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Ready a Stanley thank you so much and welcome to another weekend edition of our public affairs show it is community focus turned on our intercom stations. Thank you so much for the wonderful company has always. We are here on your intercom station is an irony Von. Have a very informative topic of discussion I have got a roomful. Of handsome gentlemen joining me this morning. They are representing an organization that radio Stanley we are really going to get you familiar with. In knowing more about the twenty. Progress through quarter cooperation. If I can get an out right as what happens when you do shows early early in the morning. He did time to kind of let things process a little bit but that's so we're gonna focus on I wanna say and won't come first evolved from the twenty. Bill McClain. As well as Perry. Is this can even KB and KB and I was close some work on it pairings and James Gray's gentlemen good morning is so happy to have you here. How's everybody doing. Farewell remote thank you excellent. Thank you we have two other gentlemen who are with us as well and we're going to meet these gentlemen in just a bit. But I would she began. Our conversation. This morning. We're gonna have a lot to cover and the next remaining minutes but just for the first few minutes. Discussed how the two point eight works pro actively with individuals and organizations. That seek greater access to resources. You helped to provide businesses and entrepreneurial. Assistance so for any of our onto for Norris and business owners who are listening this'll really be. And informative program for you really for all of us and you also work to solve the quality of life issues and give all persons the opportunity. To flourish that's just part of your mission of what the twenty does. But who are the two warning and what is your purpose let's begin making. But they got a good hour Chardonnay. And let's go back to in the beginning we because. Carlin's influence have been meeting. For about four for our view is yes and the topic is always there was Paramount is what type of structure would do assume. This is is there we live in Lincoln as a structure to her go and move forward. In the black community are issues of economic development. And so where we have land that is the twenty and it's want to relive metaphor photos. For who we are. But we outlined twenty various communities. That represent what we thought it highly efficient organization would be. And so things like housing and community development and economic development. Are you failing educational almost operate our community. Very real structured such excellent Perry and bill Phil fought feel free rather to to. And or to chime in on that. Well he won't allow armor concerns is that. We you do something about the conditions and the disparities. In specific commitment from. You know we're open to the general Forsyth County right. We do have some specific interest in trying to upgrade some issues. Dominant and in the black. And pairings seem pretty yet we find that some of these marginalize. Communities. Need to have. Better voice and more access to some of these things that that we school and try. I'm provide. And we're using the community reinvestment act as one tool. To help get these under him on these marginalized communities access very good now have to ass. There are five you. With me altogether here in the studio how did you gentlemen come across how did really the in and what's the word and I'm looking for. As far as the birth of this organization. Came about what's your relationship either outside of the warning or. How long have you gentlemen pro actively or personally have known each other. Spoke bill and I grew a block from each other so wryly neighbors all our allies and while so we have that relationship to be alone and of course. There is sort of the new guy on the blocked as were new V and we have come together because about the geology there because while various field. Very on the one hand. Is in the securities field deal has been. These most successful ever good for black kids in this series turn I have run and the pass. The first. CDC info site count her so we have that history and bring in all of that together with that thought and notion. We as African Americans owner of very much time to drill our mariners and I'm saying prior news or we will be irrelevant. And we're gonna go into details with that James and thank you for mentioning that. And in just the relationship between the three of you gentlemen I think of a rich history. And a very elusive history and four members of our radio family who probably are listening to you right now and know you personally. And likely see the same thing yes. I'm like to also mention that we've expanded our rising. By involving. Charles Byrd took Byrd who earned Kuhn who greens were running. You. Know many many years there. Answer quote accountant prime business loan. Several years he's really expanded now grass and dirt and we have our historic. That mr. Bob Wilson I want it goes good. You can still have a jail I guess we can share and criminals a lot about this issue. In the city west of settlements that someone is wants from across his friend also. We're involved in economic well. Absolutely and gentlemen the one thing that I can say as a proud resident of the Twin Cities I've lived here long enough to really Colby area home. I've lived here longer than my actual birthplace and I have enjoyed. My time will literally growing up. In Winston-Salem a lot of fond memories indeed a lot