Tommy's Phone Prank The Ring


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It's the routing eight all about a ring is about deranged. It is the brain known. Yeah and so to reach. Then instantly into that she heading into my name is Devin Thomas I'm actually they had Julia diamond. You do and unpredictable want to bring in order last week I actually wanted to hear which gave it to one month so person you know. You wanted to do it resize equivalent. As good a place correct won't you won't you don't have to can't not yet been there to pray Obama called the okay well our commitment. I actually do it without the ring and I'm going to be Thursday. Congratulations and went what is your wedding do you I'm in Maryland and there. Well congratulations to the he'd listen. I don't know how to tell you this as for the appraisal of concern I've looked at it ring over and over. This does bring you probably work maybe. Fifty dollars excuse me. But it has been over twenty years we can know what I'm confused on what to get me and I understand that when ensign explained is that. I've been it has been so between years does things so many different pieces of jewelry and it does something that ye that. You're by late night on infomercial when 1999. If definitely cubic zirconium stole and a good goal. Is not. When I deliberately keep. Great economically you don't mean much money is my opinion bank and a much money is mapped bond is putting them on his lip or had put. If you don't bet does everything they have but that is out of it and I'll gladly do what it was called now. And when did it help I need to behold now because we meet topic. Well wait a minute and a packet will better reflect apparently weren't at the. Importantly I know what I'm. Opinion. When you try to what you got to know I don't and he needed to repeat the to get beaten me. I don't even know parcels of metal that you. Personally am glad he did a parallel okay. She called her and me the great thing very well Victor. And an advocate villager on the track I'm I want to hit and just tell me it would have a look at what the problem but Jimmy was brought it out what the problem is now it out there now account. Who. Hello yeah it my name is Devin compromise that was. And actually your life. I mean where your yacht they read this if you brought a brilliant actually be read guys. Yet and we got we also bit and approval on the ring former. The ring is estimated to be only in the work around fifty dollars and yet these ballot the dollar hit speed applicant any advantage. Fatalities polity where are obviously there's some sort in the states there at about probably about. Then that got to be some kind of mistake from which they may want our. But it was Davenport here that was. On the schedule here have been here for twenty years. Yeah I didn't there's no way you did that ring is worth it because I know what up paperwork so obviously did some sort of mistake characteristic do that a mistake I have been doing with jury jobs being an I can pretty much. Look at the rain but I actually went into detail on this whenever I'd do all problem. And so I promise you this is probably maybe between forty to develop towards workers who doubt now that happen to be that bad if not impossible. About how about a possible he's the Julie get credit they they don't between. He's got I thought it possible I want to let me otherwise I might have been put down on the wedding. If you don't play pick. We're all remarks he brings I don't know I don't know why did not by he would have been through this that this could obviously some kind of mistake you got. Like mine and yourself up it might look at yourself. Did you can't believe it that's right that this is obviously some kind of event that the government can be an animal get it to them much or any. I'd do without being triggering that was purchased the ball out. For your wide and on topic I noted below that you have my ringer for the you have bombing that wouldn't be telling me it is worth it adopters are the way that they don't want it to anybody on that it might be an envelope parliament on a slam idea about equity and make it Yankee. So you can't beat up I don't think he had the right way. I don't let you sort is that something you're only a commercial and they and 2 o'clock in the Oregonian homeowners who you know that it. About America and a guy about a game Lori only a commercial I bought the ring from a reputable establishment I have it would be. I have the certificate though. Obviously a mistake you know you're illiterate respect. That it probably that. A bit and hit him and don't hit people think. You come off. Tell me I thought he you know I know what I bought it didn't mistake had been made. If you were in and knocked him and it's. Always a bit. And one thing that you can't let my but it didn't take. It but I think. In the you cannot put the I don't appreciate. The magnitude of the typical case of trying to pawn off the and I looked it up and it and it went above. The Daytona copy I don't like about it. That moment. I never heard. Way. Are you want to know what to do that out the window I could you let them to come down there is he doing that you talk about. It is not the ring that I gave my girl let's take them kick putted out on your. Good but it but it. The count on me because I don't want the peace. Don't know how to win tonight. We don't let the I don't look it up in a way if you are kind of try to play well but Donna Pickett become an in my household kind of let my that you're company would it. I don't mean to beat me and I thought we humans and I would not merit the I'm coming up with it we got part. You know. You can't get one more thing to help you at all about it nothing would make. And I want to give me you don't have to move from Edmonton Calgary purpose your opponent so I have no doubt playing in the sit down. Yeah. That brat. Is not made a bad. Got an okay. One out at them glued down you better don't. Wow that is a big appetite maybe I'm sorry Al probably you know who I am New Orleans would ring. And is out so well and it took his radio show in the last option. That these probably more I don't know. What I call.