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Writing a fairly good morning and welcome to another week in addition of community focus were back together again you and irony of mind. You're an hour Entercom stations and very nice to have your company has always. On the weekends welcome to this public affairs show. All of that getting the word out and another great opportunity renew your family with which to deuce out. This time we've got a really. Great family oriented event that you have the invitation to be a part as united. Health centers. And one member of the team who is the special projects manager. Joins me she's a newbie to the program as I wanna say good morning to huge price hit clinic you my dear. And maligning Renee I'm feeling well and doing well how examined until I signed my dear that brotherly voice is beautiful smile. And you're just. Ready to share with us some great information about what is going to be the annual community day and healthier. That's going to be the focus of our conversation tries thank you so much welcome. To the community focused Stanley for starters all you think you are happy absolutely. Now tries we have an individual in common. In that the last time this gentleman was with me on the show. And we really how I hate that LeSean could be with us today but was Sean Huntley who is the CEO. UHC. United health senators was planning to be with us so we just wanted to acknowledge you look shiny. Today give you a shout out and looking forward to the next time. We can have him on the program but he sends his best wishes and tries I'm so happy that he has seen you. In his case so to speak ain't he here is so welcome such as our conversation under way first of all focusing one white. The service these united health sinner is actually offer and especially where are you located. Well again thank you sound like remain having me on the show this morning to share information. With the listeners that Al Lee iron I'll meet you are slow and you reach the nine foreigners we community he. Health and turner and for individuals and families and what that means is. If you are in need of a medical home if you're looking at there. If you need any kind of medical care or attention we are here to me that are currently accepting new patients. And I think you're walking. And so we are just so excited to be able to serve. And only is an individual in the community. That three locations. In the city. Excellent on that note can you mention those three locations sure we had locations. South I. On this is located on block and street. 3009. Mark and street in Winston. Saint and Haller commons offices located now if he could commons. For publicity Elaine at the corner of old greens program and we re open now. Yeah opting in at it again and I'll open it up as. And the Peters creek parkway marketplace mom. So we're located on our practically all repeat technique correctly. And all three offices and more accessible to the bus. Excellent theory get well congratulations. On that third opening really all of your locations. And rice is definitely something that we want a repeat throughout the course of our conversation this morning so we'll go back over that information. For those who may join us as we proceed on talking about the screen defense. The one thing that I really appreciate in. In C with united helps Anders is like it puts together year. Is the timing not only with the annual community to a health fair. I think about that as we are getting close to that time in some of the kids have already. Return to the classroom. So this'll be a great opportunity especially for parents are listening because we know it's going to be that time with a gonna need those various immunization shots. They just gonna need to have all of the or their health care needs covered in issued before they even walk into the classroom to start a new school year. Yes yes and we are happy it's healing and really excited about being able to provide opportunity right. Four during our. Annual community in health care which is going to be on August 19 Saturday August 19 from. Canadian TPM. Hour pierce creek parkway office in the marketplace mom. We will be keeping a way. Free at the school supplies for kids to get their school year off to a great start report will be able to offer. Free immunization rates. 41. Or Dan. Kids who are coming back that. Excellent. And tries let me also add and really extend a thank you because this is also going to be. A big day in the fact that I don't have the opportunity to join news so. Thank you so much for the personal. Invitation. On being a part of an event that you've been doing how many years now how many since this is an annual community day and health care how long. Doing doing it since 2009. Glaxo landing as well this isn't much that I still have the it was so let's just like it may seem like yesterday but then when you start adding the numbers together I think eight years yeah yeah years loud and coming up next year will be our ninth the year entering going to be doing them. An annual any land next you're too geared up he's here they are you gonna par threes that's right and those are milestone. As. Calm them when we get to those but eight years and still going strong again that's fantastic so I'm looking forward to spending most of the day with you on Saturday. August 19 and of course Riggio family you know you have the invitation as well to join us. Twice I wanted to get back to as far as the services such you mentioned if a patient doesn't have health insurance can they still be seeing. Absolutely. Absolutely we see patients regardless of your insurance status where you're nearly a day. Because and what that means is. We can see patients for as late as Tariq I'm out her eyes and on the paint income because we ate at a sliding keel rating and until we can see it he should. Have a full opposite. Just thirty dollars and that your lab working well. So I'm