Strawberry Letter - My Best Friend Cannot Be Okay

Wednesday, September 12th


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Hold on tight as it is this job that. It's great it really is it it's a who's who were. I'm now if I had no less than. Pay attention they've stuck to my best friend cannot be OK with it all right here's even surely I've lost my best friend. We've been best friends. For over fifteen years being at the press and we can be nothing to keep out the part. Whenever she got a relationship she's had me as her brother and I got along with all week. He started dating her. Whenever she got injured they. And she introduced me as her brother. And I got along with all of report. Did that politically. Like our you know they're close associates like that with my brother. If they're going to be just not about it they're just. Played OS would do. Yes I wrote the letter. Yes that wrote the letter Otis subdued dirt road to. Oh okay okay okay. You keep cool now where new pictures these notes whenever she got in relation cuter America alone all over it. He started dating her current boyfriend and I approve of him at birth because he had a reputation of being a liar and it's either. I played it cool and supported her through all of the drama and break the break up with him. He knows I don't really like him the one night he invited me to go to strip club with him. I met him at the club and ended up having a great time we pay for all of my drinks and lap dances that we both ended up getting really drunk and then I live close to your club. He adds that. He could stay on my couch instead of driving all the way home. Though I am one thing led to another and we ended up naked and rolling around on the floor. Total work where they are all. Open and left. A true pay attention focused on them that a missile. And okay. This woman. This man this man is right from the get this written by man and free and who the girl Gator Nation would do. She did improve there's one group cause you lie and can. Or cannot go to Columbus. Okay. Oh it anyway you want it to understand unlike counts instead of driving elderly hole or do yet we're over the other billions of. So we didn't know McLaren he worked with them. I let him. One thing led to another and we ended up naked and rolling around on. All articles. Where I'm gonna look what you mean one thing the you don't connect it broke. Not punish the letter and then you're well I knew you saw that but I can't afford it go Thomas. I thought it got nothing out on these two girls yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah we're right in the end the what second or third then. He's he says whenever she got to enter relationships he introduced me as her brother or that's what this from the media world would be you do lose your group and yet if the GOP. That it. Our. I've felt awful than that no don't start right now okay Florida borrowing and it okay I'll start here we both ended up getting really drunk and then I live close to the strip club. He asked if he could date on my couch instead of driving all the way home. Though I let them. One thing led to another and we ended up naked and rolling around on the floor. I never hit him and found. A hold of them distinction yeah you do when your opponent a new case and god knows I've. You don't get me yeah yeah we don't want to I don't unstoppable the next day and wanted to tell my best friend everything. But I waited a week because there was no easy way to break through her. He was furious with me not them. He told me that I never should have been hanging out with her Manning going to strip club without her knowing it she accused me of pursuing him. She knows her man is not my type and I explained that when I went out with him. To keep the peace that and I explained that I went out with him to keep the peace. Now I've lost my best friend. He's still with that clown and I can get her to sleep at his lies and manipulation. I'm at my best friend. Please help. You're gonna have to chalk this one up because. You're not going to be able to get that bag used slept with her man and you've slept with emit. You broke the friend code. You don't normally hear we with David girlfriend code which you and your dude we say he wrote that friend code okay. I don't care how drunk you guys where I don't care. You crossed the line and that's why she's managed Q you were wrong okay you were wrong for it with her guy the subject of this letter my best friend cannot be OK with this. You'd get a chance to respond. Where our yield pressure you got it all right it's yet we got a recap your breast ray is not okay would do and either let's recap. So we did Sharon yes what is your pet orphans. And wanna make sure. I met a man my best we can not be OK with it. Not here I had to pick the Buddhist that I Edmonton. This woman has obviously. I'm assuming with Audi beings they. I'm just assuming her for her breast re it is game is an area a gay gap yeah okay. We would thickest the east and nothing could keep us apart. Whatever she got to relationship. She introduced me ask Karl brought. And I got all on board. He started dating current board rip out in approving him if bird because he had a reputation realized that she'd. Populated crude supported a two all the drama or break those with. He knows I don't really like you know. So one guy he invited me to go to strip clue and you see your beard that he and Biden. Hold free. A brother. A broad and the guy who's gay troopers strip club yes. Not register quote I've read about the club in Delaware have a great turn he pay for all my direction of that day. We both ended up didn't really draw since I'll be close too to strip club. He asked if weakest dale mark count is that a driver in all ways you know. So I that he. It is it is that the one thing related to another and we ended up mic and role model of what we're. Pena to what is I need to know where did the operational. Because it is during Marriott. And I'm not that note in a full wood another main Indian. Makes this statement one thing they to a number you think hey hey no no hold them by. Note their dying so when he Moreno one favorably to another bill. This is got to be something you've added eulogy for all lol ha. And have acted alone to be well then no one thing related to another that we had to admit it in broad and Ronald of brutal war. Listen to me if our short sleeved shirt announced that next tomorrow park he got shorts and you. Can. We get that Steve butcher's straight heterosexual man. You know I know I'm just saying and what it really helped me in my apartment that we call for. We have the introduction of harmony with any of friends that have to be feet between the district while we sit next. Does the space between them. So now. We got a pin hill. We Brett from his troop one day player to another we ended up naked roller round overflow outfit awful the next day. You think beautiful. And it kind of the cross the line with her his best friend man focused on this and I want to tell my best free and everything. The right years ago and a commitment to. Issue rules to this game that we see. Read. What you cannot do is go to that well. Because you don't hurt cougar heat now. Yeah where Reno on. I've thrown off next in order to promote bear trader at that but I waited a week. Cause there was no easy way to break is news where she worked areas would me. Not you know. He told me I'd never should've been hanging out would a man and gore to restrict oil would I don't know when she accused mayor pro sure they have. You probably. Where he pursued. She knows her man is now my time or. What do you and you just say yells nick you don't flow. And they were drunk. But he financial ties. Now one. From Riley was all right so. So do you think she all she knew that her man thrown around by sexual. I think it. She's not all that we heard man yet she's not at that I think she's okay with. Personal I have no solution to this that. Just let me say. No we're not too because in all honesty Arnold Indian. And I don't wanna say anything because I don't know the rules of engagement. In these types of relationships so for me to say so when all is going on in society today are really don't want Campbell comical I don't know. Let's see let me just say this though when you think it would be the same. You know. With heterosexual. If your friend slept with your man. Or your girl image in this case if if I'm a woman my girlfriend sleeps with my man is the same thing basically. The shock arcane marriage in which Houston and now. Make in the end if your best friend slept with your wife with your girl. This was happening year Calhoun street and among this. What's happening a year ago that you are there watching games. I cannot carry fixed. Capital. That. The hope not yet to look at it now he can't pump him that I have to look at the yen at the and. Nah nah I'm home mama mama I just. I don't know none of it where able to. Out of high you to run the loss in their mind. Another portrait. And I would have to say about that. And flat demand. What branch free if government does that would homer. Now where she had rep map around these two million was sleeping together. Man. He had the no I'm. Obama all right guys we got to get out of here you can email at there and surrenders as your thoughts on today's strawberry letter at Steve Barbie FM and at my girls surely you're listening. We've been warning shadow.