of history. When we think about the sitting in general especially when we put the focus one. The black community. And so many things come to mind that I think had a a central role. And really what I'm able to do for a living being partisan media so I really. I have to say I'm I'm truly grateful and thankful for for my upbringing. In in this area and and I think you gentlemen you have unofficially. Probably without knowing. Played a role in that because we think about our community leaders we think about our teachers. We just think about individuals who. Just want us especially when we look at the incoming generation. A young person it's. And we try to be that beacon or bad guy to see where he or she is gone ago. Because we just have a large group of our kids graduate from our various high schools and colleges. That are looking to and then the question becomes what kind of future will they have. And so the importance of what the twenty will provide to our communities now. Can have such an impact on our future generation and that snow was well. Let me ask you this what are your strategies and tactics for implementing the goals of the organization let's discuss. So listen let's go to that. Answer the question in a roundabout ways for in the month of April we were able to secure. Funding to attend a conference of the national. Reinvestment coalition a Washington DC they lobby. On behalf of the country's pool so indigenous people. And their response for American ensure that there is MiFi housing and everything else people who see you throw when there. Are receiving some public assistance. So this group. Ask us. To come onstage that night for a photo op and we don't know why do you why an allusion to the point of this. And once we're there on Australia's very announced that first Tennessee Brent was moving to North Carolina and new and then they had just secure in an agreement were first Tennessee. To spin three point eight billion dollars in the five states in which they're operating right in the minority communities and just events committee and one of them be North Carolina doesn't exactly right. So. In context and more we talk Guerrero. Where are we going motives is to get people involved and access and that money absolutely. You're across the vote. And the wonderful thing about it too James is. Really putting the focus on Winston-Salem because it's not to compare against other cities in and around the greater Triad area. But Winston-Salem has a lot to offer. And that's the thing I'm getting. People to move to the area that's loving people to war in the area whatever their profession may happen to be and to really see Winston-Salem. Outside of being tobacco. And outside of being because I remember this Garnett that was the first thing. When you made a trip to old Salem it's more than just an Arabian history that's our best that's a testosterone as well. And like we said it's it's the future. And where we see Winston-Salem going. Five years plus there are now. Bill and in and Perry same question to you what if you want to add to them. Well I would think that. We have an obligation. And all of us benefited. From a background right and we gruel and Winston-Salem. I'll education. Was. Strong. We have great teacher Newton admitted teachers. Follow. I made you tell my doctors lawyers chiefs and our our school and then. And our education. In this community is strong commitments. Future who is going to report about it we're considered to be it academic desert. And his once and who almost all allow schools. All of our below average. I'm timeout if indeed. And so unless week. Stand up and do something about it. Schools can do about it. Prescott do about it even as students can create incentives. It takes a community. Exclusive about the conditions of our academics. Stats at this point there. So we see. Economic development being part of this because I don't have anything to look forward to while when I go to school. I mean what's my motivation but have no jobs there's no North Korea's forming and so we feel obligated to do something about it. And thank you for for mentioning that. Yeah and you know just kind of piggyback on James and bill you know we. Have been blessed with backgrounds. And education. Two. Help ourselves to prosper individually and some. But. It's an obligation that we all feel to share this information with everyone else so. My background is been in finance and corporate banking. And it. I wanna make sure. Or we wanna make sure that our community is financially aware. Of what's going on so financial awareness is a very big part of what the twenty. Wants to convey. Two the community. I I always just sitting in I've been here in Winston-Salem area since 2003. And you probably have known me for other community involvement running you know the sport of track and field but a lot of people don't know that I've. Been a financial professional for 23 years now. And to get this information. You know we have to have an open book we have to be able to share with people whom how they can come in not only make the money. Keep the money in the in transition the money T utilized in other areas it's economic development housing. Education. Number of different ways so we want to make sure that people get the skill set as well. Absolutely so the dialogue and especially the involvement that we can bring to the community. Our keys to them gentlemen I love the fact that obviously we all represent. In terms of different classes from the years that we graduate. But I like to look at it in terms of this is a new class when we talk about the