Strawberry Letter - My Husband is a Wimp

Wednesday, July 18th


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Don't forget tomorrow morning to. Mourning the winning continued it's 7:20 eastern 6:20 central. We're giving away a chance to win Steve Harvey's grand prize of one million de. Are you smarter then that you tell me yeah. Homeland healed up yet. Hey if any of them are Harvard and Yale that you want to read and and we columnist that it did in about oh hill apartments go. All right if you're from Harvard or Yale pleased to see Barbie and thin dot com right now to make sure we are you okay we need you iron. Partner the nephew Johnnie long thousands alma get a mama don't tell us out. And I don't like this donuts time to prepare them. I. No he voted in true when the. Woods instead of Williams. And should have been I don't see any reason why I wouldn't. What why anyone here rush. It does and I'll learn. Guys for real. Yet it's. Now it's time guys for the strawberry letter if you need advice at relationship on dating on word of thanks on parenting. Lord just sum submit your show every letter to Steve Harvey FN dot com and click that Mitt strawberry letter we could be reading your letter live on the ear. We're getting ready to do right now you know right now. Bug out and hold on tight we go out of ordinary and the stronger than it. Writes a subject of my husband is a win. Do you see even surely I've been married for five years of my husband is missing a provides for the family and he professes his love for me but he does not protect me like he should last month. Neighbor yelled at our son for going into his yard to get a ball. My husband and I went outside to see what was going on. I've politely asked the neighbor not to yell at their child and he began to yell and curse at a till my child to go inside so we can deal with the situation. My conversation with this man got heated. And he was using every curse words. Then he could think of my husband stood there and didn't say a word I continued to argue with a neighbor and the crazy man lunged at me. Like he was like me. But he missed I turned toward my husband because I knew I just knew he was about to step up and deal with this man. In my eyes my husband was running. Back towards our front door out and nail and told me I needed to get the house he immediately and leave the neighbor a little. I was so outdone. The neighbors laughed at my faith and called my husband a little weak. I was aiming for men. Ben and I asked him how he could just be like that these city. Going in the house to call the police since then I've lost a lot of respect for my. Husband I can't be with a man that doesn't make me feel safe and secure at all times. I never would have married him if I had known this is my neighbor is right he is a little beat the huddle I get past this. Well first well I don't know because that this letter is wrong and crazy and so many levels. First of all the neighbors should not have been yelling at your child you were absolutely right you and your husband absolutely right for going out there and in letting him. Have it's okay Liu anyway that your husband. But let me get this straight. You turn around and your husband was running back to the house without you. How. That is it's. A that's all I can tell you I don't get where your huddle with coming from within and yet he definitely let you happier and he certainly shouldn't have issued them. Never just did there while the naval with its respecting you like that and yelling Hatch's son he should have stepped up like the real man and the machete down and committed just you know stepped in. Took over the situation check the neighbor. For talking T crazy for lung lunching at you and almost hitting you. Even if he didn't wanna argue with a neighbor but I don't see how he. Didn't want to at this point acting yelling yelling at his son and plunging acute issue of taking you inside with him then call the police or or how about it above this you know what the neighbors behind. Pop up at right then and there all right it seemed like you would've preferred that I think people listening to the shelling listening to this letter would have preferred that as well. So you need to have a series come to Jesus meeting with him and the talent that was unacceptable he needs to step up or step out. Well does this man that I'm married to rely on now yeah I managing. Company's enemies but it was a big can sit down all weekend. And then ruled that already said this boy no. Obama Oakland and and the even told several. Dams and if we don't. The ball in the main and now in the next them able don't do what eagle idea and is. But about a man yeah. Not a wife Colette yeah it I would demand. Went abominable being the guy in the damn late. You get wrong idea all ready. To blow a hole red he she and it is all. Call me and ain't why. For yourself hey I am or I don't want. At. We'd go in and if he India. Use outlook. Sued for. Him. To make it. Men and women. I. Don't need me he would match it will back him up close and him out quiet now ms. in the days when. You are crazy right now. Manager's son. Sure why she is what happened and it will be a bit of man beaten. I'm ms. invade one. Nomo policy think. It sounds like that's exactly when I have my legs will happen about that it I had to do list. That statement. How the games yet. That this is it's so wrong. A regular good it doesn't matter day. Adding that it in the hood and while that day he's as the real. Mollid Romney and yet I didn't like that it may well mine is I am out on one. Yeah. Romney is. On its outlook yet. And they acted on them. A moment Obama. Made today. You gotta protect your family I'd live this it up again and really hear more from the guy than this driver letters subject my husband did that well. Will be back its gay and you're listening. Harvey morning show. It all of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue the with that in mind. Disney dreamers academy invite 100 things every you to the Walt Disney World resort before they get more professional were shot. Inspirational assistants and of course. But Disney magic. Master it would have little to do things like third in the Obama administration. Become recording artists look successful businesses