Strawberry Letter - I Cant Get Back In Bed With Him

Tuesday, June 5th


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Hold on tight we've got a fully here is this strong. On their net. Subjects. I can't give back in bed with him. The object I can't get back in bed with him. There's even surely I am dating a man that I considered to be my soul mate. We have a long distance relationship but we see each other often he always comes to visit me and I would always make sure that my house with clings. I would go out of my way to impress them this past weekend. I went to visit him for the first time. After driving for four hours I got through this out. And I was immediately shocked and disappointed. By what I thought. His house was absolutely. Bill. Before I could even hugged him I couldn't help but blurred out trickling up. We went back and forth on what he thought with clean and what my interpretation of clean was. I decided to do the cleaning myself and he agreed to help me. My first priority was to clean the bedroom. Where I'd be sleeping I started with a bed to put claimed she'd done it. And I pulled back the covers. I Gabbert a huge. Gain on his accurate. I almost got. From the site and there. I called him into the bedroom and you got to spend it and have the nerve to say I was doing too much. You think of any proceeds were already cleaned and it was an alt Spain on the mattress. I cannot believe that the fine hand the well spoken and let his head. I was devastated and turn off. Iowa. I. Are limping I thought I was I got back in my car and drove for another four hours back to my old house. We talk on the phone but I can tell you feel embarrassed. I don't think we can get there and if that the medical issue and I can be deported and help them through it but he will not talk about it with me. He's really the best men I've met in years please help me what should idea. Well I think you'd. To drive all that way and just you know get right in dive right in and cleaning and everything and god this really be a deal breaker for me. I don't think this guy's your cellmate. I think you have to have more in common and and let's just start with the basics here. On you know you got to be clean you gotta have some good hygiene and that is just the basic requirement in a relationship I mean the question. To me now is this urination situation would it isn't it the people ought to. If he just lazy in in just doesn't get up to go you'd make that clear in the letter. On he didn't seem to be bothered by it though when you pointed it out. If it is medical he needs to see a doctor immediately this go on in a grown man. Winning the bid you go to the doctor. And get this rich and taking care of I say. Try and talk to him again about it you know and not in a nagging come away or anything. But an adult loving and caring and concerned one way if he fielded a lot of talking about it you I have to walk and leave them alone. On the and it's unfortunate because you you think it's guys yourself made in you really like this guy being. I. I must jump right on this letter I disagree should this could be her sales so there's so many communal problems and issues. People complete each. Now this woman had been Dayton Israelis absolute wonderful everything's were imperfect he's always comes at a house in her house is spotless she goes there's thousands house chart. Notice. Filthy you know feel that you know you don't Clinton still cleaned up. I don't know and that every man I've know is a germ phobic like you know who lot of and I'm not dead meat. You know. I like heaven and knee clean out. But I have a tendency to thousands of them and out of this induces Deco you don't Bob. It bothers my wife that conditions that didn't bother my wife out to summon. He now. We don't we would not we haven't got today is you'll scholar comedies. Admiral aggressive all you see I don't get mad at the two doctors want him to allow me to get to it. As I don't know will be in his pocket breaks. They Parker and yet they use and a the jovial little funeral at Auburn in a poke it back to a letter would you don't need to give his AS out of picture nominee. The topic here. NRC method to impress me over and erupted when a no go real well. Leaked says come. On now well it's a. He don't clean. That's not big of a deal you can help your including. You did the chill so. She had a problem you pull up back to Kabul. There was some piece of the beer here are wrong. When you pull back you can say how old you won't. Listen to me. Key is different from babe repeat. This appears strong. Well you're buried. Is got things and it. Is got hot look who did it. Finishing solo. Collard greens Jill Hennessy. All of this is in now. Yes so you could be done very estimate. Here's our list isn't it you're. Good there's been no get a clue you open it. Iraq. It. And duke and have a soul mate would we map. Now. Used to prop. You've got Becky your car you drove back to four while she was disgusted and hurt. That he didn't think enough Abacha to clean up before UK he thought he cleaned up but he don't forgot even less in junkie solo he forgot. He forgot all about it piece that he's got a bone dry. The ought to be drive about. 