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Good morning radio family and welcome another week in addition of community focus and very nice to have be here in our inner comes stations. Every Saturday and Sunday morning it is a fine opportunity to talk about the good things taking place in our communities. Ready or family we have. Have another event talked a little bit about this during the Steve Harvey morning shallow and really a wonderful time to get in depth. About Triad first and family their very first bowling tournament that with our support to become an annual event. Before we get into the particulars let's welcome family here exceed the weekend edition have community focused. Gentlemen I haven't seen in awhile so this is like a little mini reunion for us mr. felt current hollow or use our. I'm doing great thanks for having a Mac welcome back channeling. Yes and you have been joined by two lovely ladies at UT Austin. Was actually on the management team and try it first and families. You also of course if the name sounds familiar to you radio family she also serves in another capacity with the Winston-Salem transit authority as well. Such a Kiev pat good to have you back as well. And about the new V of the group who. And Tierra Booker T are good morning my dear. So glad to have you and your family now sound the new bee title is very see how quickly. That was not just love that left you have a bubbly personality does she not guys she says he has so looking forward to our conversation. Well this is a fine opportunity to take the next several minutes at least for the first half of the show a filth. To Kia and Tierra to talk about raising money for trying at first and families with your first bowling tournament. And this is actually a great event all proceeds going towards providing resources and support. For families and individuals served by Triad first and families let's talk about that force us talk about the organization. And the great things at this particular agency does. In providing resources for individuals with developmental disabilities. And traumatic brain injuries to be able to live independently and that's the key. What is try it first and families or who do use our. Yes try if for some CME's we are a chapter first and Tim is a North Carolina. And for some damning is also with us we serve. All 100 counties in North Carolina and we helped him les. Foreign individuals or families that have an individual them in the home when an intellectual development disability or traumatic brain injury. Try to help them stay as independent and keep the minutes and the home. In any way that we can it's possible. What we basically do is we don't provide a service we provide support. On today with people that haven't to key here to remind you that type of support in the community partnerships that we have right. The key is on the Winston sound transit authority she's also our management team chair which. Is there really great asset but one and it's one of the ways that we do help that is in many ways is that. We have had application in the past for individuals that may be need bus passes him our help with transportation to be able to go to work or school or. Whatever he's a bus for we may help in that capacity. We've helped with. You know if someone needs help what went modifications or fund Ahram bond. We also have some or other things that we do. We have what's called lifetime connections which also in future planning where people can come to me and then that's in their local community and if you like one we can give your number later X yeah absolutely and we have a silly and initiated. L which helps siblings with. That take your siblings and then we also have a new fund that we've just received. Which is called benefits enrollment and what that basically does. You'd there's several people that may not know that they are qualify for benefits. That's maybe they thought their mind that they did not. Qualified for whatever reason that and it's in the Roman. Just a telephone call. Can help them guide them in a way that they may be able to qualify for more stuff. Tom in this is either of the do we do work with intellectual on the donut has been traumatic brain injury and we Kurt people to call and ask to see how we can help preserve them. Absolutely so Phil just some fantastic news really since the last time. We've been on the program together and that's been a minute so this really is just a great opportunity to welcome me back to the show. And two as you just mentioned all the new things intervene at it now teaching NT air I wanna give you ladies each an opportunity to add anything. That that's still just discussed about Triad first and cameras particularly how long have you been able to serve all 100 calories a North Carolina. First of Finley started out originally Tom. In 1995. Well end through the years it it started small with families getting together. I'm and then as time has progressed and as. Needs have grown to write the chapter has now assembled now every county does not have a chapter. If you're chapters I'm account if you're counting is an amateur after we have a you would call our 9192518368. And and price Coleman into it or so our pipeline project which will help that county as well. Excellent now ladies would you like to add anything to to that north. Shall we say Phil did a fine job in covering that information. Sir. He's. Not an easy thing we do health as I am we can help win. East AP. Yeah. Claes at grinding gripping village healthy individuals you know become independent and help them into giving them. Actually had we just rap group