Strawberry Letter - I Want Karma To Come Sooner

Thursday, August 2nd


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Tomorrow morning bill winning continues at 7:20. Eastern 62 when he spent all we are given away your chance to win Steve's grant the one million dollars. That's right today are you smarter and viewed Tommy Tommy Davis and did I. That. Papal. Mob at Yale. On the I hope we go down and talk about I mean Britain's. And why you. Oxford. Ego. And a. You know I've got a Steve Harvey FM dot com to register are you slighted in that you'd you never know how to get this money let's get paid. All right it's time for today's strawberry let it surely is out right now and I will handle it so we need buys them relationship dating work. Sex parenting and Morris admit it certainly has some bearing that there is to parliament BCE summons. With and now the that is out there. And all hub isn't it everything you why you in this we've won a. Crowds are getting much. I'd bet do enough. Hold on guys we got to play here it is this drama there. Are right this subject. Is I want karma. Comes soon comes right here Stephen surely must have been an on that fourteen years ago we both were young adult. What we net to be. Ups and downs our biggest problem has been youth cheating. I have forgiven him but it's hard. To predict what he's done a state with him because I loved him and he has been the best Bob territory children from day one. And about three years ago 15 full innings call to me gave me all the juicy details of their relationship I was. Heartbroken. You seek out around. How could he have done all of this stuff with another woman completes our bows before god our family and our brand. I still have trust issues with this man I keep my guard up originally thought basically that the woman. And call me. That woman that called her remember just that she Calder let me let me get that to get us on FaceBook that the woman. That called me my husband's laying is getting married. She looks so happy and in love now in the back of my mind I'm thinking it sheets at my happiness away from me. And she knew my husband with Mary which she slept with him. I know see. She can hear the pain and the sadness in my boys when she told me about it now I want to return the favor to her. I want her to feel the pain that I L I want refinancing. Loans now. I am out to give her husband. He is pines suit. I know you've won it's Alameda letting go but I feel strongly about this I believe in karma. And I feel like I can help me come sooner or heart. I know two wrongs don't make a right. What should I do (%expletive) I'd just let karma. Happening now shirt while. The whole car. Well I company. It on the I can't I response that I know you have given him lets you haven't forgotten and I just and I did it. And I know you just don't wanna hear this but Vincent's is the lines than the lord. Alone gap. Had. Not to play I think you read and in this matter and just let the lawyers handle it at least that's how I interpret as harassment by. That's just the right response not let's keep it real app uses there. Bead the sweetest reap gains. To do what she did to you in return. But you know it just doesn't work out that way is not gone totally blame it can be dangerous faults are crazy these days it Qatar and tragic. Especially in today's world I say hold him mayor responsible for his actions. Because that's really his fault he needs to keep working and rebuilding your trust his trust. All of it the union keeping your family together. And you need to get off FaceBook you can get up FaceBook following your ex husbands and ex minister. Let her go. Dismal on. Just move on that ago that in his mind. But again. You they had been met Islam and the you may get. Brian eve. And it. You know can do it day. That was done to you you ain't. And there. Day last she may. Hailed them as well. Can you know what's so bitter. And I've been at where they'll get written. And yet. Once that rise. And. It is acts eight the it's the way. Out of that help legal men but only got that. Would it you know it may. You know. That game now that. You know I don't gap outlet. The day. That day but hey. I'm. At in my gut that. That have come. But it is dammit. I made. Say it. Probably. And grant. I. Know there. The. And about you seek it. I thought I'd get the. And the way the. Ralph and Ed today it's not bitter about it. And you didn't want to have a well we got here. I think directly and that you thought he would do you have to remember I baba. Wait. Go paying it. It. But dozens YouTube I add the weight and just got it and not just a bit. I have a match. How much they Michelle. Fool. You and right. I. And out there. And I thought. All now that. That. Idea I'll I'll do we. We got that. Coming up we got parts of the that your response the junior all of that will be back at 23 acted the you're listening. Yeah. Just like a big. I think that government get. It. I'll play it out don't be you can only. One of mourning. Right. At the elementary