Strawberry Letter - We Both Did It, But Now She Is Mad

Wednesday, June 20th


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Hold on tight we gotta toy here it is to strong barrier. Subject we both did it but now she's mad appears Stephen surely I mean that code cracker. I may 31 year old man who's been dating this girl for over a year now and everything is going great we have the same sense of humor. So we're always laughing and the fact that so good that Tommy could be junior in a race for. Thank you we want to read the highlight again the we have. That same sense of humor is though everything so we are always laughing at and the fact that so good that Tommy could be junior in a race or. Abby to do good left. But recently we've been arguing over something so stupid we were watching a movie the other night and Michael easily popped up on the TV and Mike girl shouted out. Michael yearly pig can't. It I have well hid babies. Well we both laughed about it and kept watch. Me. I ago we're watching public health and believe sureshot popped up on the screen and I said I would drink Clara comfortable bath water. My girl. Guts dull man and know we got into a full blown argument and she said that I need to apologize. Well it's been three weeks. And I feel that this is just do it. He's still won't talk to me and I feel like I've lost my best friend I feel like I should apologize that we both did it what should I go. Well well well. Welcome to the big you can't do what I do. Or as it's commonly known double standard okay that's what's happening here. It's okay for her to do it. And come on what Michael easily after all but you better nothing anything about another woman in front of her face you just can't do that. Then you can end this now with two words I'm sorry I apologize you can do that those two words either of them. Please don't let this go any farther it. Leaf is a long time to go without speaking to your girl okay this has gone far enough if you guys don't get back together. I just hope you learned a valuable lesson here and that lesson is. Hey can do it again it was Michael Aly after him thought it blew lives for him to say and likely either a folk there. But you can't do that you that you just can't do it in and in the same space with a another one that he's not going to accept it. I think three week that this is taking it a bit far I wonder what she's been doing in those three weeks. But I mean you know you're standing your ground I got all of that but. A simple apology can make this all go away Steve. What does it matter. Who's right. All role. When Moe. Years ago and this right here is exactly what he suited duties consist do. Surely is 100% correct. Is just so are you going to do dog assailants. World too thinking. And then after she exceptional apology. In used to say I think we should both come to an agreement. There we will say things that might be hurtful and four and one another concerning what we may feel about somebody who says. Whether we kidded them that's just not play would play like that anymore because obviously we can put together. Assault who. Is a simple decision that most of this letter we know me you know apart from food. They don't argue would never do monocle you really do some. Inaudible. I don't give a dude. That six in a Mario Hardwick a Q. Monica ice Q. You fought the hook okay doesn't go to school due to. And unclear but it. Six meaning you are at the banks. This coup because generally have yeah yeah. Yeah Arlington and I get treated wood will move who's he gonna do well which you wouldn't. WP moon game six in Batman instant. Which you. But you ain't gonna oh and he is at war in the room. Listen. And you're yeah. Balloon to move you to do TE. And did you ever. Not really move. It. Not really not not libel law I'm going just one person to do it for me at a time. But I know walked him in his businesses Newsome heard from two. Element that. In the genes did now imagine did Tampa. Green while walked in the room is known about. The coast the yeah Padilla is always been some damn good or Obama and I don't bend down to. Hopefully she is in mid field the last two million junior prominent hill told me she sued now on massive war. She says because I don't like your facial. I already did yeah. Ever gotten on an estimated two of them green I'm not too. Blog and who do and I'm foolish reasons why weren't times I don't like you know they. Message at. A hasty to you know I got my little plastic surgery. What do him you don't like none of you. Can't get more and I got nice teeth and I can't give them that I got most don't. I got no way I don't like you. Shooters I don't think for a work in this. You know wasn't quite. Yeah but you're. All you at all. Always hear Roberto none of that kind of been she'll do just nut you know in the middle console fleas and you know she went through them and let you finish. To an example and that's what I'm. Like I could win came back to Montague know that she got it. Oh faces yo face bush did you see issue is really key on Mona geez. The dispute was 211. A solid years and they do not perform including. And she was due for a then came backstage and asked me out of me on The Who she was a member of Lewiston. We'll go to Dennis hung. On him drinks I don't drink. On him call for them for the good bills that you. Whoever rock Duca dough boy and I'll say abortion doesn't mean you're