Strawberry Letter - I’m Grown and Still Having Daddy Issues

Friday, September 14th


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But hold on tight we got a W ratings does drawl there and a subject I'm grown and still having daddy issues. Surely an uncle Steve I am having a hard time dealing with the situation with my family. I've traveled around the world got a couple of degrees. Moved away from my hometown and married the love of my life in the last few years my dad's health decline and he had to retire. Money got tight and now he and my mom fight all of the time. I called my parents daily before I go to work each day at the struggle. Of my debt. He manages that with every conversation and nothing negative. Because currently at abandoned him and my mom and he says my mom is a bad wife and he constantly tells me that he's old and dying. My mom is miserable and it's leaning on the fact that there Christians that you hope that their faith it will feed them through this I have paid for counseling him. And he stopped going because he thinks the situation. Is hopeless. By the way his help with stable now. And he's on both of his medication. He says I've trained and then moved away and got married my dad was and always like that. It was an intellectual hardworking family man that was involved in the church. I'm emotionally drained and at this point I'm thinking about moving back home to help out my family. My husband does not want to relocate. This is breaking my heart what should I do. Well I think at the very least on you should visit your parents and you know I mean old older grade and everything. To keep in touch but. Maybe they wanna see your face sometimes you know your parents just one ST your faith and that makes them feel better and side. On you can go four visit take the time mock you and your husband or judge you by yourself go. That would your parents talk to your parents' weight on your parents helped them that they need some help sometimes they just may want to be your day. You know. Don't feel guilty go because all you have been doing is living your life like that traveled around the world. You know you're you're educated you get your education you moved you married the love of your life think you're enjoying life on the and that's okay it's nothing wrong with that. But I think it sounds like keynote you're your parents are struggling right now and give you you financially able to. Get them counseling and everything but sometimes it's not enough you parents. Maybe you know like you say they're getting up in age. And they wanted to see I think that should definitely take some time out and go and spend some quality time with your parents. Mean I don't see you. Don't see it means that I see a situation that can be aboard. I feel old man this new. Now here's what oust him from ever ought to Abdul was situation room for him. I travel around the world got a couple of degrees. Moved away from my hometown. And where do though in my life right there shouldn't care go. Should it kept goal. You do all around the world accepted degrees and red Amanda your dreams you shouldn't kill our goal. Gordon back over it always good dear you know. You Rudy for all reasons. The dollar. Surely know if you heard this armament data but I want to listen to the Clinton now. My dad's health declined. And he had to retire. Money got tight million mile mollified alternate. I can't come up there is daily before go to work. And each day is a struggle to talk to my bed he manages to twist every conversation. In this some negative quit calling every day. Calling twice a week. You quit Walcott and Trish true if you call a nearly every day to find out what do double you don't have to prove that. But eagle make. Don't RC real manipulative so watch this year. He twist every conversation and to some he constantly say that I bad in his home and mom on what your prostitute. What what what what he's supposed to. What's his job as your father to raise you to be an independent. Young woman and that's what you borrow. Now you you'd an abandoned us and after. He says my mom is a bad life IndyCar retails media he's old and down. All of them. They're buddy and he would. Soon as you grow on you gets it done. Then they've gotten you. Until you risk when we come back. OK leave them effectively Christians. Are right. Do. I'm Steve respond come on let's recap this letters subject I'm ground this year they won't give bigger around the globe visit moved. I hope backside hole and. All our money helping his old asked a data and look back do a vote edited it. They wanna figure may. Surely this is slow and do. You Carl every morning go to work he twist everything OP EU we told much of mom should the President Obama tomorrow. She a bad way it'll sit. Think anymore well that's what I want to get to know. Said Joseph Biden was bad my. Mother is a bad wife console until he's old and my mom is miserable in his league and on the practice day Christians as she hoped today faith we'll see of the immediate time. Obviously afraid we're out works is day. And right now I mean you work. Rafe. Would Al works. Is day he's a work in and he's saying net positive action counseling group Christian. I have paid for counseling for a hero and he stopped gore because he thinks your situation is 08. By the way his help this stable. And he's almost of his medication. He says I've changed since I moved away and got Mary. You do you change when you go I mean you were supposed to. See now they're using. Ought any motion against you that's the most useless emotion in the world. Dave apply do you want to you now. And you'll serves no person. Except the person wanting something from that's why they get the lead you to. My dad hasn't always been like that he was an intellectual hardworking family man. That was involved in new church I'm emotionally drained and at this point I'm thinking about moving back home to Oklahoma firm. Excuse me. Are you crazy. I am emotionally drained. So while they can now move back home to help out half of them are you kidding me. My husband does not want to relocate. This is breaking my heart was should do is breaking your heart but if you make you rare move back. In my view break and so bills. Your mother and father are going to be fond. He's an old guy. And because he doesn't have the valued that he used to have cause he had to retire it. Indeed some tools. He can move past you to pay for counsel he quick goal causing acute situations hope. What what what are so you'll move back to town into war onto the teal so. You've been to burn them a year as a you'll life ought to choose to. Pay Christians let them keep going. He needs to go visit her parents she doesn't have to move there is Steve Smith of them she says you move back does that say about visitation. Hitters and he talked to air air usually let day now. She talks to him every day what do you tell some negative. You got management and Chinese now are you supposed to oh. Man stop letting obvious things in your life be a problem for you with somebody else look at. Are you mood at the neighborhood you thank you so not ask. In in Matty. Yeah. Yes some some I got out. No let go some of salt. The I am nobody. You got to prove over. As should really tell you that's how I feel about this I know that you do not and I feel has guy. This