Strawberry Letter - Seems Like He Has Been Waiting On Me To Leave First

Wednesday, August 29th


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I can't say it has to have this job very much for insurance now. And junior. I'd subjects like you've been waiting for me to leave earth. Here's Stephen surely my husband and I are now fifty years old. We have five grown sons and four grandchildren. And ten years ago my husband had a playing at work and the female with barely twenty years old. At the time I was devastated but he sport nothing physical happened. A whole situation didn't sit well with me. But one day last week I checked my husband's old fault for any proof like it fun. I've found messages between my husband and the girl and the other language and she was taking him for all he was doing her financially and praising him or his sexual rally. I was hurt and relieved at the same time all of the hardy came back and I felt stupid for believing his lies. But I was glad that the truth finally came out. Now I know why he made all of the random bank withdrawals and had strange purchases on the credit cards. I told him that I had all of the proof that I needed and I asked him or divorce. Even not put up in fact an odd thing concerned at all. I have loved this man that the I was eighteen years old and just like that he was ready to end our marriage. I should add that we haven't had sex. Than 2015. And he always says it's not me. It's him and then I'm Philip fine that the day he'd marry me I'm hopeful though if I wasn't enough for him why and he just let me go. I am feeling like he only stayed with me all of these years for the sake of that he would then I am still in good shape and good health. My black has not cracked though I'm sure I can at least somebody else you. I'm marriage are let ago please advise. Did you fight for your marriage or letting go to that I at what marriage. Okay note that for three years. Text messages and pay outs to another woman. Lies upon lies upon lies and ultimate slap in the face an even put up any kind of fight to keep. That's why I say what marriage this would the relationship of convenience and tolerant are right. This thing that you had. You guys had gone on this situation has been over for a very long time he was just waiting for you to say if earth like you said. In the subject things like you've been waiting for me to leave earth. He's waiting for you to think of earth though he wouldn't be the bad guy now until the kids it was June view at the divorce you won at the divorce. Well. You'd say you're glad the truth came out the truth is out I would tell you to fight for your marriage but I don't see anything left here do you really. Well seeing right even wait no major leave cars. Okay let's just take it from man let's find out what. You know through fifteen. Five rose spoke Greinke. Ten years ago seeing this add to this ten years ago. My husband had a playing at work and a female was barely twenty years ago. At the time I was devastated. What he swore up and physical happened. Whole situation didn't see where we mean so one day last week that. Last week. I checked my closed rooms all alone look any proof then that crude. Barack. The men and yeah husband. Had an affair ten years ago. Ten years ago. You'll go back he told you Norton physical happen you'll go back and find his all of our last week. It continues. To go the deferral. You but I did last week. And I found message. Just between Monroe. Husband. And go out he had a playing way this thing there was barely Tony is all but it was ten years for adults or anyone thought she would torn. Thank you know all he was dual bump on their three praised him for sexual problems. I was hurt in relieved at the same time. All they hit eight K hardy came back you opened up its casket with a ten year old body doing but it was girls and who. I like that the attic and you opened up a can ask you would have twenty. Ten year old body image and you didn't think it was postponing. Well. OK let it. All the hard AK back an uphill stupid four believing his lies. You could if Peter talked to Joseph let it guess what. Well we are right that was where we would have been two years ago he was trying to salvage the. But I was glad that the truth finally came on right. Now know why he made on him random bank withdrawals hit a straight person on his credit card sought told him I had all approved by the media. And I asked him or do as a role he could put up a fight in. Back mainstream concern Nadal he will probably really. You really don't. You'll OPEC get a whole home fifteen years old. And not do leaving him put that. Many I think you should grow. I think you should go cabinet with all of them give me. Other businesses eighteen. And just like there he was ready to is now mayor. I should day that we haven't hit a six since two down fifteen none on now you are way ahead. Yeah yeah. She. Didn't do it behind act and. I