Strawberry Letter - I Don’t Want To Be Player No More

Tuesday, August 14th


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All right it is time for the strawberry letter subject I don't wanna be polite and no more that is that Dick I distrust some yeah. What even Shirley I've been listening for years been decided it was time for me to get some advice. I mean younger brother in my early forties I have a great career and two sons that are grown. I'm a bit of a homebody. Though I don't hang out much and I've never liked. Hanging out in clubs. My issue is that I'm at a point in my life where I'm ready to settle down and beat the one good woman I can't seem to shake the women for my cats. I have female that I have been intimate with and I consider them Friends With Benefits. I've been with some of them for over ten years I let them know up front if I don't plan to be carried with them. I do not lie or mislead anyone though they are all okay with our relationship. I may have commitment issues because I never thought healthy marriage or relationship when I was growing up. It doesn't help that one of the ladies that I'm thing has been married three years and she has been sleeping with me behind her husband's back. We're two years. So the fact that chicken blatantly cheat on her husband makes me even more scared to invest emotionally in a serious relationship. I am also leery about being with one woman where the rest of my life. Feet man to man I know I get over this please help me I don't want immediately or all of my life. Well us so far again that's Richard Finn and you know when you get greatest settled down it's more than just saying you wanna settle down with one good woman. You know. All of these. Friends so called friends that you have have would benefits I mean you never thought for once that one of your friends could possibly be. The one you wanna settled down with you haven't met anyone through another friend or. You know you haven't met anyone that's worthy of this I mean there are a lot of a lot of good women out here another team decided. That she won a settled down I think you have to look deeper into the these women deeper into the situation now the woman that's married. Definitely she's doubt because. But but just because she's doing it doesn't mean that a woman you'll get with will do with them honest yes she's doing it and gets what she's up by yourself you're doing it with her. So you guys are both wrong there. I think you need to meet a nice woman I have a friend introduced she need to meet someone. A lot of good good women out there you just haven't met any yet obviously or maybe if you had. He just haven't taken the time to invest in any event you just look at them as Friends With Benefits and move on don't even consider them as it women and any of these women. Come up here instead they've won it you know have you talked have they said they wanted to get married or any thing it doesn't sound like that he didn't say it. But I think there are a lot of women out there you just need to meet. The right one and you haven't done that yet. Because your feel being a player you truly being a player stop being a player leave all these women alone and settled though you can't settle down game. Well. He stared at him at a speed. Man remains. How to argued over the years. Please tell me I don't wanna be a perennial all my life okay Lynn Amanda's head his conversation as if there's no women in the world. How about that. You already put this red okay what's Silverman don't have a name on just called in play I I've Mayo. Game. Recognize game. So without you asking the right man. About the broader issue talk about. So now let me just break you down for you play. I've been listened to you you're deciding that I'm young brother in my early forties. Are got a great career and tomb stones got our world. Breaks you deal. You've thought he. And got to grow so don't see is not to know what they're supposed to blow you up. It's the situation. That's supposed to blow you want so see you have been too blown slowed us. What type of example are you setting for these grow me you should feel better you never saw until the relationship. UN never tried them. You want and you should exhibiting this. And choice you've never seen you shorter do you grown so it's so not yet you don't you grow as you need to grow as a random air mail. Okay now there's small world. I'm a bit of a homebody now hey now march never liked hanging out includes. My agent this summer at port in my lab were ready to settle down MB would warden good moment okay if. That's what you read it and do all you got two doors drool. Sit up all you got to do is do. When I got news for you don't see you hedging your bits so now let's go random male. I can singing to shape the women throw mop it read yeah. Cause you don't won't to. Then a solid. What I don't. Have you know shake the warmer formula I asked this cause you don't want to. So this is when she doesn't decision you've got a great player. This kind of lashed out change this is a series of decisions that are life changing. You gotta make a decision you know. I am female and I've been intermittent where it cannot consider that improves it would been a bit outdated out there was somebody Apollo fourteen years. I let him know all brought. I don't plan to be serious we do don't I don't not on this meeting while so they all okay what David Lynch without relationship. Game recognize game. All these women and who it is. They will mean carrying. They was going to be the war. You have made each wanna do feel special from time to turn. You even say it I love you before and don't say it cause you got Kubel. So map you'll use the L word Old Republic. Which unit told him you don't want to insist. Every woman thinks they don't want that can change you and me and you both know that and we play a man. That's what details do we pray all women's weakness gas Portugal this man to man up talking to you like