Strawberry Letter - I Can’t Keep This Secret Much Longer- Damn That River

Tuesday, August 21st


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Book. Hold on tight we gotta toy you here today is the strawberry that a subject can't keep this secret much longer. Here's Stephen surely my fiance and I met in college and we've been together for three years. He is perfect in every way she had the look that great job and when it comes to the bedroom she is on fire. But anyway here is the problem last weekend I took her to our usual breakfast spot and we started talking about the wedding and are countless. I have met her mom dad siblings and grandparent and she met might immediate family as well. As we talk more in depth about their relatives. Told her about the malls anywhere in my family with front and then the Bentley was from their true. I told her my dad was a huge and it has a huge family and they all lived near the river. He's seven on family who live near that thing ever. At that point we both had a strange look on our faith it intrigued by these unique circumstances. Might beyoncé called her grandmother and ask her if she knew my family when her grandmother replied yeah we're all related. I'm miles dropped open. She told us that everyone that lives on either side of that river is related. And then we've done more research and we found out that we are in fact 'cause. I cannot believe that I've been sleeping with my cousins. We're not sure what we should do. We are in love and plan to get married I don't want to loosen her but I'm afraid to continue the relationship especially when are finally find out. Her grandmother is bound to Tyler's secret sooner or later we need some advice. What should we do. He had this this film and right here. I mean as far as I know you can't marry your 'cause that you didn't save you guys were first cousins. I think in some countries like England and stuff like that I think long ago they. You know in the monarchy and stuff like that they wanted to keep the bloodline going so sometimes they would bury their cousins and stuff but you're not over the year clearly. Some state over here as I understand and look this up they do. Have laws we can marry your cousins though I don't know I've never heard of this I know before. Long long ago like my mom got married they used to give you blood tests and things like that at the if you were related. But now when you married you don't have to do blood test though. This right here I couldn't do it. I once I found out it would be it would be hard for me. But Europe loving you plan to get married you don't want to lose to her and you're afraid to continue to cut the relationship. But I remember that look that you had in your face and you found out. Are you going to be able to go on with this marriage knowing that you married to your husband. You know when you have kids that's something to consider. This is this is well above my pay grade here I think it'd just be honest with you. I personally would have to back out once I found out that it would in fact Micah. Steve. Will be available Motley group of our country that right now as a battle okay. Let Dick dale Mitt room. And Kia. Let let's just don't give that it's. You. Didn't further the though. Obviously. The girl of your dreams. Doubt it doubt that does Brett displaced parading your way and I just can't couldn't eat eat. That it took out three years. To stop talking about what else. There's just sort of crazy too. UP from each other's calls immediate Graham. But just ought to talk about a group. That's prostate is subject it is that it ought to be carried key is secret martial. All they'll get rid of not like you had been the subject is carried keep this secret much lower. All their bed rid. Of the cops that I don't rebel. Did miss doctor but then you got to talk and more in debt much of writ does not hold up almost all. City warm up there before she hoped Baylor from a small city. Told my dad had a huge spam she said Obama got a huge spam. She said Obama out of me in mid rim said they're Baghdad a fairly familiar name. Did you get this straight record your pre game you know somewhere all right you did you retreat by the unique circumstances. You can bomb as gram bomb at a flat we. And mean I don't know 8080. Yeah. That's a big mama now. I quit talking about it. Always. We are motivated they're bilateral each shot at river well. Everybody. All shattered irreparable injury related power. And people get Elise out of horrible. Stuff. It is good bit and be your fault you wait to per team. Yeah already know. What you need to do was find out how wrong. Downed it and a dish clothes and playing golf. One car flags literally say she didn't she'd been researched it I don't research stuff like it. Because I don't really get there Portugal do. So I'll be there what you do all I know is dare bet real. Mountainous. I've how would you. I would get a DNA tennis. So you can see how closely. EE. Secondly. In low angle stop love it up. You Ingles dobbs C. I don't know I UK. I don't know how does happen. I'll know he's meant to be. We hear what she Cain. A whole comeback and she it is in from. I'll go to you reasons why UK. Have a