Strawberry Letter - So Is This What We Are Doing Now

Tuesday, August 7th


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I'd tomorrow morning as promised that winning continues at 7:20 eastern fixed when he central we are giving away. A chance to win Steve grand prize of one million dollars that's right. We're playing me. Right that's right we're playing are you smarter than that heat on me OK yeah. Oh man. Don't know but it's not negate talent now. It a bit limited. They have this they've been prominently yeah does that mean a year what does that mean to me these plans. Everything though Rick damage he and but I'm I'm rated family feud when we have the radio show all you all I'm already on. I'm raving mad money ya gonna play at night you know two ladies I'll comply with you know immediately hill now. Again an idea in any you know I'll go with the ladies. Yeah at my. Are you I didn't that you Johnny will play again tomorrow advantage and if you want to play if you think you're smarter than that you go to. He RB FM dot com to register please all right. Now it's time for today's strawberry letter people you'd need advice on relationships and dating and worked on that on parenting. And mower. Please submit your congress led. That you're strawberry letter that the Barbie at that time and click. The minutes. Strawberry actor. In relief role here is bottom up but hold on tonight we got you redeem these strong Mary Lou thank you nab you the subject so is this deal. It. And you think surely it. Older female with old school ways. Doing things after many years of marriage. I'm now divorced and back on the dating thing I never would have imagined how much things have changed when it comes to dating. I am learning about all of these online dating app but they underneath so I've been dating the traditional way. I have met to unite the man in my community but I have a problem with how they communicate with me. They both like to open text messages instead of calling me to get to know me. Please tell me that type thing is not the new way of talking to people. What happened to picking up the phone and calling me when I first met when I met the first guy I asked him to call me if he wanted to on. He chose to send me a string of text messages and have the nerve to try to win me over with beat Jack it. I told Emmy was no link confused and I haven't heard from him and this second guy told me that the Wi-Fi in itself with sketchy though we couldn't make call. So he can only tech. I don't know much about Wi-Fi but that didn't sound right realized that texting him. A bit. Other the day. They liked hot for the person I'm whipped or do I checked him while we're on the deck this whole dating scene had me so confused. And I wanna be hip and up on the latest trends. I guess I will have to get used to texting more than I usually woods should just keep praying for a man that will call me and talked to me. Like a normal part and please help. Okay will prayer is always a good answer for anything okay. So keep rain guess I will always encourage you to do that. But I hope it will make you feel better to know that you're not the only one who feels that way I've heard that from a lot of people especially when it's. They've talked about young people and texting on the show before it is just what most young people these states. That it they communicate. Yes it's impersonal you don't know you know where they are emotionally. And here you can't read emotion in the fact the last time. And yes it takes too long or respond to a lot of times if they respond at all to you attack that. No immediate response like when your on the phone. Or anything like that you can hear their voice and you know the and burned is that you can you know gauge where they are. But my favorite line in your whole letter is when you ask that when your other candidate do you not to the birth of your wit or do you Texan who. It's true that while you're on a date okay that's what's supposed to happen. Hopefully you guys have put your phones that way you know you should make that a rule when you're on a date phones away OK enjoy each other's company. If he's texting while on a date trust me he's not a keeper he is not the one. The don't waste your time with him you need him in closer to your own age probably gentleman that likely you'd like. Who appreciates who you are and where you are in life okay. And you know. Things do change equipment. Quite rapidly especially in the tech world. So on you know Gary young person around you to help you out. With texting and you know the Gramm and social media and all that stuff that he will be up on it. But yeah I suggest that you get someone close at your own someone who's like the romance of talking on the phone recording in the third thing. Day. I am so. The way society is going now and I mean back in and day Lou people who negotiated. You know whom we share them mute and debate boom boxes you yeah immunity and I knew I wrote. Well right Hugh educated on these older. Edge in the U yeah she did get our. Now winning and AM. I'm just into a mile home meals. I'm texted you about real out you'd Hamlet promising you a message. An answer cold and don't answer. Mean to me on these that I lag. Is slated it would now Ian had them immune the ICG a ticket if you it's a cool if you don't. Yeah oh it'd. I am at home grown that is. It man it and Bittermann. What wit my leave. Waiting at the relationship you know playing we need it makes outs it all in the. Not and it and how wanna say you need in. It he likes you hunt I get it as well as though it normal. And now. That's so yesterday. So. A pop up. It would have old man. No matter it and some don't yeah. Evidence. How did about it and want and that dates but Annan. At least Gallup. We did get doubled edged out that just makes it easy to Atlanta. If you reject our our our order is now where the talk goes to the cup. Yes. You. Know. 08 dot I know they're good when you get about four I did it take a minute the IR Virginia which again. Round. You. Know. Right now opt out. Man with short cut in the