Strawberry Letter - Why Do I Need A Man

Wednesday, June 27th


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The thread is you hit podcasts from Ozzie media explores history surprising connections in order to discover how one thing leads to an. Like a movie moguls and early Hollywood helped spark the need to movement today. Get it on I heart radio program every list. It is time now for today's strawberry letter and if you need some advice on your relationships on dating on facts on work on parenting and more. We have it for you right here on the Steve Harvey morning show all you have to do is send usher strawberry letter to Steve Harvey FM dot com. And click submit. Drop Barry letters it's just that simple right Steve. You know it looks. It got asked me. At all all right. Yeah hole nothing. But the lie and oh yeah I didn't think we write regular that is a bit. The hot game number 188. Level. Now make very active imagination no. Bought and held on tonight we got for the humanities mr. there. Subject chairman Mike on subjects why do I need a man. There's Stephen surely I MA 27 year old divorced female. With no children I work full time and I am in school full time. I am finally able to pursue my dream of becoming a comedian. And my divorce I've been very happy being single and here re eating. I don't want a serious relationship right now they have the pats. I put all of my time and energy into helping my ex husband build his comedy career and like a dummy. I let my goals and dreams deadlocked in his shadow. My friends say that I'm not getting any younger and I should want to be settled and married again. But I don't right after high school I enlisted in the military and I got married young Fella I miss the best part of my twenty's. Now I want to put myself first. They got it I've been dating regularly is also pressuring me to settle down. I told him straight up that I'm not looking for anything. Differently but he doesn't get it he told me that I need to learn how to balance work and my social life so we can be together. This brother is fine and all. But I don't wanna throw a man in the mix right now I don't wanna end up on my second marriage and wishing I had done things differently does something wrong with me doing meet for awhile. Why do I need another name and your thoughts. Well I'm quite sure what you what you want here. You started off talking about you know you finally. Are going to be able now to pursue your dreams of becoming comedian on now that your divorce and everything you also talked about. You held your husband with his comedy career you'd give merger you'd deferred your dreams and goals. To help him in every thing done now you just wanna do youth so that's how you start of the letter robbed and you talked about. You know how you're in a relationship now and you know the guys pressuring you could this settle down NBC or issue of at least pressuring you to settle down. So do you want to do you do you mean nobody's stopping you you're okay it's okay. Do you it's okay people do it every day and all the time. Are you working on your comedy career. You know. Being in a relationship won't necessarily stop you from doing bad I mean you're a woman you can multitask we do it all the time. Though what is it that you're that you're really asking other then. Is something wrong with you doing you know the answers no to that why do you need another man you don't need another man to you don't. You may want one but. I'm just a little confused what you want what you won what do you want he one of the comedian you wanna be in a relationship that you don't wanna be in a relationship. Don't be at one end and work and your comedy career. That's all I have to say you Steve. The economy career was confusing and a hole in utter lies because first of all you're talking when you say issue earliest the and you come to meet would decide over. I'm able to see that the comedians on understand totally complete who does nothing nothing you could tell me. This is what I don't booted three years I'm an expert it is. May not be good role models to open decide unlock bonus. I know how to do it I've done it here's here's your problem. This of course warming doesn't won't be an issue right now what you see and some. Are eight of course to its youth. That you don't want to mend did don't have remain. What you can do people you could totally due to people what other people bit dormant that is all right. That's what happens to women they did Amanda don't want none since. What do you wanna just passed some. There what are warm wanna do serious due to our oldest what I won't right now but all of you won't and everything it can't work. But now you don't warm temperatures shoot the man he founded on that. Any pressured me to settle down you told him I look for any producers. When you don't give it. You don't need to learn how to balance work Brussels July also bring together the rather flat in Albany so volatile man enemy right now I'm doing me. Actually say who do you. Know do you but I than Hugh let me let me help you clarify I want to. You don't work full time and go to school full time and into Russert used I mean Persian. Why you say that theater and it instead of Korea's Austin and comedians with our waitress. And we're organ shoes don't. We comedians. We we we got all right I know lives here. Kyra let me tell you something that you helped you remember distraught couple meals in this that. I don't I know you'll you'll. I have a career you build to that war is. And he called little problem. And Julian who departed when you know him. Putted from his career is. So we can see just how much you were. Asked by. Iranian. They go on tour to settle his boy and a record. I'm happy with anybody a bad. You ended comedies. What