Strawberry Letter - I'm Addicted To My Best Friend's Girl

Tuesday, July 10th


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All right right before we get to the strawberry letter got to tell you it's happening again tomorrow morning the winning continues. At 7:20. Eastern. 6:20 central we are giving away a chance to win Steve the grand prize. Well one million. Dollars. One million daughter. We get a play. The timing couldn't figure out pretty dumb today okay. Hey I got hardly words you know you have done a huge trying. That isn't why we already nailed it though didn't want to pay these. And a I think is Steve IV FN dot com to register that is Steve Harvey aunt and two registered to play. Are you smarter but then nephew John aren't treated more as I like to call it. Who isn't. A hardworking men and are talking danger to pull it this. Way. No way to tomorrow. Way. And we can play them bungled wasteful war. Let's don't talk about but hold on tight we've got to unity and strawberry that. I think you nephew is subject I'm addicted to my best friend's girl by the doorway of plea. Seditious drivers if he needed night that relationship dating works sex parenting and mores that that your story letter to. Steve Garvey at and a town that extra. Day. I'm addicted to my best friend's girl is subject. Dear Steve and surely. I 35 year old hard working single male I'm tall dark and handsome and the ladies love me. But there is one lady in particular. That I can't seem to get enough she's my best friend's girlfriend. I was attracted to her from the moment I saw her and I could tell she was feeling me too. One day she came on to me and one thing led to another path forward to years later and we're still having sex. We have to sneak around because I live with my child month. Meehan my best girlfriend Meehan my best friend's girlfriend have a amazing sex wherever we can find a place to do it we've done in the cars parked in the mall in the bathroom at the gym. Anywhere weekend. My best friend has no idea that I and keeping his girl sexually satisfying. He'd seriously hurt me if he found out. So here's my problem like me. My child's mom went through my phone while I'm asleep. And so all of the text messages and pictures that mean you know girl gets each other child's mom threatened to tell my best friend everything. But I managed to talk her out of it. Let them know how she is so now I'm scared if I make her really meant she could tell at all. You would think that getting caught would make me stop having sex with this woman. But I can't. It's like an addiction. Maybe the danger of getting caught again is what turns me on so what should I do. Do I continue to risk my friendship with my best friend over some really goods that. Ignited true please help. You don't really want any help from us. I mean let's just be real here OK you know you'd like everything just the way it is urges that. That did you got caught because you already know that this is wrong and you know what to do. Just what you do. Missed tall dark and hands them we call the ladies love. And I think that's the thing right theory you know so called best friend. If you're getting all this love from all these ladies what could just date one of them and what could you be with one of them someone did and you best friend's girl -- you had to go after her. I just think that's funnel in in and you're not a friend. I really hope you that's for and doesn't find out for years that because you're right. He was seriously hurt you and you would deserve that okay his girlfriend AKA your side pieces out to. And yes if you guys keep on and you will get caught because that's obviously you're you're not that Smart. And you hear real girlfriend your baby mama. Found the pictures on your phone and your delete that okay. Argues that the delete all of that stuff baggy on down. And look. Stop this immediately I know it's stupid to be true we need is so good educated stop and it's like an addiction and all that. But you're gonna get caught a new year you're gonna Mets have a great friendship between you and and and you boy this this is this this now like I said. And and and in. And then and and end. He does matter in what he's doing and it that slowed Brandon. And go out all. The in goods and in bad. He can't match. And. Oh look now impact our. It is and I know I don't know which what you do is doomed. What is best front fun. Do you know what I. Did to me and read this at. All yeah. Yeah yeah Rodman and hello. Hello and welcome news. Wrist you know in Manhattan like to have all nine guys next few. We you have blacks knew it would be a nice problem I'm a little we do lose. He's got enough and you have been do you would you who almost. As soon. Go all the way. He's come this way you look at our parents. And I. We. Use. I. So we'll go out. Oh. Is. Do tigers who wish you all have. Them at. And I have right now up 10. That got mad at the may be the day. And dean and me. Up the right. It. Utley there now. Yeah. Right now the how well you won't Ramallah and what happened to remain. And hop. The black. No hell yeah. Yeah yeah. Have a whole story. You won't be dead than it. Actually pull a deal that. Mac yeah. And you won't they won't ahead. How wealthy while. It is these the need. It's not over it I I. I just Matthew tell you did did the response will be back at 23 after the hour and I think you're listening. Harvey morning show. I judge we're back we're in the middle of the strawberry letter. I'm