Strawberry Letter - Me and my man have a little situation

Friday, May 25th


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Hold on tonight we got forty it is the strawberry. I'd subject to me and my men having little situation. Here's Stephen surely. The gentlemen seven months ago I'm 45. And he's 37. When we met he lived three hours away so he decided to move to mine area. It's been four months now and and we've been in the same city. Starting to the issues with him. It didn't have a plan in place when he moved to my affinity and now he's living in a shelter because god told him he cannot live with meat. He doesn't have a car and I refused to drive them around. He doesn't have a job. In fact he's at three different job than he's been here. You've been fired from each job because he had an issue with the way people to hand. Eight he had issues with being short. Is only five. Three total away from Amman a bit different now but it breaks shall not from the duty to. And they're being used that thing huge. Add your nephew ticker well and I'm going to break room at team I'd legal team and green short I is only 5:3. I am 52. Was the main. It bothered him. He has short patient when people. I believe he'd been abused by a woman before because the always think I'm talking down to him and beat belittling him. Gently pushed these issues to this guide but it's getting old. I'm getting to the point where I want to end this relationship. And I helped him overcome this or should I just let him work with no problem the loan. Please help. Lindsay is about to turn it at. That hour. I. Had. Here in Atlanta and you're welcome by the way you're welcome. You may not have a problem with his height but he certainly guys love and and you gotta let him work it out on his. All of their things that you can help. Help them deal I don't know maybe pick him that there repeat that he can deal with it that way. But there's nothing you can do about his problem with his height you cannot change people you cannot change and you you've only known him for seven months and it let me think did you. Him before you guys you know got together but I I guess she did it you would have said that if he didn't. But now he's moved you guys didn't talk about what was going to happen where he was going to live with a ninety had a car. You guys didn't discuss any of that before he moved. Did the same city how he's had three jobs since he's been there he's only been there what for months he is an issue with the way people talked to him. This is crazy visit things that he has to deal with on his own and he's probably been dealing with. Four the majority of his adult life. You don't care because he's still taller than you at 52. Though I don't know if you're going to be able. Help them overcome this because he's got to do it first only thing you can do it to be there to support him. Yeah he's gonna have to work through these problems alone. I don't know if this relationship going to last because he can't keep the job he lives in a shelter. I mean you know and you you want him to do better I'm sure but he can't because of. He has a problem with being little you know he needs counseling that they gave. Well Darnell. Our employees there a man who worked flip door. You got time. Good advice is not a time to be funny and be room for Kurt is a wholly owned don't started out a deep at your zombies don't it's not that I'm going to stupid birdies OK here's the grinch who. They gain and Betty they're America's latest McCain needs of women yelled go don't let me down. I'll promise you I'll usually downloads and let him down part of five years old he third sip let me ride. He shall. Darren. Is easy. I already eat that eight years shell. He already had a big one is the inches. You can lead. You thought it. I mean that is that what we read. He lived 3000 were so we decided to move Duma area has been almost now since we've been in the same city. Here's Milan in this letter that really amazes me what are starting to see issues with him. So Hillary go Peter and have a read it plays were able to my city king. Living in or ship out to. Yeah diet rich shoot it and want it moved DR city. Is now eleven and she took. So and you call. How that worked in the year. You sit. The ship out to. No man. They got normal. You gave him how's this. How's that. Welcome ahead please god I don't India. Yeah how education is all you. Got your tiger respond. That's the dollar which has won't date Michelle may yummy in my men have a little situations that you and that she got the heat 53 she brought to sort of Obama. This eight year difference in the car she ported by that is that. Not heed your mood and betrayal but being got no plans she won't that'd be you would hear of Tony liberty shall. Just wondered how ideas for a hole which he stopped that. You go see you me and the shelves what you see. Which ended ability you. I know from being at home if you case though the homeless persons bill bit. That's role in Melbourne Wanda all of our end of the you don't touch rod grocery caught. I put children at all but due to hate and to get to witness brought it. He doesn't have a job. He doesn't have a cop and I refused to drive it for a so I just trying to walk around him and while he doesn't have a where a student he got a job who got no car you if you go to the try and who. Threatening head to reduce the job since he's been here he'd been properly job because he has an issue. With the way people talked ago and that we run into this. How. Shall. Cause we are do you ever with this Asa. I wanna thank you for the opportunity to get off to a bit. Some things that we go through what we got somebody old Michelle. Issue with the way people talk hill. He stood touch the audit then. Some Bol were you well. He always have been. See as issue would be in short. In. June. Wouldn't you have issuer has. Rocked the. She sat on his part doesn't bother me. But it bothers him. He had a short. Chutes which. What you loaded and no patients. We don't you don't like nobody cause it's. Always the soul is about his high. He produced who thought that we had to produce or Michelle. If you throw a rock you look at that don't want to crawl towards it. Tab we chin height on me she'll we got one hers Jimmer did conclusion that we talked about he. Eat little blue and we know that right now can shoot you think we tell by his they have right. Now she says I believe that he's been abused by a woman before cause he always on top and down to. That's called the women he did it was column. They was halted gotten to you. Half was to come skins have without this person referred to. And income into Yahoo!. Is. Now up. Believe he's been abused about war because you always think a token Dem. I'd joke we pushed the issue to decide but he skewed old. I'll get to deport wobbled in here this relationship. Can I help you oval calmness I want to success or should I just let it work that was old problems alone. Cannot help him all the chrome news no you cannot. Know you can not this person could briefly at the you're there to help deal. Well the big go. In the arteries that. I have seen this go all the way up to you. No. You register it. Scripted what they're really admitted he'll get what you do any work there was probably little he. Ailes is what it does he actually saw it is I'll wait them out hip. People got big issues the main shock patient they got shot in the state got show our homes. The senate everything blocked me show. What they brush people. They get a job. I don't Q what nobody say they always work. I have to wrap my hockey at a sharp jump at but he eats and Baltic. How. Did it. I don't. Want to gear. As he work and it got no words that she'll. That's out watching and houses that day. The house nation. There's been a commitment to free. Matter of fact you did does live last house that you read may. You caught a lucky scheck. So. I reject from the people now. So that's how you do you use your take them and give that big. See you got caught it in the house college don't. The only. That would leave it at that a puppet closes out its. Yeah. Well most of the storage. And no law mood asked about the missile Blu-ray. This don't read that is this. The food only brought it. Did you move all this up rapidly and that he would do put a little bit and and. In which you out. Of the time to show you took you have a hole. People right here should people like you can build up like this. I've seen don't. C.'s meet me. Nonfarm. Among many in a mobile. U all right me. You may border still doing you any time. And you're not call. And you darom duties that. We welcome. And. See some of the things that we do you and I think we gotta get up. Well let's answer a measure doesn't today's strawberry letter at my girls surely please don't forget to join me this Thursday at 1:30 PM eastern. Got a Alaron Darrell Leonard who live after show and FaceBook live. You're listening. He morning show.