Strawberry Letter - I Can Date Whoever I Want When I Want

Monday, June 11th


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I buckle up. Hold onto our we've got a four year reedy is that's involve every. I think you nephew who. Are subject I can day whoever I want when I want you dear Steve and surely I need your point of view on life situation. I'm a very successful like mail in my late thirties I have a career and I'm working on my doctorate degree. I own my own home and I live a great life. My only problem is that most of my friends that I hang out with are getting married and Gaither and of very serious relationship. And I am the only one that is still happily single. A male friends are starting to put pressure on me to stress me out about finding 19 female and settling down. A couple of my boys have stopped inviting me to their outings because I'm single. And their wives dumping patient hang with me I would admit. I do like into entertain a lot of beautiful women and a often show up with a real nicely in late. Whenever I meet up with my friends my female friends and try to hook me up with women but they always strike out. Have beyond blind date with a lot of different things I'm interesting and none motivated women. I am very happy with my life and I date whoever I want to date when I won today I'm not a womanizer and I don't lead. Any of the women who believe I'm ready port commitment I wanna stay focused on finishing hole in advancing in my career right now. Look at my friends that thing that I'm really okay being happily single I'm like hanging out with them. I can't stand the pressure what are your thoughts.