for an act hankering after the clintons and the foundation which Sony is really Ostrom. I didn't and those I has amazing Cleveland individuals that we Senator Clinton and communicate. My efficiently he had. You know have them become more independent counselors and apple actually had you know. If fact that you can use to navigate to the community even if he was going on and it went really has helped and I've seen that firsthand I've had an individual whom. We helped this happen every time an individual season the heat he told them that app have only La. You know. This is this really cool and just to see how he can make a defensive end. Absolutely. And you cheer for sharing that just a wonderful experience and still free everybody if there are others that come to mind. This says a couple of things to me one just be awesome way that we communicate with each other nowadays. Especially as we see technology. Constantly changing. And improving. Thankfully for the good in a lot of instances such as this and also the fact that. We talk about try it first in families and I'd like what you mentioned a feel a couple of things. And helping individuals live independently. And you mentioned the word support. I think that has such key and that's what events like this with the very first bowling tournament does because. It's a great activity in it really can involve everybody. Exactly and that's the one thing that we want to stress radio family. An inviting us as a community to come out and to supported and just to imagine to see all the folk who we're gonna be they're having a great time. Yes now are are some up and asks are somewhere triumph for some families are some of these guys. First time bowlers obviously a first time. Or opportunity for many of them to bowl I mean as far as with the organization they may do it you know independently and on their own and some other capacity say with their families in one night. But obviously with this one being the first one this will be a chance to do that he'd corrupt saluting. Now some doubt that the bowling term let's get into details about the good transition there. Is it that way but it worked out that way so what exactly is gonna be taking place all the particulars she guys. Oh yeah. Countryside alliance and hers I don't find messenger. I'm with the tournament. I am will let them we'll pay for each person we have a group of fine niece. So it went 25 per per team. Great me and with that with that Carrasco hit foods. Drinks and then issues and so and so he had to come through gonna have a lot going to find that our group. Just some I guess they're playing you know just playing some music as in the bowling Alley right like that so. Speaking at the end where are gonna offer prizes. For in the top preteens and don't have much CP. As well also on we'll have you know people like to give things of course when they go to protest nutrient. They're gonna take advantage of that over gonna get out trophies and and metals for everyone participating especially in the top. It's fantastic in and one thing to ask two key that's really good deal and to get all of that for 125. The food your shoes. It's gonna be just a great atmosphere. And we think about bowling it's it's a whole lot of fun I mean this shows something about watching that one little ball. Go all the way down from one lane should be and it's and not forget about a total of ten. Pins. And actually. And we talked a little bit about this before. We got on air with the program in that. I enjoy it because I just. Recently finished a league of my own. With a group of friends and we have such a good time now you now and why we miss him. The best bowler in the world. But sure rightist just the camaraderie is just the atmosphere in having a great time. And especially to have individuals who were part of Triad. First and family's special one thing to that when we talk about organizations such as yours. I like that you incorporate the word families. In it because that's what this organization is now it's about helping families. Definitely Walt what will the funds from the bowling tournament be used for tanks. We would use the funds specifically for family support him one of the things that may not be known or I'd like to share real quick shore. Percent families. Does receive public funding throughout the state. However last year we recognize that half of our support came from non public dollars which meant niece were able to serve more families. Went out depending on the public funding and also as part of that it wasn't. From volunteer and and just fundraising. But is also threw look our customer leadership which is our management teams are on tears of families. Over half from our management teams are actually families with disabilities. And the other half for community partners like to Kia. And there that we were able to locate vendors and local community like mechanic shops that new car repairs gave discounts and whom I here is. Wonderful let communicating with people online and has found I had vendors. They give us discounts which is very difficult to find and there are really did in their in boxes. Says a fund raiser like this would continue to support that initiative to make sure that we can help as many families as we can. Absolutely fell and I'm just thinking that. When someone is loudly and is bubbly as Tierra picks on the phone and saying no you my dear. I just love that personality she and obviously Derek is really a great working relationship. Amounts not just a three have you. But really with the entire team. That works with which I have for some families of three of you actually