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Friday, July 6th


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Been mowed down that we added Bodine and he. That there right yeah. I'd subject let's get it started. Did Stephen surely I am I am darn near fifty years old and my wife and say boy am neo. Yeah sure you medical stop you stop doing that would do that does like the 'cause that's okay just a memory with people if they wrote it sure is natural causes what they see I am darn near fifty years old and you're like why. Early is important initiatives were you watching C in the it wouldn't Donald Trump made an ass hole comment about Haiti and Africa. There dot com and yeah take it on themselves to take advantage of that situation AT and calls this journalism. Yeah. RA and does god created a professional journalist I. I am I am darn near fifty year old in my life with forty. We've been married for almost ten years and have two children both under the age of five. I wanna make sure you all have the details first of all. Love my wife. It it's an all cap BUT all cat and here is the problem. If I want some cookie I have to initiated 95%. Of the time. Sometimes she will but it is rare to me. Rare for me. I don't want to feel like I am forcing her to do something she doesn't wanna do however I think we're both young enough to have the time of our lines. I have often gone to bed frustrated with the lack of cookie in our life I have gone to bed may care it's. I am purge its third faith that these lingerie which he did now where. I have even told her that sometimes she can initiate the effects but nothing changes I think she doesn't feel confident in her bedroom skilled. But this leaves me frustrated too often or thinking I am just horrible in bed. She acts like I am the best in the world when we do engaged but doesn't she initiated more often. I feel like she should come and talk to me and tell me I'm not as good and bad that I think I am. I have never cheated on my wife and I have no plans to. Keep going to sleep sexually frustrated. What else can I do to have her make the first move. Or am I it's not making the earth move forever please help. Well I mean you might have to do. You're in my that too I mean if you wanna you have to go after what you want you've talked to her about it. You do it 95% of the time that 5% of the time maybe that's all you'll have for now maybe she is uncomfortable. Sexually and maybe you have to keep going until she gets more comfortable or you know. Maybe shall never get more comfortable maybe it was the way issue with race you never know unless you guys do have some honest communication. About teacher you know. Sexual life or lack thereof so you're gonna have to talk to her I mean I know you want these changes. But. It's your wife you guys are married you can talk you can communicate you can tell her what she'd like to which you don't like. You can keeps darting in and starting it you wanna feel like she. Find you attractive to. But it. When you do she's cool with it she says she acts like you're the best in the world though in now. Maybe guys they're gonna have to compromise and come to some third of agreement right here meet in the middle somewhere. But talking and communicating its parts that within the. Where oh where no way no way no way because they're good naked if you recall the. Yeah where you demanded it and it's like yeah. Yeah let's talk about this poem it. He fit he she thought is that what you're saying. You know if that Dario. He damn near that. Your wife quality they've been married two years they've got two key. Both the age of under the age of scene did he say Albert to make sure you have all the details will serve right now. I need to make sure you got all the details too. Costly to key it's under five. Ain't got a sexy about it a. She didn't. Even booed him. Kids is blew us humans. Can't is blocked calls. Here it is in no worry. He idiots. Create. Your two fears. Asked what he would. So not what she wanted us to have the details I just want to go to that you. The U saved version though more alive widely used to problem. If probable some cookie I got initiate minded perhaps and lieutenant. Addicted to say. I would just venture to say. That indeed happens save of the marital situation today I would pitch it to say it could be role is just an opinion about it. Think it from rich was Jim kids is here that is huge. Amanda strident this year. 95%. Of that. In night at Papa senator edges. A bit of that they mr. Obama listened to I take my well Vilma world blue window meant to you. And you rate him as he. I'm glad you exist. But I got tangled nobody. You working the putter going I got a job had a legacy on working alone and afraid of them try to maintain their hold guilt. So now. Sometimes. She wheeled but is rare for me. I don't wanna feel like I'm fortunate to do some she don't wanna do however I think we're both young and up to have a tub about laps. I've often gone to bring it frustrate you with the lack of kooky in our life. I have gold to bid naik. On Saturday night and for me that on Romney I've been vindicated now. Where they would not go to be admitted comeback can afford to have mr. Ginn twisted her wrapped Opel me. I've got removable objects this rabbit Kate give it to Logan tall stone. But obsolete Mick suggesting case. Just to. Be ready stay ready. I have purchased or six or large rape which she does not where I told there's sometimes she can initiate six but nothing changes. I think she doesn't feel confident in a beer rooms deals. Now. Is your day at key. If they had where Huff and as well you've got to cheer about to flat don't. You got this. These kids as well this whole war and out. She got the UREV. I hope there's damn dog got out how we just. Cropped yeah. Yeah some amount so c'mon let's get through that part Q have you reached on Israel right here he picked his wife fought they got to puke them to flat he frustrate because he going to be advocate or she won't initiate sex he got initiating nightclubs and did ten. Never four Oz now what I try to put up to the mayor would you drive it to listen to begin that the latter. Was so we have all the fact that they have to Cuba to fight but still get your feet up. Hey this is why this moment. It a shot out. Give me an example when he Greinke has come over. How's it even got key global. I got rid of all he. I thought it was ago. But now when they come back they bring mole people. They called Greinke. Basically presumably it would which heels in my sleep and. Qaeda sleeper pick it would be grandly reasonably. Jim here it's its move killers they block house. Don't kid who's actually birth control. It the mess we don't why it ain't so. Any answer to give up or because she won't go multi. She don't want DK if you got to read it on the fact you don't we admit it. She's an average of red and Jeff put to sleep she try to get some risk or she got to do these key that could be here. I would venture to say that there's probably now what are you you would like for her to initiate to salute him. That angle that's all he won. Dummy you know what look we would all like five girl below normal forcefully blamed. You know but for the most body and imagine using them this initiate. Usually. I don't ride share and that's right. So we're on the same. Course setup at the house they have to say damn game. Saying they have got me. Limit of hoped they would right you know right in my. I don't won't know all right he would heal. That I want out wall I was hot spot. I don't dare close call this quarter amenable. Letterman thing never cheated or what he has no playing well we've got picks up that house. We're still getting impeached. It's just like not our house is just days ago. Have a new dog right there we got a new dog brandy block. Keep talking about his demo and I asked would that don't you covered me for ago. Think draft. Blair. I don't get our barbecue is mostly guard Drake Scott got what I would do not deal via. What have you gotten that don't. Low. And skating is I wish I would what happened to be scared in my house. So. Just a few years ago and when you do you know about the luxury you wanted to Como to you election do you wish you that future. But Jim days probably ago. All you have to invest in some money. To get him keys and a waste. Even. Not him me. I'm Marco Michael babysit. My grandmother and I will admit in. Or he'll board screw. Google Tampa where. No. It isn't important to all the time. All the time deciding to maybe get us to allow. What you won't do your magic key is close. What if and boarding schools you can have more the next. Year I was not known. There live one day. And bear hunt what I did. Because I would have missed raised among boys and girls so. A world pulled back on the world to steal some things board school was. And how do. They are not perfect but hill I wouldn't. My back to this that. This these bill. This just ideas. Welcome to America war a war. I'd like now you quit school and be. Who's got what they have to work hey it sort of like I did there appeared. But to be. Analysts and Mickey a in his talk are fuels we would ban helped out an extra debris estimate you've got to give up for debate received and Danny Mickey walked into the room. In need you to save you who's in shape and a so how long. It took regulated. Nick that you she. I gotta get out here. Email at their union with Richard I like you were second trimester that could be felt when at all. It mellow out there interim measure of them today cover letter. We're working field goal though you're listening should. Be when he should.