna be the end and helping the community. I AM I have a passion for I'm helping the community. I have done. Awareness for homeless and scout every sources for the homeless for under the bridge. They had base they do every third I mean every Saturday at 3 o'clock and they feed the homeless and program resources for the MS Willis ministry. On the next thing that it was a teen summit forearm gets where we invited the key is to come to a recreational sooner call pillar. To just talk about issues in you know what they deal with when they go to school. I'm bullying issues and rejection issues. Juice overall issues is being you know a teenager. We need to let them have a voice. So that they know that their opinion matter you know answer early it was a great turn out when they mean we did it was at employment. Connections festival where you where the air yes thank you for your president's belatedly had a lot of people to actually. Make a decision to go back to school on so the short term program really. Was awareness to the community. Now I am tackling this excesses abuse awareness and you know. It's a lot of people out here they're really just need to resources. And just know that somebody out there is willing to help you get through it. You know I thought is the steppingstone and sometimes. People just need to know day. Somebody is beer absolute resource is our beer name community is beer and we want to be better we wanna be a better community we want to be a better people without being bound to certain substances you know that are out here that are harmful to our community. Exactly leasing well sent from start to finish and you do Wear many hats. And very thankful for the many roles with which you do you contribute to our community. So thank you for this that is such a lovely way to get into our conversation. This morning different listeners a little bit of information on the substance abuse where sewer substance abuse can be to. Fine as a dependence on an attitude substance like act a hall. Or drugs that can be identified as candidates prescription drugs sit back and cocaine. Here when. An opiate addictions there are about twenty million people for that suffer from drug and alcohol abuse according to the US department of health. And human services. Illicit drug use costs the US about our country and 181. Billion dollars a year. Mean wow excessive alcohol use costs the US about 235. Billion dollars a year. And those are two astounding numbers in terms of cost. Yes and Lucy just you expand on that a little bit the last substance abuse that you mentioned defined as a dependent war. As they dependence on an addictive substance. Like alcohol or drugs the oil appeal way. Addiction yen is very huge idiot about every day we're hearing various stories him. And not just across the contrary you're right when you think about just locally here in North Carolina. Yes and you know what I'm wearing the word of radio you know in a fix our radio industry it affects our entertainment industry if that she now so many people. And so many people struggle behind closed doors this is not like an addiction you can just say oh my god she's you know opiate addicted person like. It's something that is killing our community. Peel bark peel and they are paying. Boot coop dollars. For this medicine. Either they're going into the yards you know on claimant to BC just to give this an addiction Mitt mom is not in there. Buying appeals from people on the black market which you're taken a substance that you don't even know if that's what you're taking your that's a good point and. Even for some individuals who are. Warning to be treated for particular illness and no intention of course is never to become addicted to exactly to what they're taking what they're finding that. If they're not taking it the pain just gets increasingly works. And so that particular painkiller is is what's doling via the pain and that's. Likely how someone is saying that's my only way to cope we're seeing I have and it doesn't have to. Callaway is almost like you know. Dare they give it CU with no rehabilitation. Treatment if I can remember. I'm not real big down taken you know prescription drugs or any type of drugs are much hiding in a deal with my pain. That time of the month if you know that time I might pop up Ed dealer too but you know the people there really are hurting from you know cry Nate. Back pains or chronic whatever pain that they may be experiencing it and these ER's. Are giving these people these prescription drugs but they're not giving them actual play in for treatment you know and so is just like eight years it's a never ending cycle. If you're just going to read field meet this prescription I'm just gonna keep coming so I'm dealing with the pain. You're not trying to. Give me resource as a path to rehabilitate. Myself through this process right or no solution on now to. Moved past the pain that's true and to find a way like you say to rehabilitate that an eventual. Losing that ties in very nicely with my next question what are some ways that people can't seek the treatment and resource is especially through united youth care service. So OK yes we have a nonprofit organization. Servicing Greensboro and high point call 98 youth care services. On the location and Greensboro is located and it will 07 for street. And that's right behind the Burger King are the summit avenue I'm pretty sure everybody brilliant with their Langer six chip landmark at a later it is our fifth. And in high point addresses 175. North point avenue. And that is off of. So Lucy what we will do will make sure to. Reiterate a re share that information with their listeners are up the course of our conversation channel launch but let's get into the services what what do you. Ride