Strawberry Letter - She Won’t Get In My Bed

Friday, June 29th


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The thread is you hit podcasts from Ozzie media explores history surprising connections in order to discover how one thing leads to another. Like a movie moguls and early Hollywood helped spark need to movement today get it on I heart radio program every list. Yeah the strawberry out of object you won't get in my bed dear Steve and surely I have been dating a beautiful woman for about five months. Everything is great he's special and she does a lot for me the problem. We've run into a big issue whenever we discuss her sleeping over at my house he asked me how many sexual partners have I had. And undoubtedly. There have been quite a few binge she asked me how many women have been in my bed. Tough question to answer undoubtedly they have been quite a few. He got very upset and demanded that I'd buy a whole new bed because she doesn't want to sleep and a bit that another woman has been and I've but that bed and match with a few years ago and is a very nice king sized. It's been over a thousand dollars on. Just spend more of my money to buy another dead. Can I go ahead and buy another car while I'm added because of the women have been in my car. If so he should have to buy new underwear because of the men may have seen our and it this is crazy and I hope we don't break up because of this am wrongly itself. I don't think you're wrong at all I think you're right this is crazy. But you really surprised me and it's led by answering her how many women have you and have been have you been with or have been in your bed question. What wedge granted that I mean everyone has the pads. And you should've kept that in the past it serves no part with here and it's really another group does that mean what difference does it make. You know it was the bed plane that those are my answer to go to my questions I have for you. You change the sheets and everything right didn't look fresh and clean and there. After only five months she wants you to. Wrote your bed out and get a new one I mean I could feed you guys were together for a long time and like planning on getting married and stuck. Then you might invest in a new bed and the new furniture while you're at it you know to start your new life with her car. Until then until you know if she sleeps in your bed the one you have. You know as long as it's clean and everything where you go over to her house and sleep in her bed are right games. Shirley. I happen to disagree. With you lose them out to you wanna. He's saying is is he rolled through this he did the wrong. He did wrong because do you bought this on yourself. And don't. You've been Dayton has girl problems she special to you. See you say she's special to you soda and she's special to you. And you gotta expect to treat you how special. So years. You treat a Spanish. First of she came to USC. How many women have you hey before. Blah blah. They say at that time. For Utica DiMaggio conquering ski army unit and and she issue how many women have been in his day and you say well quite actually quite of few. I've. Still it and say that for. Yeah did own doll. This is me. Augusta on merit anybody's game grow members teach a couple of first of ball late eighties if a man ask you how many means you billion. What about told judge a maximum number is three year. Fleury. Three issue of maximum numbers may. You would do a review was hook into an eight. Look at it. I always. Matt is no bail them mimicked. The flurry. Give a damn what shoot deep. And show noble gas. Yelled maximum noble. Kim now exceed flat. Notre it's not true. Was shot she'll day. How many women and only. Not very many men have always been through selective in my process will always carefully. Picked word. A man who did in his grave nobody which you. Now how to go some things on afloat and just isn't a whole. And I'm doesn't let things in the guerrilla. And England in the garage. And crime. What you don't know Wyndham. Now on as a unit bottles kicking Stansberry at 4000 dollars a year ago. Now she don't wanna covered his B and all these of the government car unit not not not as warm and special to you. Not to negotiate special noble cause they're about it and you know you you ought to solve yourself so do you have to go get another bit yet. That you can do attractive option. You could look at mattress is saying nobody below me is that. You're trying to. Break out. And that is all new sheets. And you could try to. You could you could eat if you hit boarded league you can stated in new Carla if there's a fabric you cook. You're saying you should buy a whole new bed. I think you don't have to show because he brought to soreness. It is just a debris. Which you got about another B you can just about foreign. Get a full term you got to do so. It's gotten a different issue while Portugal loses girl right here then you stupid. They're saying what I got to bottom of the cotton knock them out wouldn't be