110 you what he felt. You've heard but not targeted to bid to be dead you Engel noted did you don't know that he did know blew him. And that you go submit. What is the so not you've got you've got a lot banked oval. This relationship is salvageable. And I would tell you when we come back how can go about the abuses of salvaging this relationship. Because I don't know that you should throw good man a wave because he has possibly a medical. Condition that would guys do right he'll. And we get some might cleaned house. I think of that she can be supported and helped them through it all right fun look at the part two of your response to today's cover letter I can't get back in bed with no better reason she can do right there there were pursued what that is man house agricultural down a touch you drove fallout demand how's it feel to. Is trying to shield in clean up. And is she going to be ever pulled ledger sheet she took on the greens keeper of the got a big these days don't I don't stroll. Especially say to live he would be. This each was already clean EC it and that's all study. That's data I have vetoed that last week he does not fresh. Your trip and fall. She couldn't believe it was handsome Wales open man awaits the big devastate. As China's I what I got Beckett mark roll back another fallout. Back to my own house where do we talk on the phone but I can tell he's still embarrassed. I don't think we can get pairs. If you're some medical issues that I can be supportive and helped him get through it but he would not talk to me about it with. He's really the best man admitting use please help me what should do. You gotta get through to when you've got to give him comfortable talking about was wrong. Look I love you. I think we have something in a woman to help you in share we share your life. But I need you be open and honest with me tell me what's going all so I can help you with because if you peel me. It. This the real problem why she skated to be live up. No hello Adam tell you right now the dust blown calls a break. I don't like it now. They don't like that. Have you got to be in to be a wooded opinion known best goal put down six. Award we couldn't value on on snuggle on the and you got to. Arguably that any input dale is just over you will hold me. You can bid hoping. You do the studio we just talk and all this then all of a sudden you're big you won't. We just could be doing and we have just watch it DB we got the reason double unhittable we're watching TV in the big. Week. Not to blow popcorn between our layers now all of a sudden I don't pop popcorn Mr. Bush. Hey let's go to hole you don't. And yeah popcorn hot Ed song. I. Why did you do every U was shouldn't overdo the. Out there cutter got up and got our children he doesn't want to talk about pursuit JoAnne something here they just and in his brain. The battle was there. It should the digital county's 22212. Step on the sectional ladies and they'll be in and paid again. You gotta fund where you open. Who should I don't know how has now moved eighty. Or. I don't know how. We're going to do that capital so more. So he did the debris field as a I don't know who would be I don't know how old but she drove fallout was so. Our totally legal person draft for out without non. Four I think you'd have them and I think 48 the in Q and when she got her own house and he got he is now. So enable companies. You people need to know. We better story similar to is that lady that was going to an astronaut and yeah. Would that astronauts who go to federal not a hundred. Pages beetle us. In astronauts and thought I had only they would hit a little dude. Grab an empty. I'll begin again he didn't even get out get a dollar about race. I think you should say look I love you wanna stay with these that if you don't share with me what's going all I can help you if you'll allow me to help you. It's gonna council relationship you the best man government loan. And I believe on the best woman you meant long term as a matter of fact I don't think those of another woman in the crawl of an airfield there would be. And got a Yugo he and if you don't think that threw a fit they aren't they on the bed yourself this is some key is somewhere and well known and should kids when I'm just asking that maybe debate you. But I do you right now that you debuted. That a girl man as you wouldn't feel back usually a home. She almost got it. Promised sight and smell of it the mountains from you'll never called him the best literally got an offense then they would is. Yeah I was got in his speech want to musical and Antonio whose homes too soon. Rummage through where he's in trouble in troops there which gave him when he came over again from pebble was so. Good Null. Group to gave him 200 dollars and it's a few bad code that. Man in his home use if we it was cold enough to ocean because we've done it Venice Beach. Which gives them nothing yes it's me al-Qaeda candid and at which had a OK we get it's all in all. I'll talk Mo gift. We really understands Palin did and duct tape shoes only two and they got how to let asphalt. Currently. Only if you don't know when he had little if you but it was spanking to. An air conditioning and a wrapped up in atop a half ago where Google is an open. But there are no you can at least a would you cardinal. That what I do know which you cannot do would be no you can't got a conditional designated broker caught in stated part of it shift that we had towards. I'll put we already doled out of ten assassin bailed them before now I don't. No baby. Blue and you can email at their insert them with your thoughts on today strawberry letter or email us or whatever but watched part. I. Militants even. Are we have been and the third they don't forget that 1:30 PM you can please join me. For the strawberry letter live after show on FaceBook and you can check me out at my girl Shirley and all social media to write you know you're listening. We've been warning should.