Strawberry Letter - Why Is My Son In Law Watching Me

Wednesday, May 23rd


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Hold on tight we got a point here it is the straw that. Object. Why is my son in law watching me and there's even surely I'm writing you for advice and a family matter. When my daughter had her first child she and her husband athlete of movement within the help out with the baby. I was thrilled to be geared to help with my grandchild. After living with them for about five months my daughter came to me and said that her husband had been watching me move around the house. Achievement that he was watching meet the how I handle the baby I didn't think anything about it. Once again my daughter came to me instead that her husband was watching me and that she felt some type of what about it. Now she had my full attention. This was no joking matter if you tell me that my son in law had been watching me and an inappropriate way. My son in law has always said that he doesn't like the eight women and I'm a big curb one's own anchor. I took my daughter into the living room with me to confront him about it inappropriate behavior. Is dead and I Wear tight pants and leggings to entice him. And I'm doing it on purpose I moved out immediately to remove myself from the situation. I always dressed decently and leggings are in style I ever thought about my close. I never thought in my clothes were problems. And I've moved out my relationship with my daughter is rocky I can't help but feel like she blames me for her husband's attraction to me. It's really bothers me and I'm sad because I don't get my grandchild that much anymore. I don't know one month and a lot come up with that man. But it seems like he's earning my daughter again to me what can I do to make things right plea for help. This is crazy. I really don't believe my eyes and ears I mean even they want you gone immediately and that's what she did. After five months of being there with them or or they're just going crazy on. You haven't done anything wrong view you asked what you know what can you do to make things right you haven't done anything wrong he came there to help them. You know because they requested that she do you so you did that and now somehow it's turned on you because your son in law. Finds you attractive in tight close. This sounds great the and then some for thuggery that he's gotten his store your daughter his wife to get them bored with that foolishness. Every what is wrong. I don't understand what's wrong with your daughter to even go along with it you're her mom. Of course she you know is one with her husband and everything that your mom and again you came there to help them. So on your now your relationship with her if rocky you're gone so why is there's still a problem. Here. You don't get the your grandchild. You lose in this situation. But the grandchild goes too because they don't get the benefit of seeing their grandparent anymore because. Your son in law is attracted to you in your daughter feel some kind of way. This letter grades if they wanted to believe they could have asked you. Just as. If you were done it differently now this crazy ignorant way. On I don't think you have anything to feel guilty of that Lee about it that Burnett senior grand than maybe you and your daughter and that down and talk about this. But it she doesn't sound reasonable I've been exposed to tight to tight. Here. If it. This is actually. Oh bogus really ignorant that the opportunity to truly. Personable. This lady say is my wives my son who all watch it. What that's two questions why is he watched. But this dude is wrong also many levels I question all of my questions revert back to the motive. Of the sun and now. What is his objective because it serves no purpose man unless it woes. Two it took to put some distance between you and your door. And needing care how you go about it though are manipulative mean in this world and not think that his tee it happens to be one oval. So. She says they needed some help. Out with the baby I was due to be getting Hilemon grinch out. Have to live with them for about five miles from my daughter came to me is it that a husband had been watching me mover around the house. I thought she meant he was watching me to see got him look baby. I editing them about Ned all that's real right that you continue to truth the news. What should give my daughter came to me has said that was watching me as she fell some type away about it. Now she had my full attention this was no joke and Matt she told me there must some law have been watching me it is inappropriate way. Now right here. There we got to address foothill road Joel's son in law. Because she say clearly. That my son in law have been watching meet it is inappropriate web. So does Paul O'Neill. He took him at his girls mobile in inappropriate. White. Don't. Ask don't seat fellas Donna nobody made you won't deal. You have a choice you can now order. So what. We're trying to do nothing to ease. This some huge Rondo. Now what do all NSA did she tell me did so where she deal was. Masa Allard do what we do program when my son in law has always say he doesn't like big women. And I'll be curvy woman so I took my door into the living would meet to confront him about his inappropriate behavior. That is what we're going to hold up let me bring your funny hill so you don't think I'm doing something to heal and that we can ask him right now what we're about done. To you directly to make you have my daughter you're talking to me about it so we've just colonial right now talked is available. Or she wouldn't bet and avoided had Matt causey was learn. He said that I Wear tight pants and lankans to