in a cop why do you keep all the talk about a lot of women dominate. And stupid day is due date. Always trying to show what we got. Not you got yourself in a quandary here because this girl would you say a special mass you'll be special to you. She don't want fallen and now you've got to do something about it. Arguing got give into Cobb how Hugo why you gotta tell haven't been in. You stupid Ed you wrote the letter and it's on national radio show you do and you need to buy new cars. I have a new house about. Yeah they look at new clothes new every game you need to move. You just two and I did did did did government do she need to blossomed underwear cause me than seeing and you don't blood part two of your response to today's story letters subject. Boortz fuel at a time to warm he day special. He hit his stupid dude told this woman who think especially. How many women have been in his bay at nationals we could be. Okay coup. So now you've got to fix it. I think you do have to give another big point decent inflaming people. Probably can keep it matches what you go have to forget. Because you're right oh I got a to match it or an egregious. All you can just about all falls to Kia. Well seal this so don't matches may not mean. As a lot of ways you rarely does but you don't have to do so. So surely and I want you to be bigger and what should ask me questions about women in every ship bottom and under June. I'm we'll show you hockey cities Opel does this mean. Though ami ami young dew tour and empress. Young and OK so how come women have been in your bedroom which you think the move him. Cool. If I let us. Cool way noble grew up a little diluted and she is. What I'm waiting is hasn't been nagging. Mean. Chills it. Those CDs. It's going and doing it and direct anonymity being. Up up up. Oh. No ambiguity. Yeah old logo can we do you give back to meet them all Qatar there. Huh. Bush should special hasn't been that many. Then you can't think. Outdoor pool that pool of a median and Inco Wendy's complete news hope. Well did you sleep with them all and that's bad right here. Will this week. We move through me. But this is about you poll Booth. Clinton. Should. Baghdad via written some people what kind of bend is this. Ought to submit their blogs there about three yeah yeah who's been in the as they brought to you it is groups. Yup but it tore do you imagine out of there Newport two year. Re. Well I'm out of their reward warning. Well leisure sheets and everything here in our ninth and everything lift clean and an Aussie right there hawk got cleaning sheets from your yes. Secret audio and all those two will be you know movement is only goal. Yeah. A lot of small cabin. Crew doesn't approve his one hero when we have another bedroom perhaps a different better. Yeah yeah yeah I got there but I definitely key McKee global. Ball. And in because he sits in a woman over Uga guy key. Let's see. The outcome if say you. Call it what you wanna look. At. The okay now all these women it's taking you a few days that they albeit in you'll Beirut here at the house to being game Beasley might. Did you hear each. I I. I'm happily. Would you believe all this you all let it to him on leave him. Don't wait to be the way I agree to be his. I'm trying to yeah it means. I mean what you know media do not out to do now that right now the distribute that we don't use the program. Oh I know. An app that I know you how you probably don't meet for five months. Where you go ahead and leaning to the view. Wii and you. He had to embrace being the all right if I'm broken and united. But not to that it matches I've lived if you hit. And you sat back and now you know you light up the numbers legal repel all and you feel good to get clues. You don't all of it cools in my life. Now that's okay. And today is slight bit. Can't use it like that I'm probably got some pales yet another dude do you see you feel about all of new drones. I'll have a new candy. Campaigning back at around. Massive masters we talk about that match them up but Casey panicked as you get over. And what there are. Okay Steve led JB. Girl through and by day really there. Like. I don't. I yup yup it is. Okay and I had to have maintenance he means used names they use their names are met. Suppress they've the because that's his name. Were well over all properly. You'd have been diligently at it in the big. And limit how about oh all right you. Oh I don't know guys an. I'm in the neck to rub isn't it. It's great to name. Yeah in his draw. And from what I read don't let them. We're gonna. Love it I Disney give molded and what did your barbecue level. Or. Eight. What you listen to adult black kids out. How's god god god bless you would deal. I did mental well being able Gupta and his gift. Lose on the Samuel W. One got me up at the now would do sickened nearly as much as an actor I've got to go guys I'd have to. It'd. You know there is an amateur but then today's Harvard lettered three Barbie FM you're listening. Beat morning show.