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Good morning radio Stanley welcome to another weekend additional community focus good to be back with you I'm Renee Von along with members of our community focused family. And this is definitely family here I have tried at first in families and an event that has really become a part of the community. And these three individuals are rejoining us here to talk about. The annual bowling tournament and actually. In addition we're gonna add information to share with you radio failing about a basketball tournament as well. But in the meantime let me say had to go to sue Sierra Booker to key Austin. And fill current tone up hey can only welcome back act. Am I am good how are you guys still and doing where. Okay wonderful. Thanks for comment on board. And this is an event that we had a chance to talk about last year cannot believe that it has returned to it will be returning. Very quickly so let's get our conversation started. I want to ask who is Triad first and families in and what do you run percent Phil along when asked that question TE. Ideas thank you you all come tried for some families is a chapter first of him as a North Carolina. We are. We serve individuals. With it intellectual developmental disabilities or traumatic brain injury throughout the state North Carolina. We do serve all 100 counties still a lot of the information you here today. Is available in your county or could be billing your Connie some heat and we'll give you a number towards the end of the I think what we serve. Post by eight we don't provide a menu of services but what we do you do is we ask families how we can help them by Thomas what their needs are and we try to assist. I providing either the resource for the need that they have. For example we get calls that. Sometimes a ramp. Disney's repaired and they don't appealing may not be able to afford that or maybe they need help paying for transportation on the bus passes car repairs. On some things like basic needs like groceries. Mounds of contact us and will either have a resource or will actually help them. Purchase the actual. Items at their request and wonderful. Now Phil I don't know if that ever ask you this question if I have it may bear repeating and if not just for our audience. And our radio finely tuning and if you will share what role do you play in your capacity and how long have you been with try it first with him it's. Usher eco is asking the same question though I might say I clearly tells mess is thinking all the time over and over so it's okay something's been repeated. When I am I am the quality director for percent families but I also managed a Triad chapter and also the chapter and gas in Cleveland and making counties. My role at Triad for some families. I originally started in about 2011 as a volunteer. As a management team member in hand eventually became their chair. And I ran into a job posting. That turned into the quality director intent to director and today nice and you've been serving that sensed when he eleven Isa 2011. Or twelve. Nine Asus a seven years and counting yes and warning of no facet because it really does but just amazing to have you in that position and into thank you for sharing that. How long has transfers to Stanley spent part of this community. I have for snow has now or around quite a bit at times one of the first chapters that oath and in person dam is itself has been around since 1995. Times. So really conservative community for quite some time. All right now. This Sierra wanna get you into the conversation as well this morning as we talk about the upcoming bowling tournament what's the name of the event and when will it take place. Okay it's the tramp I think family's annual balling its economy and I think you want us take place and countries that lanes in coroner's mail. Wonderful and I just wanted to say thanks to you. Sierra to Kia and Phil had an opportunity and joining you last year I had sold my mind. You guys really know how to have a good time chat yes would you try it and wonderfully. And as you're gonna do it again this year what will the monies from the fund raiser being used for. Okay I'm zone out at them the constantly raise will be used. To help individuals in need solid plans that we raise in general for any reason goat a street and the support great fantastic. And where will hold the event be held countries that lanes and kind of ill on mess in child. Met one 1000 I have messenger okay. Now for those who live in and around the corners so area a very familiar is actually there at the corner. Of and you know what there is an eye doctor place near the corner of the name escapes me but I know for me landmarks self. So if you see an eye care center. You turn there left on massed in a few coming through on south main in coroner's mail. And then you actually see it directly. Either behind the eye care sooner and actually deer is like an Arby's. In that vicinity cell. Pretty a family could not too familiar with the commercial area that that will kind of directs you a little bit but listen. Once you get they're just look for whole lot of cars in the parking lot and a lot of of happy people enjoying a good game of bowling she inside. The the cars all lanes actually where Triad first of families again this is your second year. It's a fantastic again we have so much unless you are so if you missed out he has an opportunity for community to make good on that. Now let me ask this is there a registration fee let's talk about that. Is there registration fee is 125. Dallas play team fat people selling is. When I was prepares. OK so now will be a good time folks that if you do enjoy bowling here this really is two fold it's a great event. That will help support a wonderful organization such as try it first and families. And really when you think about what's incorporated in the