ain't no women in a rogue male. So that you know they all look good for something and keep thinking if they do all the right things to jewel covered well today and I think it and you know there. That's the basis. Of being a successful. Plea. Deal. Now let's get to part two of your response I don't wanna be apply yeah now mullah. Are at risk recap Byung doo forty years old just hit telling me now you could get two grown silent. So take that out yoga is not the number it should be the experience in life in the place that you ought. You have to grow songs mean that you should have been in glow. Lleyton what he should've been doing grow moto been done grew up. We're gonna if you wanna use proper English need talks. Might this team given proper light. On the national good I have to say what often do. I've been told him my own and got passed this year and jolly good you know so yellow mean here this mayor to main. Did he say it alma triple won't go moment. You've got to know. What you see in a memo well this problem is good warming is genuinely good man yet. Solved solved well. I can't seem to shake to women from my past. Boris. You know you've got to make a decision. On not just won't shake the winner former top. Reyes why did I had two broken out. And the thing he's not about themselves and I'm not in the room to go where Jesus made me feel. So are more attractive statement in the end. I don't know or fraud and our plan to be serious would've now allowed to mislead anybody so they all okay what do our relationship reading I don't know K wouldn't. You you you play it all the emotions that all women think they can change imminent that all women think they just do the right thing that you go duplicate they efforts the same way to put it out ask what you play in no pill. He leaves some of these were made for same women continue to wait no you don't come around. Us what they don't want. But they Sino British foolishness laughter. I may have commitment issues because I've never saw healthy marriage or relationship when I was growing up so rescission racing or you just don't you just old beatle and so NASA jury saying well you know I never seen nobody Jamal mobile wonderful but I bit my ass don't go up to it. You know that's air object strenuously. And the tar ball mortuary never seemed apple UK I have never shot must definitely. But I bet now considered important sort of in my seat that's our focus we just talked a man to me. It doesn't help me that wanted to ladies then I'm singing has been married for years as she Bruce Reed were meager amount Oakland but put two years. Doll usually went up. So I hope that all. She can make fuel. Should you not understand it. You all some good traumatic. Moment out quickly do Rollins great good to come out of. That is what this man number diet you'll sleep in which is all the mayor went he'd find out about it national leader in the U and a bow. Don't you greedy now. All these women you know are you such a good at what you guys would imagine it fall. Male demo hold up so refractive she can blatantly cheat a whole husband makes me even more scared to rugrats emotionally at a serious let's. She up. She being with this woman quit putting it all pop. Yeah cheating at the moment the ball I can Bob guarantee you she hit a. House and sent. Now we're sometimes do like Meehan do when they had the they make a move to. That's right so maybe Hulk Hogan dog and a reporter does she do work OK I'll go for Ambien rupees have missile where my cell. Could deadbeat people who sage you fit to be hectic. Yeah noting her matter. See you know what I girl married fees so no OK so now to a bullet now once again is golf ball ditch you don't want. Won't concede that she cheap no vote. All you you providing cheater should. This is cheater sheet. Knew where. It's cheater sheet. There's like an apprenticeship. To sign up ball just leadership you've come to UMB Internet. You get to job you can a plaque put cheater shield. I. I'm also leery about being with one moment for the rest of my life. Doll you merry about debt OK let me help you out there. You forty I'm 61 you go get I would do well warming caused gas plus. You're your beat him. Brighter red chewy. Miss that hey you yeah only god Jose avoided the. Do I want right. And all of you don't have no extra. FBI they're just playing in. Jews everywhere yeah. I don't Tarvaris should JoAnne. Cannot tell you some map out. Why aren't you trapped billions successful. And tell it stump best don't take up a lot of you'll play a Tenet should what got me out of a playoff field was I decided I wanted to beat somebody. So in order to be somebody took a lot more tournament and I was wait eastern time where we're at whipping. Deb what we did didn't have no future so we're not sin holdout weight advantage. Our credit and thought well look at just a return of the I was devoted to their foolishness you mean the chair back and put that tore my career in my life. And actually have something you'll get okay would do is one moment when you thought it right now. I don't know exact. What do you call happened to you. Can at Yale but one day you don't know call. And good. Angle shoot when poll. And did you bring off. Yeah. Touched off you would all like the right up there are certain one illegal freeloaders who. You saw Yassir also Harlem nights yeah memoir is I don't have an amendment to shoot so I'm wondering if there were shot there. Hal I'm. Yes you get down. There's you and yeah. At which you've got one guard Shannon you won't be retried on idol I T we got to get out of your great advice is always good. Have you back with we got. While it lasted deep plastic yeah. Email am glad to have a were being treated. Stop treating people like you won't to start treating people like like you would like to be treated. Do more to others that you would have been do what you don't mean to put description there could you obviously haven't been to church in awhile. You're listening. Should.