entice him and I'll do an all purpose. I. Maybe she just had a corals older when they get it and she ever she figures she you know she had her daughter's house. She figures she welcome. Now you trip. Home all the news. Is not you ma'am it's all here. Why would you first of all why would he take this to his wife and you've got to understand the motive behind. Boot argued trying to accomplish by bringing this to your wife. He watches he watched you. Chi chi chi B doorstep of we are Anglican council can waive that can help. Oh I don't know we are. I have back with part what is it 30 yeah strawberry letter today subject. Why is my son in law watching me young and a woman wrote in she's the grandmother. Her daughter. And her husband and her. To come and help them with their newborn child but she came she's been at the house for about five months and all of a sudden her daughter came to her and said that her husband. Her daughter's husband her son in law has been watching her. And the though grandmother didn't know she meant by that she thought she was just watching to see how she took care of the baby. But come to find out you know he's been watching her in an inappropriate kind of way because supposedly she wears tight leggings and stuff and tight ends. Though the mother grandmother and the daughter confronted the husband and asked him why is he saying this. Yes on Google and I what I say and don't listen to him is glad that so we can be clear about it and you know plain. Wayne you obviously don't know listened seat. The way you in my face you know like there is I just feel like he's disrespectful. To rolled into. Anthony. But they lendu. And it is meant that as long haul pearl. Who come only hit me. Arrow my boyfriend. And angered about is man who down need to let me call a few political auto Renner. The remote. Put on our own party united do but I was gonna is foolishness don't know when hair was going home and bullishness is phone that is when you come albeit well come only in Britain brings some boxes I'm ready to go. I don't legitimate Novak joy. Portal hole although I don't. Originated and hope you don't you'll reach and nobody I just. No definitely not the number of Greg Kobe you won't to. I just. He vulnerable and that was little movement on loan problem is a little bit old and that vulnerable. Alone you. A radio and on the whole area almost definitely need it game and don't don't you (%expletive) idea and big enough. Don't. Bono well. All gluten yeah. I'm out. I'm on our oldest candidate in Osama look I'm not a moment where does need Obama model my weight is in amble all they did over here and run him up next up. It is out of my speed and don't need this dad says it must be it but I will look about it when I. As at poker that I that way all the hole well again although O. You Q trouble worth the money. Doing now he's king you mean there's Lorraine how. An ounce to Dwyane. Rolled it go if you'll overhead could mean he would only try to play. An apple and he can add. Three and. Maybe start Bassam flat low. 2 morning. Total total Libya deal. Yeah who is. The user goes all you're. You do memorandum are well motivated well it's okay then under an hour ago Tim it was going I. Needed help me Modell about it neither do we need to move real nine minute don't don't what stand alone don't. All over and done. You know Google began to lean ha. Moving nothing round goggle sumo calling your little old me don't just just that and he does so why are not enough for you why you look at my mama. It like I. About about pot. Hole a little pocket and I home program. Old days seem EU member unusual alignment around you brought him I've will be here this debris mold and what Hutomo. I only won't shoot a lot told she moves. And heard the way I can she be she says she believe. She came we asked her to come as she can help us with the baby hill wood to baby she can't help us not to leak. I. Abated. I don't want to wave me William who won't rule we are. At school at a news. Mentally and in her class okay I'll mr. As mr. Louis organ to retrieve from June you in my house. Wednesday and and we but yet you can you need to be in new Google which the problem you do like my abatements and Dick what it would be. That would do real deal if you. Would you. I actually got me I'm going to. 10 my oh my son would head right here. With veteran chill air live early you leave for to break him like he used to. Yes they did real well Brad banks do you think you look little we do young real going to prevail in Iraq and it's. Probably probably fuels some mob they could help would you go to a woman you. What daddy on these days. Need to. I can't. The wound up that we can't in the and the other applications don't. Act a good dude I want to get into it won't be relentless as the men look at how hot I Obama. And new baby son yeah. Are currently thought it best I'll let you know that that argument has happened somewhere oh. Yeah and I can just you know the only thing I did. Didn't get how the life with in with the husband on it but that you know that happens on the tonight. He never did in the couple's argument because vigilance in the new. And you them my mother honor her own luck that it happens all the thing idea again it happened. Outmanned ever happened yeah mom I'm okay you asked account and it wouldn't and eighty that it doing it you know. I need to not get. It. And I got back the I don't know you know we all. How to put all this all yeah. Yeah yeah has been doing it and whoever the girl who will be doing it. Early goal will know what you're doing yeah. And hello. Can't tell you about today strawberry letter subject that month and a law watching me and equipment. But not Vietnam.