Strawberry Letter – My Husband's Ex Is So Disrepectful

Thursday, June 21st


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All of untie we got a we're here it is this row variant that are right now viewed thank you subject. My husband's ex. Is road disrespectful. Move. Dear Steven surely my husband and I have been together for thirteen years. And we've been married for five years before we got married we broke up for about a year and during that time we dated other people. We got back together in 2010 and we swore that we cut ties with anyone from our past. I'm Finley then and we got married not long after our wedding I found out that my husband was still communicating with an ex girlfriend. This woman had the nerve to call our house and ask for him I had words with her and she ended up hanging out on me. It's been many years and that happened but I figured my husband was still talking to her occasionally. I thought the interaction with them on social media. So I decided to call her and let her know that he needs to stop talking to my husband. She said the my husband was a good friend and her but she was stopped communicating with him if it would make me feel better. He also said that if I want my marriage to work I need to stay out of my husband's business. It was pot. Then she told me that she hoped I found a new job since I'd just been laid off. Now needless to say I cursed her out and then hung up on her. Apparently my husband tells this woman. All of our business I could not wait for him to get home I can cursed him out here. But get this he came home and he was furious when let me. Cute called him and told him everything my husband told me not to ever call her again and he fit that I cannot control who he's friends with. I found it. I think. Surely I just have one question for you is my marriage over. Well I think there is no it's not over. Until it's over but it is on life support right now it definitely is your marriage isn't a whole lot of trouble because your husband and has decided to bring another woman into the sanctity of your marriage okay. This is why the problem allotted time to have friends of the opposite sex when you're married. Because lines across there are no boundaries some times listen your husband is wrong is wrong. Are telling her you business he should have don't let that should've been between husband and why. And by the way by the way she's acting he's probably doing more than just talk hinder you get when I mean OK she bulge she's empowered. He's disrespectful to you she's disrespectful to the marriage your husband. Is on her side he's choosing sides here because he's mad at you. His wife were calling her I think he's putting her before you and you know you're not supposed to do that so is it over. It's hanging on by a thread I don't know what you can do necessarily to get it back. As long as it's another woman is in the picture Steve. It's too much to say you missed it this extremist move. Personal. You all broke will be ending in thirteen years. And you broke up to be live from five wood to broker a do you have do and determine your data from other people young got back together. And ya all's wool that could Taft who's in x.s. Did you found out that your husband steal communicate with his ex girl Rea. This woman had to learn cars dolls house and ask for him. Jacked. Yeah. Guy donut coffee. My oil and editorial oh man what is he was Bruins. When he got there Carl Bermuda simply lived on the phone. Hulu now Belinda this sound like somebody Linda this'll Melinda that a dude it's always troubled land without a limo away. Found a marvelous do you communicate music you're from. She ended up at the house I have words would have and then she hung up on you. I don't whole Lotta years since that happened what do you got to pick in the Jehovah was deal Tom little Asian. And then you saw some interaction between liberals social media and so I decided to Karl. You are well. And let her know she need to stop talking to your clothes. As well better than the first call you should let me. Should do well done now what you should say no browse to you she made no fouls to use chain promised to cleave all others and headed slowly onto you. So what you called his former role. Do you start of a lot of things you do what is out of audit you shouldn't have called that warm don't your job resume. If you'll there was to do what is pros do you were left Cairo. Soda was the first mistake. She's saying that your whole who did not she telling used to Abacha who was a good career to hurt. What she was stopped communicating with your it'll make you feel bad it'll Goodell where this happened don't care how you be. So important what new MR right chairman. We don't know she tripped and shoot those covered our stop talking you know they've been a make you feel better. But let me tell you something though Sweden again. If you want your marriage to work. You need to stay out just who is the is the war. For war. You need to stay out your whole husband's business if you want children as you work so now what's she doing now. Sheep obviously a series of things to you to show you heard level of relationship that she got which you'll host. Otis was banquet she. He got a cap this to say we're live heat I am so for real. Did she told you that she hoped you were found a new job since you've just got laid off. Are there. UN war and I'm on this show you've got a host of reasons we. Corroborated no I hope you fassel worked since you've been it was so yeah. Media as to say it costs topped out okay coup did hold up on her. Did not medical crew. And you came to do is doing a good dale