okay. I'll we have several programs the first is called say cotton and that is that Akron and for substance abuse comprehensive outpatient therapy. Which include case management to a range and integrate multiple services after an assessment is completed to identify the need for service. The next one is called say app. And that's an acronym for substance abuse intensive outpatient therapy which is designed to meet the needs of individuals. Who suffer from a substance use disorder. But does it need. Actual you know residential or acute here so calm so they really don't need to be monitored. Right and this program is offered three days a week. I think three Al four hours a day the first program that say cot is an intense. Comprehensive pay outpatient therapy. So those deer required to come to the office five days a week for four hours a tactile captain Phil is out over a short or extended period of time it likely various for the kids in all theories for the individual we had a clinical. Doctor a Ph.D. are on site is so he's the one day you know. Draws up the treatment and care crisis for the treatment plans to know sort of sets the duration of how long that person is its case by case on the visuals Seattle. Because every drove you know plays a different apps and athletic or had a different com. Nin tool. Disability need your son you know archer or that individual so it's case by case. The Dian knicks program that we have this PS sorrow which is Psycho social rehabilitation. Which focused are recovering. And helping individuals folks in their environment with the least amount of ongoing professional intervention. And lastly we have individual therapy which provides one on one canceling. Services to individuals. Excellent so Lucy at various services and that are available for for the individual. And perhaps for someone who's listening to us here on the week and additional community focused. And certainly as again in the course of our conversation. When we do. Not only repeating. The location. Of where united used your services news or not pass along some phone numbers. As far as how people convincing EU on the worldwide web yet to get additional information are well but in the meantime my dear this again. Is a passion for you where where did it start how did you know that this is what loosely let's say it was wanting to do. You know armed. It takes a village to raise a child when I was growing I can just remember my grandmother. Had a meal part of the church and in it being a part of the church I was a girl scout and on and there were several community driven projects that we had to do right so I'll always been you know groom to be service oriented. And how did you spill into a paso within Abbot came artist manager so Lou. Dealing with. Janus managing people just trying to get them to be a part of the community lit and then no they you know. In order to bring awareness to a Berrian or you know awareness to you know yourself and then you have to. Be passionate about something. And give your time in invest you know your time. In your energy into it and acting guided the whole listing curse OK and it was just fly a act a little up within knows by. Okay how what was the next thing I can do right now I'm gonna notice all artist Elaine the need more certain things in our community. I love to Reese are read about innocence statistics and down. Just what's going on in the community behind the sings from a statistical. Right evaluation or a statistical. Playing. And I just fell in love with it I mean it is nothing to me at this point because like us that I have been doing it but essentially says cash in Miami. I can't heal but to what to better the community. My family has het substance abuse issues are the last several apple off my grandfather. Due to substance abuse I have lost. Another grandfathered due to substance abuse I have lost articles that are early age this is also personal for him to. From substance abuse. So. I wanna be a better individual. I was a person that you know party in. Didn't you know care for you know the the betterment of my simple one period of time. And I saw my life you know spiraling. Out of control. And just like you know I don't wanna you know be a hero of the then personally and I back and try to bag something that will definitely. Bring awareness to the community then they'll make me feel better act in better myself through you know. Educating someone else about substance abuse and being you know. Working with my family is will I want to have other people they need to hear it is the community. Niece the here it is we have people out there are suffering silently. Substance abuse is something that people suffer silently suffer in your own home. You in this size and none yourself you know in your own home. It's not like you're out here doing it with someone you know slight year you're doing this privately so it's a lot of people suffering privately. That I think that the awareness would be a great opportunity packages go to rehab. Letting go is nothing in this were that we should be addicted to or. Numbing ourselves to society I don't think you know the world is that bad to Wear we should use that silently. And especially to know Lucy that there is support. From individuals like yourself and others who are half. Passionately involved with the united youth care services and it's no question Lou see dad you have a great example in your grandmother yet as you mentioned other family members sound. How wonderful that we have those examples. In our parents our grandparents. And Steele. Really a responsibility for us. To be supportive yes as a dry unity yeah so. On behalf too if I could speak for the community just to extend these two words I know people here every day. But I want you to hear