Strawberry Letter - My Ex Girlfriend Is A Huge Problem

Thursday, May 24th


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Look at hold on guys drove there in that I didn't belong on the subject of my girlfriend is a huge problem. Do you even surely I have a big problem two years ago I relocated or work. Before I moved I had this special lady that I enjoy spending time it. He with a big fine woman bit in all of the right place. It did in years that I've seen her and I was missing her good loving I know I called her. And told her I was sending her a bus ticket to come does that mean yes a bus ticket because there. Because the brother any brits when I noticed both speak at a that we have finally came up with how excited to fear but oh my goodness when this woman got off the bus. I swear I barely recognized here. He had almost doubled in size in the pat year. Don't get me wrong I like big girl as she should have told me that he gained a lot of weight I didn't say anything and I tried not to look shot. As soon as we got in the car. He pulled out a bag if connect. And offered me a brownie. Always loved her cooking though I aid of a team. We got to my apartment I ate another brownie then I realized something wasn't quite right I hope. It was high as pet care. He admitted. Bet the brownie had weed in them like it was no big deal I was sitting on the couch trying to get myself together when all of a sudden. She climbed on me and that she was going to give me exactly what I'd been missing. All I can do with light beer into the couch he took advantage of me for what seemed like hours I want to yell out for her up. But nothing came out because I was too. I ended up passing out on the couch the next day I told her that I felt violated. That she can tell that I am had a problem with her weight that she took matters into her own hands. I couldn't wait to get that big wild woman out of my house now she keeps calling and texting me and I don't want anything to do with her. How can I get rid of her without hurting her feeling this is a huge problem. Well be careful what you ask for Hong. You know what though I'm really sorry miss some time yet you do it. Does the long letters I'm really sorry that you know you feel violated I really am and it had not talked about a lot. But men do get violated in in this case you were violated if he felt that way. You know if that if the situation where rigors we. Probably haven't completely different answer for you but I will tell you bits he is out of your house. He's out of town home. Though you don't have that's the worry about as far as the girl well that's concerned you don't have to answer her call. I mean or you can just simply tell her it's not going to work out you can appreciate what you did and all of that but maybe as the man you don't feel like he should tell Earl of that. On the but I think each and I think he should be honest with this woman and let her know that what she did is wrong and how you felt about the situation. And please do not send her another by ethnic all right that's it your best interests gave. Well. There's so much to should Dodgers break it down land man asking. You and angles in his letter dated. Surely my Europeans and a huge problem do you Stephen surely I have a big problem. Right. You dare show do. And is about to step down an awful book. Some time. From a year ago and he hasn't. And I haven't even ignore it and she's a big. We'll. The pin on the right place and youths are assessing. And I was loosen Goodman. So I called her and told hop. That was an error or bias too cute. To come visit me yes or bus ticket cause of brother in. Two things here. When you blasted me. Do you would know what you're looking at the oath of assuming they lost key its decision bit. Freedom ride. Lost the ball like cotton you don't do that in ma and I'm not accused and minister boring at all we'll. Wish dropped Boston back on loan term and but you've Q do. Every confidence is low budget love him you must deal with the nova OC. You'd hit. Which you own right. Steve first of all what Goldman you know will be durable. And stuff wears. Horrible man yeah it's better. That be good yeah. Well let's see. Normal Charlie. Hill looked slow and well. We hear from the K miles excited to see but oh my goodness. When this woman got off to books right did you keep this ask this woman got off to blow us know what you expect each InBoxer. Yeah. Boston. New bit. And you go wrong would you look at that money every day. Like you commute home playing in the mid we all definitely brought them out there and comparable flinched and Crosby and. And Justina. I ran across making. I challenge. The woman got on to book that's where I barely recognize. She had almost doubled in size from to pay this year. Cause she wished she and so she being eaten. You like big women. Don't get me wrong I like big girls okay we'll what we'll go get them like. Where she should've told me this year gave a lot of weight. You did ask a lot of respect so you'll see branch just sent to bush the tour and Judy NASCAR she did have to volunteer. Oh you'll receive me here opera. I didn't say anything and I tried not to look shop he's I didn't stated thing and try not to look shop. UK make that local fuel for a bigger person didn't down off the books. Portugal. Which is doubled the last just thought it was like it was permit or a hard not