Strawberry Letter - Too Many Bodies In One Bed

Tuesday, June 26th


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But hold on tight we've got for you who refused to stroke. Army this month for use W thing are subject to many bodies in one bit. Here's Stephen surely I've been dating a man for six months now. He is divorced and has two kids a twelve year old daughter and a ten year old son I have never had kids and I really like hit. My only problem is that he's still let his kids. Belief in the bed with him whenever I'm at his house the kids just within this bad with that. They spend the weekend with him every other week and I feel weird about sleeping with the ten year old boy. I told him I'd sleep on the couch but my boyfriend what me promise to have a talk with kids and he said that he did buy them new mattress says. But they said they'd rather sleep with. My boyfriend tried to tell me that it's great bonding time for him and kids that they don't live with an ample time I get it he misses them. But I don't know what to do it might just a mean person or is it normal for me to feel weird. About having his kids in the with us this has got to change what should I do. Now you're not mean. And I do not being a mean her then it it is not normal I think or. Your man and his two kids and you could be all sleeping in the same bed yeah you're right this does have to change. I think what you should do is. You just going to have to insist I know you've bed and suggested that chiefly on the couch but you have to actually sleep on the couch and insist on it. It when you're over the year un should be uncomfortable sleeping in his bed but you are and I'm comfortable for you. It isn't comfortable sleeping with ten and twelve year old I mean is is there enough rules. I'm thinking about that especially if you know. If these kids are insured than they are they should have their own Roman and and he should buy their own match that he wants abundant with kids. I get it but. Yeah I just go ahead by the matches this stuff starts slowly weaning them from sleeping with him in the bad they can bond and other ways and until then. ID don't go over there he goes over your house or you just sleep on the couch when you're over the air speed. Yeah well. This is Craig's situation there's woman is being polluted it is to me today somebody is being. Sleeping with the person. On their issues sleeping with the it's sleep is not the time on the issue Koppel. To produce bonds. You can bomb all the ways you Bob you know couple relationship sleeping together as far couples need to go. It's not healthy. For our child to sleep would've ever up to a certain age. It creates something in a child that I don't know what is call. And is just a little visit in May believe it is just not a healthy. Especially. Now that he's requiring. That you not some people account that you over there. And you've got to sleep with his kids which is great that you love doom and you wanna have a bar with Phil what technically. They're not your kids now. This book is team. Kamal that we have seen. That is boy eighteen. And you say you Finland and comfortable sleep would continual war. It. Fit again she's. You know she. Knew right. Go at the former ten year old boy and he would. And probably happened but it bigger and you pay BF wanted to surprise. Quiet time in. Which you don't need to be here. Now I'm assuming you've got before I called the dead pinkie. On British eligible uncle fearless. The and Dave manager Jose yeah it would do him. I'm an old bull and all that old girl. He. Sugar but knowledge yeah. You. Can do. And medical ma ma yes we've. I don't think I don't know how did she say the twelve year old little sleep good yeah they're sleeping in the air mailed. I can lead to an air yet often in their looks are you know use we've been in a bid every night. It's not the role that your daughter about it I'm not even the Mumbai and and even in that direction. And I've got you war bond which you key words but listen man it's unfair. To your new partner. You'll girl three and it's unfair to her. You've got to get these key it's a match trees. You've got to give them away to sleep a little. Volcano sweeper and a man inning if this is not cool and it's not home. Out seek first of all the meat willingness to. He doesn't get to see him once every other week so now he's Disney did he try to make an awful and lovely Adobe. These are my keys ready when they come over here they do whatever they won't do whatever they won't. Sleep well you'll keep being Disney day cause he just won't help that time that he has with his children to be a wonderful experience. I understand it Bryant spent as much time at Timothy kaine god sleeping in two weeks ago. But it's. Hard. Now give you personally pujols was sleeping. On the green and and you know honestly proposal would agree keys so. Earth could you know on the go there. Deploy. More than. What is it. Now. So roles. She laid a little biased. One. And around. Apple she wouldn't be. So when every old wouldn't touch what I thought was Marjorie. And and wound. With a baby food and money. Don't show up. At my clock seeing it's it's that don't. Stick to deal. And though. I would bounce there is on immediately told me god. Because. I'm a little forts. And little Bob McDonald's weapon in rumble in my room alone run. Hamburger. And hand over the air that. A shock. Hey man I got him period after after all want to see any animal. That you. You we would actually want to live at the continual war regional and that you want to ceremonial as you'll understand. A great year. Shot. Apart T is. Subject to many bodies in one bed let's recap. It is too many bodies it. Mandy gets custody of his kids every other week key political hole he's gotten new girlfriend. She was all he wants problems we can do together twelve U girls on the team you know ball. And the new girl. She's comfortable. Sleeping in due to team deal more. Because I'm doing what I am right. Is the daddy only 88. To twelve year old girl next. Don't three year old boy next to twelve year old girl in me she'd ugly. And the more regular war I don't like this is available in the community and that's why she struggled. She stroked his board team. He'll roll over in terms of me enough room political deal where. You can enter raised their own risk it doesn't mattresses. OK Steve really good and it was Acadia on this system and who did bullet for as little this. Yeah as Columbia and Ontario on. Who disclose. Act act act act can. Usually have a couch leaning movement you know when you. Look at. The memorial and you'll be doomed to an eye on it. And so I think it's not healthy. I think you do have to get the mattress into John Williams ghetto pics of Brad was taken. Where an eagle and spent time go to lunch go to pot so watch TV play video games returned to go to bay ya all gold and we need some applaud. Because what I'm doing here which is ticker you don't need to be. Yeah I mean we came here to. Call him yelling Houston Oakland. And he's cute way. I mean. Please do wake me. Quit now can we turn in this we will understated condolences. Oh. And with me. Yeah. It. He. Didn't hurt. That the bottom line movies mentioning the fact that. He. Will be he'll. But it's only been dangerously low on. A lot of politics. Bob. I don't know it at Illinois with whom the only difference it on. Does no one I don't. Let. You quite Dylan and well. The jungle is really. Weren't there and getting to know for sure that. When wisdom guard. And of and here's Joseph Miller school and know you've got. Did you. Three. And yeah. Want to. As. We've got us. It. How we let one slip now that the yeah. You're limited a Goldberg. And I had to go and hope we don't be dull. It's odd here at what I'd I'd lifted. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Due to. Block a distinctly down bullet. And you know. Wow. I don't. Think that. In the bedroom like which like the. He's the Obama put it up momentum is. And tomorrow is really. An. Escrow account. And then rewrite the bill. And actually I couldn't get it. In it. Who Houston. Yet their match and anyway to navigate. And he and decadence and implement though. It. I'm dual from. Which. It. The fight how. Rightly gave the land that. Balloon and oh. Schools aren't. Got lucky. How about you know I. Clinton email enter into M us your thoughts on today's driver who lettered T Barbie at end or at Mike girls surely. Now the third at 1:30 PM please join me for the stubborn men alive after killing these but live 1:30 PM eastern time you're listening. Should.