come to to work together as a group. I started off as of bonds may this do here I started off as of on your opponent this. I feel. Prevent us. Hi my name's I am I started off and fourteen Ani local agency providing direct care services and I ran into. A person that's an issue was from untried person Stanley is right says they invited me to become to their management team which ended up volunteered. T in after us appears Tom ended become in their chair why now and eventually became their quality director and managing the chapter here and precise count Triad the Triad area and also and I guess in Cleveland area. Excellent and the ghosts what what you are we talking disciplines so so over five years now and excellent well happy anniversary. Of sorts he has that capacity. And likewise street here. A when everything Appalachia environmentalists and state. Adam ram and as. The pilot is and his. Q this kid in the wonderful. And I am I had seen with him in his mind that I was giving me congratulating him. And it did. And his wife is learnt you know I'm in this position because Alan Clinton Clinton actually went with him and it was in the tiny elderly and I. And that's not because our company policy that's right yeah yeah you want me. He still loves you now not only. The. I had a flat. And Alice on everything because I have class that think. Maybe in decent paying him in I didn't hear anything that for a while and I did I think it mind you maybe it's annually yeah. I'm not in my parents I'm I'm I'm not president. That's okay your phone I used in the end and I got way and I got attack wonderful. I only ankle could see and I met him in the community and he knew not personnel being silenced people. And you. And that was a similarity that century together and excellent great create information there and thank you misty or for the back story and likewise for you secure before we get a break. And feel bad timing is working and Easter seals when I was working of course over Internet transit or even. And he kind of wrote mean. I and says that's it I'm being I'm on the comedian or just enjoy it it's just. Had an opportunity neat are part of my job is community outreach. Of course I do a lot of community our reach with miss Tina Carson Wilkens with the Winston-Salem transit authority right I'm bad debt. And am. I just kind of open it up a little more and and we're still working with people with disabilities which of course is what I do so. I think I've been with the company about war I years went around by your right behind me from I was gonna say you guys are like. One and two according close neck in neck if you welcome one definitely. To thank all three of view for the wonderful things that you were doing. And this is really just it's of the iceberg of what we're gonna get into especially talking about your first. Bowling tournament again hoping this is gonna become an annual event. So we'll get into more information about that is certainly guys feel free to share as much information about trying at first and families. When we do continue as we're gonna do just that re a family thanking you for your great company. And a great company aimed filth Tierra and two kidnapped joining me every day of the week in addition. A community focus and we are coming back right after this memorial weekend edition of community focus I just love the interviews get to have off air ticket radio and link is on her back. For the second half of the program and thank you so much for members of our community focus Stanley joining me for an Avon. I definitely have some of the bests with me this morning and every weekend but for this particular weekend Triad first and families their first. And what will hopefully become their annual bowling tournament we're gonna get into all the details. To get you ready a family ready to join us. In fact. Phil and two key and Tierra. Let's just do that let's get into sharing where the event is going to be held and the time of the time of the event let's start with those two things. It's. Completely even and I'm will take place that countries are lining things turn Israel and that's 1000 F five massed in driving and as you know. I'm right off of main street behind I think it's the shale gas Shiites. So will be there. On next Saturday June 3 from one to four acts on eight countries aren't lying so we're hoping you guys come on out if you have issues and your Barbara you're choosing a ball with you bring the key is just bringing into you just come on adding. And enjoy in the finance fellowship. With others that'll be present at the and soberly ask you this too is just an aside. And kudos to countryside lanes for being so kind absolutely and really exists. As far as raining out the facility means for most of the day and we'll get to the time too in just a bit. But how does that work and relationship come about how did you find that particular. A bowling Alley for four dissident I had a friend and who said that that those Elaine thinkers you know really it was just having a little difficulty finding it. But he said those and mine was pretty Brian mr. Steven miss Sandra a country some lanes have been very accommodating wonder from throughout this entire process accidentally running its shots at them as well definitely. And of course I'm ready a family I know many of you who tune into the program are from. Or are near or close to the Kerner so area who know exactly where it is but to Q you gave a really good a landmark. If you will especially. And as busy as Carter's bill the particularly around main street this can be on any given day that is an ideal spot no talk about the time. Well it is from one to four. I'm so they've a lot of us some time to be there. And no allot a certain amount of my loans. I'm for the teams that we don't have assailant fires so we're hoping we can fill up those lying that's what I have come on ad deal with the Carl. Excellent yes yeah I give us the car. And let's let's touch on that let's give up a couple of numbers and actually to. And feel if you don't mind especially to get more information about try it first and gamblers but let's let's give the numbers were for the tournament let's start their first. Well you can call me I'd insecure Alston armor with the with the sound transit authority and I can be reached at seven or eight. 