Strawberry Letter - My Husband Has Lost His Mind

Wednesday, May 16th


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Club and hold on tight we got a four year it is the strawberry. Object my husband. Has lost his mind. Here's Stephen surely I mean 47 year old female in my third year of marriage in my third marriage. My husband and I've been married for five years and he treats me like quite. But I feel like he hates my seventeen year old daughter. This is his first marriage and he has no children so it's shocking that he acts like a drill sergeant with my daughter. He calls are lazy and funds that are constantly about her chores. He expects her to take up the trash daily and do a few other thing that I think he should be doing. As the man of the house my daughter is an honor student and an extracurricular activities. No she has a busy schedule during the week. I admit that she can be lazy and her room at all late quite met the but she is a typical teenager despite the way he speaks to her. He is always kind and memorable to him. A biological father died earlier this year and it affected her but she's dealt with it quite well. My husband had not stepped up in the role at her dad he refuses to attend any of preschool activities with me. He graduates in June and she's been accepted to a local college that's in our city. She plans to stay at home instead of live on campus because it's a lot less expensive when my husband found this out. He told me that she could not with that anymore he told me that we are giving her the money for graduation that she can move into her own apartment. Close to the college this really made me mad at. This is my child and I will not allow her to being mistreated like that I told him that he needs professional help. This causing problems in our relationship but much comfort. He fit I'm being insensitive and that she needs to be on her own to learn more responsibility. What do you think please help. Well I mean I agree with most of what you had to stay in your latter your husband I think bottom line and he's way too harsh and mean they're disciplining. And then there is this cruelty just plain cruelty. He doesn't understand. Obviously that when he married you we also should have taken in your child as well. I mean she almost grown but she's still at home she's Dillon school. But she's child still at this point. You yourself that your daughter is respectful she's an honor student. She's memorable with him. She is busy school schedule and not to mention that her father just recently passed okay they have to take all that into consideration. Now she definitely should keep her room clean and all of that she shouldn't be lazy but I haven't heard anything here that says Keith. Any different than. Any other teenager I mean this and that's what I did at the paint my room of the math you know I can my mom was always call me did you. Okay that's what we do with teenagers armed as we try to figure it out. Yes I think your your husband. And your daughter your whole family should get some type of their. You know I doubt if he'll go go on you have to speak up you have to speak up more on your behalf when you dollar's behalf. It sounds like a situation that's only going to get worse I mean I understand that. He wants her to have more responsibility in all that and talk or may machine will move out on her own. But this is just not the way to handle it he's being mean I think he should take up the dress I do. I think he's doing he should take it out Steve. Can only do karma. I mean really brought. Come moment. Of of all the things we need to tear into in this world of all this beings we need to get it right. You've chosen her as though what's wrong in this world. I mean just just not notice the one side and let it be written about his lady but. If any this is true just as amended. Got to take responsibility to decide over there we as me and have to bear up under no Cold War. You chose this woman to be your wife your. Why hasn't child. It's a package. It's a package you've got to understand that Gordon that you love this woman in you have to love the things that she denials. Hug child happens to be some she'd blow. So now you got to give way. You got you're not a problem which you can be heard daddy. It did adult. Dog don't have a bullet you have a young lady. This is his first imagined you as notes you. So it's shocking that he acts like a drill sergeant with my daughter noah's not 'cause you don't know how to raise key. He has no child rearing experience. So you talk to do this girl election like a drill sergeant are you kidding me. Carmelo and which you he calls a laser posit that a currently about it show us. He expects to take up shares daily and to approach these things that I think he's read Nordegren and out an anonymous. Are doubtful doors I've never asked him. I've never wants. In any amount for dogs require them to take out trick. Noriega took a traditional organ into nutrition and Garland took no trash out. Then a dam broke loose. They brother's. Been good they are subject to Sri Asia. Let me come downstairs and Petraeus care for the hosting me. That's how does work dole what what you took teacher dude what are you asking you know the young lady each school to be. Too thin plus cell shouldn't ought to tempers so let's look at to upset before we double what role would tutor as double was right were killed on a roll. She's law abiding that she's respectful of you at all time. It. She only the role she respectful. She's called body. Just let it rule thirty. I. Bro. You gotta learn man. You you're a dual role and appear. Got a mom says that we're. Richie to be lazy in their rooms always quite messy she's typical teenager and that's true. And despite the way he speaks to our she's always turn amenable to. We'll give into Reston lead when I give Barack Obama to would have a wrong which dole. And using outfield is from meet their pay for and help you is you need to change the way you treat just Kerio and Ewing got to go sit down and nobody do. You gotta stop treatment hawk but a little boy in treating our lack of prisons. Because torture teaching