name of the organization it's always a great handling effect. So bring your family is bring your co workers just bring people you know and in light. For somebody to bowlers but they don't particularly care reform but. You know what I mean radio failing did you groups together and this will be a great opportunity to bowl as a team and like I said to support a great event. Now what does the registration fee. It Tierra include. Will the initiation fee will include. The two games. Issues and like so I think you had to stop frak and I drank nut case also be kind hiding. Might. OK okay. Very good and I'm just remembering of how much fun that I enjoyed last year just camaraderie. And a good time that you have and really if you've got a good bowling game bring. It to try it here and TrailBlazer. They are annual bowling tournament now a couple more questions to ask how can especially for those are listening register. For the fifth time reported don't register now I am. Link which is try and well link that brown paper ticket as the economy can do the whole registration. Being being accompanied even laughing is that you know have. Information as to how you can register. The and the registration form and bring you into office on an island topic I agree I mean anyway we can do. Wonderful now do you have what we felt like to call the old fashioned way of of digging up the phone and calling you directly. Question can only come. And what's that number 336. And a half and an eighth inning to. Wonderful now how many L well I actually answered this question I was gonna say how many individuals can be on the team and it's up to five. OK now you don't necessarily have five you can still have four even though half full cantonment. The registration will still be imagined when he's a heck I was for the team. Perry gets in now and and one final question as far as the contact information. In terms Evan stylish just repeat that. It's Triad bowling dot brown paper tickets dot com he sang or they can call you cheer at 7578721. And let me just incorporate one other person in in the trio here this morning to kiosks in you are definitely no stranger. To community focus not only. Representing try it first and family's plant. Four members of our community focused Hanley you're familiar with your boy issue also come from time to time as a representative of the Winston-Salem transit authority. So Sam is good to have you back as well. No would you mind sharing your contact information 2:0 yes I am I can be reached at 3367483964. To ten arm or my email address which is T Alston T a LST. I'll end at W and strains that are excellent film I wanna leave you out with any contact information someone wants to talk to you directly. Whether it's referencing the bowling tournament or they really wanna learn more about trying interest in Stanley center they reach out TO. Yes I can be reset this same contact information is Tierra. 336757871. Or you're always welcome to email me at film. At FIDF. And C. Dot ORG. If pretty resent that doesn't work you can always just type and Triad first and families and it should pop appear search excellent no let me fill since I. Asked about your particular role on when I address that same question to to both the ladies before we go to break. A two Q for you would try at first and families or either team era. Who would like to address your particular. Your role directly affiliated with the organization. I'm serve and comedian as a volunteer the the chairperson for the management income meeting excellent and I think I've been on me since 2000. Or maybe. Serving as the chairperson. Excellent. Which. That's how good you are. That's what that is but Q let me ask you this speaking of volunteers. Very likely there's someone who was listening that would like to be a volunteer. I try at first his family's would you be to contact person for someone that would like to the does that fall on T era or does that fall on Phil war. Just our answer for trappers and I think we I would just a volunteer in general with the agents are sticking and that myself or tear open arms because we're always looking for volunteers you to help out with different right including this one solution ultimately may be used you don't have time to serve in the management right. I'm right you're more than welcome to give it just again volunteer time for. Online fund raising events that we have excellent now she air a same question she might do before we break off. I'm if you will she what their listeners your particular role with China interest of cameras evident that bubbling. Personnel it allows say that. Or else I love that laugh I can be research consultant for the China that chapter in my hand in here and and steep mountain yeah. OK so you the newbie to baby in the Christina always have a baby and clearly that's a good thing now that's a good thing. Well I want to thank all three if you are really look forward to this time of the year. And speaking with you tear it secure in film because there's so many wonderful. Ways in which we as a community can help. We try at first and families. And to just thank each of you for. The services that you do provide for individuals with intellectual and developmental. Disabilities. There are a lot of families that are in need and are just so appreciate if I could be the mouthpiece. For those Stanley's to say thank you for what you are doing what you continue to do. And through this particular fund raising an event and radio famine we're gonna discuss another 12 after we get back from break. But just to recap. Try it first and families mark you calendar for Saturday June 2. Wonder theory the annual bowling tournament will be a day filled with fun food fellowship games. A whole lot more. And it's countryside. Lanes for some reason Tierra that's looked. The neck of the bowling Natalie just escape me but now I now this is what