Strawberry Letter - I Need Way More Than He Is Giving Me

Wednesday, July 11th


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Morning the winning continued at seventeen when he needs to fix to any potential. We are giving away a chance to win. Thieves grand crock. The million. Acres went weak link and that could lead voice cracked right there one trillion dollars that's right. Are you smarter than nephew Tony that is the game we will he'll play go to Steve Garvey FM that come to register. And tell you did all right. Today. Well you're right I mean I'll. Yeah. We like Tom Tommy Lee likes you to tell me. I don't think they know who bet she. Outsized meantime. It's up and I am yeah. Obama now in monitors Hadi kibo and not the argot you know it gone and I have made things around and a bottle and am now signing artists they hit that go. Well navy don't want global role of the deal. Maybe. You don't need to. And I don't think that's not all dogs go boy. What is the vote. Go to Steve Garvey have Doug come to registers or you can play are you smarter than nephew Tommy RIR. And Tommy felt like he's ready now. Now he won today will see now it's time for today's strawberry letter if you needed by the relationship dating words that guarantee and more. All you have to do it that made your letter to Steve Harvey F and icon and click submit strawberry and we got to get briefed today on. We go bottom up and hold on tight we got a point here it is the straw bury the lead. So stick with your Smart selves Dick I need way more than he's giving me. I do Stephen surely my husband and I. Our in our early thirties and he is the most amazing man I've ever been what it is my best friend and we have the best relationship. There's just one big problem. Our sex drives don't match up. Sure of my sex drive is too high or he is is to let go. Since we got married the quality of our sex life has changed it is now very inconsistent. And most of the time I find myself finishing up the job. On my own. I'm not enough and when I do get it. Just okay. But shell oil and and it head. Okay. Okay. Coming up. Other birth anniversary and were already having is that the issue I've tried to light it up with different vision toy. Just seem to make him finish quicker. Think that once a week if not eaten and when I tried to talk about it. How I'm feeling well he has addict. Work. And two eggs on at the end of the day coming when with a high fixed the remote and. Feel like I'm putting too much pressure on it and eat it and it seems like he's just going through the motions to get it over. I love that man a lot of fun way to remedy that situation so we can have a light and and continued to enjoy. Together. Again in defeat that isn't real issue remain well. You've just about everything you can let him know that you one more act and you mentioned that he tried to light the that would from its toll. You try talking to him about. You nearly anything you. So I think why don't you try everything and nothing has worked for you I'd like to people higher income. Actually and the more you pressure them about it. The worst of the work that's going again. End of the problem in marriage in fact you know if you stock price of about all of that it be a problem in marriages marriages. Some people might say hey listen take you want to week life and be happy and go on film with that because it. More than a lot of people again OK that is 12 weeks people. You know just that once a month they probably think we're complaining about people get it once every six months now and in the old. Didn't Bode Miller. The. I. Mean you've heard that before. There's the other side as well no orders triple. Oh. We'll do it too much you know you get on your mind though you know unless you guys. Are trying to reach some kind of a compromise because that's what marriage is you know maybe he can try and do more for you. You know young guys maybe can't do it every day of the week because of him. But maybe more for UN has and you know maybe more feel like I think you deserve more of that's what you want. But you know he doesn't seem to be wanting to go there he says he works hard in these dire RA. Because that you guys cannot reach a compromise. Your marriage and some kind of trouble you Bennett. You know try and have an affair or something like that to satisfy this need you have so you that's gonna have to work this I suggest. Some sort of counseling I really do. And Kenny Brown you know you're known counts and nine wins the money. Mile and a waste in millennium holiday is and and move these gadgets that can create extreme emotion in his praise you get out of there. I'm in on Buthelezi and. On on on restraint in. Pay now ashtray. Green rooms in the light. That published you know rules and I wanted it and my view that dollars and he's down mean you. Is that from. Say that though you're. You have to Dartmouth and let the doctor today without imaginative. And. Mean he. Yeah yeah yeah. You won't. Let a regular mode pretty. Really bitter man. He. It. Started that again. I don't think it is even though I think the rough is what's been. The play. And Internet all of you cannot ever hit