twenty. Not because this is a community collapse inclusive exactly. Merry myself. Well let me tell you gentlemen these first few minutes have been very informative for me. And our radio family I appreciate you mr. Bill McClain. Perry KB and didn't get it right this time it is and I think it got hit that's where my grandmother would have blown. And you act and mr. James grace just. Part of the twenty. And you did a fine job gentlemen and representing the organization now speaking of which we're gonna discuss this. With two other members of the organization and join us for the second half of the program. So radio family stay close we will take as quickly as we can. This break but we will definitely be back with more of the week in addition of community focus right after this. It's more that we can additional community focused heard Saturday and Sunday mornings and income stations thank you reveal family if you've been with me you were named Von from the beginning our public affairs shall. Thank you for coming back for the second half and I certainly want to welcome those of I'm just joining us your timing is just as good. Continuing and a fabulous conversation this morning with the organization the twenty progress through cooperation. And the twenty addresses this reality organizing a group of 200 diverse and motivated members. Male female are used sixteen and older to engage in business and commerce and these are persons. Who are committed to the goals of capital formation. Business startups. An entrepreneur warships already a family that's pretty much the gamut hopefully of all of you. Listening as we do return with more of the weekend edition of community focused I want to again say thank you so much for tuning and and to thank these gentlemen I wanna add to chuck Byrd. And Bob Wilson now to the conversation James you were still with me so I am happy to hear that. Chuck you are retired CPA and serial entrepreneur or first of all good morning how were you lose one nice to have you on board. Bob will sing you are the site director of guide guiding institute for developmental. Education you work closely. With Bill McClain but he said brother. We don't keep the focus on Youssef couldn't work dates a year. And longer have to be very happy to have you here is and you also have another UN many Hatcher a coach as well yes very nice very nice. Jonas we continuing our conversation do you work with other groups and organizations and we. Talk about the twenty. Well one of our goals is to bring people together. One of the proctor for belong to a twenty is that you cannot bring another agenda other than your own individual agenda. To this organization. We don't mind reaching out and helping you with if you belong to another organization. You know that's a separate separate. Relationship okay we wanna help we wanna bring everybody together does help bring our youth. We want to be able to our own resources on the group to provide them divide open. You news as we see fit as the organization sees fit. And based on what do news so that's something for everybody absolutely. I like. The fact that you are looking at this as. An inclusive. Are there and I understand one point though we wanna make early on his. We are trying to put together a package for development in the black community and his investor names around was this little. Value that a hundred million dollars. So what are you working on is you know there's a lot of things and plans going on there was a certain amount no murder gun in the morning. What is. And we'd just. Briefly talked about this at the beginning but to just sort of reestablish. What is the community reinvestment act and what does it mean to be. The average citizen let's talk about that. Well so sinking the community reinvestment act passed in 1977. By the comptroller of the currency who is corrected to a specific. Notion that a and I won't give it to you about wherever example enemies wants and we have a branch of Wachovia bank. Which had paid deposits of 100 million dollars of people's money and that was not. Marked people's money there was black people's money because of the new reimbursement that. Talks about the money is deposited in that community. But then when people come back to get along and use that money doodle while. Comptroller of the currency demands that people find ways to bank. Find ways to put that money back in the community from which it was extracted. So the proliferation of nonprofits. And all of this activity in the last one of our news. Is probably a direct result of the community reinvestment. Absolutely and I look I'd like to jazz were focusing line what's being put back in the community because we think of many of the communities in Winston-Salem. Many of the black communities in Greensboro. A lot are still here because of the people. A lot are still here because of the ideas. And as we mentioned earlier when we look at I younger generation that typically once they finish school they look to move away from other places. Here's a great opportunity to welcome those young folk to come back. Don't examine commune under Florida but yes. But in order to. An order to. Our situation where they came combat access to be something the comeback actually you that's a good and and traditionally and historically. Since the sixties we moved away. From the possibility. In Winston-Salem outcome and back. Because prior to that. We had black businesses. Can we had black businesses. Go low. A black people that what level we're not talking about. That they were Wall Street. The talk about that than that