beatable. Affordable. Quality health exactly. And the timing. Under it tries if you will because. Just the conversation. Of health care overall. Across the nation and in this country. Obviously has become a very hot topic of discussion. Given the fact that it it's really been a world wind if you will we talk about the current administration. The changes it was trying to make as regards the Affordable Care Act. And a lot of people really just at a crossroads. As to whether they would even have the opportunity to have affordable health care. And now that we see it is possible especially with united health centers. Yes and and Renee that's. Excellent rain and wet week. Our patient isn't. Perspective patient yeah he's in is. What happens in Washington DC. We are hearing it nine up centers to provide care Huey so we can't we are. Community. And patients and Terry. On health and truly dedicated to providing. Health care in the community and met. Residents can live their best and I are healthy. And that's true. Wonderful to know tries that you are community first half yeah wonderful. They ask you this and probably are there the last question at least before we go to break. Ward this program. As a special projects manager how did how did that position for coming out alt how does your relationship with the united health sinners how is that. Well I yeah I am a writer and I edit it united health centers writing aunts and and I. Came into a time this is when. Comedians that picking each mix variant it's it's just been a wonderful wonderful opportunity for me. It's not decent thing that I'm really passionate about an IR brown so you can see what you're doing is happy in in. On the community and CEO. Let's and currently only and it. And I love this issue that he hasn't it we are here to change and we can change the world when patient and it time one community. And we think. Doubt someone as a sign. Very very special young gentleman in and I say that because you don't knowing him outside of of that position. I don't know if you were aware he probably does he want me saying it's right we happen to be high school classmates. Sell in having. No bullish on line. War waved back in the case said so to speak. And to see where he is now. And that's that is LeSean when you talk about a person who is not only. Compassionate. Which shows that compassion towards others that's the one thing that I always remembered about him and really very little. Has changed in that regard. You asked. That that consistent. Commitment exactly and passion and dedication Brett that's what is. Oh lead into red and the organization to crowds so quickly. In just the last two years newsroom to new this is going to be sights set for serving even more residents threw out some. And I'm looking forward to that expansion and of course tri ace with you a much on. And really the entire staff I I want to commend all of you had to say thank you know you're welcome for what you do and our communities. As those changes. And growth come about certainly looking forward to have you back on the show our future program. We have more showed today show. Try this let's take a quick break Andy Rubin come back and talk more not. Only about the services with UHC but to continue to share great information on the annual community day and health care. Again radio famine to recap and to extend an invitation to you when your family Saturday August 19 so mark that date on your calendar. 10 AM to 2 PM in general be at the Peters creek location 2101. Peters creek parkway instance. Thank you so much radio family more fraud. Try six men of the special projects manager of united health centers along with me Rene ball line. And definitely you thank you radio family for the green things are joining in our communities. Much more the weekend edition of community focus coming up right after office it's more the weekend edition of community focus thanking your radio famine for. You're wonderful company and thank you for tuning into this broadcast. Our public affairs show heard Saturday and Sunday mornings on our intercom stations. And a wonderful opportunity to sit down with members of our community focused family. And that's exactly what's taking place as I'm Renee Von along with special projects manager of united health center Chinese statement. Is back with me twice we have such a wonderful first half. In our conversation we're continuing. To share not only what you HC offers to the community. But again a reminder if you are just joining us family Saturday August 19. Tenant so too is the annual community day and healthier. Your official invitation to be a part of an event that we're gonna go into more detail to about tries forgiving just the particulars the location will be 2101. Peters creek parkway and Winston-Salem. Try as we mentioned earlier about an opportunity to not only see this is a great family event but we were mentioning some of the services you receive provides. We wanted to sort of recap if you will the immunizations. Will be made available to you to talk about shore shore. An annual cleaning decaying national unity just mentioned. We will be offering. Immunizations. For children and going to the schools appearance. Please if you need to get shots for your your child is an immunize these canal. Immunizations will be free from Medicaid pay each period and in addition that we are going to get out bags full of also my name. And we just lining out and bring your kids sprinkle annaly to have. Wonderful wonderful. And in addition to that of course is the services that. UAC provides outside. Of wonderful community events such as that so how much does an actual visit tries Costa we can talk about. Excellent question. And in that a concern for so many eggs and particularly those huge did not have insurance or are underinsured. We keep patient you know enters Ricard list of your insurance status in your ability to pay so. On an opposite is it including land. Can be as little