Strawberry Letter - Is it time for me to move on?

Wednesday, August 15th


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But hold on tight we gotta toy you it is the strawberry. Subject is it time for me to move on. Here's Stephen surely. I've been in a relationship. With my fiance for three years in the beginning everything with great. But things have taken a turn for the worse she has hit me on two different occasions. And it's started and it startled me because I've never. Raise my hand to her even been man enough to hit her. Lately she's been pointing out my laws and add insult to injury sex is like a foreign concept to her. She has no desire to have sex with me now. No matter how many different ways I tried. I have women that flirt with me daily but when I'm around my fiance is like I don't exist. We've been living together for the past two years and she doesn't work. Now I am responsible for all of the bills. I bought her new car and I I do the very best I can't take care of her as she won't even cook breakfast or dinner anymore. She won't hold my hand in public they'll hugging or kissing her on the cheek is out of the question where at home together she is constantly on her phone. Scrolling on social media watching videos and looking at pictures. I'm only 34 years old and I feel like my happiness is passing me by. I I would hate to leave earth and we are planning a wedding. But I cannot spend the rest of my life like this is there anything I can do to get its relationship back on track. This is supposed to be my forever love please help. OK first stop the wedding plans right now to stop making plans because you guys are ready I mean. This this is a relationship that's going nowhere right now. How things are right now is how things will be. And they could get worse and lets you guys get some help from problems. I don't know this relationship looks hopeless to being mean think about it if she's hitting new now before you get married what do you think is going to. Makers stop after the marriage. I mean I don't condone violence. When men needed women and I certainly don't condone violence when women hit men. That needs to stop if she's not. You know. Giving you stacked right now. And she has no desire to have sex with you right now what makes you think that's going to change you're 34 years old and and you're definitely right should not happy and you're your happiness is passing you buys. She's on social media constantly she's not into the relationship at all she does and eat in cook with you for for you anymore. It sounds to me like she's checked out of the relationship. The Heidi get it back on track I don't know because she's already gone themes on. You're responsible for all the bills she doesn't work. You sound like a good man a decent man ash and and you certainly deserve better. This relationship looks very very hopeless to me to get back on track. I mean there are things you can do of course. Like get some counseling for 41. I just don't see this relationship going anywhere you stay where you think. Failed down. But what I don't know what isn't there a while on the golf ball. Doesn't get what to crack their he had all 34. You're out of Kansas. You waiting battery. Bar. Row on Q now you're ready to help. This is not what she won't. Matter right it is not in good. Had to go to Nielsen is he's the topic. At Iowa Jo piazza at three years beginning at everything worked great it is always always. An illegitimate. In the beginning being right had beginning and that's why the game cause they will want to. But things have taken a turn for the worse she has hit me on two different occasional and its body. And it startled me because I've never even raised my hand and I have been mad after it opens Goldman. She's real cute Everglades and it's problem. Here. Let's just don't they were to see how hard shooters who have joy Gasquet charted it. Star is on is a matter right now hers she slept huge. She schedule. In historical now. It would idea she. The I would like to. Intersect Nazis that you doubled up score. What they're so you don't start she's scared you. Let me just say this and I'm not go belabor this point right you you were in force series of my way as well. Tortured and know that David just thought you didn't done it twice Cheadle while born UGI now has removal. Okay lately she's been pouring now my fault and add insult to injury sex is lack of foreign concept to her she has no desire to have sex with me now no matter how many different ways that Chara. Are you just started final. What was dirty full. I had him sit. All the time. On the eve little order they will. Pop up I felt a stroll public didn't. Oh. It's not as they. I didn't have to live. I really got to be my. You you really got to be call the sandwich wrap. What's it. Had a remote this where wow Brandt go with it bought it. It now that it cure and no back up where we'll start to make love there. Do women aspect of like at thirty odd you. You talk you'd be. Can't look at what this you looked at me its and you. So I heard round as you look. You know you look at it. As a model well I don't know how. Would you mostly. Men always think that left on Wednesday may think I don't street juke review how it got it so. Let me I got to stick figures caught