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Tuesday, June 12th


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Blogging. Baghdad for the ladies and it is true. Yeah. Rockwell and didn't. Internet is subject let's get it on. Dear Steve and surely in the spring of 1976. During my senior year of college. I met a girl in the right to hi Sheila without war. We have it up immediately and we became inseparable. After my graduation I accepted a job in new York and with each other twice a month. After she graduated we lobe and on our wedding night we had that for the very first time. Lionel Richie was our favorite entertainer and like it's along with the B added all night. Every night. When the children came along slow things down a bit and they became our priority. We still have a very active that life. Years ago my wife had to get a Brooklyn had to get hip replacement surgery and doesn't and we haven't had that. He is now 64 years old and I'm 67 and he told me that we're too old to keep adding that. But there is nothing wrong with me. He'll have the energy of a younger man I don't think I could live without that. I don't wanna have a live there on my wife because month with the key here and I thought I would hurt my mother and are. So I'd never do that there is nothing physically wrong with my wife heard it's fine now we've been out dancing with just fine. I can't figure out why she does the money I have with me. Even surely you are younger but your wise beyond your years that via here. Do you think I should do and. You know what I think this is kind of mental. Really a do you think it's kind of a mental situation for you like I don't mean that she permanently Miller anything like that thing that. I just think that she's gone through a lot and mentally mentally she's just not right now I I appreciate the fact and I know it's been two years. I appreciate the fact that you don't when he doesn't like. Because them. That's the easy way out it really is the easy way out in situations like these that you want that your wife is not giving it to you please step outside your marriage which you've hung in there and you don't know about the easy way out and that's what a lot of people do. But you don't want to do that because you saw the effect that having your family when your dad did it. Though so I applaud you for that but I am going to ask you to be here where you like right now and you have for the last two years and I'm gonna actually to continue that. Because I think she meet you I think counseling acting therapy I can help the situation I think possibly a medical doctor may be in order. Because of her age you may be experience the experience thing. The situation on. There but I tortured. Don't think commercials man have Viagra Viagra situations that women have. Pain down there discomfort. Drying this stuff like. OK we talk about Viagra and error EG so you know women have issues too I think that can be. I think that could be some of her situation. So I'm going to ask you just be patient with her due to scuffling you know medical doctor and I'm also gonna ask if you. Get heavier in the romance department I don't know what you're doing because you did today. But some theories romance serious foreplay to get her back in the mood things like that I. Moon. That's when it wouldn't just tell me. As his. Like you thought you'd any in my response at all. No you don't listen are. I got this Arctic this yankees team into them after. I'm here are some I was constitutional now. But just knowing what he might potentially say. Who calls us throw him to eat it's alone in this spring a semi six. What a wonderful year that will help. Us bridge in his semi serious. God have mercy. Allow a lot of rumors. It was his senior year prodigy would learned. Are you making that the values now well bill so Friday. I wrote a letter. She needs some more we have an Auburn came as several at my graduation. We got a job in New York decided it graduated a low don't know where madness that sort of her first. Louder Richie. All nine lone. Indian children came Malone which loaded down a bit. Cause they would have priority. But they still had a actors sex life. You go to problem to you go to wife. Got a hip replacement. Now you need Julia. Was stripped. And you need Giulio. At Dover air is critical. Now. To our sexual activity. Bet pelvic area. Is. You are just wander or she got that took out head and probably. Find him and they wouldn't this have been that different day listening cynics. Centric while another formal virginity. We do dancing you know they got to. Ankle by yulia. Not for long you. And you have is very tired of article can be by illegal fool me. When you have sex. I don't hold your way to live Mayan stretched out. I got to seek won't always willing to buy now. As loud and ally yields would mind that I hold healed troops are. We stretched out. So losing is never bravely doing and I doubt they look good no. I might add to go Greg did or didn't do argued. Oh he hit another model is different models and you apps have. I got her convertible Uga default to your. Fault you got to all. Six award you a few major super version. Six a war hamburgers. They called it this deal. Completely. Messes stormy Daniels. And now we you can forged on