Strawberry Letter - Why Is Her Ex Still Checking On Her

Thursday, September 6th


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Hold on tight to get volume audience. You have a Dolly. Hold it right but look. At him and strawberry that. Yeah arc got. Our little bug an old old he had that the strawberry. I'd subject why her ex field checking on her here's Stephen surely my girlfriend and I have been together for about a year. I'm mad at her she had just ended a relationship with a wealthy man that would nineteen years. Older than her this man's wild her with expensive gift and he with her earth actually. She was caught up for a long time he offered to buy her Condo if she stayed with him but she realized that he was trying to buy her love. She really excellent though they broke up. We've been dating and then the old boyfriend bill calls and text her and she tells them whenever she she tells me whenever from him. I know full. So I'm looking for signs of infidelity but you night given me any reason not to trust her. He's into the game fellow at the old rich cat that I don't trust. Why does he have to check an honor to fear she's okay all of the time. I believe he is waiting for me to slip up so he could make its vote recently. She told me that he asked if I was taking care of her the way he knew. I got game and I do what it takes to keep mylan monthly debates until my lady that he realized that. We look to good thing and there's no way that he wants to be just friends with her. I asked her to stop talking to him but she refuses she said that she is glad that they are still friends and liked it when jet than her. I'm greatly but not sitting well with me this old boyfriend at the wolf and he keeps clothing and she and I think it. Ottawa again this man to leave my girlfriend allowed please help. Our I don't know if that's gonna happen if he's ever gonna leave her alone because he knows you know about her he had first he's older in the game of. I think you're right though and everything you say about you're new girlfriend in her old wearing red is too much in her life. Calling her connecting her it's the issue all right and waiting for either slip up that he can look acting is. Of course pump blood that line and shoots through we're still thinking it's called step he may be a little ninety but. You know he he like Heath. Or like you did he wait he's checking on her to see if she's okay all the time he is waiting for you to flip books that he can make your move though. You've got to be. And you say you know the game you're not new to the game and all of that you know what it takes to put a smile on her faith you that it continued doing that continue to do that. But I don't know why she's not. Up taking its deck than his golf maybe she liked the conversation maybe she does think they're just trying to be friends. If he doesn't want her back he definitely. He he wants her back he knows he can get repeated hangs in there hang in there and Dudley he's been dealing. Mean you know lag now I know that I'm. Listen to me the first of all these young dude wrote to isn't that a Carl is he looking for its. Cause he don't know and he got game but he don't have advanced game. Because he ride without a car until they don't know what else. You girl clearly you've been together for years you matter she had just ended relationship what do wealthy man. When that was nineteen years old and an hello. Now you and say how anybody is an issue that we're just judge about a ride the way you write. I'm thinking man she bout 26. Opted he borrow 46 that's just a guest to based on where you right. Mean. When you see exported fast some liked. This man's balls her what expensive gifts he would serve first sexually. So she was powerful long term oh does have four. He offered about Condo she stay where you wish you realize. That he was just trying to battle move and she wasn't really into the sort of broke up. We've been Dayton since the all. Christy O'Connor Texas Intel's or whatever. And there she tells me whatever she is from new. I'm no fool so why did they look both the infidelity. That she is not given me any reason not to trust them. First of all she EC and to do. She go girl. She knew every time to do contact. But why does a woman notify you every time a number made call crow calls she won't Cuban. She won't she knew Tim. He's steel column he Steele won't. And you know why should notify you if you try to send a signal to you that you need to step up yoga course humor that can somewhere. Now here come to review true. Tuition got me read everything that you got advanced game. I know I know food and prepare for dummies not give communities and just she's new to the game that's right you can do it again. It's like she knew Judi getting used what and so is the old rich cat that I really don't trust. Does he have to check on raw deceived she's okay all the time cause he now. Just what I won't answer me and do. We call her we check on. Just say hey make sure you blues. Don't wanna see you follow hard times is everything okay. Don't know I know Newton and. How much about it and I Ol play a land allowed honestly I believe you waiting for me this rippled so he can make dismal. Failure to slip by. On the net hit and he. White noted that you're involved we're gonna hit some. You slip and you don't know. Don't hold me and she knew Julie Guy you're into the game burn all speak and put our own game. Do you write or single gave his I didn't. Do right. Old and he put to the animal