Winston-Salem what was with the city where you could grow this interest in thing bill and James and Tina just ago. So here we are as older Meehan and together but the same hopes and dream. That three of us. Or in the last march in Winston. To immigrate risk writes. To Ames was in jail and do what to do I want to deal do when that period and we just deal. Now I drains haven't changed. Up tactics. We didn't understand economic development thing then we understand economic development now. We are looking for that our children and our grandchildren. And our children's children. So we are here. Because we want to see the things that we dreamed of being it. Happened now. Yet these. Funds. Are available. For housing. Housing mortgages. Building affordable housing. There have been able available for nonprofit organizations. Development of the infrastructure of these organizations. Support for their programs. There is available for business this is an odd to renew worship. For technical assistance. And consulting. There's money available. Four philanthropy and there's actually grant's running but it can be made. There's an. Available. For just about any type of project. That you may be just you Guillen in in developing. This going to. Served. Individuals that are low and moderate income and either as an individual. Or as a community. Absolutely Jim and what I would really like it when I'm really come to appreciate about twenty. Is that you really are is this part of your purpose. Is that you're helping us as community members when I think about the talent pool of individuals. As business owners as entrepreneur doors. Those who were in finance because and again I keep going back to our young ones and what they're learning. And various. Institutes of higher learning especially. Are incredible HBC news and we can just go run the gamut of all the. And he pride and yeah. Only great north Carolina's schools yesterday North Carolina ANC state university and many others just within North Carolina alone. But in terms of what these young ones want to be calm. And many of them. We hope are choosing. Those degrees that would allow them to beat those individuals that are owning their own businesses. Are giving back to the community. That are warning to be our teachers because we think about the doctors and lawyers that we have they can't beat somebody they had a teacher at some point. And again with the financial institutions are young ones in the importance of money. You have so many of our kids and I was one of them in school that didn't really have. Good concept needed. To learn how to properly manage a dollar. And you've got a lot of kids that are out there because you got X credit card companies that are coming Adam left and right while they're in school. And who knows. All the stories especially when it comes to kind of reaping some of that money back. All of those the horror stories that you hear about re payment of loans and they trying to understand that processed so so many things. That gentleman you're wanting to focus educate us as a community is highly important Perry you wanted to mention something as as I wanna. Get the conversation back in in your direction speaking off finance and financial responsibility. Yes nom who oh you know a number of different things you know when you go back you look at the current education system. You know a lot of times students go to college Indy can't afford it so they have to take out student loan. Just in order to make ends meet. And I have had the opportunity to work for an HBC US well it's a ten what I found out to be a predominantly white institution as well. And the information. That's conveyed is a little bit different and then so what we wanna do it the twenty we want to have financial awareness we want to teach. Individuals how to handle and manage their financial situations. We will be putting on. A seminar on eighteenth. Of July. And that's going to be a well transition. Stretch or. Form. Just so that people can understand after you make money how do you move it over to next generation because here in the black community. We tend to start from scratch every generation. OK but their means and mechanisms to do that and one of the things is to really start to understand how your personal finances. Work how to handle and manage personal finances. A before you can get to these other areas where you can actually distribute and share. Where's the next generation so and that's one thing to apparent that I'm glad you mentioned because that makes me think of too. When we talk about banking institutions. How many are actually. Minority enrollment. Numbers are small very few area. And and self and so yeah that's our. Yet they do it's a very small. A group of banking institutions here and it in the area. That can actually come in helpless with the banking issues and one thing I wanted to mention too is that the seminar is going to be held at the Forsyth County central library he. As you libraries. It's 6 PM and that's the same place that we're holding this form this you know to later on today and so. It'll be there. From 6 PM until eight. It'll be in a grand street capital management which is my firm as well as the force group law firm very so there will be an estate planning attorney available as well so. But but really can get back to that you know we really want to get this information. Out to people we really want to start them and I think when when you start looking at. Being becoming an entrepreneur or receiving some of these funds and things and you become more financially aware of it and so you