you take notes ladies and gentlemen. Countryside lanes is at 1005. Massed in the drive in coroner's mill. Registration will began about 1230. That day and Tom can get I'm getting all all hands are shaking and approval. And it is being asked that you also register as a five person team. Now does registration fees must be paid on or before the deadline. Is is that the general. A consensus. Participants can pave before hand on that they went okay earnings on that they we're asking there's an additional five dollar fee tacked onto a canister. OK now would that also applies it happens to be a late fee as well war that that is the OK okay gotcha gotcha okay cell. With that said. Radio family register. And Triad dot brown a Triad bowling rather let me get it right come on Renee Trier bowling to hide ground. Paper tickets dot com. And as we mentioned earlier a couple of phone numbers to get in contact. With our community focused Stanley for Tierra Booker and fill current Tel 0336757. 8721. Or if you wanna reach out to two ski Austin has sent 3367483964. Or do OK with that guys thank you. Right it is so much listen I'm only great when I'm surrounded by great people and that's what you all are so thank you radio family we are gonna take a quick break. And we have much more than we can additional community focus will be back right after that's it's more than we can edition of community focus thank you ready a family is always a wonderful company. And thank you for tuning in to our inner conversation Saturday and Sunday mornings. Not only the good things that you're doing in our communities thank you so much for dad but I love the opportunity to. Sit down in the engage in great conversation with members of our community focused Stanley that's exactly what I'm doing this morning which Triad first in families we have a couple of tournaments coming up. But they're fund raising events that help support this wonderful organization. Phil I really appreciate what you wanted to share with us a little bit more about what try it first and Stanley's Isabel and what you do to help members of our community. Sure thank you on the first of what we do a person families. And what makes us what I believe to be more successfully is is that. Were more more more than just about help and someone pay for something in order for us to meet purses and need we work with. Individuals business is local community grants in order to fulfill that need so a family can come in and ask for help with their car repairs. Sometimes. Mechanics will either deeply discount in have at times donated services new nom for that family so it's it's about getting the community together. To help that family in that local community so every chapter like Triad first and families. Deal specifically with their local communities so our fundraisers that we have will be far look community here in. And another part of the way that we RX successful is secure our volunteer our volunteer database. One of the things that. People don't recognize is the way to give back and right with first and families is a lot gateways give back we can give back through volunteering for these events that are coming up. Some people coming join our management team. And all sue people just volunteer in general with their special talents skills. There is. No requirement to come to an office every week some people volunteer. I'm right at their house that they have different skills like market dean or who are writing letters rating on delivering helping us deliver furniture to someone's home things like that there's so many ways that the person can give back. They certainly isn't thank you for that so we really feel when we talk about just volunteerism in general. The only criteria is the want and the desire. To be a volunteer yes this one desire and a lot of the families that we do help give back and that's part of our values and mission and principles it is for people that help. They wanna give back there are times he won a helper and give back but they're just not sure how our exciting it started. Right and so this is a great way already a family that tax for those of you who are listening this morning. As we are talking about and as we did talk about earlier again. An opportunity to give back to the community has monies are being raised to try it first and family's annual bowling tournament. We talked about earlier in in case you weren't with us that a Venice for Saturday June 2. From one to 3 PM. And it's a day again from fund to fellowship and a whole lot more at the countryside delaying insist is that 1005. Master driving Koerner so. Do you want to add that all proceeds will go towards providing resources and support for families and individuals. Served by Triad first and families. And I want a repeat Phil and I just love this because you mentioned this earlier. And it's so important night and I appreciate the fact that you talk about it every time you're here with me on the week in addition of community focus is that. First and family east. Is actually. A part of all 100 counties with in the state of North Carolina so no matter radio family. Where you are right about now as you listened to was here on this public affairs show. Whether you're in precise count me here in Guilford County here in Cleveland county you're in Gaston County. Because they know this is the wonderful thing about technology especially in the advent of media. Nowadays a lot of public affairs shows such as ours are strained. On our web sites so if you're not in the immediate area of where just the station itself is located. Just know that first and families. We'll help you with the services that are provided in all 100 counting so thank you yes account for that excellent. Now not only do we have the bowling tournament that I just mentioned but we've got another exciting fund raising event. To share hero of the week an