her now is that a man should be yellen. A man should be but also know that a man should be making I do think that's what you train in this room right here that's why yeah. Are right Steve will be back now man yeah yeah yeah he. It's pretty cruel. Heart you have you're response to today's strawberry letter of my husband has lost his mine used injury Matt we left for bright well you don't look at. Angered his sport is that your only she's on the third marriage. Her husband and her premiere for five years to Doris MG so he's been in the girl's life and she to a improbably Lou VP voting. Because you just got married five years ago probably date. Four period the photos so he's known as girl full five years she had a dead and alive which is probably one of the things he pissed off about. And has some type of relationship. But about logical father has an estimated effective. She was always respectful to this guy this guy just talks to elect a drill sought. Call it lazy Fossett a constant about it chill. Specs had to take up to shreds daily. You've got a little girl and you ought to take stretch out they they could disagree with me if you want to them who would mean I don't remember. I treated my little girls different than untreated mobile. I've never made him girls take out the tricks. And. I don't think he should dig its rash not I don't wanna. You know if you got a man in house classes girl to get the strong side and a period let them look Rick you caught what you wanna call it. What you gonna double stand is a UK reaching an all we are about to come on women need to learn not to kid himself the girl is their school has an honor roll student she seventeen. She's seventeen. She's respectfully she'd robbed by. She's a great cute. She just trying to figure out she's seventeen no room junkie so what recorded out in nature hey I just. Could go to Mikey is rule pale and live right you won't you don't bring a joke out in the house. 'cause I come out house they look at a marketing. So now you send a premiere of my daughters on rules to be an extra critical element to she's got a busy schedule and we. She's blue laser to by the way he speaks or she's always Calumet airmen and our own memorable to him. A biological father died this year and it affected her she still would acquire will. My children has not stepped up into the role as president he refuses to achieve any of our school activities would you Oprah are you kidding me. Yo wife has warned China. You want a team and none of us to leave it. Look man if you don't wanna be a dad you should this have to be don't go home. Because it's a package. And now more than ever that the girl could use a day but now huh image of a man right now is somebody balk and a somebody making a take up to chew it somebody costly big degrade their somebody talk to electric drill sergeant. So I'm now heart I do you have a man's love is you are you kidding me man. Are you for real you'll roll so many levels she graduates in June she's been accepted and local college just announced it. Japan's Tuesday at homestead live on campus because there's a lot less experience excused. And she's got the mother. Even despite the way you treat the lipped out and be responsible enough to say hey it won't cost you all this morning if I just. Your whole other found this out he told the she can not stay put us anymore. Brooke. Are you kidding me so now she's seventeen now should probably be 80 you don't don't eighteen year old girl out. Because she ain't staying here with us Nomo. Doll what's wrong which you have you lost your elbow love admire. He told that we have given us some money for graduation so she can move and our own apartment close to the college. This really made me make this is my job and now we're not allowed her to be mistreat elective. I told him he needs professional help this is causing problems and are an issue but much outcomes first he Saddam being too sensitive. She needs to be on our own to learn more responsibility what do you think. Seventeen and topple girl Googlers. So often. And so now I'm side and now what are Mikey is it two months to not to anger. Oh. This is the boys get into the second year come out and they get apartment. Since. Powell can't come. They don't even in the hope you do good as we can right now. There what they do it in my wrote excuse me excuse does not true. The issue daddy's new clout. And yeah. To know the whole rule I know. Know what you drove his dad isn't closed yet. Yet CC you'll you'll tell animal. Lowering just moved out when he war lords still got rumored. Do it don't take. On this. All right that's. It she's still got a little baby which is another move in LA had already big convert. Put Joseph dale scenario stuff did you seek certain. At eighteen is not town for her to go Lotto or similar responsibilities. UK fell a young girl out to rules like that. Fur and secondly this is the wife's your wife's daughter. It's a package deal you can put the package out Chris you won't be alone. First of all. Women shouldn't have to take out trash in this they have to. So your hair sticks to cherish now. Sorry. I. Secondly senator you don't have any parenting ski in unique develops. This is not a boy you're talking to it's a young Lee. If she needs are dead no life. A father pairs she needs to see a man shall some low. In respect and kindness to her so she get deal would load looks like. For now you throw out the house now Hud Dielman knew somebody who balks at a talks electric drill sergeant. Requires as she takes up shares are puts out. Sold not you don't put dilute sheep out there with the wolves which you think will happen to this girl. Who has no real life ski deals. Because you will show who were real low in the it is now you can not settle rape a woman and hard shot. That's not. The way it works you all wrong in every aspect of this thing. There you go get therapy lecture. You probably need. And the chill layers of religious and these three guys treat China. Currently are shallow tough. But we got the email. Or answer and that's your dog on today's strawberry lettered micro surely is me do grossly and is. Girl