from me Lucy thank you thank you for what you did thank you are really appreciate today you know. So while I really do appreciate date goes allow way because at the end today you know. We have to end. Be a stronger pillar to be. Don't want to go back and reach one if I can just reach one and if one person just comes out and successfully complete the program in high point or Greensboro whatever the location of your choice our prom she together we will be starting a success rate for the community. And they will have to. They can go back and went up pick up one more person that person is able to pick out one more rumors until we start to multiply we start this bridge you know like wildfire and we secretary. And become bad days kids and we don't back I would mock black Betty and why. Definitely in a good way and a good. Opportunity to take this break Lucy. Out deftly wanna learn more. About you and the united youth care services and just thank you for bringing such positive that he and energy to this weekend edition of community focus saying you grenade bomb. I'll show me Elisa. I want to thank you Lucy let's say with the united youth care services and thank you already have family indeed more of the weekend additional community focus coming back. Right after this the weekend edition of community focus at turner intercom stations Saturday and Sunday mornings thank you radio Fam like. To have your company and the company of members of our community focus I am like I am really enjoying. My engaging conversation with a Lucy was sharing issues with united. Youth care services our conversation is on substance abuse awareness and Lucy as we continue. Are there any trends related to substance abuse within just the United States alone. Yes there actually is. The studies report they and 2000 and said an illicit drugs cost health care. Health care the industry of health care eleven billion dollars and that. The US a 193. Billion. In 2000 and teen alcohol costs health care 27 billion. And the US thirty billion. Rising in 2013. Will have many years ago as that's only 55. Years ago prescription. Opiates costs health care 26 billion and the US Sydney eight point five billion according to drug abuse that. I think you made a very interesting point used a key words are rising yes because very likely even pass our conversation here. On community focus is likely going to be another case yes it is wis. Another a dollar amount added to the ones that you just shared yes. But what we can appreciate especially when I think you for for being here in the program is when we. Learn that and can know more about united youth care services. Is that it's created a network of various community stakeholders Luke you continued to a range and coordinate links so that. Our neighborhoods. And I liked that because your focusing on not just one person in particular because you right. We are village who we think about community yet and there was a time when that neighbor looked after name. You right and we still have people who do that right out of us is still old school viewers are right we don't lie down a street and the people tin houses down right way and then finally we did okay right or if someone goes to their door and they don't recognize who you on again. They'll say okay so I was so mad at home they'll be back or whenever or like who are you can sell the exact you came back and he. But will we talk about the. Neighborhoods Lucy which united youth care services is that. You do continue to range of coordinate links that can be equipped with providers that are most interested in addressing. Those theories these they'll let me ask you this question as an aside how long have you been with united you care so. I have only been win it you know and it didn't care services floor. Two weeks are you say I and that. Not do this URL is a very slitting diabetic wow I this project was brown. Not really thrown at me you know I'm passionate about it so it was spoken about and I executed and bone here we are yeah but you know that just goes to show a bit. Whenever. God has for you all are whatever life had freed. You know you're going to do it. So we needed just get out of not wanting to do it I'm a lot of people can say. On my baggage started this job and you you know you have all these responsibilities. When your passion and Massa then it becomes enjoyable. I'm definitely I enjoy every second of gathering this information providing you know the literature for people preparing for you know the interview. So it feels like I've been there for ever hear you know let me just. Oh did you share this as seriously. Lucy. In just the few minutes that I'd been in conversation even though I've known you. As it through the media and what we do here at the state of shock. I would have never thought that just the way you carry yourself. And you're right if you are really passionate about doing something whether it's for a short period of time or a long period of time. You are in a position mind dear where you really be calmed. What you do you rank and you'll love it you Ryan you love it and I would have never thought that cell. Just you do it I'm sure it is well this is obvious is obvious and listening to you here. On this public affairs show and weather's been two weeks or has been twenty years. I hope that it will between yeah I really enjoy snorkeling. We have the community. And though clients at united eat care services as well as to step why I love it. It gives me a sense of urgency to get to work I get to our thirty minutes early just to sit around west atmosphere you know I. But you know what Lucy a lot of people can't seem that now a particular job yea you know whether they've been at a four shortly and I mean we all have. Days where things may not go all the