The Strawberry Letter - My Husband’s Girlfriend Has Got Go

Wednesday, June 13th


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Right of notebook hold on tight but he really is the strawberry. Right here we go to subject my husband's girlfriend has got to go here's even surely. Not like it why didn't right now. But I don't know. If you it. Surely unto me seven years old and my husband and I have been legally separated for three years I recently filed for divorce. And I cannot believe that he is not contesting it. I just knew it would make him come to his senses and come back home to me in the children. I will admit that I've done some things in my marriage that many people will stay is evil was just doing may. I had another man's name tattooed on my chest shortly after we got married. I had several affairs. Not certain that our youngest daughter is my husband's child. I also lied to the courts instead of my husband has not been active in their children's lives. He's got a lot of dirt true but we were both young and played a lot of games but now I'm feeling bad. He has moved on and he told me that he is really happy now in his relationship. Ice fee something in him and I've never seen before. I want him back but first I need to be sure that he wants me true. I have a new man and I don't want to break up with him unless I'm sure my husband and I will get back together. My husband misses me they can't admit it is new girlfriend is the problem. She is the reason we can't work things out I want back woods rightfully mine though how can I convince him to leave this woman. I don't see any reason for your husband to come back TU but things you've done on now you have another man's name tattooed on your chest. After you get after you got married. You don't know if your third child is really your husband you've had several affairs on some stuff in this marriage. And you guys have been separated for three years. I mean things are evil as you as you put it I mean you said he did a lot of dirt to. You didn't you didn't specify at what he did. But she said you're both young and played a lot of games you're feeling badly now why because he has moved on with his life with another woman he seems to be happy and he's not looking back. At U. Is that what it is because you have a man on right now. You have a man you haven't said anything about you love your husband and you wanna get backed it with him because you love him you wanna give back with him because he's with another woman. And you feel bad about that. So I just you know I don't see this working out I think you should let your husband go on and be happy and you try to be happy with this situation although I don't know you can't. It if you can because. You play games he played too many games divorce is nothing to play with he filed divorce just as you thought it would make your husband come back to you wrong. You need help that's what I can save you you need help and how can you convince your husband to leave this woman I don't think you can gain. You know deuces absolutely brings you. This don't make. No. Dale since I don't know. Strong which both BO. What's your trip. You know first of all we grid legally separated for three years he got. Nobody come back after three years. Three months three weeks. Three days. Read that you use. Commercial open it and I say yeah they sure yeah. Nobody goal for three years in combat ego. How amid a dozen things in my mayors and many people say easy. But I was just doing. So if what you would do was call evil by awesome people what you was just doing me did leak must be eat. So let's that let's look at what should be. I had another and they and tattooed on my chest shortly after we got man. You'll millions. I this level of bias. I'm naslund and I youngest daughter is among those militia will. Think it would no commitment among your matches you'd had several players now you can tell them that you opened yesterday. He's coming back too youthful for. Being utilized to the courts city court to do because remained inactive in child left. There should drive to double back and go where he got a lot of dirt to. But she never listen what is it they. So fortunate gave top you I'm pretty sure. And you remember so you mood don't tell me really happy with his new relationship. Because there's a real. I see something in him that I've never seen before what you see you live now is peace. Joy. And had. A you know why you're never seen that you know game read you tad too little man's name on. Awful. That's like the ultimate. You just you try. Your body evil you try to. Friends got a baby you'll know who's in the years which union shall we see. A different Steve. Between evil and trifling thing it was a person could do role. Tried pulling people. Take rule wants to go further seat. Evil people. Tried for him is to Portugal another man's name all of your chest after you've written married to his due for a little while. There's more. They're ours yet that evil what you took evil to another left yeah. Yeah he does so wrapped up just try to clear that you could take evil two would melt the. I got it. That's so crazy. That's that's too crazy things you do and then your prayers. She even though for candidates her husband Thea. Are right we'll come back to deal with more of this evil and trifling matter. My husband's girlfriend has got to go is the subject you know you'd think OK come on let's get it would fit part two of today's strawberry letting your response to. My husband girlfriend's got to go that's the subject. And a seven year old woman. Being legally separated. From the Romanian baby. Guarantee income. You filed for divorce thought though making condoms consistent eating contest. You know wiring contends cars use it meet you don't some things in humans. That people will say is he. But I would just doing me. Solid did government tattooed name tattooed on my chest tour that we government I have several players. And as soon as young as dornin mojo who's out. Okay you evil Patel at tournaments minimum Christians. Okay you're evil force saying. You go get another man I'll put somebody doesn't Abel watches that's evil try putting is when you do you. Trifle that is what you do. You ought athletes somebody you don't Amanda I've made me feel and go find somebody. That's evil to say that deal. Brightly as you go around for some. And Shriver and me is not you know bill was so many mean you know visual whose. Okay. That's just wrong now see so many overseas into feelings she warning bank. He's moved on told me is really happened on his new relationship. And he only says Osce summit have never seen before there will be peace tourists. I won't you bear. But first. I need to be sure that he will also meet to. I can Clinton listen to me that's right he do not won't you know. He has nothing to world to go back to this is a rat. I have then right after that I have a new money. And I don't wanna break we hear on the left some Schumer Hogan and how will give back together you've been a whole world it is. And Alamo holiday or maybe if you look at any day. Own your coaches. May be easier on. He did. Somebody in relation would woman has got some money in me notes at the time on the beach in August. Dow after it. After they got their she put she put him and they were Hutus Washington. Under doom. Not to look at my wife wouldn't know me enable them tuchman. I am what I don't see any reason for him to come. She is right he's done. He's. Open. I bear market and there it was ago. I got new mayor out of water breaker were you Elissa I'm sure my hook and I'll get back together. I've been in my this is me oh yes. I miss their name cross you. Mentioned cool enough sleep who went on me. And it's no wonder. I'm I'm miss I miss Wendy who believe that you have a oh god I mean she's so Obama sure thing. Israel. A bit Mahmoud Mazen reboot he came admitted hail knocking me. Cars being stupid. But she really think as the new girlfriend as the prop his new girlfriend is dubbed. That's all she ate. All discount food. And. Don't know read it to rob. He's the reason we can't work things that she says Steve. I'll bet would write. A hit. They doubled. I've got a visit leaving I want. You go you don't want to assume that Uga. Meaning that we'll about it. This is a program. Best thing he deals can wait. Hole is Dusan Newman and his loving you would do is on the doomed many more. But she's gonna dump him if she can get her husband back. Blah blah blah and what they you don't age. As it may be a I mean I. It. Wrote Iran alone and and and and all. The at all. Romo colonies. Are going to beat them. All. And she got to reach against them. Dovonte. At. Noon today on Tony and Helio. News. Who. Now. I mean he really going to children. Crystal and you stand. Right after Ernesto and I got married at you medial in my chest. You're did you Goodman didn't do who choose to do it would go. Back to the letter. Obviously. Mean when you do do go all the important to them I audio quality albums a year no cook thought. I have yet to be yet. That's cores that. So firm Rafer. That month day he. It could be any of those Bernard a generation and yes I did not make him but now he. But how this all. Op Ed page views up. Yeah well wound today and you want him listen. I gotta get out every little movement has proven that you can. Element it and you can email term. And. Email us your answer them as your thoughts on today's strawberry letter at my girls Shirley and don't forget the third Wallace 1 AM join me. Where the strawberry letter live after show on FaceBook OK you're listening. Pete when he should.