additional community focus and that is the upcoming basketball tournament now what's the name of the event. And when is it going to be. Two GO will address that question CEO it. Well this event this Renee is how via the tri challenge basketball terminated as our first annual. And them for help and it's going to be a huge success. Ireland but it is again the Triad challenge basketball tournament that it will be held at the Williams you were right. Ryan say with YMCA's kidney which is downtown Winston-Salem can't. Arm. Going delayed street. And are in and it's Saturday. July 14 from eight to four war. Moved him. I'm taking all this down just as you speak from 8 AM to 4 PM yes OK fantastic. Now is there a feed to register her eighteen for the tournament this year. Yes ma'am is a 120 our dollars as well for this tournament time. You would have the option to have a a six person so it originally FR person Tina mean. In the evening you know some make you tired or something like that you have a six person it is absolutely and also as we do in an actual we see he had an an actual games it's always nice to have that substitute player. It definitely. So radio failing here's another opportunity to bring your skill. So in addition to bowling if you really good at basketball and you've got a good six person team. Get them together so that you can be a part of the Triad challenged. Basketball tournament again the William GYYMCA. July 14 beginning at 8 in the morning now total benefit or who will benefit from the proceeds of the tournament. Actually the same as the bowling tournaments that will go towards Finley support supporting those individuals. And and or their families and for those who have developmental or intellectual disabilities and dramatic. X what. Let me ask you with this being the very first one how hounded the brainchild of this come about. When you guys usually get together and in meat because I know we we have the bowling tournament that's done every year but with this being the very first basketball tournament global came up with the idea. Tend to want to address. I was actually just in conversation with my brother Wendy he blitzed a plane basket on such the end athletic director for him in college now. Mike our brother we were talking as well and they just sit how they would they would come to play. For a basketball tournament is among the supporting again Paul so reminiscent to hear and feel even. Here's just the child you're you're stepping up. Excellent and yeah. But that's how it came in well that's great we'll fill in Sierra let let me ask you when I went to kick. Not with the idea what was your initial thought about having a basketball tournament. My initial thought was in my gonna have to run up and on the court even though I missile. It's. We enjoy. We enjoy doing commute instant at key is there with us a long time and she's always been a very valuable. And strong ass it's our team and made her ideas are always taken as some. Great ideas because we haven't experienced one that. Has not been and even even in a work in people we talked to like he's this evening to Kia and everybody knows that she's just a wonderful person at. Absolutely I second that Greinke felt very nicely set and the same for free U a TRO. First of all you even a saying on a basketball united. That's Lil and I tell you that in Mac and cheese and money do and I should do that commands. I'm like hello I'm OK yeah. This and die well the thing is I don't understand back about an unmet like an lean mean that it. That's about right and you go ahead yeah I. Mean I don't. Like I had tech and I'm Leslie get home much in basketball hasn't mom's house brain and this isn't about a peak around and I'm like why wasn't that but it was such an intense game they'll like do you believe me I. Little intimidated and I know they. Any. Aimed that we do is to key in Ali's b.'s success because so I'm. You know she I always Wear is high and I men and easy it is really easy to work with hair. I'm so I just you know I was intimidated let you know in the back mum on and is it it it it was gonna work out. Absolutely and I just think you got through that because. That's so one thing when you get to work for a great organizations like Triad first and families there's no question it's it's a great group of individuals. And not just the workmanship that exists between the three of you. I can just say as a person. Shall we say on the outside looking in and how much the three if you enjoy each other's company. And it's it really is almost like working with family. Is that when you can brainstorm idea is you come up with fund raising events such as this. I love but the focus always includes the family and whether it's the families that you personally help. Through the resource is that you provide. The inclusion of just families and all of our communities is so important because. Well we think about everything thing that we've been seeing and hearing in the media as of late. It hasn't always been in a positive light so it's nice to be able to have. Public affairs programs such as community focus or any thing that really stresses the importance of family. And to have a bowling tournament and now to add what hopefully will become an annual event as well. With the now inclusion. Of the trying to challenge basketball tournament that's going to be again July 14 from eight to 4 PM the William G white. YMC. Day I already a family here is a great way and a great opportunities and not only learn more about try it first and families. But the direct. Personable contact. That community can have we just a three have you alone not to mention with others who are a part of Triad first and families. So you learn more about the organization of the same time you're engaged in such wonderful activities. Tierra I just love your honesty. Monday it cannot achieve beard there one personal