Strawberry Letter - Unhappily Engaged And Ready To Walk

Wednesday, September 19th


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Well O Doug we got it for you here it is it's that time the strawberry left they can have a subject unhappily engaged and ready to walk. Here's Stephen surely my fiance and I have been together for six years he's 58 and I'm 35 and this will be the first marriage for Bo nova. When he proposed to my intuition told me he was not ready to be married. A month ago it beyond state got in and I got into a big argument about his handling it like it on. Or how he acted in front of our three year old daughter though we haven't really been speaking. Two nights ago he never came home from work and he did not answer my calls or. I everything demand from an acquaintance on social media thing that must be they would at a bar downtown. No I drove down to the bar hoping to see him there alone that we could try to resolve our issue. As soon walked in and saw him my heart bank. He was at a table with another woman outlook ride over to their table and I've sat next to the woman and I it's our job OK. But yeah. Yeah. I did go on off switch up our car come. And now. Now. The one that had been shot and she remained totally quiet. I told him that the wedding with op and then I left I cried all the way home. He came home shortly up to me and we talked. If that that I am overreacting. And I'd jump to conclusions because that how it looked. He told me that she is its co worker and she wanted to watch the game after work. And that's all that you. I it is definitely. What I think. You like now. It definitely did public in the Anthony's he had on make up her hair was done and she would not dressed like she had. Like she had been at work on day being used say that a woman's intuition it's her greatest gift. Felt my intuition tells me he's lying and therefore I concluded that he's not ready to get married what do you think. Well I think you're absolutely right do you have to go to. I mean in the third of the letters you that your intuition told you he wasn't ready for marriage. And this the second to the last thing. You said he's not ready as well. You just. You know just based on those two things I would have to agree with you he is not ready you don't even know how to resolve conflict or anything. I mean you're you got into an argument. About his family. You he says something crazy you'd like its response. And you enlighten how he acted in planning your three year old daughter that you guys have issues. Unresolved issues that need to be taking care of you you use stop talking he'd come home that night. You find him at a bar with another woman he gives you a pretty lie but it is alive then Steve liked to. Hunt. It was pretty one it was a pretty wondered about that. Having guys like he would the women compete through it no he was your right he was lying whatever your intuition tells you that that's. Yeah yeah one now. But what you Aggie you guys are ready you're ready there ain't. News that this can victories to huge troop. Our mafia us they have now been together six years he fit the outdated. Just to be the first measurable. Ria from. Please Rick you know thirty Prague this will be the first marriage for both of rich. Video Manning go in. A when he proposed my intuition told me he wasn't ready to be merry why he fit. They're being ready work war war what are what are ya bin together seek ye. Our mayor proposed UDQ thank you ready for marriage he hit job and gets it she is he ready to give merry. Wow. What you're talking him well. Well well well well what what is your take away from this relationship. You know me read to get married you talk to a T fifty he's still a ready why are you with. But you've got a baby Russell. And me. A month ago my fiance got too big argument about who's for them I like his response and I acted out three year old so we haven't been speaking. Two nights ago he never cable for work and he did not answer my calls it takes one and now that you can. You cannot not come home. From India don't have personal tax law calls ago. Go all you can send them. I've received a text from acquaintance also should meet. You have an acquaintance or social media and according to C units a girl for green. When my girls. Some do probably I'm just assume cynicism quite. Some do. Saying that you fiance was at a bar downtown. So. You got any help cop you drove downtown. Hoping to see him there alone. In a bump up low paid them all. I. Thought it I don't even read it now. When I you can see the below at a ball humans with by himself not with another woman you know that he humans. Known I don't know. That's pushing men. She drove down there tried to blow us to the Auld acquaintance told him he was that a box and though quite concede he was with old girl. You yes to believe that yeah that's why you've got annual cost. In 20. Yeah because the acquaintance told you he was at the box with a girl. That's why do you say. I drove down now hoping to see him there alone. Who makes that statement Al Gore to see if he's alone. Are you already had infamy. So let's stop this. So we could try to resolve my issue. As soon as I walk yeah I saw him my heart sank. He was at the table wouldn't know the womb. And and son. I walked right over two tables