and Whitman and his huge yeah little. It's. Where our union you're due out don't you know illegal now. Peninsula by age and I lived there will come back were barred to. It would all play is in the game. Yeah. I hate eligible due date news bureau mentos involved it is man that was nineteen years old he called an old man. On it was a first section accounts which she was caught with him for awhile. She won't he won't Obama can't do she stays wooden pew hoosiers turned about. They broke now you've been in Dayton peace deal which it can. You try and figure out why only access to check you know cause he won't. Cause he wound. You know I gotcha girl. He was checking on. Yeah I definitely can't you know how you got your locker room if you can. C own domain which is something the young boys don't know how to do. To double check on women you call women of course you won't shield and hook Buehrle Netflix night Joseph Holland chuckle. See how to do it behind a day ago. They need any thing any thing you can do for help them solve problems. So therefore grown AS me immediately so I was a main street. They have the right there want to check on him not normal to return to Houston where Cecil what we do is he he said at all now. None none none none Utah Washington to to gain. Sourced over reached cat that I really don't trust while he got a chuckle majesty is she okay on the terror. I believe he will ignore me the slip up so he can make his movement partner and he already moved it. Purely and given them about you your river and attacks and you'll go right. Now why all the job he hey wait don't you do slip what people call Houston new book Tebow show all of us differs between him and you. Wait milieu to slip up beginning part of you know why put all the players and I today this occurred this air. Roddick can give a brew ripped that's going. Recently she told me that he asked if problems taking care of go to where he used to. I've got game. And I do what it takes to keep a smile on my lady's face. Denny what he asked together. He asked a girl would you taking care of hurt the way he used to answer to that question is now of course you'll also wasn't ye. See you're taking care hook the way he used to you going back to I've got game get. And don't do game bought this video rolling in our K. This life I know how to keep a smile a mile ladies race. I told. I told my lady that he realizes he lost to good pay and as noted no no wait he just wants to be friends when it came at your friend and gonna do Texans. Asked yoga room were you taking care of home the way he used to. Denny trying to be free is pickle give back in the 10-Q b.'s. Calls up thank you wearing. I'll ask her to stop talking to him. Clue what she refused. Because you know what are you talking about what. Differ from what you've talked about and just how much you and saying we're gonna guy must be willing to pass he wanted to be a slow melt. It and and senators and did they steal three and she liked it when he checks on all and you know why you'd like to which each. Echo what he checked or of course you don't. And a man are you so busy with children. You so busy trying to put this matter and hope things that you don't really know how to check owner you don't careful hook. I love your name it's my job done to yourself what is it we're at the board I would tell me what me and and I love you. What he adored won't do is all. Ryan it's what she tell you is she tried to put your own game so you can know what gay mayors about middle week game you there were up while. So she keep telling you every time he called what he said. Now you know that she likes region maybe I'm crazy but decisive win would mean what finish. On. What should Michigan which in a minute. He's back isn't this Cold War period is a wolf in sheep's clothes now he knows. He just woke up he got a sheet total. And little more. Sheet. You wage problem you give us open give some deep our two minute left in the regular ward gave me old now. And she's too naive to see. Doll and she see exactly what duties. This just to what she had. B oh she don't have now so she stated territory where she had been all sheep that what she got tangled. How do I get his man to leave my girlfriend who openly calling. Him our best practice popular. You wanna get dizzy mentally your girl called me called his thumb in an awful. We give. Our own column. Yeah don't don't call you woman Nomo. All else what. The trial court has yet. Is safe on that. Human life and now. Does he care more deeply for hood that you do see. But now mass you know usage you've got to give violent than they weren't suited to book called me and have a management compensation. Until. He can call you girls. Arena you can convince. You don't that. The and you've got some. If you can't convince him of that. You got enough engines. He cable is all due to estimated. That's just nineteen years this unit reported should teach what I you'll get just. I mean this is begging for a Rihanna and men between you and Jay as the girl it is. We can be beaten and equipment and on the which Oka plays ask I. Know you've got this column. From Jerusalem when. He had a goal and blame and about a foot. Who. All right Lou that you can email at your answer to administer it doesn't today's cover letter it Steve Garvey at them. I coming up we're gonna do a reenactment. Of. It's strawberry letter between the two guys the young guy vs the older guy. And we'll do all that right activists. You're listening. He wanted to share.