real. It you all you looked at all or you get to air failure. Does First Lady. That it will be needed him. Babies are walking around doing drew programs will never happen happy that he. You meet you need to do is be healed and they've got different models you right dead already did that is. Lauded him I'll sort out there would talk more about his usual. I'm Steve let's get to part two of fury we talk about this hip replacement judges woman didn't. That are very active six lives but now she's sixty Foley's ex yourself. I'm afraid of work and again they would ask you should thank you for amber she's. It now they too old to keep have been sick and continue to hope problem by U demolish you should get. You need every he'll. Like Obama give my hips replaced. Object you can put all want to do Shipley. Yes okay Bruce glitch right now. But I did my little replace someone need to modeled it opened why. Click click I could do droplet of role playing Dario but it. You're sitting there just wow I hope. The brand jail Monday declared dale he'll. And your girls need to gymnastic Q. Can you be back in obvious that it has them. Did you need yourself a solar radio. How does the host Chris you. Look at 400 reported that. My camera just love it when in doubt that you did you beat circled only be elated that leadership praying lay. Well flagged down a model Melissa and I ever met that money. For Gil like Dayton. Vermont girl local giving New York rather gold giving you mean. That model bombed in Taubman. The public gives you myriad written in my. Yeah. And. Well we'll get market they got several nobody got through your model to young model. Date vehicle program to write an old model here and ripped. You know. Yeah duel and if you want to durable modern you've got to get stormy day. Conclusion of the pound. Got a storm does you can be an epic real beaten and I eastern dual. So that's all of these marriages got you do if you replace she knew nothing pleased. They need to go to their pickup right ma. A oh. Well you know they got nude wrote structure. You can take a lot old vintage stuff on there related to two. You don't want to group every vote and you want to go get a new hip but it wasn't enough I'm very disappointed in my hand and a it. Sorrows of Markham this film as anything you'll say about a skilled at it. You're right you don't get into it only. Those tree. Elements that you're hopeful. And I do want yeah clip from both you know you only need you won't yet you only knew what. No one need to have a complete with Jones completely switched off the court I'm. What would a remote component unit had a remote and it well act act and the negative mail I want to ask. Political and panic that's all right in the. This is the I think as she did and then million. You need him boat with a riveting thought it would Rivet they have hit the government did not I'm I got to do not agree you pneumonia and those who upstairs dealers just. It was Riverdale new. And I don't think I couldn't. I division of they have indeed. Feel good. And who would ever have been obviously riveted. Carl. Interest that I mean I'm in as me. On it and he's didn't. Mean it would catalogs you riveted. It would have you may yet it. I need to heal it being Aussie guy on. And we couldn't go backwards edit it and popping. Yeah he's a black line it joint yen down will be there and you don't know until she. Well that's. Noticed circus already toggle Marlon hill in Iraq. Universal he volume of sales zip. You don't won't they let him do all in his view the. Somebody a Sony wants to take your body universal they'll put militant him. All of you that all of them previously owned a oh yeah. A nice. Thing you'd. Remove him and his team they'll love you have. He says you have to get one yet he went he had yet to even do you want in the 11. Is when there's only one made to do is do you do anything. I have a question and businesses. In the upset when she's at the globe Danson on my. Long days to come home game here. That rightly noted that it's okay. If it's not okay they should do an old it's. Everything. He still has the energy Steven younger man. I. Lindsay do you know meantime the right. You. Do what you thought he yelled to. I told him he was so I am saying I told him he was which most schools that don't hit it. You see junior facing the new YouTube video he released. A time working out. I'm glad to go to YouTube and he wants what's it Ali and whatever I rare birdies. Ropes. Run in them today. In agreement. Job bridge I don't know why everybody we show me some dams and bridges and oddly it's that old group now are untrue and now. News. A unit stopped for a and thuggery in me yankees beat him. Number being called out and shoot them. I would do you today. Now all of them that they believe we. Got to do some speed laden. I would love dog evade debt. Be ready for years and that somehow it was just too so warm again by dale moment. All right let that we got to get out of here thank you Steve you can email after insert M us your thoughts on today's strawberry letter at my girl Shirley. Our Steve Garvey at M and don't forget this Thursday at 1:30 PM please join me for the strawberry letter live after show on FaceBook live okay. 1:30 PM eastern time you're listening. We've been warning shall.