Strawberry Letter - My Marriage Is Stable But Stale

Friday, September 7th


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Haven't 41 after the hours Steve Harvey is bad acting feeder is back in Chapman untapped. Political. They're coming out. Our that's as elevate you that is today that. And it you need advice on relationships and dating him work and thank them parenting and more. Please submit your strawberry letter that he Barbie at them dot com and click submit strawberry letter writes these. Yeah. A yeah actually. It we view. All of we got a boy unity of the stroke every Yankee met the object of my marriage is stable but they feel. Steven surely have a testimony. And it solid advice in the past. My husband was a scam artist and I am an ex stripper and call girl. We both got caught up and ended up doing time and our family to care by children. I got I got released from prison bird. And I started to rebuild our lives when he got out I'd put him in school after that I continued my education. And now we make decent money and have a stable home life. My husband used to be and natural hustler. But now he does not share my desire to work hard and earn more money besides that you've gained 100 pound. And has turned into a couch potato. I am done being the dreamer planner and motivate her and the brains. But my problem get the birth. The worst part is that life in the past I was getting gratification from multiple man. And now I'm not getting my it's properly grabs I could step out and get rate that from other men. But I have a conscience. I don't wanna keep on being miserable in this marriage with a mediocre income and that. I have talked to my husband about that and apologize for not being able at Miami that was the what am I supposed to do. Do I leave and start over taking kids away from their stable home with their father or should I go ahead and keep on my husband. And say in this field. How could do. I can tell you tore and I think you know but they weren't you. I'll punitive I can't wait to hear a thing you notice we're. Whose group which. Felt like you wanted to actor I think we got a bigger questions really only you can end here I mean you've been in the marriage for awhile. You guys have a or did that scam artists stripper call girl all of that. But. You know you can't you page it usually digit time in now like you say you're rebuilding your lives which is a good thing every one deserves a second chance. Now you put your husband through school we had an education is no excuse for him not working. And then you continue to viewers you make decent money now you have a stable home life. That your your your husband sounds like he's just not happy this natural Floridians. He's not happy though he gained a hundred pound or into a couch potato and now the fact that horrible thing. Again these are questions only you can answer did you leave him that question to you is what do you walk on to I mean really what you want you can have what you want. But you can't change anyone but yourself. In that situation if you wanna stay there you got to deal. With China had. Did your husband out of this bunker helping him get back on the right track if you've gained a hundred pounds you know start meal planning helping him. Do you things like that work out things like that find out what's going on and go to the doctor. Why the weight gain talked to him about it when he did talk to him about it he said he just answer to apologize if nothing happened. I say that if you wanna stay with him if you love him and all that. But if not if you wanna want. You know that's what you gonna have to do because it doesn't sound like he's interested in the marriage. Only you can make this make this change of you feel like your marriage is worth fighting sport and you'll have something after you buy. Big news day if not you're gonna have to walk. They. I don't really won't it is. Lately. My whole asylum technical hold them. There matter of fact let me just say should we gave you to visit by Hugh and he images to. A permission. I haven't testimony. Testimonies and nobody give an inch of you Bob is to church on. Great job routed don't know words hugely. Active. In advance. Mile road rules scale on his. I am extra live call girl. Go back Carter open theater Abdul would have an up good to kill Iraqi. I got released from prison first started to rebuild out of that when he got wound up putting through school method that I continue their education. And now we make decent money and have a stable home life. As do people are allowed to make mistakes and gradually. My husband used to be a natural wholesome. But now he does not share my desire to work hard and her moment decides that. He has game one of the pros and turned into account to. I'm gonna start you. Know. How to really gave his hunted those is cause he stops game. That's how. Will give ground on the Oprah do a goat is free it is hard to gain weight when you skate. Because you don't want is more room honestly your adrenaline. It's the element adds little weird to all day. He would just like a little cry okay just a minute or. Man slowly he'll be in shape. Com slash topic. Went to prison he'll go to go back to Bristol night as stated there sort