married by you know you don't you never know. How he grew up he probably doesn't understand he'd I don't care happy about why he needs therapy may treat is well liked it right he can't. She can stay would've asked the German users will be Donaldson either I've got a. Eight round right there aren't more on the strawberry letter only come back at 41 after the hour we decided to hold this one over as well. The subject my husband has lost his mind a 47 year old woman wrote in chief the wife in her third marriage. I she's been mayor for five years to a man who she says treats her like a queen. But treats her seventeen year old daughter like he hates her. This is its first marriage he has no children. He her daughter is seventeen. She's getting ready to graduate she's an honor student she has all kinds of activities during the week. This man is upset with her because she won't take up the garbage she called her lazy he wants her out of the house when she graduates next month in June. And the wife is just not having it she doesn't like the way he treats. Her her child and she wants something done about it she's at that the daughter does not want her own apartment or she doesn't want. To leave or goal stay on campus because it'll save them money. Though. It's causing problems in their relationship and she says because a child comes first. And she just wants to know what should she do in this situation what do we think. And I just think your husband has. Beyond mean he's just a cruel man to that you know young woman he's just very cruel mean their harsh and then there you know you can discipline a person. She's a regular teenager who keeps their rule Massey. And who can't be lazy at times he doesn't like it is alike are being in the home with them he's he's possessive of the wife he's jealous. You know probably of their relationship stuff like that. He has suggested. The wife has that he get some therapy. And if you told him that he needs professional help. But am. Here's a deal. He has been respond it's not act Hughes child. Needed and he has no bonds. But the mistake he may was asking this woman to marry him because a woman who has a child. That's a package. You cannot expect to separate 22 now a woman over a warmer snuggle closer look at China. They're not gonna do it not not no real well yeah no no no no no no no no no that you can't SO Wales the whole blog I love. But you can do what it is baby number and you double to Willis she carried. Total bush gave birth to. No no you got a Google home to her. Now and don't push off cause you don't find out. There she got to make the choice. She like every other animal in awhile is going to protect the baby. That's hard job. Great kids Steve I mean she just recently lost her own dad. Seems like you won a step in and just try to be there for her now he wants her out because this dude it's a simple minded hey this sale that you don't out of jail a million. Well what giving really means throw. And you have to learn what giving is. And we as fathers have to set better examples why daughters. As to what real enemy and look like. Soda can have a bad example of what to pick when they get out to so many women are damaged today. Because of the relationship that they filed. Did not hail with the yeah yeah so many women are damaged because of that. As so many women the end of look of the love in all the wrong places because they don't know what load really look like. Fathers you know important right now and knock you off. At a very impressionable age of these girls like given us an example of a million. And what it looks like it is not a good view of million of them. That you couldn't talk to her this way treat her this way. Pocket you elect Andrew sought expected to take such as there were put out the house because she graduated from my school state don't. Sounds good to graduate who had put out my dad. I graduated from. That's due for a and then she will kind of memorable to him and respectful to him even in spite of all of this. You mean yeah he's he's just so long some wrong being role guy he just is. Sometimes wrong that's why I think he should get them there it is. Yeah. Let's see I don't know what game he'd play. To give. It treats her like the queen she says. You've been there is little hopeful moment yeah and because dog you've brought the men's can be saying. You know cause he trees to warm like according what did you got a treat for us is like a person's banked a bogus real simple how do you dream. The white you got to treat her daughter like a version of the white. And the wife got to speak that she does now. Because this thing this is great shooter sets up yet. Should talk to him about it because it's hurtful term. But as dumb as do warning go to noted activities at school Joseph stupidest. Else in the villages being able to. Again data therapy right position. No support. I mean I just think therapy would help him I'd I'd just do not that you should really what I'm rambling Tommy. Yeah you're mad you wanna know what they've four out there and I'm not. Had to put asses their Cuba. Erica but got we'll that are exactly. He's got to let. You know everything you wouldn't I do you have does it nobody else to John while he yeah. You ever notice that John their wallets every bit over real in junior hatch opens. Orchestra. I thought out bills. When they got done awhile I'll beyond that was done awhile ago. And then I'll go back to go about you if I'm ahead of air over. I'm but a good. But I mean you know at this point is even going to go to your graduation. In he never. Go to any activities with her with her mom I mean this is no ridiculous how selfish. Top of that the puck controlling of this you know. The only. Yeah Houston. If he doesn't get any help you know he doesn't get any help she will and she should it. Our rights we got to get out of here you can figure comments to Steve Harvey FM dot com. Now coming up at the top of the hour royal rules make it Markel we'll have to follow as the duchess to beat. I will find out what did Steve let it grow have to give up when they got married. Right edited you're listening. And he should.