think we you can I circle we. Yeah and we they had six and two food wanted a little bit and prepare to meet neatly. You meet me they're six and do them that I promise you it is. I doubt it two to. Three years three years and I'll say actual war. Yeah. Augusta mall where you'll meet them. I don't know what criteria we're going to address on your far right here I'm steelers' line at the daisy Mae and me. C'mon let's recap today's cover letters subjects things like you've been waiting for me to leave. Earth couple feet two years old five rooms those phone keys tenure as the go to man there was word he said that physical after. He just covered mr. she was devastated. You know but he's sworn that physically whole situation in Syria where so one day last week. One day last week. She opened up what can I ask you. But ten year old casket would a body has been in them fourteen years she found his old falls. And we've bank teen years and found some messages that years. On the out there have been Macon. And that he was pretty awesome. Now you devastating jewel and all. Yugo and now. You asked demand. You tell him you got on a proof you need you wanted to divorce team put a bullfight in effect he sinkers and you know. I passed the problem he. Mentally after phone and central executing is. Cause soaring to their phone. In and out. Anything that blown away. And have phoned hope what are you know what you would attend and meet some real real world approved recently. It would continues. And then on. American withdrawal. I don't have been recharging. On parliament in Colorado didn't make it home she owed them. Pablo Guzman since I was eighteen year old girl and just like that he was really years now man you. Our sit runner got the ball do we sit cool guy you look great. Asha today that we have is that since 2000 BP released autopsy that we. You're nervous anything that does demand round is you know. We have an answer. Out there today. And no subject is to doubt it up and even criminal detractors can you know don't do this right. Then boarded on your books straight while they don't land where you know three years. Why. Anyway. This she says is not did he always say is this not meet its hill. That comes Steelers signed as the day he read me now that which is that your going to regret that this thing is that. You for it. Yeah are we have five grown also knows the job been together since you eight teen yeah I'll pick. You still find as the day manager. Happened Steve. Pulling you know she. And you. Don't know how human being and now. I'm just mail me. At the with the. She used. A drop I didn't. Able who you don't. Get their own graduation took third day this is better than they won't put it just me. Better. Not SD. I can't I say bull. I didn't even really. Some there's so there are just came. No no need. I didn't even label everybody you know best that's. Think it did as good World Bank did well. Nobody could do about it when I'm beautiful and I injury is giving anybody. Alabama and body OK that it doesn't and a nighttime and day there's rarely if it is you go back and do. I. I tell you man bought targeted. Yeah. Blue well. Did you. I think did you load back then it. H yeah I don't and I would well yeah you look agent whale. Or how well each. It. Skin Shamu meant. Could grow like a deal yet. Thank you slowed down it did well it. But graduated to meet The Who that the thing. I don't know what I never asked when I was 61 I'll wait world 47. I just kept a scaled all the date and your use of the big aren't there you're just not cars out there. Or I had the issue that's emptying anything else. As you had Ali curled the giant and I gave it just named in Maine and so this is a lot. But you wanna they they're a fine today you and me married you. I'm no fool go. If I wasn't enough for him whining he just made meego. He did you. Suing password divorce. And a man don't fight you're own. He he had been it go oh where is just you just ask. This big hole. And now feel like he'll only stay we'll be all these years for the sake of the key. Do we need to send. That's going to go at it. Crushed they would all my wives with a key. You really they've. I know it. Every topic comes into CA united they'll everything what I try to curb devil but we have to Miller as Cabrera had a good good good let me edit myself. They've it would tedious way. I statement. In not great situations. Because. I was just trying to be bold and obviously okay. I would go with that. The issue goes on the say that I am steel and initiate. That's not to say embassy knew his plan what does he didn't double and a couple Lazarus yeah. Now already felt all at once and unscrew good shape. In order to me and good hill. My blackness not correct. Soccer shoe I can get somebody else to what about. Our guys are right Steve we got to get out of your arm relic of the damage your thoughts on today's cover letter adds Steve Harvey at M you're listening. Each.