and beyond argument it's a familiar dreams into reality. Visit Disney dreamers academy doesn't count that's Disney Dream Academy that come to find out hat. Her real for real we are back we're in the middle of the strawberry letter this subject my husband is a web. Let's recap for you young lady. I wrote in she's been married for five years her husband she says is missing at peak what is that Pete. Well he provides for the Stanley he professes his love for the family but she does not feel protected. By her husband and here's why. Last month the neighboring yelled at her son because your son's ball got into his yard so shooter. Her husband went outside to see what was going on she said she politely asked the neighbor. Not to yell at her child and he began to occur or that neighbor did. Well you know they got into when he led to a heated argument and neighbor lunged at her almost hit her they're cursing back and forth the husbands just standing there. And then she turns around. The husband doesn't say a word she turns around and tease her husband running. Back to the house and she's like. Go where you going these says he's going inside to call the police are right. The neighbor left in her faith called her husband a little beat now the wife is of that she's steaming mad when their husband. She's asking him how can be lever like that she's saying she loves a lot of respect for a husband she wants to feel safe and secure. With this man at all times and she never would have married him if she'd known bits is the neighbor right it's her husband a little BO. How does she get past this I mean I gamers several options and I noted that her husband. Could have gone over the air check the neighbor for time and you're crazy for lunching at her and have demanded when argue her husband he could've on you know clearly taken her inside with him not run away and Doug then call the police or he could have. You know commenced it would in the neighbors behind them. In the name Clinton Reagan mini camp and when he won the White Sox are. As a running about should she should run right behind an amendment that I can and Joseph is the guy JJ isn't trash talker and he's eleven now to highlight well that I'm not a fine yeah. I think dummy inside view Ari you don't normally. Normally I wanna have fallen at food with them because there and I do bills was actually bothers me. Because this is gramley and this is this your wife and this is no sign that it. You leave your family hang in and you run an inside you you know pumped out oil and gold key that you don't want I don't you'll actually went and is in every which meant. This is not. Did if you can't if you're not a fighter and that's now what you do and partly dollar you know me we have been fighting and Freud. But we have yet that's not who you are not a vital first thing first gift of family and house and make Sony thing. Then come back he and have try to have a civil conversation with his main so dollar ahead of problem normal. All it has been around a ball going in the yard is really really do but. You gotta make sure you'll grim history so total wife. Me personally unit as it goes and I don't even have a dog because what happens next time that there's an altercation somewhere and not necessarily next door but anyway. You gotta you gotta be assured that you may go stand up and make sure that the family is OK and that now was that the right here so I understand you being in the situation where you'd like to know what to do. And I didn't you gotta have a talk with Toomey he got a man well. But what do you call meat they'll be we go making Utah where I got to come back I don't know man pulls me back out that. Yeah great but I'll make you so much fun and I also make sure my wife is an out my. Once you've learned that my wife the red. Yeah we wish this do happen it might want. And I mean you really know what. I. And as women you know besides loving commitment and all that the reason we get married is for security we want to feel safe we want to feel secure. You know with our husbands that protecting. Protection is a big part of it all right so you need to know that and he did not handle. That situation well. You know you're right everyone is in a fighter like like I JJ did in this humorous way everyone isn't a fighter and if you're not take your woman inside with you don't leave her outside to argue with my neighbor. You know me and there. We weren't we weren't they here's what some records ago we were in the Bahamas on the with a bone that we right. Vicky is on vacation. One and it got live guards is telling everybody to get out of the lazy real. And I guess they're OK can we go back to where where we started bills we can be about things. When we got what we winning and that in this news that this is what you are winning as a phenomenon is are we winning. And you start arguing with my wife's and my wife who's. Girl what do we went on that I took a and BC immediately let me know who she saw me going to a month low Nokia Nokia that you always join their way to another level. That's done this and obviously we won't walk or count on to. You know you always have to reel me back if you know but and that's the way it should be. It shouldn't be good to white by you being in the mail at a house that makes those. And absolutely yeah. It won't like damn that's one way yeah definitely immediately when Goldman and and is it fair if you'd Wear blue and he did you not. I don't win this guy. And you Anderson. He saw him leave it was he still I'd it was his man in an unknown to me. Okay. Of the above the meter naval and Abby I'll double okay do it there or you're gonna get a read and why yet known. I know I have been in August over inaugural garbage booby yeah. Logo. Now that they're involved in in my yard. That debt however I do. They leave it to Obama you are you apart snuggle in. Baghdad. David. They. Maybe. OK. Okay. And not gone out longer in the AC. Well tell me how to. Well. Yet on me it. It gives them what their ball have a bullet that got again I'll be going. They go what the relevant to have a fair. And ushered into the discovery Leonard Steve Harvey at hand like from my girls yeah. Will be back live as seen on TV right I did then it's you're listening. Harvey morning show.