as 35 hours per visit on us and we east that in a slight piece written in. You keep it high quality. Portable comprehensive health care. Early thirty odd is it long and we are so is proud to be able opera teen. To residents who really need. Excellent. And tries as we mentioned earlier. Relocations. And will give the particulars of that. A little later in the program but one thing that you mentioned earlier when a tube re in a rate for those who probably when not witnessed during the first half of the program. The nice thing about UnitedHealth senators and really this is that all of your location should accept want cans. So if any let's just say particular emergency. May rise and that's the unique thing about when we just look at health care in general. Sometimes we just don't know what's gonna happen in a typical day. And there are a lot of places where you're just unable to go because unfortunately those hours. Aren't conducive to handle lane. Emergencies or things I just happened to rise. So how nice that not only do you take in most want cans but the next question that real. I think ties in with that are you don't we can't advance the ire of the hour and we can figure slightly frightening. You just know what's gonna happen and exactly and a half accessed at health care and know that you happened medical home sure peace of mind and you know in a lot of play is currently seeking in. Can be month course. It is they're just not accepting new patients but again. Accepting new patients. On three hour SPX we are at an on week in. We have week in hours and has offices and extended hours during the day. And listeners can go to our reps I you know each in turn it. And it. In Egypt which locations and iriki. Hours are on the web site into you can either call in or on nine inches or why it for a incumbent. The excellent. A choice I wanted to also and hopefully I'm not thrown a curve ball on this getting back to the immunizations. In other important health issues with her children. What about for the parents who have young ones that want to engage in sports we know a lot of times we gotta get that physical. Before we can swing a ball kick a ball thrown well. This situation may be Liz I remember back in the days when you and I were in school in. In order to engage in those various activities of course we have to take necessary. Precautions just to make sure that we try to stay as safe. As we possibly can when engaging in sports suicide another thing that UH UHC offers as far as the physicals we are kids yeah. We sports physicals. Annual as the currency. And sour again parents can't and even tell you why you come in get this home so I'm in just have a health screening were also doing. On hearing that in eighty day going get you that you took a minute we were doing free health screening of the community as well. So kids can get immunizations. They can get school supplies they can get a free health screening very well end the year at the asking re excellent. And of course to try and so I'm glad that you mention that because we think about the various health screenings. So many different. Medical and I don't wanna use the were concerned so let me try to find another word. There you go I like that thank you that many of us face especially. Our communities. Of color. We talk about high blood pressure which can be a big issue when we talk about diabetes. And unfortunately. These are some of the lead even. Instances in which. The rate. Had which an individual perhaps is is going through that difficulty. We're suffering with type two diabetes are suffering with high blood pressure. The nice thing about. And I don't know if I even should use that word look let me refer he's had a little bit if you will. The wonderful thing in terms of these screenings is that we're likely. At a point in which we possibly can save someone's life. I remember from 1. Our former morning show house. That was the big scene of that show was tickled to the doctor. And you neighbor called back and so we think about that. Being an event that took place only during that one specific month. Of the year. Take a loved one to the doctor really in a lot of instances trying should be every. It she is in all it shape. And health screening can thieves and Epson. And Lincoln be blocking him ran feeling. You know sleepy or tired here in just not know why just think that is speaking here. Quit your could be some mean underlying going home and help that. I say it with pressure. It is a thatch. Such it can be Furrey did he can't end it costs so many problems in the IP and so. Just getting a simple health screening getting your impressions antiques and you know if if you're in a dangerous now you isn't it immediate. Could be. The difference between having good health and where. So church ice and I just had this thought you. That typically. And I wanna put a hold of this. On the gentleman but sometimes. Ladies both of us as mothers and wives and girlfriends and sisters. And family members of the light. Lot of times it takes a little tugging. To get our fellas to go it isn't just for us ladies two weeks we have those instances where there is that hesitation. To visited doctor but the one thing too I think about when you have an event that hasn't in the community setting. A lot of people don't like the so called environment of going to a doctor office visits just isn't necessarily. Dirt days. So what wonderful opportunity to be now in an area we have a lot of community and family activity. Where sometimes it it may lessen the stress. If you will when you're getting that health screening. You're not necessarily in that office and you're sitting there and you're waiting for the doctor or the nurse. Or some sort of medical professional to come in because if. One thing and this is just I think speaking from personal experience from all of us a lot of times we simply don't like to go because of the fact that we do have to wait. Yes yes. Well you know