Strawberry Letter - My Wife Cheats Way More Than I Do

Tuesday, September 18th


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Vote outside we got a forty every strawberry left. Subject. My wife. Need some way more than I do this can be done this time college as good bit of the lift and there's surely my wife and I have been together. Since 2009. And married since 2015. We have three guns and I love them all dearly. Trying to sugarcoat it at all but I have to tell you about my wife. Now we've both. Cheated on each other from the beginning of our relationship. Even though she refuses to admit all the she'd done. I forgive her for everything because that I'm wrong doing but I have a problem with target on the. I am willing to while work on all of our business this all of our issues because. It till death do us part he admitted to cheating with six different guys and we've been married. But she claims that no effect was involved. I don't understand what you're doing if you cheat without having sex. I've admitted everything. Even that I got my ex mistress pregnant and we ended up terminating the pregnancy. That was good for me and now I'm done cheating. I wanna work on my marriage because I don't want to include this woman. But just the other day I thought looking at another guy luckily and it brought back the doubts I have about her being papal kidney. I try not to keep bringing up Keating because I don't want to keep the dispute going. There has been so much damage done and already. I'm remarkable and I forget par but I cannot. Forget all that attack and it is is it too late for us what should we do please help. Well I'll I'll save it it's never too late. For anything it's never too late the it's never too late. But man oh man that bit that the lot right here. On the have to suggest also counseling counseling counseling have to suggest that if you. Purely wanna work in your marriage your new wife right now aren't too different page it's completely you think you're done with cheating but July. It seems to still have a and her blood which I think it's true you want her to stop but listen until she's ready to stop. If she ever ready to stop you guys cannot move forward it's way bigger view to forgive her and all of that and to finally that cheating yourself. And want to work in your marriage that's very unusual for men usually men don't do that usually it's the woman who take the men back the cheating. But it it it's you know men do take their wives back. But it's very rare it's rare. The trust has been broken here and it lets you guys are willing to do the work that it's going to take to rebuild that trust and get back on the same page. This relationship is don't and that's the bottom line. He. Does that praise and how we come back out to about next June she'd been in this etched. Let's give this into an all you can eat it right yeah. And Steve don't forget that. Will have part two of your response to the letter Stevie we are with today's strawberry letter that subject my life cheap way more than I do let's recap that the Korean. I don't recap these people bring together this is 2009 minutes there's to doubt that if they got three sons you know this is a man write this letter. King your sugar coat this. But I got to you Bob my wife. We both cheated on each other from the beginning about relationship that'll to doubt the man. Even though she refuses to admit all she's done apple give up everything because of my wrongdoing. But I got it would look dishonest you have problems that this. Went in and don't see Brooke I'm balloons the human. Apple give Barbie girls that everything because a mob wrongdoing but I got problems could disarmed. I've got a problem we'd probably be in that went in after back to. UK bit dis honest person they did have a problem would another president did this if this is. I went into work or all but issues. Because is till death do let's talk old soul magic more breaking out to black. She admitted to cheating with six different doom since we've been married. Or 2008 telling. In three years uterus well what six goals. And outside until marriage. What she claims no sex what the ball I don't understand what you do and if you cheat without habits that. You inaudible note from. This boy stupid rules so being. It is different I have to admit everything even that I got my ex mistress pregnant and we. Of pregnancy so what did you Gordon and well yeah it. Why did you walk in that if you terminated the pregnancy which I'm not condone owning all banish. That's not what I'm doing what they've terminated the pregnancy what Joseph mystery. Going and how did you. Now. But come down the he getting riled still putting. And it to pregnancy. And more in house and read everything. That was it for me. And not didn't she. Won't work home marriage you know happy man. Doctors to previous governors Otto the because I don't want them. Anyway when I went and went and got back on that Wednesday. They're they're good they're to be able that stayed together that you wanna. Documents to the best you can go to school and I don't. It. Isn't what I met a double. They got. Off you've had a new. He means what it is also the I want to work mom and you don't Hannawald about a quarter and this won't this natural moment. Mean she's been around too many of the people. We're just the day onslaught hung look at that another guy that asked when will that number seven. They brought. I'll practice doubts I have a bottle be it Bible to me she now. I try not to keep bringing up to cheat and. She can't she eaten. I'll call them keep. Sheep are enacted early is dead now there's been fast you think it's now actually denied them. What's that. And use now. I don't wanna keep the dispute Golan. There's so much damage done already done it repair. When I'm. Done. Now the Bible to each other you've not been true each other debater and she noted this is she met. And check out our remorseful and apple view while she now. Silly youthful appeal draw backs didn't do. And they want to on you not sick deal that to damn sure. Don't all Steve's so don't put my name at the top of that DSD vision space institute to hit it. And that that I got there I had he gotten a little practice he anywhere in there told. A leader boards and we're giving you seven days them. I'm going to do not practice. Peace. Want to know is capable awful and achieve it 630. And ride it. I'm remorseful enough you will not include all of this when Buchanan did and then she GQ reports of course. What she did refresher course that being as you try and give the vehicle. But we'll report. Is it to. And you know portion we do. Didn't want to break up and it broke just. Well. But you know that your opinion. So what are they they're not married whether they want more time that we can because they're competent manner to gather and a lot of the unlike. You know what I'm not gonna give up I'm just an okay you know I'm not. Old enough to insert a six Mabel. And that number seven on the 300. Payment of Oakland and I am calling you advocate general's approval obviously. He. Packed yes and it not may have no Buddhist. All right Steve we gotta get out of here thing Q you can email after its program as your thoughts on today's strawberry letter at Steve Harvey at M you're listening. Being warning should.