way we would like for them to which is so right when you really love to do what you do. You can't wait for the next guy out because you know. That there are going to be people there who need your help yet who want. To approach you. To where they feel like they just need somebody to meet a sounding boy I'm. Someone with which they can either have a shoulder to cry on. Poured their heart out to. And just a really big need a listening year Canadian and I feel less what. You in the staffing uniting es que services Jew. And I'm pretty sure that as much as you love the community and Lucy the community loves you and the staff right back for him. I really hope so I look. I'll love Lucy I love note to. Even if you don't love Lucy S steel Libby gets and that's what it's all about it is absolutely Elissa let me ask you this now through the treatment programs and the community involvement would you. Is your vision. For a result involving this issue on substance abuse. All right well labeled as a around pandemic in the United States and imagine if I can just have even when well if you're driving don't closure eyes yeah. You're gonna need those to get to the next destination. But you know just close our eyes and think with me for a minute. A mansion is. Individuals who suffer from this tip a weary addiction. Successfully. Complete the program and become a role model. Or mentor for the next person suffering from the same issue. How powerful as the people. And as a community we will be. A community of people sharpening other people. Empowering them seals and others. That frees up more money for the community. More jobs created to entrepreneur will ship more resources for our ill that elderly in our children. Win and we can have. 416. Billion. Dollars. Of government and taxpayers' dollars that can be re reallocate it into other community signs. It continues to deal our communities. One issue at a time. We will have a crime rates decreasing. Graduation rates increasing. Jobs increasing. And simply lives becoming better. Individuals. Which make up a community begin to create a structure for success. For the conceals. And the next generation to live happily in pursuit. Dear life's purpose without being a fake it by any additives and then. And you know I think they'll be d.s ideal model of Jews. Living life. I'm bank owned. The pursuit of happiness you know everybody wants to be happy in a world where you know we're suffering. And suffering silently you know. I don't think. Life was designed to be that way. And you mentioned that she word in inner conversation. Is something that we don't want people feel that's what they're doing yen is suffering silently ask. And hence why you know radio family whether this is something that you're dealing with. Personally or know of someone who is. Always know this that whether it's through this public affairs program. Or programs and services provided to the united use care services the C I think it's important for our listeners or. That individual individuals to know that there's somebody out there that wants to help them. They don't have to suffer. Silently they don't have to suffer alone and through this agency with the services that you provide whether it's substance abuse. Another issue. That has really become quite the topic of conversation on the scene. And for some people a difficult one to have this mental health yet we think about all the mental health issues isn't. And. Whether it's. A situation where you've heard the expression when you put a face to something. I think of a mental health I think of individuals in this was one person and really surprise me because. Professionally. Known he was a comedian he was an actor okay I think a Robin Williams Ali and a and a lot of people very likely myself included. Did not know how deep patent that once the spotlight when out Kiev cameras stop rolling. He left the set of a movie or television show and went back home. That's what he was dealing way yeah was that loneliness because people didn't understand. What was really deeply in debt it. Well what was really going on. And a lot of times people may have a hard time sharing. Because they're afraid people won't understand. I have all these issues and people are probably going to refer to me has been. Little bit off the wall re exactly exactly. And just those terms alone generate negativity it it's a down day ritual it does. I mean you know. We as a community we at the people I think we need to stop labeling you know people from point regardless their actions or behaviors because you never know lists really going on underneath you. The skin and within the brain. Mental health Israel. Bomb substance abuse leads to mental health and developmental issues and then not only affects the individual. We have. People that are being affected. Unlike pregnant women you know that can't cope. With society so they continue to use and even while they're pregnant so nail you know you have two individuals they have the problem and the user and in the baby you know light. We cannot allow like society to continue to go unnoticed like and label these people. And me I had a vision of you know a woman smoking a cigarette eight let's pray and it is reality people we seeded. And stay encouraged her you know when you see day encourage her to stop or. Give her resource is that where she can get some help you know don't just sit there and point fingers while my back can't believe she's eight months pregnant and she smoke and don't know what she's going to you don't know if she has a home to go to. A job to go to enter. I think that's as a community we should just stop labeling people tuned to begin with and really. Beat that person. Or B day year Ollie takers are listening ear sometimes he would just wants to