to looks shocked when someone at the maternal dale. I. One would argue that your response to today's cover letter my ex girlfriend is a huge problem led the reason that. Russo Medusa menus to date a woman you go mr. love it and like learn the equipment he sinful blessed to be she got on the books when she got off the books. All I feel he couldn't believe she had doubled since and so that's what we. And current boom. Ma. Al Gore brings to your attention we. Show me the last class and hers. You've seen own boss. Crossing state led. That's my challenge to. Him to ride your boss look like they read a book that terminal. In the terminal you know oh you can you know it's a different crew. They don't have merged close. Larger baskets which closed up Bittermann ducked the that's how to trail in on a closing growth for braves in it please. Zip blocks electing them one. Yeah. I. This year gained a lot of weight guys since than and I tried not to look shop it's hard not to root. Cause you stay loose stuff too you know so let it. And I wouldn't you go. Geez it's. Good to know. What he. To them. And then extension would see him. Still think most of us with whom he. We're that you don't need a big. Not all of India's most of Houston's. Sort of we got a caution born out of bed slipped in offered me a brown. Always loved to cook who saw Ava Braun when we got to my apartment I know the brown didn't realize someone quite right I was tired hail. There is she Miller to Sheikh and he Browning. To get you off field thing yeah yes you do remember his got you know. Now after she did she admit that her brownies and weed and but like it was no big deal I was single account trying to get my serve double and all of a sudden she glad I don't mean cities single give me exactly what I had did this thing. But it often you don't think that. I'm hoping to break now. That they Arab yeah I mean that's at a there are a little bit of break back. Our mom got some place you go did do you do what you wanted to do what you must do it me. On I could do was laden he into the cab ride to. She doubled its last shoot what we delay actually that worked out here at Miller will. You do you know what she did you. You're wrestled that you'd been out of the she took advantage of me for what seemed like out into you. You don't organs missing all you probably in about treatment. Felt like. In the bigger mergers give it to you worked he'll go a little. I want to Yale out we'll go to stop High Court you know locker she had to pay as you catch a week and all Lehman are working week. Tried yellow but it redundant deep breath she is caving to share a small. So now you can take it Hebert walker did not ask Bristol. So you drop yeah allow little big is that you bring. Net and came out about to happen. I ended up passing not only count you've got choked down would have to. Your path dockers you got put out. Next day until now failed they. She said she could tell you that I am proud what do we know where she could do what you do down opted book which you tried not to look shocked which will. You know when you first in your world will go in and good statement now what what Mo now wool warming stuff. Now she keeps calling and text. Me and I don't want anything to do it. Why can I get rid of hope when I heard Littlefield. Is a huge problem Jim Wright is you. But he's the first thing I don't want everything to happen a year ago when I heard of it. You can block them know you just get a whole new full. The two got to be addressed the big premiere don't you pick. In January and other languages there. So now we won't do that Rocco and you wanna get a new mill. Only problem you do first or you've got to stop that boost ticket nobody know the dale blustery. Plus in the union's first begin an all your problems. A point of getting off to block people who didn't it cool you Ian Williams present in the pick up Erica. Where she got comfortable tortured you'd have to be your real life. Number doubt about it a couple of doctors. Or don't like. Yeah. Councilman Angel will come to my doctor about Vegas Mexico. Eve our lives that have. She would double this passion that. They feel things he surely you assistant UK doubled. And about a thing to do you and bill. Carly UK double c'mon could you can abduct her at UK double we deal with week we wouldn't work which will yet. Everybody got I don't know what to paint would don't know. I can't Collison beat 300 pounds spread to keep my national TV a deadly day at camp. Sit in the previous low. Now look at nineteen. Along named to the Internet addict even if you have. Obvious you don't being on it we don't bet that it bores through little brown now doing key minerals and and I have a black damn she. Yeah he does it is funerals and yes he had not told. All right we'll get your mother's mother's okay that's your response to today's cover letter like battle mode available us to India than cheerleader. Yes and Colin and Monica's minute sketch well. Just noted Jonas of the communal book. It's an opponent and that's a yeah. I mean we gotta get out of here email us your answer Rihanna should not and today's strawberry letter. At my girls Shirley and today there will be no strawberry letter live after show we are going on vacation guys. Yes we are we going he had no showed they'll be back next week in Madrid in eastern time you're listening. We've been warning Shia.