The Strawberry Letter - Im In Love With A Republican

Wednesday, June 6th


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Movie loop in ho don't hide it is he straw Barea and let. And I am in love with the Republican. Here's Stephen surely. I have been in love it in on loving relationship for about a year with the man the most part have provided protected and profess his love for me. We have so much in common but we have several issues where there is total disagreement. In the beginning we would laugh as we expressed our divergent views on such things with gun control immigration. And sexual orientation. I asked him if he voted Republican. And he's floored that he didn't I know that everyone is entitled to their opinions and views. But lately we've been having if you blow up the disagreement on our current president and got control. I am a Democrat leaning toward more republic more a liberal ideal. On the other hand as boy extreme conservative youth I think jets that that we do not discuss politics anymore than it's creating friction. And we co exist having such different views on life. We do love each other very much. We have been talking about. Marriage though I need to know if this is that for better or worse part of love Hewitt thought. He's made. Well Steve I will say this it's our job she definitely listens to the show and she definitely had read your blog at like a lady think like a man because she that. A man provide a protective and for us for her and that's which you talked about in your book one of the things. But having settled that. This is going to be difficult hopefully love can prevail in this relationship. But with the president. And your view than his youth. It could be very very you know challenging I'll pay for relationship of course to people who have different political views and. He would be able to call it that in a loving relationship. Without getting too crazy and you're having to break up for the fourth. Over over situations but. On with this president I have known we have talked about on the show as a matter of fact about people getting into fights and things like that. But we don't want it to get like and I think may be on you know there are two issues here one you asked him if he voted Republican before he didn't. Make sure he's not lying about that you don't necessarily you know want to be. In a relationship with someone who just lies are no greens and. But. I think what you said about it. Not discussing politics anymore and that's creating friction that may be the way to go if you guys can help it because. It's hard not to in this day and time but I'll say it's going to be difficult hopefully love will prevail in this relationship. You don't let it get to that you know maybe you need to set some boundaries of what she talked about and how far you can go. Maybe you could do that and still find them luck in the relationship it'll be tough these. I. Let me just break it down too but. Now players go beyond and all they did hear him tell. Him. All the time. When you have such opposing views. And your senator Bob got a smile this is about life. These are opposing views about life. These don't live in Dow commanders these are social issues. When you're talking about gun control. Eventually they're gonna control blown Toronto. Saw him. Go to browse it gives a drag me in. On some police brutality. Towards African American community dumped on last say so. Because I always liked opponent and most police officers are great people. Most of the really really know. We have no problem with a few and it makes it may have for the whole team. And we have some police department the needs a complete Billy Washington just like to run in LA is typical the and he you're talking about immigration. You're talking about how person feels about the lives of others who on this fortune. Ed can you talk about sexual orientation. Here's a guy who obviously has some types of feelings this against you'll view towards Abbas sexual orientation. Gay and lesbian rights. All of man those are big issues. Because you know why these are big issues and I don't think that Lou can overcome news. Is because this current president and we have lose in the news every day forget about one of these. An intraday debt is creating and called him in a fair players' sons of bitches. All saying is something really crazy to do so or fallen member of the military. On on not make him if he's just in the news. So how do you get around this in the relationship. I don't think you can. In these and I would love to say stop talking about it but I'm used to Obama's openness in the news of the day. It's a life. I don't see how your relationship cute kid can survive this. I think it could I would hope preclude. What you are probably following up on everything. Ridiculously so. Legal drinking. A far the I get caught in illegal file world got a thousand people over to house illegal problem. You ask it was a Republican he says nobody got all Republican view. Now he he. If you send a premier fighting. Your hardest to do fear and presidential. Then that's how are you. Just go to say that I know people do it all the time. All the time. I'd agree if you Fox News man. Watch when Don lemon old Anderson Cooper has the Republican room. That don't conservative radio holes of the camping reasoning but they defend his man. Skip what he's doing wrong. They just keep trying to act like you know what they're trying to make his behavior at all. And there now reports never come out of White House before they're trying to decency to thousands to the Americans think is no. It's a moment I'm not considered him acquaintances. Good look it is from here. Is this relationship I know. Who do better being in the room group. Like the Thong. I'd pick apart your fifteenth refund come on let's get to part few of today's strawberry letter I am in love with the Republican. A 30 man you know look you. Hello Republicans. Currently recap this woman struggling. But a decision because her and her husband. Hustling to be emotional potential husband has different views on gun control immigration and sexual orientation. Now this might not be so ban. 3040 years ago. But now with social media. At a president that is in the news every day. And you got a man who supportable what he goes in you hate. Ask me a lot of dog jailhouse he tried to avoid the subject is going to be hard because we've talked about life. We're talking about learn. You know soul can you all make it the issue coup. But will it be rocky I think so. I think so it can be tough so you know you can make it but if you live to sleep with somebody that you want to win the last thing going. Yeah. All. I'm few yeah. Do you unloaded pretty ignorant and not. Yeah. Pretty good run in nine years on a. I track yeah on the TV they can't the end of the stuff right here. Is is is politics is. Well this is religion a little different like always suited to their religion if there's two different religions has almost virtually pops. Who. Because you talk much of spirituality. So yeah yeah and you can have a senate that now for one moment in what you do I'm seeing Greece to who. Greta. We don't know but not at this when you went black Vietnam may have thought that his uncle who know. If you're so right on that Steve yours write them. Too little. Can you imagine a Christian man and eighteen is no low Margo if so you know a month. Not Christian and that eighteenth it won't work it's not go to work of the world's. You you are so separate into the court how can you do you believe in this almighty god. As sort of grim Leo and attempt to sleep with somebody who tells you he does not exist. When Corey yeah. I go is this personable born again it goes against everything you believe everything. It is it that would be a virtual impossibility that he had these two opposing parties that together do you look they can make that work. But to be unequally you know in terms of religion. That write them off for me I just don't see I don't I don't agree with you and honorable. When would you do I don't put no rooms. This about prayer. Oh not in hip missed cuts to its apply to. Yeah let's go to lunch you can go to La to. Yeah see he's too much. When you walk into. Who blew down to to to what do. To the temple to. A bad. Call your sanity. What does dried out that we walks you can drive we. Want. It is too much. That excuse me what. What do you do. What is good thing you're shaking. Your thoughts in September and you guys again if you let the music industry you know you can't beat it up. You reject what. Honey honey why is what you running and served up. On the field during. The show. Would say. 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