Strawberry Letter - I Want a Sexlationship

Monday, July 9th


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You if you think today is exciting. Hour. And wait until tomorrow are. She not say July 10 I. Guess we're gonna do it no huge leap it's so big. Lee I don't know handle the word we're gonna give away Janzen when he grand prize of one. Count him. There is okay. We're gonna play I. I use slider then let. Okay. None of these. I doubted. If you want him. Registering giving in on all the action in and possibly win this one. And island by being part of the job he got in ivy at them that I'm a red alert do. Right now OK I want you to win our men are used. Be I don't know let's put it you think. How kind of how long you stay big this plot. Yeah right. Below the ball very well to register and get it on submitted. Action again got it's Steve ivy app and a half year ago. I heard today every letter and if you needed light on. Relationship. Maybe more. Than parenting. Or you have to do the maintenance agreement to Steve Harvey and then that and. Drop area it. I. I. Buckle up so tight we. Draw. I. And a geologist. Yeah. Hey sex relationship. Okay let me hear correctly. In the urban dictionary. I. Amber. Steven surely. I may 31 year old single mom fresh out of a nine year relationship with my child's father. After we broke up I focus on school work and my child. I chose not to maintain any men for a while and I deleted all of my social media pages pretty much developed the grid. I have to my ex and I broke up we would get together occasionally just for sex but. Started wanting more from me so I had to cut that off now months later I have a nagging desire to have sex. And that's all. I'm looking for any clean. Honest demand that's willing to commit to a sex relationship with me. I have thought about this and I am definitely not interested in dating or hanging out with anyone. I just want the sex I want this man to be completely committed to me where the sole purpose of sex. The man in this generation would look at me crazy if I presented him with this proposal. Or should I just forget about it and by a truly. Should you please help our way. Girl you're gonna get so many men to sign up for this took more than a more than I I'm Smart at the net he. You're audience know many. Men to sign up for that I literally are you kidding me forget all that fear of commitments. And all that. Is dumping a man can make his teeth into okay now taken that. Totally get behind. Earlier your bit and if yes. I understand you just got out of nine year relationship you know with the child's dad in and you want to folk you focus on school and work in Utah child and all that. But it led to a god this is like an offer he can't refute here okay giving cat nip at all. Could answer your question no I do not think of men in this generation would look at she gravy no not at all is the dream come true for a man. All right I think they will love it I think they'll be very very happy that question is and this is what you have to deal with will you be happy. Can you be happy I'm here which is in the letter I get it. Did you just want the sex and did all of that but other. I just don't think you're gonna. What this. All the time I think you're going to want more. As a woman. After awhile you going to want any emotional connection with this man in addition to the physical because that's just how women are all the group built differently than a man okay. We're nurture. We all week we'd like all the attention we'd like the cuddling afterwards and all of that. You know we we have to feel a certain way it would wind you know wind with a man so a sex relationship they used. Really don't work for us after a lot. Okay Al. After a while like a thin again pitcher in the nine year relationship you just get out of that Edith wanna play around for a little while but that's gonna get old all right. I guys so. Would you say it religious right here with us they are not enough for disappointment. You. It landed him. In the lead and one. Lines Yankee Stadium. At. My name of Luke. Every man every year and I need you to bring them so this. I don't know what if you could not tell that your are glad to do is is would not all women. Not only. Women and one does now that would be one thing that would make those bad. With one thing was that one. And with that today is all wrapped up in that means you on it up and it comes as. I had to Bono win. Black college. Dad let. At ground I I grew up loving route 11 Hollywood I just am saving yeah it's I'm they'd been we want to. I'm on the hit and it leads. Me. Am ready I'll. And it now at. Red figures lately. Audio is ready in no way out note that in. No foreplay Nana that. And code no way out of pocket. No Adam say. To me yet and I wanna hit bad joke there I am very. Glad what I am being. And where does go on the island don't we do on home. And how long it. Like you do you wish you guys and I'm disappointed in you I'm. I don't that he used that as what is it act. The yen right now and probably even though right and I love her. Yeah. Get out and have. And well. I think I've we're gonna have a hard work you're response. Coming up the 23 after the hour you're listening. Even comedy morning show. I we. In the