Strawberry Letter - I Want a Little Extra Too

Friday, August 3rd


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Let's go about it. I thought I want a little extra. Little something extra. Here's Stephen surely this food. This one is short and sweet I actually want Tommy opinion too if that's a good actor but it up to that you know it's Latin. No doubt about it. And show airs weekly. Actually more time in his opinion to. Which are operating. Again that you. Oh is there. I've been married to a wonderful man for the bad twelve years we have a great marriage I have done any and everything to make him happy. Most importantly we have a very exciting. Life. I'll let him have three them and I've started to really insure that my elf. But there's a big problem or three of them are always with female wanna switch it up and have another man to join them time. And then have a woman when I bring this up to fly out but he always gets mad and end the conversation. I have a little something extra. So it's okay for him to have all the fun I don't think so what do you guys thing. I think you're barking up the wrong tree. This is never gonna happen this is what happened really went bad game go to a little too far you think you do any and everything to make him happy. Not that one time in the letter what he did to make you happy you asked him and you see it didn't happen. It's called a double double standard wipe the as grade is seen at that no man really want to live back. And watch his wife get done by another and I mean. You know in very rare occasion played at Sheikh Egypt you know very rare occasion to maybe yep but. Generally no. It is just not gonna happen he wants to have all the fun like with at and that is my and it these by watching you another woman and be able to do another woman while you don't get mad but actually tear him on and don't mind at the bit. A lot of nimble lineup but that if that's what they're into that. You're tired of selfishness and the one sided myth and all of this right. Well please realize it's not going to change and probably never allow another man in the bedroom. In the 3000. I think shut all of that Matt menagerie twilight stuff down that down altogether try to get back to the intimacy of the true have you. And it it if he can because this kind of relationship that kind of intrusion in your marriage in in your bed. It's bound to cut the major problem and it already is doing now. We. Well she wants Tom his opinion this is right a ton of them that Tommy joins me but let me explain something to the partners. That can only be one dangling partners at. In license to ask. You this can only be one dangling partisan glad he fed parts that in his signature. And albeit no rule. It is motor want but he dangling partisan and wrong. Policy not not a threesome animal. Is all it. Now we liked the reasons. We don't careful. The problem bodies and influence on me as a way in my past my limit it to. The got to probably the can you look older and I'll certainly rubber dome. What. Will it. Or. You do you have an all edgy and it's not this is not a threesome. Wow threesome as defiant as to what yeah. Are you we'd notice. But a big goal. Them quit all of this. He giving the threesome don't stop the Adobe itself. Is not about you. Wanna stop that's not the issue of the month. And this. Is not a Bob we gonna bring in the early excellent means you can click and other meekly grieves the previous week that can't happen. Put it recently have that in. Who ever yelled bring in Octavia levity as they're Republicans this year but who would W bring him. Yeah is that more than ranked in the early. I have I'm nicely and I have participated but I have a harder about beans in gate. And built on. You all these are you and you stop. On disaster if you started out doing as well you mean. This has to continue that she makes some years joy to yeah but now she will it me and Q coach Dooley a little. See what he's scared don't be you'll bringing curing swearing. Okay I. Don't rookie call up. Ramp on the ball. On the rail right. Of every. I. Called the yeah made it will be edited as it is. At war over there damage in. Illuminated told you all of so bragged yell out don't look like cute Beagle. Oversees the you're in hot it. What holly and all in. You were here in new members treat you like being in theory yeah he wanted a three part answer from. But after a well. Very you have surely say they like an old mail also want to know the man do his wife. And no males to watched it. And now you seem to enjoy him do it no woman in you know over it and you know as yelled action on us he was surely is right we should bring museum that gays beginning it. So what you ought to do is just surprise. And headed dude over. And I let. Coming up we're going to interview Eddie Evian thing even one winner from the singing competition show. Up for that battle for stardom as we will bring us the world premiere that's right I've said though while premiere of her brand new song how does it feel. Aren't. But on hard Q would your response team to date strawberry letter so. Surely not going to do react well what can happen which is a woman who's been doing this threesome with. Because she's enjoyed it she thinks he's head of an all before and she wants to do some of amending it to him and here's what can happen if that happens. Coming from port. Party. Paying me how you do any. On Google the day you ready for it and you know we talked about doing the Yankees yet yet and boy do I have is that prize for use. It's. Yeah alike and lastly you and it early days then that. Act out thing. Thank you I mean we'll. Well it is my hope that you'll behind Biden and. I have a burger bigger government would notice blood in them as you know we'll go to the you nanny does make me feel good material that makes me feel good. I do all this to me Q you think Q how do you mean saying cute. I hope you still feel that way. Always in play element to do to us we'll take. And let me lead element to the bed room. When ever I know. I know. So exciting right of fun you're gonna love that Fannie and pumped up. Just a couple more years to go careful careful. Yeah well mobile I don't know careful here ago. We have an election in which. The majority honey you can open your eyes now. Open and. These me. Honey let's go on home rather. Next -- me next to know. While I mean I guess. I mean you know I've told that I've been telling you wanted to achieve it and maybe we. All. If you. Like your movement fixed news thanks to blow. And I just column today. Go to exclude and and a you knew about it. Because you know I've been telling you that I'm getting a little bored the to have some fun to root though I brought in day. You know we all of a woman and now I you know we'd bring in in which will be it boosted bicker. For him. I can't. What you work. When you write them but it is that we get. The ball well all. Do. Well. At the grocery store he was in the church oh yeah inappropriate. Action hero movement a coupon. It was you an example. Of what used to. It. This this is indexes the next alone. Oh go ahead a little spice to the to a new way to go. Little what. They're way. I'll read know what to name me I forgot why you why got a dog. Owners and who does what do you go. On the Berkman and includes flying sick. You. Like known him. Marketed to. Us when it's that you got to care. For human. Federal law the one time William. With talk about the three of cultures don't you just do that. They're my house now is a big dinner at my house down at the Alfred. I. We don't go. Every shot the whole wrap up here you go off. Well I'd just won it didn't something different. This admittedly right barbecue come. I don't know don't. I didn't know them. You don't pet. Critics don't. Seek pixel. And it. Airs. And Eddy Cue. Ball. And I. We are. Urging him. I. Don't know how did you get over here. Miller drew. Okay did you draft UN don't drawl out of my beard. You know hey you go to jail. Oh god don't don't don't I don't. Your chance that you are priced as a way to go but they've Google Video blog is about is how would you run to bestow route Krugman who don't recruit. Wow could Hopkins who handles and I'll go to distill I'll be right back. Who she would. Yesterday. How a hundred of them okay. Point rigs at the moment Derek and yeah it does get it and yeah and yeah. Just important addict yeah yeah I know not know that come. It now good component and Dixon detonated that Dick just go army's ability to deputy medical teams you'll enjoy and get a product you. Already many we have a guy oh. You don't Divx. And where are you existing UNG got to be. I. Think grim and and let us know what you think about eight strawberry let ago at my battles early. When you're thought of today's struggling that you're listening she. Pete morning Jim.