are bulls would have known. I just got to hang on to an annual tourism new poll YouTube erupting into Buick Open in Iraq and there. Vehicles who figured them out but just not a mountain you not you trying to become communion how do you do. What are you doing to prepare to become me that you're just wanna do you mismanagement come into comes full time job and a full time student isn't. This is an awful most people. So note that into the day. You don't need to man. What she may well want in the future. So do you. What's a little late you'll want to give bill. Listen to me dude you. As soon or later you may want to give it to him. And you don't push to one do about the way they want to do you you pushed him. And you turkeys to mobile when you could do chosen to do no I don't. We've come won't because. If you know. Because you may now. Part two of your response torture the subject is why do I need him banned book that you don't this sweetie you don't need him. And maybe you can have Gelman wouldn't let me. You might affect you go get another well. Has always had an appeal to me. Why it. Can understand she won't another war I have to. I can't go safe for humans. You'll have to give me. Why do on the domain you don't just keep doing you put if you don't neither man. Is stopped Foley would. Because you got less bountiful was somebody they're going it is you're bigger brawl has settled down. You can't blame diss me an idea you don't total mayor player which you. Sort locomotive there were no made her. Can do a game like we do Obama just displaying this to you I don't Q what rap records you to listen to UK do notice to what we do it. Is not going work out for you the same way. Our recoveries keels are much greater than yours when it comes to give it back together. Especially. After you soldier reputation. Un American it is retaliation reputation that way faster than won't Italian capital theater it is a double standard. It is a don't stay off all the tall mug doors and long term goal amid talk marxists is loan chemical UK do what I do with steel will be. Hell no you just cannot do what a man doesn't steal will be allayed some I don't disrespect you for. And does that make it right absolutely. But is that the way the decline at a salute to them economy. If fossil that would ten minute Timmerman RB details. You delve. OK you can survive. Usually would tear me and you become polish. Your place of you can. In his two. Now. So you don't want me right now you don't he won't just go do you Brooke we've seen me. Just don't you. They were you won't somebody do you pick breaks of principle. A quick meet these people dependent on the bullpen. And our executive. A letter isn't funny. You know not one joke. And you say that human and make them look like a slow him some that you might stand a chance and towards that you've got into it and you left yourself below hole Hinske. That's why did you ain't yet at the right to the years go down the minutes don't care who thought he did this thing is there okay. There's a decent actor now Clinton also like Chico being. Okay. Who you don't do that. Problem it also be used to be the eight. Me you and hold. It off. You know who my dad never met and dated him like. Mark Assad as CEO on her own half the normal or children she only. Mike though say they have video. He's shocked. I'm doing when he's close calls colas and all this wave full yelled god he'll. These they know that new duties as soccer club to cut up a Seattle Sonics Jersey and I had. He's a guy from the word emerged you are we shall pure war where. Excellent Edmund you beautifully into my kills in the that you Cuba. Q didn't you I don't know who knew it would mean that's what ultimately put these sizzle for Bolton did the Ingraham. Over the Oakland put themselves a little more open if you owe more to of the day if I know he'll handle Gibson. Probably a little dough. Isn't a problem issue. If you knew I made a day UK as a future ones. I missed that nobody. Yeah most probably in the east and as Marbury. Though it wasn't like depth girl that wrote down and I don't know do you stock well it but it. Yeah I'll talk about. This is well. I don't know if they had a World Cup but but if anybody just like get to lead that Dell I'm. Allowed to. And you know Fort Meade to. Now I am gonna. Issue a warning we proved to them to assumption yes they can Omar told she'll. And some new talks a season high and flipping whose what do you mean which you don't award changes. Was you know what role would change. You've never seen it this way where you have to skate and they go yeah. I'll tell you exactly that was all be about the whole season it will fill dressing you some. Last month and a would he knows how to wardrobe obviously we've collaborated to put together in new style of Steve Harvey don't talk show obviously golf if you. As I got to. But on my talk show when where my new style seems. And dressed like Abu woes too while. It will stand up that I Wear and a personal. Album now wearable TV I'm just proud to reinvention. Opt talked you know about this 100. And I'm a firm believer in reinventing. Yeah constantly reinventing some. The next change and Steve Harvey ward who will be viewed September. Oh. Okay September the ticket to see. Tell the people about blue chief these blue cheeses with difficult. And why is that they call me blue cheese pickles. This. I'd be we've got to go hello there and grab us and does them today strawberry letter. Adds Steve Harvey at AM and if they're in win. A third at 1:30 PM eastern time join. For the strawberry letter live after show on FaceBook got to think pinky to the guys once again for filling in for me last Thursday. You got the very era and I was on a plane you're listening should. Be when he should.