Strawberry Letter - I Don't Deserve Any Of This

Friday, June 15th


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Well well I. Happened down there that. Eric you're easier and you're 88 at you object I don't deserve any of it there okay. Here's Stephen surely. I've coached baseball for ten years an end those ten years I have never had a child. Quit my team nor have any parents ever complained about my coaching style. Well let's hear apparent from the opposing team yelled at me and called me out of my name. It was all over whether or not his son with paper not your paper out during a game things got heated. And we had a shouting match in the parking lot other parents and kids were around. I didn't see it as a big deal. My team went on to win the Pee-Wee championship. 2017. At the big championship game that same parent that I had argued with. Started rumors that I was hot head with a bad temper and I should be replaced as the coach. I ended up having to go in front of our local park and recreation board dispute the claims. After hearing from me and several witness that I was suspended indefinitely from coaching miners. With a devastating blow because it's my daughter's birth year. On the kiwi team and I will be able torture I also have been permanently banned from all of the park. So I can't even attend my daughter's games. This is all a big mess I merely argued with this other parent. I did not put my hands on him coaching baseball is my passion. So what can I do to clear my name and get back to doing what I love please help. While so sorry this happened a year the that an unbelievable story and. Shame on the parks and recreation sport for that even considering your entire unmarked history with thirteen you won the championship all of that. You said you never had any complaints we'll surely the board knows that if they don't you got to let them know. But having that that. I just these rules and standards that the partner route. You know that. They have to have done it means that you shouldn't get into it with parents of your opposing team or any team as a leader you can't do that you know you're an example out there to these young kids. That your mentoring and teaching and coaching. You have to have the core of you have to have. Some sort of self control have to exercise that around these kids and and I'm sure the park recreation sport. Don't want to see you you know do you that in front of the cute and and that's one of the reasons they suspended you. I'm just surprised that they don't know your record they haven't seen. You know what you've done with these kids than for the last ten years they just trying to get rid of you and this with what they needed to do that I don't understand your winning coach. All of that but you snapped and you lost it. Surely you if anyone deserves a second team. Steve. Well. Letter. Ask me. Are the ball you'll. No it. Our whole matter more numbers audit. In their own guidelines and Parker. And that. There are. I got called. It was all over whether or not on. A more or probably know. I'll see. But you know you Wear you out or you were declared a didn't want it. It will. You. Broke you don't have been accorded to you. There are. A lawyer ball. Here are out there well. Carly is that your mom you know she's on Nightline in new users are prompted. Pushing it. Yeah I. I say ha ha I'm going to broaden their. Air and land. Or are. All about and it will end. And it. Our parent you know that being home and. Or out argun about. They work at all. Great ball. Adding a great. And batting average by more harmony. You deal. After thirty. Ring. Regularly. You all her Byrd or. I'm. Out ground out out. And the old ball. Out you can. I am and how radical rooted in global. Well now. Yet out. There are. A big game. Can't guy. And a rock and got a two out. What. And all the bottom name that's all it yeah. A lot of air at. All. It's a great new. Market to market. To. Steve you're down at the mentoring camp with 250. Boys. Getting ready to mention them and set them on the past few great manhood and fatherhood and all the things we applaud you definitely for that. And while you're there you still working you're always working always working. And that we want your part two of your response to today's strawberry letter which is really disguised as a letter about what Carla. This man got in from all all. Legal and normal. He got and it was Arnold Poland in 1980 slow or even being out. Not a whole not from me. You go. You can. Do. About it. Averaged winging. It right in the heart of Google debuted 300 Rick did you bring Barbara. Aboard probably didn't. Little. I. Computer got into an argument and there were no big deal. We're seeing you hog it all. Yeah. Who. Oh. Golden old. Darryl. I think doctors and bullet yet you really know. What we'll have you worked at the bowl in order partly Red Bull. Do you character pride in Britain. Afternoon from you when you were. There from. Yet and he you know. There had argued rare. It. Eat. Hurt. We're going on. There. How. I help. You. She knew right under it. I don't have struck a rock or I'll. That's a minute they don't calling me out there and in need your help we're going girl you know he was. The when asked on Wednesday. They meet. Their work. Yet to go to Oregon and. Well you know I mean he's coming and we cannot Lands' End is you know that. If he economy where we eat. Your chances I bullet. Automotive that it. They did make him feeling the little boy at the unique about him that way when he he'd be a great leader of. Are. Oh. And there's little question of them. You park that you look at him and put a ball. Really no air. This is the basis. On those damn shame. Got a little or no. Not Arnold. And grow and that's the sign was in his act. I. Learned there brought. And the. A slightly. Above that had. To deal. Or are you. More on. The and I would. Coach Byrd's. Obama. And there. I'll. Be innate you know that's the days and arm or all. And the home. American or. You. Don't eat it eat. You muscle damage. Yeah. I don't bustle. Good. All we're not only aware of what we. Go to mark the so I'll. Would you open it worked in the I. A coach you the I hate. It. It. A heart attack and all of that at the moment well. All coaching baseball in its passion. I don't minute and oh yeah. What do. And word of ought reap record bowl and and that's what we'd. See them. He's miserable cause knocked his daughter or your Google harm. He's been there for par and you don't know. Atheists and curry whatever you UD com where it. All the oval rigid. He's not what I ain't. Had to go to. Him in order to. Playground and the. Not according now. All I know you don't know what all had a deal where you go to a gym and I yeah. Maybe you could live where you door where you can Google Ukraine while you are because you'll and believe me you'll who probably you. I would repealed or. Gold hawk recruit telling you article are polls and while the mayor you know how local and I'd do. With. Don't know anger management at an annual management dad or move on all day you. Or an adult. And yell at. That's why your band I gotta get out of your email it to answer give us your thoughts today on the today strawberry letter at micro surely you're listening. He should.