home gym there apparently models and tails this woman ought obviously yes thank you. I could not wait for him to get home so our constitutional power to. Would get this. He came home. He was fears would me cause she had already called him and told him. Every day now this girl said when you open and I want to give you would really amp amp would. Who am I would want we got after after the. Only back when Steve the responds. Part two. Coming up today's strawberry letter is my husband's ex is so disrespectful it what is it after bin Abd Al wouldn't OK. Here it is that you couldn't let out on parts of your response forget authors funnel. I'll put in your list and about your shirt after this after. President Mahmoud. With exit so disrespect. I don't know it is her this districts or more so woody is an issue of you'd have found out he communicating with his ex girlfriend. The woman had nerve to call you how successful. You have words would she hung up on the whole Lotta years past since then would you come out and steal orchestra you little social media found out they didn't communicate. So instead of calling new worlds and you do work dumb thing to do what she called her first C Morris you called a Romer first you do your holes and he is well. You got to go to the source favre's. So you can't argue that a notion he stopped totals. She told me they're yours who was a good friend her. This just Australian. When I asked are communicating wood industry to make you feel better but before you heard god don't. If you own hold you for a new job. I've heard better thank god are faring. So beautiful on the new job because he just told me that too and oh she spelling and initiative are now she hot jet costs are out and yeah. This whole upon. Didn't she had to do homo apparently. Oh. Yeah only one who looks to us this woman. I could not wait for him to get home soccer close enough to hold on to choose. Am. He came home. It was theories would mean she had called him told you everything. This woman is and you lack of drool. She is big no you could she know how to blow Joseph opened decision to grow our customer how she'll probably doesn't do what you're white discount because you know what. Now would you go dwindled colonel similar Peco would now seem bad to cursed out if you don't stop. A Kamal hello who told me don't I'll I'll call her up a gear. Head to. And they tell our UK control. Hello where he is human but to me. I was dumbfounded. As easy. It the question is are you critics Nina. Cause even told you you've been no call linking. As unprotected. Well do you she muffler in your call hook in your control world news and sheriff there will not hit this go straight to shoot. Shell out there were questions. Is my marriage oh. What's your rescue shouldn't be. What you will surely to do you have. Hello. You tell me they sin you reds is a mobile live to tell you what he is all your day isn't telling you what to do doable. Your days of utterly delicious double. Via the day isn't given what you will from a marriage debts over yet. The fact that Dorsey who put you refer on their body else decks over. And you don't say Martin Guitar Hero. And then you know you. Kcal little more guys that can't be told no agenda on. I always learn and learn you over doing his job. The ball we yeah I do not out of life. I was told they didn't and I go through and we'll see what you look as good a and Williamson round how you got all do they were about yeah. Any and they still talk and my movements. It is disrespectful. I'm I don't think Tuesday X. Si yo it's can you say noted the stove to you this sheeting gift from here don't bride. In womb noble war. You cannot discuss she'll private business. We chill sacked peaks. All commercial side piece not passed information. To gear back to you old main thing in bing being the Kennedy funeral but they go feed it back too soon as they can you do your role has thrown. If she wants to feel you know like she's something. On you you know no matter had the only shoot yet she won't you know she got yeah. More immigration and a heavier man are you my head a man was he really role as he had received atom. In some ways what you read a bid to keep you know when you know why could you need to stay at his billions. Thus what is thy peace there and taught you some militants but if you don't move on a daily jet yeah. I could live and work. I mean I'm gonna ask why you totally you know the work. Our network Elaine. I work in almost too often his business I made them as a main do what he wanted to let him come home. U Daytona alone. EE I don't know he's coming back rooms at spoke. And it is caught a lot. We want you all perk you mylan and everything you love neglected to welcome but the duke. Getting to do with it by. That is always in the duke. A and I mean honeymoon vacation and for the anniversary vacation. You keep voting will be to me anymore. So to answer the car you. I handled in marriages and our components issue. As we know is that a lot of support as we know our show alliances. Well. I'm playing machine. I thought that take away I'm not saying woman told us to. This Dylan everybody urban and that number to show that not a first came in from yes. She does. I guess she doesn't really you know him he needs to out and being a you don't you give me don't we just baby I got you Newton bedroom for a small and I gotta get out of here please email us your answer and I should thud on today's survey letter which I got to do no word content normal we need. Our social media Steve Harvey FM dot com or I don't. The only to you give Beckel and we've got a little old me. You're listening. He should.