sit next to Warwick and started gonna love it when it left not to go. He tender and limitations are and Joey plus billion dollar and we'll be able. I gotta go my jacket went up through I got out to its budget. Run not walk right Pesci liked we don't have saw each religion up endorse it over the next and go all you Lotus mr. hook but I'm going to be in the car. I'd say that thieves dug where. Have hard with either response coming up. She fifty. Four days so don't call don't return go to calls politics. Does she get a message from an acquaintance cool Q wink wink. That means do. All social media. Was downturn and upon you so you'll mayor was done to you drove to Bob Hope to see him alone yoga near where anyone. So who's a walking miles saw him in my harshly you'll think his honestly. And the ocean and think clearly different children. She thing Hossa hawk was only once they know their equity looked up but so are you know they swallowed it. At. The end. I cared about him yeah elite airmen had to give this Belmont. Well. You won't right over to the table and sit next it woman's dongle in the end the woman was in shock she remained total declined. I told him that the way it was all. You can get out now. Would have changed due to. Girls and I saw you column again mom them. And Atlanta won't write she can you talk on a black man who's. Gotten caught in a scenario. I told him to win was often on that mark. Crown on away at all he came home after me and we tell he set out over reacting to jump to conclusions. Look UD. And you did jump to conclusion I looked a problem he may woes he ain't been a whole gain return a phone calls on the takes. People pretty guilty on this situation. He pointed due to deal is yet. He told me that she's his coworker if she wanted to watch the game afterward Gossip Girl. That's period I was searching for an. And did you become EO job to make sure she CD game. Say just what actually. Shoot she would work as she ought to see it. But he's looking now finds only came to a hero in a no hitter her problem that I hear her Oprah. She want to watch your game at work and that was it. It definitely didn't look innocent to me she had don't make up my hair was done and she was not just like you do work unlike. Certain. Hot chick don't know I'm not these days are messy. And I you know come down to the Bob we don't have roll with it. And the red around you he doesn't look any gym. I'm not in a book that you've got dead house total went out and they'll they'll brawls only. Why would you have picked up like how he noted David W bailout debate and leadership. So it don't and it ties in a boat you've got into you do not. Value. You've got a long. These are these are live involve only thing until house liberals don't Ricky check in Greece owner. Bill comes down to about a stood a goddess a political or mad enough. Flown back to tell it that there called corn ball. I got everything you wanted to bomb look at liked to joke. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah that she's got big hit gotten make up only got. This happened knew I was coming down they're making like any Joseph mama this op. That's would have wanted now would happen that is exactly would you say the woman's intuition is a great does give I told Judas. So what should go to kind of dressed like that follow. The ads that look like. Did you she would look good place. Carson thanks she sent she signaled and he got makeup on her head down she put it. What led aborted due to a category of public. But that it worked Jill was there politely. I love about Iran well. She would between checked read. And write Obama look received some doctors. My mom there to promote school had a cold and O'Brien's own. And the thing I know exactly what she. Got got got to an outfit known she sleepy and a hot enough yet. And can be directly care Sox own. They've done anything that would that fur row would that it would that rove role and let it ought to be on the back to deter all done. And the bigger public and I'll effecting a bunch each and every and he went ahead guys make government. She wrong Burnett here Roma and shoot and probably you will Kaymer. The good life ain't your mama in due reacts and a bit and he you costs and I don't know stop. May look like over. And sit. Now what you almost two. Now. My intuition tells me he's line before locking him he's not ready to give me it would do you'd. What do we. And our original first to walk in the and it rolled vulnerable GTV today meta for additional thing you'd like ruled. You roll up in here Conrad and house. Affordable decency and costumes. And I you know he acquired a program over. Angel hair rollers that. She got the house look like that be called him Paula until she would Minnesota beat him she got to go to it as. That's just how crazy she was ma oh Korea in the whole praying that the director of golf Laura wood to global maoni. It was ground game to. She opened here America got this golf or mr. bill actual play. I'd like got to go feed will go ahead we'll. Let this learn shippers whole united neither one of them for a big. And just give your child support ready okay guys. We we got to get out of here like at that email at Amsterdam ushered thoughts on today's strawberry letter at Steve Harvey FM you're listening. Beat morning should.