learning. To watch various sports and it wasn't just basketball. It's been foot. Ball it's been a lot of the major sporting events that a lot of people like to either watch. On a recreational bases war. You got people that are really like die hard. They know the ins and outs of the gains act I just love it when I'm with friends and they just thought that some of the ref Rees got some of the calls. Just so horrible. But hopefully we're gonna have some routes for the basketball tournament that will be fair. And just again. A great time now let me ask this question how or what is the deadline what deadline rather for the basketball tournament registration. The deadline for the time at registration is June 8 to the end. I'm you can actually register online as well. And I apologize I think he forgot to get an email address our process I think it's. And try challenged. Our ground round for tickets are okay. So to be on the web site on our first tried first and families went OK great great. And I apologize again and that we have any information that that is the go on track for instance to get it. That would. We forgive you no apologies necessary to the nice thing about it is is that. We have web sites in which we can add the information. So definitely I'm ready a family as you're preparing to be a part of the bowl interment and now. The basketball chairman that would actually be good and shall we say. The central website to go to to get all the information that you need. Now you mentioned this earlier as far as individuals that can be on a team up to six persons. How can. An individual now will you have like team captains aren't or does that really matter. Well. I'm doing a registration process they insist that around just eighteen contact targets of a society she's excellent team captain Eden. OK but this is ours we have a contact person to reach out to you. If you describe. With your teen age you want to. Our purchased T shirts why are we would just lose you know than anything else. Just letting your studies teachers sizes. There's a preference for years and color. Oh millions if you like to do this on machine in his right. And right action that's okay excellence or radio family from our conversation today on community focus up until June ace. Pitcher teams together and get sure T shirt color preference together all just a little pertinent things second make this basketball tournament. A success what'd I do want to interject too as we mentioned trying a first and families. You actually have a location in Winston-Salem. Your at 450 west hang small road. Is that correct suite to tutoring if it's not correct me. If I'm wrong it's a fail it's it's it's actually. King's mill road so it's always Hanes does just saying dismal year I don't know why hum I need and all of a Heidi. Yes even those as you guys I dry dairy day. Think it is fourth US Hanes no resident sweet TT three. In Winston-Salem yet and OK now get the mall out of your mind Rene I guess because I have a density. And smile and a wife know exactly where Hanes no road is yeah so we definitely wanna make sure they'll especially as we mentioned. A volunteer opportunities and an opportunity really to visit the office. I directly. To reach out to you were 22 Keogh or T era so that's 450 west. He does know bro I'm just wanna do it so I make sure I need a right hander as a as host of community focus and I got to make sure that you know. One point then you guys out all your information covered suck this up to me to do my job but thank you so much for that and let me. Askew on everybody in and we can kind of core around the room more Phil if you want to be dug deep breath presented him with a spokesman for the group. Do you have a particular age as far as volunteerism what's the youngest person perhaps stuff has. Volunteered their time as to maybe the oldest individual do you have an age limit. On voluntary. We've never really discuss an age limit. Is to me it's one of the things that we had in the past we had a Porsche years ago and now. We had some some children McCain here Deion. Did the boy to Boys and Girls Club that keen on. Most are most launchers that we have currently are adults that we would be willing to talk to anyone sometimes. Volunteers common naming their family with them and they all healthy volunteers that's right. And in the reason I asked the question because right around this time. We think abouts June for the bowling tournament and now in July for the basketball tournament obviously bad skin. The throes of the summer season yeah a lot of kids are out of school looking for activities. For their families and I think it would be a great opportunity and especially for a lot of college students. There out of school now whether they're taking may be a summer course our class hero and they are that would be a great opportunity because I know with a lot of young college students. Volunteering community time is is highly encouraged. So for that group of individuals that may be listening here on the weekend edition of community focus it's a wonderful. Opportunity to take advantage of whether or not it's necessarily require meant. Computers are great ways that if you're looking to give back to the community. That's one way in which to do it and without question perhaps the largest group. A volunteers that we're so thankful for. Speaking of adults is a fact she have a lot of retirees. Man and individuals that have that free time with which they can give back so. Definitely to all of our retirees or listening to thank you for all that you do in supporting Triad first and families. And now here is another way with which to do that. So let's recap. But before I do that contact information is pretty much the same as it is for the bowling tournament. Now. Again you can go to try it first of families dot com dot org. It's Triad first and family's doubt winds