it out at the picked up on it. As surely as they get older meal play a harder it is to fly the I'll let you know. If they don't doubt that maybe he's a good deal that came out. He's set but then he's no brunch at. The word rather break lieutenant. Probably don't. Send ordered catcher David Dreier is live we don't know what to do boring regalia. And I used to be married to a stripper and a call their own houses don't call us. And that's an obviously vast and this is scoop. Restaurant got a bit of education that. Some day in the suburban. I don't want to. Where about scaled that light and what they were able quote. The really approaching clocks. Going to work. Unbeaten he picked up on. Not his legs says she's still be in the dream that a plan at a motivated and their brains. You left well you'd cook. And you personal shop. All right all right here's Steve Holliday right at today's strawberry letter this subject my marriage is able but hell. Yes they Oprah they know have been no bull. Because the court the only way you acted he had a good life he just messed up god cult. But it prison doctors say is down. Hinge on the go back in there. So the players say yeah K scale from this couch. Right yeah. C'mon you listen in the US went to school. I should have been announced imminently nice to. He'll need it. Our town scale models include abuse and do my. All of our lives he was deeply platoon you'll call me accountant. At pains to. Were you how to use them at a you know I'm not really children whom mr. that they have any aches from my problem is deeply. Who were brought his six lives in the players. I was used to didn't gratification from multiple mean. And they arrested and let it okay ago and now I'm not give my itch properly stretched. Try not to call that he. I was here locally in each that you and others. I guess I'm not I'm doing a lot of we're gonna enough that you are bona today include. And because sometimes you're a got a mutual is scratch you got to give to each taking care. Them immediately in some day open the cell. Got to hope resisted. They got some guys in opens a lawful. In selling her. Come until you are able to do this and that of the worst part is now six life. I could step out just a great six from all the Meehan got what you read you know. Your bat to abandon call girl. And issuable. You don't want to. Don't dude. She says but I have a consciousness. I don't wanna keep home being miserable in his image would mediocre in Coleman's. Since February would use. It's as brief. As venison got a big hit it definitely. But. Loyal make him. That's to be extremists. His rig is a really the American no motive of some size six in the some dead ahead. If you're going outside of six and leaders political shop. At least their cargo ship. What you're gonna do a decent living there complained. India which is you've got to stick to your responses. So. Obstacles. Would I don't do them about what. I got to is that 200 me what you world. So. I was not only do we do is that a I knew it when rated. That visible in this mediocre marriage or six and Inco have talked morals and about a year apology. Sore muscles had to do our leader and start over taking the kids away from a stable home and a father no don't. Or should I Gordy. And she don't move as they stay in this field. Well here's a suggestion that might be Q2 birds rooms. You can get your goes back off to couch. By getting him back into the house. And we want to do now with his tag. Team grossly scale. Leading he working which you to scratch you. He then he'll go out and get you mean that you need. To be sad and I. Don't. And then you'll have look good. Did you feel that like he bit hooks. And what you don't know is Gretchen HM that's a wreath not to wait. You'll be back in grievances which you have apparently but he he give you permission to do what you do. I don't like this. Don't know I think. A trip to the a good way to do that but they but to do during gave well known yet he has. And that's a lot applauding I'm in Lincoln come back on it and hung parliament and. Well she when he became the first 25 or are doing and they get furnace. Or thirty yards fifty average human anatomy are strictly. Logical when you raise an eyebrow at the united UUBUB. Elmo loud. Then then to doing jailed but they're athletes and you may overheat and it added that helped the right. I think that doesn't do that for you go gluten free. And. You mean to out run and in this thing you can gain a lead Albert in man and that alone. The moment. Yeah I mean challenged these are questions only she can answer she wants that day she's you know got to leave and start. Take the kids away from this stable home what did Bob. I would say no to that. Or should our gore did in chi don't models with its sea hawk options. Is the process they would you don't cause I say it's they would eat and don't execute rumors stable home. All hot air sees the bus they were you Ahmed Cheadle yeah yeah yeah that's our guys should definitely response. So some doubt it will include him in cheek. Are we gotta go with the great hoopla. It Eleanor entered M us your thoughts on today's strawberry letter at Steve Garvey at and. And at my girls surely you're listening. Beat morning show.