know it's. Start changing and. Yes. One thing so wanted to make sure people understand about the community reinvestment act is in his term they're dealing with a bank once they go into the bank and and they are not pleased with the service that they've been render or to decisions they've been given that they can pass. For the CRE record of that Brandon and somebody then supposed to go in the back and bring them out and they can make any comments they want into. And when the comptroller of the currency. Comes down to inspect their bank they looked at these comments written a column so there is simple that we area. The dumbest thing in the last hour probably wanna say there is who are you. You know everything to lose friends there. Me and these guys in the room is that we room amidst all of this term goal. And we know hired works we know why it hits and unknown that is very chaotic. For our children. To understand this whole system now more goals well. And we are here to try to be interpreted this to Bingham. So that they can take advantage of this and I want to urged any young person that has any kind of entrepreneurial experience. Whether you want a solo hot dog or eliminate. To come out and listen to it and rare this information. Absolutely. And that's an excellent tie in chains and hearing. And Bob to go to. And I just heard you whisper the words web site humor there and mine are under right now I love you yes let's share with our radio family. Ways in which they can stay in contact with you between now and not just June 30 but also going forward past that today. Exactly our world sire is put twenty. WNS. Got a war. Very easy to remember. We know it will lose them all the Rumsfeld nick. This to her room and yeah Facebook I write our own all of the very gets you know each other out on the social media around again and we're gonna say are important to you we and we should probably mention you know very important element in taking care a lot of that. Is mr. Walt Arthur. Who's not here with us but he handles a lot of those things easily I'll into yet and I also like to add that the 21 spell those words out THE TW ENTY. WS dot org thank you very much. I'm really appreciate and radio finally appreciate your wonderful company the weekend edition of community focus heard in our inner calm stations Saturday and Sunday mornings. I do have these very distinguished gentlemen joining me. Renee of honor representing the twenty THE EW ENTY scene out there don't have an impact I. I act I. That's why you which is progress through cooperation. I wanna say again good morning to chat bird Bob Wilson Bill McClain carried ABN. Yeah I. And also James grace joining me were an Avon and to their merit in tune archer who could not a new witness that's right hand thank you we know that you're with us. Here on the program in spirit. Me ask gentlemen why is the structure that you have chosen for the two when he important and are actually differ. From other nonprofit organizations. Well it's an inclusive structure. And let me talk live about the design. The twin communities we are asking for volunteers of people who have experience. In that particular certain. They also then we'll be given a right to recruit whom ever they want to. To be on their commitment. Keep in mind that next year. They will have to be affected by this year's movie that you and your vehicle that committed. Each committee chair would then go to vote who you elect the chair of the organization. So is very much bottoms up his very much about work you have to volunteer at least five hours per month. If you go on belong to this organization. So be prepared for that there is no exception or excuse and it's a great way to develop a great work ethic and organization as well. And if an F I might add I think the various groups. Actually and a lot of diversity. Towards the business commuters are so you dislike us stock portfolio when you bring in different things with different. Ideas and it actually makes overall organization more more powerful very true. Speaking of which that's an excellent time in carriers have I gentlemen all of you are really appreciate it. We mentioned this briefly I wanna go into details for the next remaining minutes of the program. The community plan. Fifty to 100 million dollars over a five year period. Look at the breakdown well. I figure scum or. Come about because of all the planning and changes we're going on their lessons are we simply talk to groups and actually work their plan all right it is. Garrett. Three or four different plans to organize them. Around houses around redevelopment of communities. And this is just a composite of work they say they're going to need right. So a hundred million dollars you know that's pool. This is not even stretch of the imagination. So we knew we know. Those projects are going to be eaten and I think you. One good with the most involved it was about 3035 million dollars on one brought. Just imagine if you there isn't an exact words this is Vera Drake you very much. And less time being terminated by the numbers and big calls if you've got a good idea and a plan. We can help you develop your idea can help you which a business. We can happy with the whole organization all of the planning. So if you got a good idea let's bring it to the table because there is assistance available. And that's not be intimidated about them I like that and think in terms. The development of downtown with you watched. Definitely yeah. I'll miss if he east west and I did is that. We don't miss east. Less than him more and those monies that have