gonna won't confirm mr. Clinton's who choose and she don't like. A and gotta gotta throw forty you know. I don't have to go to Dave letter is. Like every patient who said he. Let a blatant hey are you okay. They get back into cartoonish and only go to Dorn tradition of today's Charest letter her one year old woman in all his future crime you. On jumped oversaw Michael you knew he can do that he blew all my days. So PC from the issue a show on on TV. He's saying. A little drinks with hopes will be one here. The program I got into full blown argument she said that need to apologize there's been three weeks and I feel. This is just over she still won't talk to me and I feel like I've lost my best win. I feel like I should apologize we both did you portion I'd do shallow talent that. Cristobal. Admit that he should simply apologists they've been dubbed the fullest dues. Mr. Markel we've become hostage in place say that that I thought was all right. Say to yourself. If you don't say it yet. I just face it whoever clip hooks were known to me when Herman. He'd better stay tuned sulfur to be another three weeks but she won't speak to your but it does those close to vigorously senator taxis the police Russia. They actually go home. Hank Egan and say nothing you can they go yeah baby yeah. Fredricka after. Avery you all right before we want to break you know you were telling this story when you have been TU is Atlanta government media stuff. Cold wind will we models as me them. And what does it feel about to face at feet. Her grandfather would have won her but there was a time when you struggle at least yeah yeah yeah well I wouldn't work. You got to struggle wouldn't matter you know annoying cute but I mean the embassy tell you it was a living in mere idiots who think. That ha. They you know labor fop who lives in Lou we will tell me. Some like disapproved of what I don't know knowing Lockett turned reduced its no so I'll just struggling with the just ninth grade you'll know what to Dubai fantastic surgeon would now at the end and I Nuba. I mean wilt when little everybody and you do it now Steve but everybody to like about my eyes and everybody run from a solution be. The only one. I would probably have grown into warm you know I don't. Grown into my yet who it is good man. Code every injury and smaller. Components of it. Back. Good thing without an. Apple won't like it. Yeah. Yeah. About it Solio CO being humble and. Well kept silent era. I. Don't. I don't know but my point is that every one struggles you know hardly anybody that it would open. I mean look good time. She thought it. Abused. You know. A limit the time I am not going to be ugly beyond today and I won't walker will be here tomorrow. Well you'll appeared to be able what did you struggle with an. Everything moment what are the press points. I like the end of the day. I got it. He didn't like you're damn day which. Don't look. At it but I need. To Ian and I think I got to be impeached. Alec come on everybody had something which used drug that at least. What are we struggle with that what did you struggle with everybody fed with there would be honest I had one of the most severe case of chicken pox so I have some scarring from that alone are our struggle imposed on the day. I'm with that make up and then it seated. Yeah but I did it mean that I went through some heavy teasing about growing up from gamma via Google term growth could bring singles by us. But yet when the love billion dollars. I see here we go our way and it as a whole other banks right. So I can't put it wouldn't we were at the and Aaron nujoma women used to be there have been so we all have issues that the. All have issues opt out. Image unknown to come. On. You know it's my guarantees will be eagerly. I guess grueling and live the good thing. We'll probably never know where you live eat I would now think of the lip you know. I'll huge turnaround can. Can we assume. That horrible annual bay jailed them. It showed dale and I recently. If you still the bill welcome to and ghosts yeah definitely wish. You yeah I feel that I mean I'm not attractive I keep telling you it's. Notre what's up to. The problem you have with the Latin. You can move lol yeah you'll keep thinking yeah hold. How did you get them out I. You bet with you got any main road but it didn't. Like what a family man now. It is women and their bench yeah. All the other. Yes the bridge is going to be doing. I'm not only I'm not tournament you believe attractive women Chris. Though I want to drilling in the outskirts where is the article. Clearly called. I'll have to resign around these of the women on the show. Luckily a nod. Again I don't think anyone and no definitely not crazy yeah yeah he's big and ugly. Well no I don't think physically I never looked more attractive he Aristide went out Monday. Welcome surprise me I've never known Steve without money. Hello this is a lengthy stays. I'd I knew them before you. Before it. So surely like Stevie you'll go oh that's and I'm no column like minimal and you shouldn't call Jones to. In all you do honestly it was stupid and whatever. Yeah yeah. And guys coming up and Fred Bennett your crowd should tell us about an awkward situation. That she and her husband. Hadn't there were on vacation think there ran into an X on vacation was. Don't don't don't right at it and you're listening. We've been warning Shia.