and leave it acclimated there are. Others that Iran. They don't Garland that each man made you know. A now that the early thinking gorilla of world ended down I appreciate that I larger and did you by the late pinkie somebody with a bad. Yeah now there. Not. I want karma come through there. Coming over the top of the hour SP you can earlier reality update. Right now here's the here's a recap of the strawberry letter. This young lady wrote and she got married to or she met her husband's fourteen years ago. They're both young adults they meant they had many ups and downs they're big problem has been hit Keating. Right she's forgiven him but it's really really really hard to forget. And especially when she got a phone call from one of the women that he'd he'd whip and it just Georgia just broke our heart. Though. She recently on its book that the woman who culture is getting married herself. Though he wants revenge he says karma but it's really revenge he wants revenge on the woman. And she wants to do it with her husband lately she said one would have been fine and is all she can think about. All she can think about is getting her back in this way she says she what she he's also calling him a favor terror. She wants her to feel the pain that he you know you know women go through them we do want revenge we we do. Everybody does but anyway. Correlate that again. Caroline mega revenge it's month stay at the lower. And better man right. Do you think there man that don't do anything marriage is your read to you marriages now. Which Kelly. The juniors fit and go to the wedding. But beat it but again you're ready. How beat anybody at the wedding that's what you have to do. Up until part of what we added server of the net view we gotta give you yours and have you achieved that. You know up that you don't like. Give my uncle with the Yankees of AK if he would get newbie like his first words would be. OK okay young lady. Gimme win on how. Do we need to get children life and go home which fueled if you go Iraq. In a pack a doll. The one maholm is 21 lead you can't take you hopefully I'll. You old lap dog in heat meet and even know what it means. Oh right right yeah. Is this the audience don't I don't go out to. I'll turn means you'll altitude and court Cotto might fit the best you can do with the Pope people it's not be OK okay seriously wave of bad. Another thing to do it again allowed island and a company. Out. Here and meet you with right now. Think it would names G accountable by me. On the album do you care. All of these paid him. And well west wood Q yeah all on a couple hot moment man now being home is the only candidate didn't. The option Lipman mock. I'll tell you that does nothing to do with the letter I went oh yeah I'm not need a vacation. Now. Okay well I made only deputy right now give back and I'm gonna quit eating. It and operating. Q3. Com well let me tell you that if we don't we don't do it right we got to get this spangled yelled you him me. Really appeals likable cameras could. Angle of one goal that we its maintenance bay general we want every new York and Miami Heat now they've used it this man is back. And I don't have to be oh in a lot of what is the one. He Aikman's. The U is viewing guy that would. When you got what we get it done but we are right this. We trying to get any Uga had to put to trauma all do which you do get is me in the rule. Don't be deal now with the way they always thing in anybody in here they do it again who did not beat. Apparently man that you think he did it in the hit. It yields in the audience and think tank right. Right hand column I'm not in the church and man. Maybe and everything be quiet yeah. Artist in him in the English that we cannot cut it if we get nervous that we are. We can't. And care of their marriage should have won three bands and evidently and rode it to. Roll it the way that it editors and then we got Nintendo go. We go means that in a little built built xmas and I got them ideal date. I. Mean yeah. I want to thank the public won't review slumps are. We also want revenge and I think you're right we all want revenge because of the way she made her feel good you know. You've got to be the bigger person than sometimes I'm not letting go some time. I think everyone has thirtieth. Robert K things my way Elizabeth. It that bad yet married. We could live. No other I disagree I mean revenge sounds good appeals did and all of that carries and one naked pictures. One she forgave the man he's moved on with your life. And nick if if if god says he's given. Take revenge if vengeance is mine like Carlos said in her response and that's what's gonna happen you don't have anything can happen in the and I noticed it. As we did manage yeah. Ultimately I. If you got me any help any doubt that Jesus didn't get married. And I live in coming over the top of the hour Carla has the team with Carlos reality update. But our girls Sheryl Underwood is up next hour and ten minutes will be back you're listening. C morning show.