we letters now from being theory of fish and rabbit ear moderate DL with our appointments and how we're able to heave it blocking and instant. So on and and we had theory Haitians enters. Practice. Our doctors are firmly supports atmosphere Howell. Me and partner with their community agent east you'd bring you resource is for patients and which really act needy century patient and treat. How things. And that's only if there are absolutely tries nicely sat. Me ask you this then when we think about UnitedHealth sinners. And the three great locations you have in the greater Winston-Salem area. You might have a person might be listening sync all of that is wonderful but what if I am someone who lives outside of Forsyth County. Kim that individual. Be seen great question and great question and salute leak yes we are based in Winston a land and we offer services that are out first by county. Some analysts outside I can then they need medical attention and they're looking for a little while home. We welcome any and every went through how it acts and that's what we. Year and so glad that you are thank you so much Streisand's thank you radio family. Taking this opportunity once again to thank you for your great company and for those of you who may just be joining us. Thank you for tuning in as well as the week in addition opt community focus here on our intercom stations I'm Renee Vaughn being joined by Trace it. A wonderful job to my dearly and Lenny has settled on T you you're so welcome. Tries serves as a special projects manager for united. Health centers based out of Winston-Salem. By the way UH. Censures dot org. Is the primary web site radio family that you can visit to see there are various locations throughout the city of Winston-Salem. And also to get more information as we're sharing where the annual community day and health fear. Again we've we wanna share the date of August 19. Tended to and it will be at 2101. Peters creek parkway in Winston-Salem. Try let me also speaking on the united health senators tell us a little bit about national health center week. Looking for at risk of we are so aches hated about Fashion Week next week and is it time that can mean he enters across the country. Celebrate what we do in the community lease and a pre health and wellness and the community and aunt is. Thirteenth and nineteenth we are certain national and we stand week. Weeklong celebration there will be a focus that Amy at his. Linked neighbor will be focusing on. Health care for the homeless another day will be focusing on. Housing and then another day will be focusing on here for children each and we have. On things man it's matter act on my game. On in the four hole that we will be perk I mean are we anxious for the as the inter from noon to one. An intern went insane and we well the Cleveland avenue home. Online teased gay on is it low round lead the heat and T do eight. And will be doing health screenings there will prep I healthy snacks. Where did. And themes and lots and we are in Newark and culminate on committees on Saturday that we acting ghastly attack. And you're going to graced us with your presence and we thoroughly for daddy irritation out and shoot me in theory that we are looking forward to that. Sunday for the entire family will happen freaked. Prize giveaways and free parity and it's wonderful. Very nice. And you know I just thought about this tries this will be very good timing and that the following week now some of our kids have already. Gone back to the classroom. A lot of our academies in middle colleges. But when we think about the traditional school calendar. Many of our kids are our starting back probably within that last week. Of the month so this'll be a great way. To officially wind down any and all of this summer plans and to get ready to jump start and hopefully definitely. But the kids will be off to another fine school year. Email yet into. Italy thank you very much choice arm outside of the activities that you racing as plain and for national health center week. How does the staff actually sit down how do you sit down and brainstorm some of the activities that you provide for the. Several what we have we're feared blessed to have a great team that individuals. Who work there who are create Ed and most importantly. We're passionate. Passionate about how in the community and so only think edit it. Says it needs of the community we really want meet we go out into the community we is that the community partners. We topped with their patients. When we beings that can really. On the in. When he beat about integrating media. We have that approach with the community as well we want to be. Community partner. Which are patient and we think about their needs and me come up with different. Ethnic. These programs. That we can help. Him per I. You know it the opportunity and that they're asked how the. Absolutely and tries was so nice about it. And really very likely attributes to. Having your three locations that you have and hopefully to add to that number in the future and and down the road is that. That has to be one of the important things with UA EC is the community feedback. And for us as a community. Have that opportunity to offer that feedback. To be included in the suggestions. Of things that are taking place within the community so really. We kind of know ahead of time exactly what's going to be taking not because ST packets coming directly from us. We and greater patient and prospective patients to partner with. Attic you each enters the he reached into or so is our eight page if you had a great experience even on went in and and there's. Those posed a that you're greedy experience here in the community let their people and now we've warranties. And her. The great where where do you mean and how he. Provide access to high quality affordable comprehensive. Year. Four on individuals and. Absolutely and and a lot of instances try issued can't put all those words