Strawberry Letter - My Husband Thinks I'm A Nagger

Wednesday, August 8th


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I judge coming up at 41 minutes after the hour hot day and you've made it through half of the week but just think if you're going through a little something you wanna get it up your chest. I you can call us let us know what's on your mind today what is bothering you. Are you mad at someone let us know 8711 and a nice looking into mileage. In and out might we are well. As telling Evan about 41 minutes after the hour came right now it is time for the strawberry letter guys that you need some advice. On your relationship on work on sex or parenting please submit your strawberry letter to Steve Harvey FM dot com. And clicked submit. Drop Barry letter okay we gotta get one for you today let's go now. Hold on tight we got a voice you hear it eighties mr. every. Object. My husband thinks I mean nagger. First I didn't think that AM their first. I just glance at one but it nagger Grey's nagger is dead actor. Dear Stephen surely. My husband and I have been together for 25. Years and we've been married for eighteen years. He's a great father and provider and we have a lot of fun together but says I'm a constant nagger. My husband has done a few crazy things that we've been together and I let them know when he's wrong. But I don't knack you have for example one of the many female friend texted him good morning and I called jamaat I called him out on it. I called her his girlfriend and he says she's just a friend. My husband also will go out with a female friend whenever he uses cute I like to faith going on and date with these women but he always says it's an instant. So I have to remind them that married men. Don't hang out with single women this man has more female friends that I do I can go on and on. I've never seen any hard evidence that he's cheating on me wouldn't that it asked him I tried my best not to nag but when. Dumping ground for my mind 110. After all isn't communication the key to a successful marriage. So here's our biggest problem the other night we're about to be intimate and during foreplay I asked him. As anyone else had this today why now. I expected to here's something like no baby it's all yours but instead he got men and pushed me off and. A little. You tell me that my nagging at gone too far any fed I was crazy I am convinced. That I am not the one that is crazy in this situation it makes me think he's guilty of something. So what do you think it might really and maggert or is it okay to always let my husband know what I'm thinking please help all right a couple of things. Yes I agree with you communication is the one of the keys to a successful marriage yet fitted. But communication is a two way street it's called a conversation it's called as these questions. Any response that's what communication it's all about. Right now is just you kind of like talking at him teasing him and your time it's bad. It is a really really bad. Don't go there right before you're gonna get busy lady coming on OK that is not the wrong right time remembering that out. That means way to grow in the mood okay. So no it. As your question you don't always have to to let him know everything that's on your mind some things yet you should keep to yourself now I do agree with you I think him. Going out on so called. Whatever he's doing with these female I think that's a bit much I think I do agree with you. About married men going out with single women. You know that can cause problems that can cause issues and relationships and they would be at that thing of you know you getting on him like the idea that could push him. Out there it could. Now I'm not saying this is all your fault because I do think that like as that he shouldn't be going out. With these single women as a single as a married man with out you were without hers out. You know a lot of people don't even think that Mary people should be friends with single people at all or that. Odd man shouldn't have any female friends were female friendship and have a merry should never made a difference. Though. You know it's it's more than just you nagging it sounds like you know after 25 years of being together you guys are getting a little tired of each other. And you know you need to have a conversation with him. Talk about the things that are bothering me but again a conversation communication nudges. You know nagging at him picking at him you need to sit him down and have an adult. Conversation because these things are really bothering you and it is coming out as that and let him know how you feel being grown up about it. Be a grown woman about it and let him know that things have got to change around there is you don't like it. Today. Go. Jesus lower. And so that swift's. I don't even date hide it anymore anyway no I used to. I used to date. Now. I eliminated. I I switched to exactly the argument around. Some. And nag is out with him Rama they even at eight you see the AA right near Obama somehow that's exactly what I'm them. But I know here. I don't pool would mean more and take a look at me on that on the side. I don't date night. It is down I don't delude and he's doing maggert leagues this. Lined out there and that's my outlook. I had agreement. And now. I will of that. It'd be yeah and. Live live that will add the and then Sunday at eleven bit of you haven't lived out don't know that I am today. It. Oh yeah and did what we did the air act on it it's. An act. He. Yeah