Strawberry Letter - I Wanna Know If She is My Daughter

Wednesday, September 19th


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We got a budget deal. Yeah I know I don't build them. I'm you don't. Like what did god do you fictional hand. The object. Wanna know if she is my daughter. Morning Stephen surely I recently came back in contact with a female that I was dealing with and found out that she had a daughter that's 21. So I started asking her questions and she got real defensive. So I just came out and asked why was she might I just came on an asthma she my daughter and she said now so ask and I see a picture of her. Again and she said no but she did tell me her name so I want them FaceBook and there she was and I know she is mine. I wrote her and I explained the situation to her and says that I might be her father. She approached her mom and she denied ever having sex with me and told her daughter not to talk to me anymore. And she is doing just where mom told her to do. I just want to know if she is mind if so. If so then I missed 21 years of her life and she has two kids that can be my grandkids. My family and friends are telling me just leave it alone but I can't. Can you all give me some advice please. Foreclosure dead yet this doesn't really tough situation here and if you are her dad I've. Do you think you have every right to know if you have a daughter I think you have you have that right to know that the problem is why the mother doesn't want you to know. Is she currently married. Does your husband think the child as kids. There's obviously a lot riding on this liar this situation what ever it is. Your friends and failure right to this degree. Leave it alone in the since that don't bother the daughter is the situation between you and her mom I mean if you wanna know just that your heart that that your her dead. That's one thing but if you wanna be active in her life this woman has grown now. So it's really kind of her decision. So it sounds to me like the mom doesn't want to have anything you'd have anything to do this because maybe she's married him he didn't say that. But maybe she's married right now if she does want her husband to know because all these 21 years are husband as things in Memphis daughter is he is. I think you know that could very well be a problem and that's why maybe the family and friends are telling you to leave the situation alone. But. The daughter is respecting her mom but then again the daughter is grown the maybe later on down the line you guys can take a DNA test for right now. Let the situation died down a little bit and Tilda. I guess until the daughter gets a little bit older 'cause right now she's still dealing with her mom and what her mom says Steve. Just a very simple thing for me right here. You know I wanna know she's mama daughter. That the problem in all that is that is what all this fighting you wanted in boring you to stay out of it alive and not giving you information and had Avery talked to be here for is telling you leave alone. I only have one question does not answered in his letter who has the door grew. Well we're leaving whole father to beat. Because the mother has had to tell his daughter's trumpeted about a problem solved. Where. You'd need to find out who that daughter. Grew up believing in half problem to be. Without DNA testing all paternity test you are out on this yeah. True so far. You can take some other actions but so far Europe but you really need to find a vote his daughter has believed to probably to be all these years and obviously is not you. No biblical bag disposable. All right Steve park through your respond. Well see brother. Arm hit his ownership something with this man. Sometimes rare when you do something in this casual and meaningless and then you revisited end of people remember that it was casually leaning. You say that I recently came back in contact with the female that I was dealing with not the thousand low will we. Just deal with some assuming there was is casual thing can. Found out she had a daughter just 21. Least ought to ask the questions she got real differences. So we just came out and there were she your daughter she said Mel's last Ganassi appreciative and again she said well. What she told you remain so you were on FaceBook an issue woes and I know she's an. Is she looks like you now. Again. I wrote and explain the situation to roar and say that I might be a fob at a moment. Or book and I tell you how stupid that walls. You contact a girl on FaceBook as old as you ought to tell you but daddy. I mean damn doll that did that then they do dead and come crusher and did a stupid. So part of says she didn't like that it was that may be a woman who has his daughter's 21 years old and after running back up into you and talk and you realize the Jews deal stoop. Edit maybe just think the best thing Sony as she tries to she tries to protect our daughter. She caused did she go to home mom mom this man city might be my problem. How mom say she did not ever having sex with me and told her daughter not to talk to me anymore. As she's door just what Obama told him to do it brought what you wanted to do she don't you you have been in a lot of you come on up FaceBook pages say on the old dead. In Perth and brought three worst way you could have done this is the great intentions brother appreciate you won't take responsibility. But what liberals yeah I just toward days though where where you base a I guess what who has this girl grown up thinking how fob war and I you ain't even considered that I'm Joseph daddy government. Reportedly a girlfriend original -- the world. If you can't common their like man I'm so I brought this really the wrong way to go great intentions. Good to see me when he wants to problems they had asthma ban. Beautifully mine but I would just watch and bishop TD Jakes on TV last night and he says you know what temptation the temptation news. Fulfilling. I mean you would go on about it to Rome way. Okay and as some doesn't make you may view you've got the right add you to your word about it the wrong way. You so don't hold you want to show her you he would I saw pitches she last looked like you promote. Don't stop don't you know men in black we've looked. At a have you talked to anybody and when you would you. That thinks that we look at. So Brooke and to you get a blue tennis and some DNA don't paternity test you really can't outgrown this right here. And you really need to apologize to this girl about how you want about it because there had to be some shocking news. You know I've just got some information on my FaceBook about some might say they've just had dale read it. I'm clueless and I don't like ice team we've got to go you know get email included. God your great god including crazy strawberry let. I didn't being he a good. I'm am I go surely you need me.