a yeah I love you can't get it right now again our youth and to me just what I've been. So I know six this is over a man I can hold it right here. Let's take a break we come back talk about Alan wouldn't occur right. This subject is isn't it time for me to move on that is the subject of my letter today let's recap this letter subject in that time for me to move on his third. All you old dude in relation peavy would do well for two years day FiOS that she'll have six weeks ago. She delves he points out all his flaws don't hold his hand and who do not and she hits him and hitting twice. These it hits right now that gore to develop they're going to grow just like fielder's broke so delays as well. They do man grew as a child. My father made him Lugar most severe the most severe in Latin got. See everything grows. We'll go birdies and they'll be here to me gnashing of preacher and not seeing have a little six. So I'll bet you thirty fall like us there were out there quiet him. Evelyn and I didn't. A lot of tab double B just even more honest which are didn't make to DC. What means that my privates me. It decided for me. You all to who your mom say large effect would hit on top yeah. When you go use your big day as he would. Near the golf club brain and it actually we can it let's move on. So anyway. He's not have a six this is old which she'll handle that suits. The talk about 911 get prepared to YouTube awards she she's not work on getting their heart right if she does not work so I'm responsible for automobiles. They understand that but you know these huge. You know man who you'd you find some Roman if she would look a woman don't really have to Wear to validate themselves. Homemakers on incredibly. Efficient and very much need so I can not that part. But you manner hook machine working knock machine did you know cookie. Cause you weren't here you work at four kooky. And to keep that though is not here to the reason we all go to work as a mean the reason we but we bait fish out. Read only to read and we go get a formal education the reason we are an up close. Way DO. My watch you show an option if this book cookie. No cookie which she got a house eaten. Yet. A deficit. That. I didn't take it and that line was that she did the rectitude and well you know out on your do she cookies you don't won't include Brett who had been a normal why do you worry about the food you do not have its sixth. This let's get back today. There what you what you daddy told you work don't know. I gotta tell you that good weeks. I would name below. Yeah. I bought her a new car and I do the best I can't take care of her if she wanted to prove breakfast again. She won't hold my hand implement so Logan a kiss on the cheek is out of the question. We home together she's constantly on polls will Google's social media watching video and look at the pictures. Only thirty full but up here that my happiness is passively slip it right than your greatest male. Slippery and right Julio Franco us all feel happy news is have opened to do is drag all. Walsh. I know all working evil slapping you ask corporate wall rough. OK. I want to make sure I got everything he did he say it would take to leave well what. I think yes but what. You would make them. You know or oh yeah Giddens left. Yeah like not have a six you know like Byron probably didn't detonate return. You are likely result social media voting that you kiss on the cheek wholehearted. I would hate to leave your hate this hate both Obama will be happy to get this mean. Our mandate go get a search we operate and no I would hate to leave Russert we planned waited a little element. Well no. What what you meant. To Matt read this are you using. Are you crazy opera. You're not happy now marriage does not make a person happy. Badges that completion. It started not just to complete slope. Where nobody stopped it happen you press somebody so you can finish would be sent. Marriage is about completion man Abbas I don't stock spam it does but guess what they'll get this live Alter. I carry out Barack cannot spin the rest among my life like this what you re not mad hook. Pop that is they added I got the dude get your relationship back on track what relationship. She's the new yeah. Of those six she didn't work she and comp UQQ so you can. You can talk to her probably she don't talk to you yeah. This X youth if all you do. What you got to be bread dough boy. You got to be right now. You drones has hurt. Atlanta ahead and am in now with six weeks. In your ear. I used. Have you have been just pressure on president brand was like I was important completion went. My uses has that since that week of the month the in joke that you don't know what to do he didn't believe he was dogged her in had either a car. And I was home moments I had too much over on the oval it was want to sub total system. Was trying to come house where. I was driving my comment just look at anything billboard up can't it be. Everything with the excitement. Senator managed to dot com while the eligible and would probably won't pay a brawl that. Struck the grass sometimes relieved. Our guys we got to get out of here you can email Lester in to grant us your thoughts on today's strawberry letter at the Barbie FM. You're listening. Being morning Shia.