middle of the strawberry letter let's recap the seventy S led. The best I love her yep for the guy and they subject is I won a sex relationship with 31 year old single mom. Wrote this letter she's fresh off a nine year relationship with her child's mother do you lover. They broke up she focused on schools she focused on work and should focus on her child she chose not to entertain any men for awhile. And she went off all social media location shot all that down so. But you know she and her eggs would get back together from time to time just to have sex. But he wanted to have more from her and she didn't have more to give says she cut that off. And now it seems she has bitten. Nagging desire kind of like a poll from with in just to have sex and that's all she wants to do she's looking for a clean honest man. That's willing to commit to a sex relationship. With her and we've never heard the term sex relationship that is news she made that up. So she just wants some guy that's definitely interested only in having sex. That's it she wants him to be completely committed to her for the sole purpose of having sex and she asked the question. Do you think of men in this generation would look at her crazy look at me crazy if I presented him. With this proposal or she wants to know should she just forget about all that just by a toy she wants to know what she should do net. You you are up. And you know. Looking. For me. I am the person on this jobs. You let him put me you have a nagging does that hands and that's called me who who you are looked king we'll meet you we are looking boy each other on the may have a good job I don't want no. How can no load in the public I'll donate act. Ideally don't they'll look at me now I know it down. I don't think it's that we would actually is now let's say two words to one and a block we don't. Know yeah. When our economy and we thought am back I'm. See you next wave the extent that we do is we treat this like the yard mayor we treatments like that how people about Beckham wants to wait and yet. Welcome once a week with them role the media titan you. You are out of them are straightened out of luck with the would certainly does until it has said. Yes I did notice that it did you relief and threw eggs at the lead on that made him a huge aisle here. And you won't. Know. Where bundled toy I'll bring out it got out all the rub into a debate out there aren't I'll have to. I'll bring in Everett bamba's WA nab a fleet of well. All right I've rode up and a witted GI Joseph Owens in the they'll welcome the we probably put Mickey widow what do racetrack yet on us and others are John Paul. Newman and I'll aunts lately come down this now wait why. The latest round out of there when you see act. Good that your play and sex us on the north and you. You got on me I need at least when she comes in are you going to say hello at least. Think Amaro are you going to say hello when she comes in. I. Wouldn't call him. Looking cool out of bag today. That plays well. Later me and always the woman's the great love and but go to the and black let's get this round. That's one piece of the development fees that we we we we we gotta go way back good as anybody in the go away right. You. Rank. I'd seen it and next week thank you so much. The thirty it would be what. We plug on take you through which earned it. Would go to booking you go to the. So so good at this letter look you're learning something about men. Okay this is what you want from a man I don't think he's playing at a they let her quick walk out that it's not enough. They've limited that's the dilemma this thing goes there to be in the dome. Yesterday and you wait you and its apologists though I'll solution need Bateman. Put it back up to it that's how you go immediately know if Obama doesn't you don't get attempting called in ten digits just randomly my. Thought for a moment. If you go to tout these steals the 2003. At Send me yo pitches so we can see what we work. In that. Don't count me go to you what you lie yes. TE. And in the number 20038. Yahoo! and it is is that new Danny you be taking them. They know I'm. No way she looks like Israel is sickening how one foot one are tolerated he didn't let me not say that about how we want. Adobe problem. I was to look like serve goes up right now. All of this activity from the back pain that. I the only mountain man who can hit the who in he would depart at that aren't they get out of there. Yeah the iron I don't think we can't take this. When I especially the lady who wrote this letter we wrote that letter at 31 years old I hope you're hearing home. And really think you don't want it is usually don't on. At this late in the always you won't want. Things number no no she I want this for a minute or so yeah. This and I could Judge Judy and it got that. You will not want this OK you don't want the collar alive partner I'll serve. It's new motive for me to let them and. I deadly try to jagr out of it I. We got to get out of here you can he military answer to damage your thoughts on today's cover letters Steve Harvey at them and this Thursday when 30 PM please join me for the strawberry letter live after show. We'll talk about that when we come back. You're listening. Comedy morning show.