in the same sense. You know so bad. That really is nice to know that that is such a nice component. Part. When it comes to our health care especially at. The kind that is affordable. And really there is something that will be available for the entire family. And even if you're single individual it's really important you know for members of your family. Everybody to stay as healthy. As we possibly can't. Try I wanted to ask just to. Recap. One of the type of activities to expected. Annual. Community day in healthier and again your three locations to for those who may have missed it and during the first half of the program. He has fans act relocations. With in this city we all sorts of sites that let Katy at 30091. Hand streak. We had our. He could Connie and I that's located at all let's Elaine at the wonderful greens proper. And Allard recently wrote an opt in list. Peter's heart rate when the line O line is deep and make it marketplace mom right and Q talk a bit about that that family and give me that meaty yes Caminiti day. We're gonna have lots that. And for every man alive EJ of course you'll PV every name we're going to have elected officials fears that constituents canned. On meet with and then we are concerned entered his. Thank him for the job that the arguing in the community. We're also going to have. Lying can't seem to get people I think going into readying heart rate and it hurt anything exam PM well how else he has its frantic kid. Hat and a model ministry is funny and Emmanuel Baptist Church. And high yet company as well as letting our. So. Lots of different entertain Ment. Free health screenings for individuals. Immunizations for kids to school supplies and we will be. Giveaway prizes every thirty minutes that just freeing up into the public and it's just opportunity. Three chance the community and say we are here for a year and we want to celebrate it out in the community. Absolutely in just a great way for united health centers to say thanks to every member. Of the community that have been so supportive of view over the years. Because a radio scamming an ass tries this question earlier. Of course when we look at awards such as annual this is an ongoing. Affair at least one in which you try to plant have. Year after year. And this is something that you first instituted going back to 2009. So eight years strong and looking forward to many more years down the road. So with that. If this is your very first time fantastic we want you to come all the newbies. Families neighbors every wine your invited but if this is something that you have actually had the joy of attending. In the past. Spread the word tell people about it and in come back and show your support again salute. The rain your friends your name urged her car where married and aren't even keep paying is interest in having a good times and we the more than Miree here we are going have injuries there as well. Get that information for resource this in the community there at least going to be a great day and we just so looking forward it just being there with the community absolutely. That's a great definition of what close to the community tries is all about. My dear you did a fantastic job we may have a couple of minutes remaining in the closing sponsor comments something that I didn't go over that you like to mention well. I I again I just when I say don't use film much for being gracious enough and allow me to come in and easily capitalist parents and tell everyone about what we do economic health Anders. It's still really less extremely blessed to be evil is and in that changes lives in the community because when you think about. Our house. How the whole body. I do you mind weak author behavior on how. Our upper hand it out and we are we have until coming in late you can go to people. To provide those kinds resource is yeah service is cute. The community. Affordable price. We are less than insurance and its ability to pay for individuals and family. We get we just. We feel really blessed to be able to that and we want. Anyone who is listening if you or a loved one neighbor we need now looking for a medical home. You're in need of medical care if you wanna free health treaty. Leave it isn't as you eight entries that Warrick we had. Three locations in the city and our Arab nations are on the bus line. Veering. And it's what radio family UHC is really all about providing. Equitable care and building healthier communities all stripes. Fantastic job my dear on being one of the fine representatives. Of the united news of senators I think LeSean would be very proud O. You. We are doing such a fantastic job. And just thank you for what your entire staff is doing in our communities cell radio family. The big day is Saturday. August 19 to steadily approaching. So mark you calendars bring your family bring your friends bring your neighbors even if you just come alone bring yourself. Just now when he winds of one Peters creek parkway 10 AM to 2 PM the annual community DA and health fair. Try statements special projects manager Mike you're just keep doing what you do and I'm looking forward to hearing more good things from you ninety year saying key yourself welcomed. Any time tries now on this program no goodbyes matier distance on next time and Tony that's right in order to it. And thank you ready a family I know many of you are. Equally doing some wonderful things in our communities please keep up the great work. As certainly looking forward to speaking to the next individual. A member of our community focus Stanley who was doing some good things so whether. I'm happy here in the studio here on the program or I'm able to just he or or read about you. You keep up the great work and indeed until that next time thanks for the great company we officially brain another great addition. A community focus to a close so do enjoy not only the rest of this weekend enjoy the rest of your day and until that next time do you take.