well let me tell. You been in London demo yeah. And I. I oh yeah. Clinton makes a hell. The I don't admit I don't have. A junior web part of the guys' response and coming up a 23 after the hours subject that today strawberry letter. Though this court you will find out right activists. You're listening. Beat morning show. I coming up at about twenty minutes we're gonna talk about slightly is brand new movie it's called it's coming out called black Klansman. And we're also talking about racism in America people I mean we need to have that conversation for sure. Yeah we'll get a little scary at the end and break it down and talk about it a little bit right now it's time for a recap of today's cover letter with Phil in the middle of that. This subject is so this is what we're doing now. An older. Email wrote this letter. She says she has. Old school ways of doing things. She was married for many many years he got a divorce and now she's back on the dating scene and she's talking about how much things have changed since she was married and since he was dating you know when she was younger and dating before she says she's met in ninth guys. But there's so into texting. She's a woman that likes meant to pick up the phone and call her and they have a conversation on that waste is not too much into the. Text messages and all of that this man with trying to woo her she said a while her with on a string of text messages and she's simply told them. He was no Langston Hughes and that was the end of that she hadn't heard from him then. On the second guys that the white lie in itself with sketchy though he couldn't make calls he could only tax. And that's on suspicion that. But she didn't know much about Wi-Fi and it didn't sound right to she's got texting him. She wants to know she goes on and it date. A while there on the day. Should they actually talk or should they texts he just needs to know text etiquette or date etiquette. And you know this century in the 21 century I think. And does she wants to know should she keep praying for a man that's going to call her like a normal part that he needs help we've heard from Jay Weaver from June Europe for me. I think she needs to Mary and all meet an older man more her speed you know Beck can be gentlemen do it she likes to do pick up the phone and stuff like that. And leave these young guys alone because she's not fees he's not doing well with that. So nephew it's on mute junior when you finish your answer. Yeah I'll. Pass it. I'm glad that. You don't get it may it won't talk and no it like CC and start to them didn't they and among them. Hold it right away yet and we'll build up. I just sat out but it was. Hope. I'd bet he a year. Is this what we're doing now is the subject of today's story letter which he got. Not what we're doing this is what they are do you hope you win UA's bills to be doing. Let me explain this though they guided that we by the Lavrov route he meant marry ya get better and this area but. In the same way and we do you do you league annually look at what arrived he'd beat the boys who got right. You grow on me he needs somebody you'll leave you need somebody has got to a hollow woody shirt. I think that guy is dead and days that you at least when I look at that. Well now. Out. Of somebody dipped god he's charged with seat cope with the make golf. How you have out there or do you look go with somebody they have got to bubbles they're gonna think less of it without a doubt. Yeah yeah yeah little with some ideas do you have frank who play out of mates and John would have hurt. He has now. Added nice job doing though you found a write me and when you O market and straight in it's that went to change and that's all I'm. I can't okay. All right the guy that put you down you can tell you owe me that we use the nugget ring no it replying that you. Would imagine that yes yes hey yeah like I admit it today quality is Nicholas's. If the house that user even Getty if you got a government girl even if I don't. How do you wiring the at least. And I value really in the human. When you meet you Mayo long the Solio mailed guys go back. Relax. Your. As a top right now I'm not doing you know you deal Romo didn't yeah. Remember it is them at umpires got a crease and he'll go on the yeah. Or all of let me. See. We don't let it. And I'll let you have got. You now know that it's the day. Go to your house. When you go to now what happens without a doubt this flamingo in the yell out again and yet. My back when we we still in the off on the side and how he got to reliable does that notes about it. I. A major problem. The compensation. I don't know without reliable guide to hold out what all they did leave this quality and me. I. Not met with you want when you get any into. This is if he got around them is blasting Iran from the front don't kick. Underneath Atlantic is because carpet you have empathy that you get it. Look like and they're like oh yeah I left and right at Enron bailout. You gotta run up you'll see how you look up. All right that's kimono and. Okay this day it's it's yeah. Do you. New rate you rate and let's get an out while we in the house appears televised. Yeah it wait 3000. UK no problem. Don't be that Dole's Y know what he got a half past Arial but yeah. Is the ability flat left and right. You can probably eight tracked him and improper use them. Album dig up and now a PR guy and he knows in the NBA didn't throw away didn't he got them. But he often though. Yeah you. Oh I the men men men. He Eagles Mayo Eagles and elected given by. The Eagles real old spice up. On maglev free. Right. Right I believe you clean and most talented and make remain okay and and the broke him loose in a quarter statements. Yeah I got three got to get out of your day so much email us your answer Emma should thoughts on today's cover letter Steve Harvey F and coming up at about ten minutes. Likely movie like Klansmen in theaters Friday president. Attacking LeBron all that we're gonna talk about racism in America we come back call at 87729. Feet. You're listening. Pete morning should.