3964. I'm and then to hear and feel and prevent you from there and. I'm Kim an elegance and Kyle out as the number is 3367. Assets and 872. Line. You can also happens in an email to me and that is T and TI EA act FI and in seed. Excellent an infield as far as additional information to getting content we're trying it first of families. I guess Colin Tierra would be the would be the ideal again. However if I ever did officially recruit. Teary EU is one that answer the phone just about every call. However I do it if she's at lunch or she's at the office I will pick up the phone you will pick up. You are excessive. I am accessible and people can ask for anyone of us and any time wonderful you guys are the best. Now registration. Regarding time. When when will that take place. Well we're going to start registration at 1230 bill will be there prior to that I can assure everything else right. I'm so we'll take you is is as you I mean will keep you registered in it she settled for building okay. Excellent you know I just thought us something you know a lot of times and and I don't know. To what degree you guys have had the opportunity to bulk. And as I mentioned earlier have a group of friends we we do about once every third Sunday of the month. Give or take Kuwait no coordinator times. I think about. Typically whenever you watch whether you're watching the professionals on TV or you're getting together with the group for France how cool would be everybody kind of dress alike so. Is there a particular kind of encourage those wanna come with their teams kind of have your routine T shirts and your logos and. Various things what was evidently I'm we're encouraging that we yeah I'm actually myself I have a team unfortunately am not able to able. And I'm gonna be helping with organizing these and we're glad I'm. The team and I helped organize and actually have T shirts for college to five Q strikers so the. Now. Everything. Have a land base about getting your hands together you get to come up with some creative and no killer or a tear feel free to chime into what what's the bombing background or experience for either one of you. Well good. I think we were kind of talking about this little bit earlier missed and yeah. I was thinking as you're talking about that earlier if anyone is feeling intimidated or. M and a great bowler that's okay. I was almost thinking maybe for the first few lane guarantee games are first to. Bowling ball rolls and are doing and I will bowl first to make everybody feel confident. Tom and also we Elaine has some accommodations if if someone needs a comedy accommodations. Only hearing today. Also let me just share Rosie you're not alone on that my friend I mean there there are some occasions where may I can just get out I don't do it and enhance the divide is enormous but again as we mentioned earlier it's a lot of fun. And and what about you missed Tierra. Well I am ma am paying cash. And Ali you and Dan and what kind. Calm me OK next. Since two machines that is so deep she loves the ball and I had a little okay package and you need. Last. Night. Now if the pilot friend and recently ordered out yeah. We're gonna support. Cool is what I tell you what you can definitely get some good tips. For mom and dad on how to blow your best early this this isn't to be looked upon an obviously radio famine this isn't a competition. A style it's just getting together and especially to raise fines as again all the proceeds are going toward. An excellent cause and that again is to provide. The resources and support for families and individuals served by trying at first and families. Again serving all 100 counties of North Carolina so your support. Will be greatly appreciate it. Do in in the history that that all three of you have worked with trying it first and families are there any particular families. That stand out particularly the ones that you have been able to stay in contact with over the years that you've had the opportunity to serve and support and help. If I can hear I love so I am I love telling stories definitely I know as much time so. Every we've got some time my comprehensive please take your time and ensure coupled with us on the first of all a lot of the stories that we have we can have the Ceres to talk about the many different stories throughout the state. I'm deceiving last year alone or 2100 families were served. Me so. One of the great parts of person Stanley is is that. The families that we help give back and one of the ways that they give back is through serving our management team which is volunteer end. We wanna have released over half of our. And seemed to have families and individuals. They've also given back in a whole variety of ways you know when we talked about connecting us with vendors cells can discounts and so forth. I think the ones that stand out the most in the Triad area and he won a stand up the most is when we had a young boy who really