wait and cavalry is. Hold on Rupert I ask what many UK apple way. And I had ANC. Even with so many states in the US that allow cousins to get married it's unbelievable. Yet and I think I understand it it is so prod down that lines and it may not being that can happen. But there's one dale she'll wait to find out if you sure got red in Akron that maybe I'll let them. Lee I consider that yeah you could be different. I Sarah up. Odds coming up eight degrees and it over a bridge and being look at it both slab that group of. We'll be back into anything really add to be our that the object can't keep it secret much longer or these damned bad. Let's recap the letter of the subject he keep it secret much longer or. This couple bin in low. The based solely though to be in game three you to decide to get married. They sit down that day breakfast place to go to Woodard miss trying to figure out what to go do. Political invite you start talking about program moma. Down now. All had a big family you don't revolve. He CAD he's dead. Had a big fairly a dead and you people legitimately latter river to and in that single small city saying dale ripple. She called big moment big. Moms say yeah all of us is written and yeah static every level. What you call a whole day. There may you know everything. That you sit up in here don't be talking to big mile probably don't forgot. Hardly chit big mama I'll. If she got. You know achieved it you don't solve what ending loss to machine quite horseshoe wolves and when she might not have all off back to get. What I have rare honorable sat at Rupp. If relate and those are subject EU is I can't keep this secret marched along with all their own. Dead rip. A yes we're all related our mouths dropped open she told arrested everybody that meals either side of that revision made. Since then we'd do a little research we found out that we are in fact clothes. I cannot believe me. That I've been sleeping and we admire clues. We're not sure what we should do we love and plan to get married our own rules. But I'm afraid to continue to relationship especially without them it now talking to me. He's cute talking. To be damned good people than it did. And even the only American left him no drag and sit up a. Down their. Bottom ripple down ladder rippled sacked. Now the nervous I I don't and slapped a a bullet thing yeah my fluids used and how elaborate gross. We go. And mold movement not. Listen to. Each arm and yeah bush slap at know a guy. I can give us 80 I don't know about derivatives. Not even though with a real votes I Salma. Other laid down. Yeah. Probably overshadow the real gross. I'm real apple at the Okinawa yeah. Here's what you could do you could you know. Cars don't hear you fairly Patel seemed like good people so he is a deal they go find out. The first word out of old black people he just man. Up. I mean F come you're just messed up. So now we've got to do a reenactment. I'll go beat the grandma. Okay the I gotta be a woman in the idea I'm not. I'm not that's related to the grandma OK come in. June. Yeah it might have been. You mean about Rodney meal. And died and that's not the nets did that Allen had in my hand. Ball today don't live like. Seen it go to some games. Right. Name it yet that's not to match yet even there about it it's definitely do yeah and some the most stumble. Am I MI PMA. Is that it is that out of Sydney you know you know what you're gonna need Clara what they. You know. And I bought a meal. I hate it gave me day. Ed didn't hat made what I that that I. Well. But you know what bill. Tejeda truth. App can understand what happened to Cubans. She'd get like erectile. Then almost to get big jump again in good ball to look at it dead on you don't make good. I'm in the late fall. 08 rang him let that it is it an accident that at eight. It eats it own money rat is fun and I'll ring. Yeah. I. Eat at that big bodies. But it didn't Atlanta bags why. Outlook until we had that problem snake and I had my kid can hack. Yeah it no more. You know this might be able to pass along being you know you can all read it look and confusion. Now. Every chewed apart he noted maybe if they have a baby. And somebody said. Beckett may be their first day they don't notice but it may be when it may that did he is chief of the hill wallet. While the law that wowed actually he looked straight but wanna give actually the connect. Well I'm now. We're. Didn't shoot our producer Rio has no get we looked. Now you say damn it get you had a great that they is in. They can't move you know yeah. Execute well who doubt what that you do it she could she. Well but in the end. I. Leo and how do you see. Wanted to go to move Claire and OK here we go now. Each symbol former strange and calls you know his uncle Harold. And her up aren't. Give me. You notice they'd crossed the river from each other to. As noted what does that. They say they are so hey. It's not meant that real lauded him make him not that they don't know. Had to do what you're Ribble wall. Who improbably zone. End up big model. Although we got ago. Even mellow or whatever your thought on that day strawberry letter adds these are. Rogen maybe I'm grace you're listening. You know.