mining. So listen without responding. Very you know lie every conversation. Is not. Happening because your wrist RS is needed and sometimes your ear is this the larger. What the best there is for anybody that's yours that's my heel he damn man look it can touch someone. Your encouragement and words you never know by eight you might be the only person that selling some positive words. I am positive gestures into that person so I think we as a community just need to Lobo each other a little bit more you know. I think you're right on that and and that is definitely a key word we think about love Lucy I also think or another word that comes to mind is. Being that reinforcement. For someone. And a lot of us need that and that makes me think that wind we have let's. Go into the day of life. Lucy Alicia. What is a typical day for you like you said how much you enjoy doing what you do. When you walk through those doors of the united use care services what do you typically fine outside of those that are coming. To the agency to seek that reinforcement to seek that help. A couple of days so when I get there we party head clients that are there isn't. We give it moved we feed them breakfast and we provide and coffee. Most of them are. They're required to be the year in class from T and TPM okay now is this a part of what would you mentioned earlier the sake. Yes OK governor also correctly and reiterate that the abuse comprehensive outpatient therapy program. So these individuals are coming in for classes. On rehabilitate a classes that are taught back counselors as well as doctors time there on site right and they're learning just like we're learning so. As I stated they come and we have to Derek and go to class on class time they're class Thomas T and to about 1130 it will they come out we feed them lunch and they might come. By my distance that there meal on the as. Most cities patients I have transitional housing pocono which is a resource that we referred them out to world they have transportation actually picks these glut. There in you know a common location does get there and I bring them over to the facility to you know carry their treatment Bryant we made sure they had you know everything that they need some patients you know need to. Just deal with life after 2 PM we allow them to deal flattened the trap we provide the transportation. You know for that and we encourage them to you know continue to be on the right path and come back the next day so you're really seeing these people five days a week. Okay so is really. Very important to. Dropped as many positive seeds you know some throughout the day so I feel the exact day you know you have been duly you know play if you had anything that you wanna talk about. Come see me Nina and try to you know eliminate. The conflict because Gary deal with the stressful time exactly. Through the transition very true and within that five day period. No question Lucy for you on the staff this is an opportunity for. You should not only to get to know decline in home but the Klein gets to know really about union and united use your services. I'm sure very many are thankful they are us even exists today they are and they tell lessing you know and that's that's what makes me feel good about walking through those doors went ahead. Those patients like oh my dad you know it brings me so much joy to come here you know he brings you so much Julie to have you. Biomass you know every step of the way perhaps you know I am proud to be apart and I didn't programs yeah. And it really warmed my heart. He just figured it into your anyway so the people. Striving to make this step you know toward a positive change absolutely and have individuals like yourself who just give that positive day. Where it's needed so thank you so much for that. What I know how big if I can ask is far as the staff who do you get to work with our guests. One on one or side by side the most well I am the receptionist. On so. He did a little bit everybody will if com. The directors com. The nurses the doctors are pretty much light I'm not just one person's reception is on my it everybody's okay see you very handy on looting. The the patients because they have phone calls that are coming in you know from doctors from their family member I know from the pharmacy she know so I have to go in BO relationships and learn names. Of the individuals so that you know I can go directly to DM. Exactly and. Have an answer that phone call or give them a message says you're just as equally hands on isn't counselors and the nurses that are correct and that's some really great I'm like the first point of contact how excellent and so when a personal loss of those doors at first they know exactly and. Men just. Like losing me. I heard the weekend edition of community focused which by the way ready. Family thank you for tuning in it is our public affairs show heard on our Entercom stations again great company Saturday and Sunday mornings. And certainly to have the company of members of our community focused Pamela. Now she was new at the beginning not so much now in fact she's a regular part of our QF family. Lucille O'Shea who joins us with the united youth care services. Our topic of discussion on substance abuse awareness now Lucy we mentioned earlier that as a nonprofit organization. Serving the greater Greensboro high point areas. You are located one in Greensboro and well those 74 street that's correct and if you're in high point radio family that's 175. North point avenue. Let's share with our listeners where to go Lucy to find out more information about united Heath care services. Okay well if you're calling the Greensboro office you'll have the pleasure of speaking with myself. The number of the year. Is 3363709232. If you're Conn a high point office that number is 336781. 