love playing outside in help reduces. Energy because he got to run around and unfortunately he was having a difficult time staying in the yard and it because it could have been very dangerous to be gone too far it's. The father says that down if he could. Get someone to help them pay for the materials. He would be able to put it up in their partnership send some funny that we had been him we rarely get with him and now they young boy has a nice fenced area to run around then he safeties that when everyone is on the weather permitting yes. Arm. A second. Story happen in our I guess in Cleveland county area I can share that sure. We had FM even at. Wanted to go Easter a cunning and realize that her children were not able to. Keep up because they needed extra assistance isn't but there wasn't that event with that community our parks and our Rex. And Dunn says Lou talking to the chapter that resource consultant in the family contact them at the parks and Rex and because of that conversation and they were able to get the parking Rex to have that accommodation available and this year had their very first where. They had an actual they had actually area where his kids can do that the new venture timer extra help a because there were quite as amazing amateur and company straight time. But that's part of our community engagement family needn't mean Simpson says this thing I share with that how we. You know talk to a pleasant sound transit authority and we're also talking to other media partners as well not just. Transit in the parks and also businesses. And people know there were around to help. Oh definitely so you just have so many wonderful working relationships with with various businesses. And infill and in Tierra and into Q I'm just thinking of these relationships I just don't happen but they are lasting. You know when you have families that you have served and you have helped inmates such an impact. Not just on the families as as a whole but on the particular individual. That is being served and that's being held by trying it first and families. Can we spoke help register for the event what are the details. You can register on and we have a brown paper tickets went slice of the address this kind of long my own uncle went out and welcome. I'm at www. Brown paper tickets dot com. Slash. 2893368. So they can register online and we also have registration forms. I'm as long as they give us the column. And one of the two numbers that we mentioned before we can get a registration form halfway them or just a lot the information on site and eggs and armaments. And let's repeat those those numbers to it and thank you for that reminder that tequila and then sat we'll start with yours which is 336. 7483964. Yes and if you would like to speak with miss. She our Booker that number again and bubbly personality is. 336757. He's 71 minute. It's we've mentioned earlier to air is on the phone. We're happy to listen I'm OJ IA is give yourself a little extra time to talk with me guy and I enjoy sharing what we do and. I just enjoy all the great information that you guys have shared with us thus far let me take this opportunity to welcome those of you who may be joining us thank you. Pretty a family is always for your wonderful company the weekend edition of community focus are here on our inner conversations and a wonderful conversation. With members of Triad first in families joining me Rene bond I have fail. Current hollow and pronouncing your name correctly so you yes you are you know thinking Yukio. Now what what's a nationality. Name my family comes from Sicily Mac in the palm of these anal. Not me I was here but my parents. In nineteen Palin fit you. So when a new way after the hour and yes. For sure and yes so it's normal and fur. So I you don't pay attention anymore owner partly yes you know actually beyond use in my name correctly each time. Q I really appreciate it gutsy. Any great love clearly don't wanna be cool that we could just have this conversation at have to work on that. And and likewise. Held the ladies Tierra Booker and and two key arson Tierra I have to ask. How did mom and dad come up with that beautiful. Named after my mom and very nice and I like the spelling of achieve very very pretty. She likewise for you because you have a very unique and beautiful spelling. Now first of all Tierra and you mentioned this is TI ER NA. To key URT I KYH. And yes now that's a very unique spelling out what's the origin of your name. I have no one. You don't know I or I just know marry and humor and baby sister named Aaron Miles Arlen who wore it either came from one of my three in the count and that was one of the one now. Everybody has a little history yes definitely a little history. With the name I guess for me Rene this is a good sounding radio names so it's. Story. Thank you guys are really presume we're having great conversation and of course I love it when we can interject of course some a little bit of humor. Here on the program but definitely all the great things that are continuing to happen. Which try at first Stanley speaking of which. Guys let's talk a little bit about the website now I understand and I hope I'm getting this correctly missed here you have a little something to do with its. And and putting it together. That may gentleman faced with a young faced a looking let's talk about the social media and how we can stay in contact which Bryant for instance him. It's easy just uninformed Iceland if you just thanks Triad first in families that Ian Ian I'm and you have to spell out the word. First IR ST okay because sometimes we'll put an American and a nest if