Strawberry Letter - They dont make em like they used to

Thursday, July 5th


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But and hope that we got yet strawberry. Object they don't make them like they used to. Here's Stephen surely I want your honest opinions. I'm young and I have a great job my own place and I'm happily single for now. Here's my issue. I don't think a strong independent woman hits standby a broke man or wait for him to reach its full potential. People always say I should not overlook Amanda falls short financially. But I'd prefer to remain strong because. I am not afraid of being alone so many women go through the emotional struggles of being with a man just to say they have a man. Selfish for me to live my own life and continue to pray for the men that goggles and to me. I understand that men are natural Connors so once they think that they want they will keep pressing for. How to know than a man's intentions are genuine and he's not looking for the come up whatever he's a really great guy. But he's living check to check. I have been in these types of relationships before and they each ended up as a waste of time and energy don't get me wrong I've been broke before. So I'm not doubting anyone. Now that I'm doing much better and I am able to take care of myself that bad that I don't settle for half the man just to say I have man. Think like more men are looking for someone to take care of them now I'm bashing all men but what's really going on now a days. Well. I mean you know you're perfectly of course within your rights to feel how you feel I usage not bashing all men you just. You know talking about the kind of man that you don't and which is a good thing that thinking oh what she do you want. You you say you've been broke before united downing anyone. You wanna. Be with someone you don't want to settle I think that's perfectly fine you shouldn't saddle he shouldn't settle you're truly praying for the man that guy wants to spend TU. Then that's when she should be open to you don't know when that the man and god and guts than for you because if he'll be a godly may end. Yeah and men are natural hunter Steve used to talk about that on the show all the time. But I think what you need to stay close to is what you're praying for is you're praying for god to send you the man that you want to just make sure you're. Everything you know make sure your hole and. You know you're a good person and you're a good woman you have something to offer the world and a man okay don't just look for a man. That come in and make U haul already be whole okay it's okay for you to be strong and independent. And all of that stuff it's you know if you're really praying for Mitt got the thing you man just wait for that. All right Steve. Well this is a weird letter yeah because he's saying accomplished things. First of all I wish I knew how old she doesn't have a lot to do. Now. You know if you don't think that a strong independent moment should stay or Bob rule remained awake for him to reach his full potential. Didn't you feel that way. But let me say tell you something you're single broke me. You said you bring your relationships with people who live check to chip. Initially some injury the majority of people living. That's a financial fat. Check to check don't mean you broke it means you're in a situation where in three chicks you could be completely out. Well most people live that way and truly public together. If you're looking for Amanda has already made which you haven't seen it directly in this amenable what appears to me. That you see it in this matter that you won't somebody has already maybe. And give him line because that land is going to be little. And if you young. Army and who are in the building process. It takes a million. On some time to pull himself together. It just goes. Oh man in this inventories is going to be hard to find that god has together in his twenties. It's going to be hard. Because that's the learning phase of life. So ma'am. You sick quite a lot in newsletter. Now is it true noticed some may have a look going to be taking care of Euro. Yup that's true. This easy to spot. Because they are looking to be taking care oh. I don't wanna pay for the dinner as they don't want to pay to take Q. Saying look into the spy also know troops they look at it okay. You know what he's talking to run. Now for guys living check to check in troops ain't really available right now maybe once a year but he's doing everything else he candid Meehan do. Did you might have a good prospect that you passing on because he's not me yeah it. May end. Who have means. Just cause a man got money don't make him group made it. True. Oh. Did Roger say that. I initiated it or do you just because a man got money don't make Kimball good me. So now you can pass up on these other Meehan who may have better qualities and less violent and go for the phones. And get the less quality me. Also you see it you asking god to sing you amended it just in case was to land before ha. See. This is probably knows. As surely right about several things she say it didn't in her comment to you. About it now look your you can beat by yourself. Really won't be nice to. I mean let's just heaven on Disco. Your hand down Che. Other in his data. Over. Evil ditch old. Little ring in oval. Used and abused. Gal like this other than net total won't