that over. And yeah. You'll pop I'd thank. You. So. Admitted. That it. Let. Me. Yeah. Bad timing and bad times and. It really does. OK I listen we're gonna hear from junior we're gonna hear from Tommy on the life by going back. Other subject kids my husband thinks I'm a nagger will be back at 23 after the hour. To talk about this letter this is great right activist. You're listening. He morning should. Are coming 71 minutes we'll take your phone calls on what's bothering you get it off your chest Collison let us know 87729. C. But right now we are in the middle of the strawberry letter this subject. My husband thinks I'm a nagger. A woman wrote in she says she and her husband have been together for 25 years they've been married for eighteen if you great father and provider they have a lot of fun together. But her husband says she's a constant nagger. Has done a few crazy thing they've been together and that she let him know when he's wrong. But she doesn't think she nagged him he says for example you know she he has a bunch of female for and they checked him good morning. You know she calls about and that he called the girl Brandon de fees that he's yet to her and she called. Her his girlfriend and he says she's just a brand. Her husband goes out these emails and all that Afghanistan you know and as she calls them gates right when they're getting ready to be intimate. He has them you know where is that thing big and there's something like that is anyone else. Had this today. You know things like that though he got mad at that point it is pushed her off of them and walked out because these says she's on nagger. You know it makes her think that he's guilty of something when he does stuff like that. Does she wants to know if she really nagger is it okay to always let her husband know which he thinking. O while we haven't heard from major junior we've heard from. Yeah with me yes wouldn't that then in. Yeah me. Oh. Yeah marriage I I get slam I don't date news and all that type. Of these days well. Hit it. Implement I. I don't know rob a lot and solve what question would that me. Now I've been asked about it thanking him go. Knock out I don't get the prominent at all what I. All around on deep don't handle that might. Yeah yeah what do you say to me didn't go at it. Had been asked about needles. I've been asked about vacation. And that by and I asked about it I have to go. What did rob me. And does that mean yeah I know you can't. Tolerated yeah you know we can't meet with a while Hamas is the idea. To right that. Is well you'd love it. I like I did. You know I don't know what the question if I got that he puts me I'll. Wait. You've been together. It. And then I'll. Get back. I that it would I think it. Is. Now I'm not aware. Of eagle at nine. Now apple I don't know what happened Robby is what else. In. His heart and UConn. Some well artwork that it. Or the middle of strawberry letter is subject line hi. Seven nagger we haven't heard from your nephew which he gat you can bag if you want to with Hugh Carey Mickey it may be a I'm not do that UK and meanwhile we can let me take you something you know I asked the question on the black Mickey question. I'd. All. I asked the question what's it like move it. What. The black Nikki questionnaire maybe it's the good the data make you feel good. They Monday. On the ports and do the questionnaire. Right back in the late two Matt Mitch. Valid issue I don't care what it yeah yeah yeah Monday. I don't own Mickey. Mantle as the weeks on what's on now. Who. It about it that yeah you know who had left it all right let's keep gitmo. I. Don't Nicky made me you know let me put me here is because I don't like question but that. Life. We have got her timing was off on that but I do think she has the ballot now and the like me that earlier. You know the heart and a married man with going out on dates with a single women that should ponder and then stay in it but don't nag me about it Mickey. Yeah that's my prime time and a place for everything and to your timing was off I'd definitely do I think he'd. Like I said earlier she needs to sit down and have a grown woman conversation with this horrible me I don't want a I don't I don't know exactly what happened you know I won't admit you don't they went anymore. An American won the. Get straight into. But I happened to you that bit and he did he move his and we get out and it got a question that I. The different. Old school in his. It's been people that magnate and I'm proud and on there and call them that it is. Yeah. A minute now guys she doesn't have the ballot point now a couple of let. Why is it timing is everything timing of I'm in agreement with Ewan. But one argued that even years looming economic course and we. She wants though is it okay favored as to let her husband know what she's thinking. Not wing in the next few. Not only to eventually it may Wesley eighties and shut up and do asthma that is that. It. Geithner. It may well. OJ yet you don't think that I don't care widget a sneak up. And again I go. Well you know again. That's your husband down and talked and ultimately. It naive feel to it don't do it and then again I don't do it then. Our list that we do have to go you can email as answer damage your thoughts on today's strawberry Leonard Steve Harvey at M. That come. Coming up in ten minutes we're gonna go to the phones and we want your preview. What is bothering you today what are you mad about all. Evans 29 the. You're listening. He mourning should.