you find it if you Sargent Gil fineness and everything out even when the bowling tournament is and they Eric. I'm all of our contact information and and I'm you can also find our web site which is Cha I have friends and families that wimps WEB ends. Dot com am and that also has alibi information he and Alan. Applications of. Actually I actually have it pulled up on my electronic device so not only to learn more about what tribe first and damage is all about. Radio family you can you can meet the staff outside of the three that you are listening to your and a week in addition of community focused. There's the management team and Tierra you just mentioned the applications. One thing I do want to touch on that's actually on the website upcoming events now outside of this great bowling tournament. What what do you have going into the rest of 2017. Well. Yeah. I'm actually in being physically OK anyway getting ready is. Claim or next year I can't tell us that they gonna look at a few different raise hasn't paid. We can do with community and it's only between the ages I get approved for and he. And they should act which we elect yes and in the end we patent he outline which was really cool and well. Saying just check back Google it I'll definitely. And they can because I you know transitioning into your team a year and a time to figure out what the next steps are going to be running you know. Definitely and looking forward to having you guys back to share the information. T Errol let's bump up a little bit as far as the iPod I paid ad here and go iPod I'd add into this changes with me. But how did you how many particular ipads were you able to distribute. Thought what we had actually hadn't. We aren't where I'm going to do six T. Oh great digital color sixteen hacked and OK nice and it's really quiet those days it will really make it absolutely right as an. The candidate that look to immigrant not just an ambulance if you need one you know why benefit from leaking get get one that's a good point. That's the way in and the reason I ask that questions. I'm Tierra and it fell into Kia is that when we look. At the technology and how much she used. Really Dax become the norm for a lot of us. Mine and really UCL a lot of our electronic devices in our cellphones. Our ipads. On so many different devices. That really put such scrutiny and information on our fingertips. That members of our listening audience can certainly access and learning more about trying it first and families. One other thing too getting back to the website and this is such a key. When having a chance to learn more about a great organizations such as Triad first and families for those who would like to volunteer or simply give of their time. Let's let's talk about how how we can do such. Oh and yet thank you Ernie I I do wanna and that is easy contact us and if it's for the iPad or for anything else if it's not something that we're able to help with. There's all there may be other ways that we can help piece of you don't qualify for the iPad and act as ran. Mean the week it may be you can buy the iPad and we will help with another area that would so that would cover the same costs wonderful. It was so we have to think we have to look at the application but as far as I help being. One and that things that when we talked about fundraising our fundraisers are not planned by tear and I get the other insane this is where we're gonna do. Our volunteer management team is together and earn our monthly management team meetings and we always invite people common if you like to come we need always on the third Wednesday. But we started about 1130 demeaning is actually at one to ten. I'm sorry for 1130 to one the media that's well let's think it's here. I bet I really dependence here quite a vision to see you guys to get on each other alone and yet but if you wanna come and 1130 we usually have like a light lunch sometimes we might have like one month we had some. Public's was here so we had at some fried chick in into salad. Sometimes it's pizza we've had down chickens BA needs. Dobbs it's it's a light lunch now it's that an hour. That's an emphasis on the word light so we'll catch you sleeping during the rise. But he can't make it 1130 a lot of times folks who come. During their lunch break and they can come and meet with us and pricey what were all abound and excellent thanks. And how many in the years that that all three of you have served in your various capacities. How much have you seen volunteerism as a whole would try it for some families grow up the ears. Army units. My first come on ahead. I do it enough had reduced in size that's in some with the Kia and leadership and also Tierra right working and in management team we've. We have outgrown our meetings they so we know what that's a good game so we are. We look we believe we have and we have we preacher we have another. Location where we want to mean that but excellent there are also community partners out there like it was sound foundation had told us that we are allowed. Summit it's easier conference are periodic re remembering correctly you know I'm so and I do they help us live tiger has but they help and other ways well I. Santos and really until Tierra to key if you look at that you never can have enough volunteers sell a book for anybody who who's tuning in on radio family. Again the emphasis being on your support is greatly appreciated. From the volunteer isn't standpoint with all of the events that Triad first of cameras participates. I did I do one and one other thing shout how we help families get. So it sometimes people come to us and in