be alone. Everybody won't somebody. And you say how I know that the man's intentions genuine he's not looking for the coma Apatow UC's. Eagle whole Lotta stow. What if he's a really great guy but he's living check to check if I were you outside of because they're really great guy taught to come here it always be living check to check. Great guys turn around eventually. Great guys become great Meehan because great fathers because Greek Louis. I think money don't determine them. I'm preaching yes you are amen amen amen and yeah I agree that the more. Part two of your sermon coming up come on let's get to parts of your response to today's strawberry letter they don't make them like they used to is. You know I was talking about this young lady who sinks to many contradictory things in her letter. About coming up she's talking about. You know majority of people living (%expletive) to shake. So me and I'm looking to be taken care. I told hundred Amanda has money don't make them good men. Are you gonna have to would shoot out. Take a man who's there objected to it really is great qualities. Because he's on the come out takes a long time for man to get it together and all the break I was reading another line she said it was quite contradictory. She said don't get me wrong I've been broke before so I'm not downing anyone. Could you got that Lara surely. I do aha don't get me wrong I have been broke before so I'm not downing them. This she said nodded I'm doing much better and I'm able to take him ourself. He has done contradiction isn't bad it. If I don't settle for our half Romania and just to say I have for me not you just say ten. You've grim probe people's united down and now you tell him because of a man don't have his finances together that he's head of the main. Wow system. Enemy than them them them European armistice. You asserting yourself will pull all contradictory life. A man's money has nothing to do with his level of main. Some of the best of me and I know. And have known in my life have far less than 9 AM right now. But I have the utmost respect for them love and admiration. I am constantly in a chorus to be coma fall. All day I'm just trying to be slick on. A solemn trying to be the hardest working man opened new. The best husband in the best lava I've ever seen us do was there he didn't miss a beat. He didn't miss a beat. That's all I'm trying to be my dad in an attempt that money that. But he's the best example of manhood Elvis. Sol system. I think your world. And I think you've got to make an attitude adjustment. That you says something and let them Obama. Bump so it was a selfish for me live my own life and continue to pray for the men that god will soon Toomey. So polls. God Syrian issue is really great Maine who's living chip to chip and pictures are humans and may men learn email and Q&A man. Because I've just change not these kids that don't have it financially gala. Because I've got to tell you sold the owls will stay ahead used to be how was that dude I lived in the car for three year. Man I'm pretty sure meant a medical girls while I lived in the content suitable two inch. I am glad you. And she wouldn't have been in there with you for sure I'll know then I miss nobody could get in his car with me that you. I knew I wouldn't goose kitsch. But I hung in there. I just kept hanging in there these me going virtually get it together good may become good host has become good follow. You go to miss out of good husband good father cause you don't have a good cheer right. If you work. And got to play an important it together. That's Koppel pinch. And yet you should admit report to catch and shoot a local Whipple church because jock and real slump in two GAAP. Everybody would love to meet mr. Richman. And going get a life made rise at all but dim dim noses few. So listen to me lenses are already hard to find a good man not your own narrow this search to a good rich man. Who worked. Well. Only opposite. His re open each. Yes there are rudimentary. Outputs and the people make many opposite and money in the world through Apple's soon. Making an opposite world so you little. You can't be looking forward to file as. You know what kind of options that again. And where they position that they are down. Love about it she. Do you understand me. Shopping money well Michelle. They got on. Don't put yourself in position. Trying you'll Goodman was so great pulled church and yelled go on imperial life to stop rip who pretty rich do. Cause you ain't the only one that line is now. And they take advantage of them. Pay in too few people. And in the wrong with true. Then not pedal. Thank you for the strawberry that. A welcome to issue. The situation. That you would like so he'll be sent to Steve. Hardly. FM dot com dot com us threat. Steve Harvey after dot com that we can be read classic in helping yo life all. We could make a complete mockery of you. You just to play just like there like you have to event yet there are you have to look at what remarkably. A was some serious appeal right here with that for women in knee. Thank you very Mark Knowles Omar remarks of the strawberry and let out of. It Buchanan did she. Yeah welcome addition. When you nailed me. And we'll all live that you. All. Also I've put not a upload your local spots. On my when. So I'm not. You don't listen to him or you don't hear. You're listening. Should.