Strawberry Letter - You Ain’t My Momma Live

Friday, May 11th


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Haven't column that we got to fool you but he is well there raises. Hello. Hello are you doing. What. You're one of his jacket. To Jack. Well. Steve we have a lot of story. Yeah yeah laughter Auburn men today he's called you saying mom mom. At running back the money yeah. Why did they hate to name him. OK. Thank. I'm more aren't. Well I'm glad you could Jonas is Morgan for today's drivers that are in had a UA mama. Know what we have Dylan was we don't have that we had a debate is more Jack and Jackie is nephew Tommy's wife it okay. To say no whining. This the real deal. This the ball the best you can in a note this and not Larry. You know I don't Franken now know this jacket Bob. Wow so now let me set this. What happened doubles we were talking about Mother's Day. And certainly was saying ski. Come to scrap rules which you might be doing for my drew do you because you always do such wonderful things her own Mother's Day. And no way. It's listed. Some positive she. Does that happen. Out to yeah now I'll ask the question but I'd say and she. His mom. Mama my mom and my. So I say. Economy. Margin something for Mother's Day because she's the mother. Much you. Can go one for John Quincy can. Emma. Who don't like it. Now now. The little girl yeah. And we. I was I was at duke doing you know does joked with zero out of him. I mean how much are but there was just yet who just was superb. Do you knew he would come out is that correct. Yeah. Yeah doughnut hole total said. So Jackie you expect. Your husband give you something a Mother's Day. Well. I am the mother of his. All of the children. And it in introductions. Because I know who she really. Every year. Obviously they've arrived in a plane and in. How. Should I have a lot of the month and the month but it does he do bloopers that is regularly you know you know Heidi what you. Alex I don't doubt it but officials are now yeah. You know Sunday yet. It was sweet post cold slowed. I'm not real life and love black as hell. And back in mind it. In all if you go to sleep and had. They've been hot. I haven't been the way it's. They've been doing everything is violence does that and it goes to Oprah joked as detailed as well. I'll pay you just being in the community. That's come what may so term so let me issue so inability strawberry and either stubborn that are in title you any mob mob. Tommy if at all for the joke purposes you didn't think you should give her enough that because while. As I would no purpose other see it DA Marmara. I don't register at a Luby's don't forget I'm only gently said. Are there bad. Maine into the site that lets have some of the jokes you'd be yes let's do that. The the most of. Waiting time. About this. The laymen may. And remember they it is my nickname. I gave Jack the years. Congress should order this week pushy and Luke could trick I thought Paul hill country live and yeah. Obama's the other candidates who let me yeah. That's all he'll bat around. But the support another candidate he. Unless it was you know that name out you know. Wreck in my book Clinton. But but I don't think as a joke partners is then like signals that we don't look at them in and Margo I use the unit them I'm saying. Those jokes though. Usage you crave them. Yeah it could change your mom she gave mum mum you said that he did should buyer again because she's bear mock him. Also that you would seek the same tone if she was it does. Wanting ugly it's announcing. It. She's addicted and Jackie were all fifteen time away aren't there. I think there are adopting and old match oracle. New loan to the policy but I can't be deemed them honest man there. I don't know why go do it would everything is where we are removed and house and had a number you. And not tax you to. Brokered. That they will no I don't. We go to worry about things that in his mind I've I have everything. Laid out on image put behind me tired I have aired mainly in office than the Hugo not the joy of life. In accuse just the unit that we going out. You know all you read the black car in the drive to right. Rebate back yelling at. I'd let the element you've been listening to a live strawberry. We're gonna change the content and a the subject you and mom mama. In fact we'll discuss special strawberry eleven lives. The subject of his letter is due any my model and so I decided. To college Jackie mound who was thomas'. Wife. And mother of the children. So now we have Jeff you don't. So Jacqui just look I want to pay back for you the colony don't do. Our whole. If you go barely get into that don't. You always planned that beautiful big thing that surprises for you wife Marjorie. You'll like that's a month ago. You Barack Obama. On a little when you go and CA and ma ma. And that. A bit. Okay. Good. And I. Did. We'll check it out. Guerrero I'll tell you my mom. And my. We've got on her own jokes and yeah. I don't know hold on don't hold a little jacket I haven't a clue who welcome back on Google. Law school. Oh. And a let's shift was not let. A little bit. Our visas joked that dumb founded dissolve what is so I didn't know me know like there are working. Don't. And I am saying hi chip monks. I you know. None of Julia. Mom and Putin met him yeah. I live is whether this morning. This hunting UAE mom mom and that's as. Shouted by origin judge who we have in Georgia clearly there's more yet and we'll break who posted this. Only show you know we solid that we had to drag you read to them and mitigating circumstances ominous turn yesterday go by the W though. Illogical to say thank you were cleared of two of them have proven that timing is we did everybody else the yeah I know anybody that. Yeah and look and Ahmadinejad. And they. Bureau it who maybe you'll see in the morning. All right maybe. And it's act and I want us and help out by the more. Oh yeah. Yeah. You're in bed I'll make your dad Jack yet catchy grounded. I. They've got you go to war bonds got. That. I have to. Let them learn how to learn about it. As you know again without the available. At. Eight and a half a matter of fact how well. Hell I won't fail blogs and feel of the so you'll know what to. Yeah we're not said that time and shook your. Her own tagging you in the mode today we really have been doing you didn't have been like you thinking Thelma happy about it again enjoy your day. You let you know. Let us finish and that my mother say they are very Gupta. But. And I believe me in. High school. It's an audience they weren't very cloudy what happened and why you had to call. Jackie miles black hat and now we're. It is what happened. September have been talking on a smack cause you know surely ask me what was I going give margin for others think of always get a sum for Mother's Day. And in terminator or do I gotta get at them she may be is mom and I'm. And say well are you give us some cause she's the mother my children. You don't that's a hard job I heard you deliver a job allows you going to do. What you gotta do it. None of all the time why. Hus done it is the idea here is you know I'm. Accusing. Him but he couldn't not knocking you around economic of down except Mother's Day that ankle Dilma I don't know hold you got bill and their crew. If it gets TV ads yeah. They're like yeah you're on the ruse yeah. Walk around in a room in how. Don't know. Yet the opening scene go ahead. So anyway. Time talked on this man he'll abandon noon as these keys job and all these guys would accuse get the money. Annie is still mulling a man on that. So I see in May ambivalent cop. And Kevin bashing column and our focus. And we're a lot of them and you it was a totally different man. If he was I maybe I've never seen a change in him me. He's missed out missed the wimp out yeah alcohol. I hate Indian Mexican and Canadian mist all they did it. Yeah. I don't do we are preparing. And to get this thing is welcome. I don't let them do you know. He's a guy who editor of Gannett just and not Tom nine of them come. We have I know but did you know just. Yeah I don't know. I'll let you had a million. Well we've got a guy. That's their job and they've got very letter that Mike Burroughs earlier right you're listening. He beat each.