3934. You can Google. You nanny care services. We have a website you can visit us at www. U 98 used. Key air services dot com he can also email list. We use YCS. 28 scene at gmail.com. We are on it's a Graham united that you care services underscore. We are on switzer. Mets. U 98 youths see ads. And I think that's about all we are also on FaceBook so you can come Lucas it. So you've got social media coverage yeah well excellent excellent we're gonna repeat those numbers. Again Lucy and a couple of minutes so we haven't in our conversation caught in the meantime I'm actually on the web site united use care services dot com. Nicely put together in everything is arranged in such a way that win and our radio family visits. They can see not only what's on the home page but the services is a beautiful gallery. It really goes into detail about learning more about united youth care services and definitely how to contact you know what I like come on the page here that talks about the recent works. Serving the mental health and developmental disability needs with professional. Personalized services because you are worth it yeah that's wonderful to know. So radio family you can learn more about unity wellness day family day cookout you ask the HIV awareness day. The acupuncture training and that's got to be really interest and theory yes and also now I believe that's those are the main the main ones they are. But I'm Abe would not be a fair question to ask what which ones do you enjoy the most are probably are all. Enjoyable. Lucy from the standpoint of the people that you get to me. Yes bill well in this. And willingness brought a lot of people want to take the more natural approach to paying. It's not many addicts is in you know certain products that they use right they can learn that there they have acupuncture therapy arm. Where that's also kind of like substitute to pay management says out of being addicted to these prescription opiates you can take another. Rehabilitation measured to pay management. With massages massage therapy acupuncture therapy on HIV awareness. Statistics show day you know on. North Carolina has rising numbers with that so they provide a resource to where you can come out there and get testy you know for free more and find that a little bit more improper we provide you know condoms and things of that nature for the community so that we can't protect ourselves. From these daily diseases that are out here ul or colleges United Healthcare it. They are the creative people to include these community gets together can we actually judges had the community. Substance abuse awareness community Traficant the high point facility. On Friday are from 11 AM. 2:1 PM we have with the prize will give away you know giveaways would provide a free food for the community and we actually in two. People on spy. Fourth the program com. Lol in come it is a nonprofit organization so. Anybody day heads Medicaid is welcome drama they can use these services for free because it is stunned it. By the government. I think if you don't have Medicaid and they do have thrown out of pocket costs but it's not much. Much now until now goods now so really just again re focusing and emphasizing. Lucy the services that united used your services provide will you again repeat the numbers. He get more information let's start let's start at high point with that number at 336. RA so the number in high point is 33678139. 34 and I'm a repeat that again that's 336781393. Fuller. If you've been across the Greensboro off fishing Cobb the Greensboro office at 3363709232. And Z in. That number is 33637092328. You know lever and a guessing game hours of opera great. Zoo that we know Monday through Friday. From 9 AM to 5 PM we are close on the weekends but hey if you call us on the weekend and we do have voiced no we will return your own car. So that's you nanny care services we are a nonprofit. Substance abuse treatment center in Greensboro. And high point. Designed to serve your mental health in distant coming developmental disability needs because the community. It's worth it. And thank you. My idea for sharing this great information with us you don't you know I'm anytime yes and I'm glad you said that Lucy because as I always like to share wins. Our community focused family. There are no goodbyes with me just until next time I know that's right and we will have a we are absolutely because I really am looking forward to any updates. With the united youth care services and just keep me in the now OK I would deathly do that thank you so much. Yeah well let's say let's check immunity for listening. If there's anybody. This out there listening and you feel like this message is for you really tell you something it is pleased to not be embarrassed about helping. Yourself. Overcome the obstacles of what the world has placed on you. And that was my. Token TU. You know don't be afraid is more than just year. That's going through this and I'm telling you what she take that step and move towards your treatment you're gonna meet. Thousands or maybe hundreds of other people Delaware. Key where where. Just like cute and will be willing to move forward with you into making yourself and themselves the better individuals for community. And that's what community is all about that is a fantastic way to bring to a close this addition. Of community focus thank you ready a family with a great company I know many of you are doing good things in the community. Just as much as Lucy was Sherry and members of the united use care services. Are doing. So please keep up the great work and indeed and so that next time would no goodbyes and enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of this weekend take care.