May not be specifically what we can help with miserable we have partnered families with organizations that are out there that they did not know about clean so even if we do help them we don't help them. They have their place that they can go to. And as a as neither however that program works so which is real exciting week. It would be so wonderful we can measure how many families we've impacted in that way unfortunately we cannot but I know that happens all the time time. Absolutely what will Phil I just think about the impact than just our conversation. Today on community focus is having particularly for families. Who have been looking for agencies such as try it first on camera signal exactly to return to. And like you said even if you cannot meet the specific support of that particular family. I love the fact that you're willing to partner up or recommend other agencies. That can help those families meet those specific needs. And to me that is really such a fine definition of what community is all well. So thanks a three have you you make a dynamic trio let me just how I didn't know you guys have just an incredible. Working relationship might just be a fly on the wall just to watch you guys have a typical day. I can just hear it in your voices and see it on your faces how much you just really enjoy and love what you do and compassion. And come and passion that you have but the family such you help. And I'm sure is speaking on behalf of the families who otherwise may not be able to do it at this very moment. Here on this public affairs show let me speak or be the voice for those families and just say thanks to each and every one of few. In the next couple of minutes so we have remaining I'd like to give each in each of view of an opportunity to offer. Any closing remarks or thoughts for our program today. A good he's an a for sure. One of the things I really aged enjoy sharing with people is is that sometimes people may think they may not qualify. Our our part. So to qualify for some families t.'s public funding you'd have to live in North Carolina it in our chapter of VF recite the Avian stokes. However you live in another county. You can call 9192518368. And Al directs you. You also have to have a maximum household income of 65000 or lessen chance. And we also and you also have to have one individual in the home that has the disability. It may not be specific to support for that for example we have contacted the industry's for the blind to. Make mattresses and bed right because sometimes the parents had have to take turns sleeping on the couch when. In order for their child have a bed so we will help pay for that bed married for the tans arm. In it and also we have other funding sources that may not be under that criteria even so if you apply or not applied give us a call and see if you do qualify for him to a different type. We deathly don't wanna discourage anyone from clock on our line wonderful. Thank you failed ladies you have the final sale on the program. I'm just back off of how is give us a cop because you have and now I'm even if you don't and you are eligible we may be able. If any to a different you know organization constantly so that you can. Received help me. And you know we do we shouldn't we want you cock as you know we ask what we hear me and helping to. And that inspires the bowling tournament yes we will low for every one and two called out I just to if you could register and beforehand. Just really can make sure that we can accommodate everyone asks how would be wonderful hello I am he didn't give us a Colin you know victory six and fascinates him to on line and six and 4964. I don't know being great hourly and we want you guys to. We want you guys to you know. Come out if you can and just have a good time even if you Campbell. Yes some court is greatly appreciated asset and I also be sure to like us on FaceBook his visit I went page in. You know just keeping contact. Absolutely. Absolutely and mystic here. I'm just picking the comments here are from volunteers important standpoint this is a great organization it is and have come back you know year after year after year not just enjoy working with a T era and feel like you said we're here with her. Battling ash and LA. And it never. Are made this a fantastic organization and I think this event will be rates. Amber we just need your support camps of want to read demagogic on how to register turn. I'm again you can call us. I'm we are available we can you know we can call you back in in just provide you with information that need to review and so please come out when your family your plan. Anyone who can throw the ball than those slain marked those insane and absolutely. Well all I can say radio family isn't all three of your absolutely fantastic your personalities. And to save just thank you for way each and every one of you do. You know I'm looking forward to perhaps we can do a coshow. Talk about all the great things that took place. With the bowling tournament all the great things that we're looking forward to hearing from Triad first and families as we get into evenly between eighteen. We're almost halfway through the year is and this out. I think you guys so much I as always sterling enjoyed our conversation and indeed for me. There are no good byes just until next times fail and here are two key. Sticky. Thank you thank you here so welcome and thank you radio family for your great company as we do indeed. Bring to a close another wonderful addition. A community focus enjoy the rest of your day and the rest of your weekend until that next time in which we can chat do you take care.