addicted to my best friend's girl but before we get to that some breaking news. And this is really good news guys according to see an end. All twelve boys and have been rescued from the Tyler yeah. So that's really really good on clay and guy I'm glad I wanted. Do it won't need to do it sure yeah to rescue workers as you know somebody here haven't spent the Leon and in this and it went Latino. Lie that that at. Not really yeah yeah what did so yeah. I'm. An. Am I mean. Yet still all twelve boys and the coaches and the coach have been rescued and the timing game and then willingly with my momma and living out its approach yeah. That management and known as the amount repeatedly he is well. Yeah. Aren't so bad. I have banked in a letter guy that is subject I'm addicted to my best friend's girl it was written by 35 year old. Hard working single male. Is as he's tall dark and handsome and the ladies love him but there's one lady in particular. And he can't seem to get enough votes is like an addiction for him. It's it's best friend's girlfriend. They've been attracted to each other from the start she came onto him. And it was on every since they've been. On doing it everywhere they possibly can for like the last two years now in the car in park in the mall in the bathroom the jam. His best friend of course has no idea that this has been going on and he says if he ever find out. He's going to seriously hurt him I think we're all in agreement with that. He he says here's the problem. He is he lives with his baby mama she. When in his phone and. Yeah found pictures of him a girl when he. I. Yeah and text text messages and everything so now she's threatening. To tell his best friend and he's geared usage you would think that would make me stop but he hasn't Tino it's only heightened. The excitement for him to mess around with his best friends girls so he wants to know what should he do. Should he continue to risk its friendship with his best friend over some really gets sacked let's see what's he gonna do Tommy. This is really. Hit home to me. Because via an appeal for his brother. We've both thoughtful. From the same thing as an addiction. And what he doesn't realize yet that you have gone again diagnosed and know exactly what rule meant yes. What do you. It's cookie for a night. You see it's it's and I have they are right in have been addicted. The good looking. At America for nine went from there. I'm addicted to not yet been afraid though. Hello I'm addicted to you have been at had a bit. Dictate the hub. In the and rated it then every you don't get you know addicted. Janet Jackson on him at that Adam with the now the problem that we man. Matt at your baby mama and yeah we got that desperate mission. All right we mask. After the break. Into the flow the end them group what do I mean. Is the car and boy outbreaks we have to. We went out to the we're gonna make sure that we are all the way it wants it out you know. Out at all. I went out. We don't have to do baby mama don't look to help it an audit work out at the that it you know definitely. Jumpers and a few. Of the audience that would do I'm not mad at you a bunch of BS for a moment are inevitable and the problem. My problem it's usual dale while yet you don't know how to do that to take care you'll live. Nobody is coming to know we don't know we all know listening to accomplish and I had to go on right. That I'm putting it out together openly of that that he has. Obama traveled well. That says the colonial home that we actually wake of the purse you know when somebody attacks when I had to do and it wakes you make sure. All common handle well I gotta walk a plan and not want to plan announced when you got a bit hesitant Paul cousins is dubbed as the coming up. Guardians of that all of you President Obama it'll blow up regular bailed him Cochran needed. It doesn't opt for elected they PP like Libya. Right at. Outlook and I got hurt out. If you want to we and they get all that it's incorporated is. Not you've got that exactly that. Why not asleep when a phone on a roll yeah. Around my mega man. It honestly don't know a map. What what you have to do in I've done this Hilton take a bad reaction to put an annual Drago who doesn't sleep yet. That's him in the wild. Wild water well you won't you thought it Coca. You don't. Know I'm I'm my phone reminiscent of that and I want to help you GAAP net. You don't hit a two part calibrate yeah after I have a lot of gravel what health policy like it quietly had. Connecticut edit there's now way. I don't really got to know how to deal with the the wiser. And leave your best friend's girl now. Don't know and it would yeah him with anyone on this front that moved them yeah yeah yeah yeah. Cheat and well yeah. Obviously under par I would be needed and kind of that he wasn't. I'm not sure about this note don't bring a threesome into the next time you'll let. Listen to what we've been saying why would that now yeah we always use this book now that hula bowl I disagree. You don't you don't. Thumping the way. Nobody apparently wanted to quit not. Haddix wanna keep our kids. It noted that didn't hey I can. Everybody don't wanna give a big bite out look. Ago we got down here you can email us here in ushered Dotson today's strawberry letter at Steve Harvey as and and this Thursday at 1:30 PM please join me for the strawberry let him live after show and they live coming up in ten minutes how many rooms that. You're listening. Harvey morning show.