hard. I'd love god every month that's what I. After the hour you're listening. And Harvey morning show. Here's a recap of today's extra every letter we have yet to hear from a nephew and that we got to finish up we juniors response but. This is it subject. I need way more than he's giving me. A young woman wrote this letter she's married she's to amend their both of their early thirties she says he's the most amazing man you've ever been with she loved it gutting of the best relationship their best friend the idea idea that. But just one big problem. There's sex drives don't match up okay. She says she doesn't know of hers is to hire his is too low but she's only getting it once a week. And guys she wanted more than that meanwhile he's saying he works hard and he's tired. So she's brought all this stuff in the bedroom. Toys in the end and things and you know tried did you know dress provocatively and everything to get his attention but nothing is working he called her sex addict and does she is wondering what should she do she's. A woman with a high sex drive then does she's saying that's a dream for most men. That her husband wants no part of it. She wants to know how can she have a great sex like with him and continued to enjoy their lives together. And she wants him to see edit this is a real issue for her she's tried to talk to him about it but it's fallen on deaf ears are right here let's finish up your response. This. Is. The it won't pay it up battery but to mop. Up. Even he didn't grab. A cup does not. Made out. Crop grow into the yeah. And don't rule but live and that they didn't these positions. Yeah I think. Don't do this and yeah. Yes this shot and he tried despite the that would differ that until. You put the act on this thing. You might be a little bit you can out of a box out and I thought it the appliance regulars. And the university poll that. I think you'd think Eugenia get a good answer c'mon nephew we have their review come up my second. What's your take on today's letter are right I need way more than he. Mean it's okay big news of before law obvious in this it to waste in. Let me just break out the in his goals dating a commitment to date. Get rid of these tall I guess some people up in this room which you. I had some people of India Mo we will bring mode. Some people and open it right now up nine I just separate from the top no doubt that happened that 06 draft. And so what would it would Michelle Obama when they go. We don't. Saturday night what we do. McGee with albeit well we Eagles but we just that we goals up our act and I don't want just about yeah we don't drop you okay. I try him in the mall. We are greatest in animal. We do that all time greatest yeah it's if you shoot them. At the audit we were called well don't let that but don't let. Going. Profits in Columbia based yet another that you can do go by Diop blocked he's still the army's strong. These fails drawl or right you have some you need to do it is go limo. Who else they opened for money. I knew you know him. To heal and that yes maintenance and benefit all else fails if they had a huge we're going have have a recent. It's not if I do not always my elderly. Always what pork yeah. Every day it went about it up ad ignite only. What do you do some. Bona. He's going to have to come around. And then I don't think yeah that's an. These early days ago. This threat. I. Let companies in the mid June it is more important one. And one person. You know much excitement. And I'm excited to get out what in the yeah what are you have to be. And I have me and goes Ali but I have a right and it ain't. And up and equities. But because I'm in the and the breeders'. I fully implement it it's like going to agreeing to and you put the first thing. That gets. In the and and have always bombarded upright problem says. Steve Garvey has told you guys that did not work out for him absolutely and actually. It up for it. We talk he might apart than they wanna help Nevada would pay out additive that the white that we don't want. And Obama are trying to heal this woman at the moment it got hot double affects a lot. And when they go live it definitely. We go high and he had these fat until as gets all eyes. Colonel. Roland. Know people moat and a the mayor of got to do Utah habit called writing running. Around. Demo even. How many definitely been doing the jobs that jab need another man yeah. I thought coming up. On. Yeah right. Grabbed his own bank Kamal you you'd. He don't look like she needs while bad and it currently field. Good thing. Yeah. Halloween day. Eight depicts this go through the few good to me I. No good coming up at. Man the man. That. Definitely not yet he can you spoke with don't. Witness the mole people bring you row as the best guess that's that's the message and to be at the moment we'll be commitment. Event you know eyebrow that counseling and you know that normally I don't usually. You you know rhythmically and. Attica email that image than today's younger letter adds Steve Harvey and and and economic commitment. Between Kevin. And like. Out there that I like about it right at Judith you're listening. Beat morning.