dot com okay thank you very much so visit they're already a family. For both additional information on the bowling tournament. And the basketball tournament I will add this it's the try to challenge basketball tournament William GYYMCA. In Winston-Salem. The date is for July 14 from eight to 4 PM. Get your six person teams together now the deadline for the basketball tournament will be June 8 stack cover everything. On the focus that you don't have to have a six person team is optional ultra burglar could be a five person team it just it isn't an option if you okay a sixth person to very good. And again. To get all of your. Not just to get the team together but again if you have a T shirt color preference. That's going to be taking care of this well. Well guys you did a fantastic job I have a couple of minutes remaining on the show is there anything that we didn't cover. Whether it's the bowling or basketball tournaments or just something about Triad first and families such a little Baghdad this morning on the show. But I just wanna ask something about. Again again giving that confirm if you're not able to use to do it in person I'll volunteer at times. I'm we are more than happy to accept in kind sponsorships that. We'll definitely looking for some for the basketball tournament so. On if you'd like to donate gift cards or anything like that I'm we are looking for sponsorships to assist with the basketball OK excellent. And in particular. Reason why you chose the William G wide winds this this is just a question less just out of the blue. I'm ticking I think I'm I guess one of the main things that actually has to basketball court all kinds though it would help our moved the day along a little faster and moving. On one who actually have two games gadget. And the one thing if I remember. The William GYYMCA. Was under renovation. I haven't seen it in awhile but I knew when I used to go there are several here that needs to. I go I think by the time I had had left. They were in the process of renovating sell four of those it's particularly if you were familiar. With that area in in Winston-Salem are radio family I'm sure that. Even if I would go back and see it I probably be important to recognize and that's a good thing. Because only think about a lot of our recreational facilities. Other greats are great and because we see that you have a lot of families are looking for places. In which they can engage in activity. And definitely when you think about your YMCA's. In your other. Community recreation centers it's really nice to have the facilities. That can especially accommodate. Some things such as a basketball tournament. And especially when you're anticipating a lot of people to come out on sport you. Which we certainly hope ready a family that's going to be the case so whether you participate in. The bowling tournament we participated in basketball tournament how about this how participating and bolsters you gonna have a nice little gap. In between one is an until June the other is an until July so there will be plenty of time to recoup after a nice. Game of bowling come back and bring your a game for some good basketball yes Phil I think you wanted to add something as us. I just wanted to and their because we do serve all 100 counties if you're not sure when number to call or you can access the Internet. You can contact 9192518368. To let someone know what town you live and in no refer you to that. I chapter or. The other chapters also look for volunteers as well and there's many volunteer opportunities throughout the state. Fantastic. Well Phil Sierra to Kia I think after our great conversation. I'm really hoping that she's gonna get those volunteers calling and visiting the website and and just saying hey guys I really want to volunteer my time. I here's my schedule what can I do. And so whether you do it for these two events or even if you want to volunteer your time we try our first and family he got three of the best. Alone here with me Rene Von on the weekend edition of community focus I can't thank you guys enough and I always enjoy our time together. The only downside is we just one at a time. Because the only downside. Which is why it's so nice that in future of course radio famine we can get back together again so you know me. On this show no goodbye as show everybody. Is just until next time cell. Again thank you all so much. You think he was very well some don't appreciate it appreciate she even more in radio family thank you for the support. That you give to try it first in families whether you're hearing about the organization for the first time. Or you're looking forward to working with them on a regular basis. Are please do what you can to help support. These two wonderful fund raising events whether it's the bowling tournament or that basketball tournament again. The proceeds go towards providing the resources and support for families and individuals served by Triad first in families so radio family. Indeed until that next time by all means I know you're doing some wonderful things in our communities. Please keep up the good work as well and until that the next time. Next Saturday and Sunday I look forward. To sitting down with members of our community focused family and talking about you. Good people definitely do as good things and our communities that is the case for Triad first in families. With Tierra Booker to key Austin and fill. Current Tomo I shall go on Google the name Phil. You are due person that says that the best. Thing. I'll just say and glanced right here because it it's been twisted around. Through the years but I think you've got it the first time I believe we meant. I think so too what you try and my friend also a lot of really appreciate that. Some thank you guys again and until that next time do enjoy the rest your deck and the rest of this wonderful weekend take care.