don't in his own his door and making him an a mother her responsibility. Did not implement. Right there I don't even care round I agree with Yemen and I didn't put in a hole when that day in a house. As not even about that I just think sometimes that I know in my family anyway sometimes. You know I remember my grandmother we used to go visit her it would just make her whole face light up to CSU Dempsey is that offense go when she did it would just make her whole face light up and sometimes that's what it is she would never say. Come in Simi or anything like that she would never say that ask us to come. But she always wanted to us do what we did it made all the difference. We didn't move then with her we just went to visit. Come so you've only known in the I'm not ignoring the letter and she's ever emotionally draining at this point of thinking about moving back home he'll I don't think she should move back and never said that I think she should go for Maine is that. To check it check on shall visit awoke one night you know sometimes phone calls don't do it in now. Oh yeah. Arlen or do you gave that you get is somebody's face this manipulate you and using Q as a prop. You do that I'm telling me it's called and asked as she should go see the parents agree. Coup when you get there you know like you won't be on the planes away. One debate on the phone. Here and that's OK but at least you'll know for herself to let this I don't know Wednesday. I haven't heard that expression I just wanna put my eyes on your own. A lot don't you say it is hard to get him this. Obviously. Yeah yeah. I. And I juicy. Yeah I heard it. Out of my own mouth. As broke down. And that the the Q well yeah I. I think she should move back and and it is you know she's gonna have problems in our marriage of human with the back of their husband doesn't want a re locate and all of that. But just I'd just think she should go visit her parents that see for herself with Nolan. Okay we can agree that this greens aren't we almost. He loans is zero and none of the wonderful while non us to non has to as low. As many of them for me. I I wish. I wish Jay could have been a daughter and you could've and they can tinker dad. The lead in this letter from. Me Elena do we do it. All right guys we do you have to go I think we'll have a reenactment we come down that I'm I'm a little humble. Mean I'm an email and today's cover letter it Steve Harvey at and coming up in about ten minutes what do you know or reenactment. The letter that got picked. I'm grown and still having daddy issues right after this driver letter today the seventy. Was I'm grown and still having daddy issues Steve than it was about a young lady who wrote in. With having a hard time dealing with her family her mom and dad to be exact she's. Left home a long time ago traveled the world got her education her degrees and everything she moved from our hometown and married the love of her life as she's living her best life. But her parents. Were sick or dead health declined and he had to retire some money got tight end does she said. Her dad and mom has defied all the time in her dad's really negative and he's saying that. You know the daughters changed and all of that and she doesn't know what to do their Christians. And he does a one I moved back she calls him every night and her husband doesn't want her to move back as well that there there's pretty cool the Rican. Who who I'm only. One thing we get there. And American beat her. Up. But the Taliban is on the mama daddy. Distances we solidly today. On the dotted line. Mean mean mean. No mean. He he did it has gone on June worries ago. I do in the day one how about doing yesterday. Used is doing all oil on wood or I failed to do. Which mainly in on them to do online guys you're good at all to out of classic on the moment job. They know little ride I like account you give me you aren't eyes. You meet I. No you do run on time. No I did see. Do you read. Nor did Asa I'm tighten. What's it he'd get my aunts and you money out calling him gain all you call it money well. Hmmm I need it that you won't deeply avenue were what do what I need you execute. How much you need to just come out right chick. Which. Is. Being mom need these two out. On. Our own edit. Connection his relief. It sounded like you've seen it ten well. Right now we NCAA. And walking to proceed with you could say it now what I what I say. She got you got a problem to. Liberal what you need to thousand dollars what the sample would O'Malley Augusta how no real dad it did we got to go to our good co. Occasion washing you. We've got sort of put that wearing little bit over occasional where the model old crew to adopt a mother of over Richie your order that was so you don't help. I'm helping you but out respect that you all my life daddy bush yea I know look guys you would she push in Atlanta. And I'm not talking about costs are you for how would never put judges that you would push it toward the scene. Because she. Who would seek good girl and Jason. So. It is too much and well and probably coached you know about fifteen to this. Model at the pool and minimal and what were immediately reported what we are involved 205 times. It all outfitted to duke does me. And our a year and a I'm audit. Ordered street that's just one person a year and in some time toward. I don't know what you were doing corporal Roger Kay radio. I can make your ring. You. That you won't Anthony wasn't there are doomed to Google we're your bravery for their vote do you Kobe reverted to. I know what do we growing global. It's that. There are bright sun. Bright side suggests federal dorm room and hear what you see brighter added there. Pot in the paying you showed billions to do it okay because every day united I don't know. Am. Over Osama. That's your nonetheless though don't you. Don't look all non human cost Joseph father couldn't recruit. Note that I did not because you as a damn dead at NC AM you daddy that's present this Vietnam yeah. Love and it is not an issue we heard each other. I hope you have straw poll are due. No room. Yeah. I mean. Mean noble back girl and Dan I know you can trump didn't see them that you have now live. What's your Gorman. Tendencies. Mean edible fruit dutrow. Actually voted plaza EX. About that in my god religion I wouldn't you know bill now. Ungrateful. I doubt noticed you don't know won't I should I should report your fault too cute they'll probably do. Momma made you keep us and you momma will probably lead to coma I did you live here. Your mother load what's your Foster care. People dead. Amen to do you know who would you Gordon faltering Q you don't have decorum there they were wrong. That. Is that you only become almanac and come home I think it's in money in politics. And I've lived in the UK called C block Jamal mean you do. Not right now that have been seeing right there seemed like there. When you got in trouble Kovalchuk school. He did another road they're not Mitchell we UK coach and how. They still all right. Wouldn't is that. You add the hot bed I'll at all. Air Duma over gold zone and I'll bet. And that. Yeah. And the. We're not good school and your mood to your own car. And little in the hole and probably will ruin the that probably the ideal build it and Matty about. Now. You're listening. Beat morning yeah.