been here point out how we pay taxes on them accidentally and we live here awful. And we walked the C east less than. Move away with moving. And when we grew exactly Clinton because he's welcome with with wanted to beauty. None that we want to carry. One in that we all have some diesel. Among the up on this list. Community. When you were when you do Clinton. And everything happens in the same area that he would. Do that it was what it was and the people that you oh we don't interest in. Pull up. We've just been incorporating. MB in his one England in one direction. Absolutely and we touched on this too earlier especially what the twenty. Has been emphasizing radio famine through the course of our entire conversation this morning. It's a community effort so please keep that in mind. The benefits as a whole it also is about your personal expectations. And aspirations and above all else. And this is the important so whether you are being apart. The strategy and brainstorming session. Or your being a part of anything that's focusing on the betterment of the community. Through the two when he the key is it's about your pick this up patient. We just can't stress that enough. Because this is why it is helping. All of us. Even though he canned the focus can be on individuals but collectively. This is a community effort so it's about the participation. I'm gonna say that one more talk it's about the participation. Gentlemen I have really enjoyed our conversation I've just got a couple of minutes remaining. I'm gonna give. Each of you all five of the so please keep in mind you but as brief as you can but it closing thoughts. Our comments on anything that that if I didn't discuss you wanna briefly make. August archer yeah. Lot of things that some of the back and one of the things that some of the banks that say is that we're not asking for Obama and oh Mark Grace. Asked what my. And then we can get assistance we need to make so that we ask or an improbable way off and don't give us minded to walk away. We need a good plan because these bats I'm not. And business moves in the business. And so all and we need to be a parrot. Ought to poke our I yield. The people parrot to take advantage of these opportunities that we hope we can leave for him. They need to be ready to step in May need to prepare himself academically. In that and parents need to think about women and children on goal and many programs that help. The parents of children. Though and it did this happen over the lot the worry about system the system take care of itself. So we need to rethink where we the group of people and understand what it takes to move them on a Wednesday. Thank you and accept come longest some of us. Yes. I learned very own. Very early on as a CPA working with major. Corporations. And how business was done and the root word of that word corpus. Means body. People were working together. As a unified body. Or common objective. And I think. It what we want to do is for our community to move together. As. A collective collaborative. Unified body. It says India Mya that we know all the people. Work together of like mind. It is built the wall in astonishing tie. And what we need to do is work together to build our communities. In an astonishing time thank you. Very much James swing it over in your direction. Well I have a course and I'll leave my own question why can't. Everybody is going to business why can't everybody be an entrepreneur who they listened. That needs to be a goal about everybody should move toward opening of business number give you example. My wife's in the industry Digital's about how some buffalo jerky it cost seven dolls are packed with six ounces you numbers of buffalo ways. Time six ounces and I'm disavow waited for example there are so many business opportunities are there. You think about it every day yet you don't act on and I'm giving you an opportunity to act thank you very much Perry looks like you get the last word binding. And I will finish up by following up on what James just said. Once we get these businesses in place. Lists plan to do business with each other must circulate that dollar every other ethnic community here in the United States. Have been able to build a communities up by doing business with each other I'm not saying that just do it simply because they're black. We wanna make sure that they are able to provide us with. The assert resources and services that we need for our expenditures but please let's consider them in a three circulate that dollar. Thank you so much gentlemen I would end by saying this thank you for bringing the knowledge. To our public affairs show. Again get additional information by the way. 1611. North Cleveland avenue. Is where the two when he is located. Again on the worldwide way out the vote twenties and spell it out as parry said THE TE WE and he won I act at this time but 18. WS. Dot ORG. Our a year ago Perry KB and Bob Wilson. Bill McClain. James grace and chuck Byrd. Gentlemen thank you all I tell you know good Basra me. We don't have to do a net and another time for certain I'd love to do a follow follow up show and then we'll talk about that once we officially get off air. But radio family thank you for your wonderful time. And thank you for the good things you're doing in the community please keep it up please support the twenty. Again this is about participation. And the twenty is progress through cooperation. And I think that's going to bring this week in addition of community focus too close enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of this weekend take care.