Strawberry Letter - How Important Is Intimacy Before Marriage

Monday, September 10th


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Hold on tight we got a voice securities that strong. Object how important is intimacy before marriage. Here's C and surely I am a young single female. I recently had a conversation with they close male friend about relationships and he told me. That from a mid point of view a man can never fully love a woman and give his Alter our relationship. Until they have that. Blew my mind because my girlfriend and I are withholding that now we really think that we are doing the right thing by making men wait. I look back at how many men I've turned away knowing that they just wanted to have with me. I'm male friend says is true that I may have missed out on a few good men. I'm male friend. Also said that that does not overshadow all of the other aspect that makes you people. Be compatible where he's there weren't there my male friend also said that that does not overshadow all of the other aspects that make people beat compatible. Okay. But it can definitely be a determining factor as to whether or not amenable pursue our relationship. I have not always made men wait. But hurtful experience that. And made me want to practice a bit Greek do you honestly think that making a man wafers that can cause them to lose interest in me. Or will the right man be willing to whispers that please advise him. Well you're young single female. Though you know I I have to tell you like this you have to do what you believe you know okay. Don't let any one pick you up your game by telling you what they believe in and telling you what they think you should do okay. If you're going to hold out hold out hold up for the right reasons they'll hold out for the right man. You know you educate young youth youth youth at all of that you're single and everything so please note that you'll probably you know. Come in contact with a lot of men who want to get it you a lot of men are gonna say anything to get into your pants I mean anything. You know it is spelled M don't make it sound really good you know and really tempting and all of that though. Be aware of that young single female he knows you're young and he's trying to defeat you know if you've got to take the bait if he can really get that you. Though so don't be strong in that area of your beliefs and yes. As impossible as it may mean government will wait now depends on how long and all of that with some men will wait. All right there are few and far between I have to tell you that they are few and far between. But it it doesn't matter what they do it matters which you do with your body you wanna wait you have every right to wait. Mean you show carrier. You can do as well way where were wary. You can say. Duke reported a freeze on. You can get a grip there are some hoops. You know you can store it in and Lal. You can that it naturally will and. Really. Good too and now. You're plotting right now. To reporter. And right now you got. Out and young with a calls its US. You have every right to treat hot out what you wore to church three. You do not have the right to just pass it up to it by. What happens to be a lot of means ago. We'll now take a Brad approached to try to teach you a lesson here. He's so huge debt problem mail order viewer a man can never fully novel nobody give our. They give it broader relationship until they have six. Now listen to agree. He told you wrong. But he told you right. Think it's a funny way that you raise this to. He say. Our man can never fully in the global warming and give his all and their relationship. Until they have six. He told you wrong. But he who choose what you mean. First of all. A lot of mean will give them the ball to. Yeah. To get this thing. Could give. The you can give at all problem. That is known to Waterman and would do for. You get Amanda do deserve it or Brandon are Bewkes who loves credible guy. Quoted a trickle which humble and yet. Do apple arguably avenue which rat bit easier to. Jump through these hoops. Cuba's cult rule. Directors. Rock away anywhere or slipped. Watch what he'd do. Forget his answer that we share move. It into Q Nicole pretty good drink Rory. Because that's what we do for the one week cared deeply about. Now the YU so are you talking trees. Because fix. Is one of this several things. That weak link. Listen to meet an eighties thing is one of several things that we play. First of all this month girl right here we are playing. Hey man is my wife right here we claimed that this my fiance right here we claimed that. This fix. Is this separate guide him. That belongs to. Lol the whole heartedly. UK. We claim that. So that's what I'm telling you is that he is right. He's telling you won't let me won't do anything they won't have you completely because they wield. But fix is one of the things that we. I clarified even more coping questions from the ladies about this when we come back because I know this question. Our rights. Today the letter subject. How important is intimacy before marriage the subject of today's strawberry letter how important is intimacy before marriage let's recap. This young lady got disclosed Mayo freeing it to others are dead from a man's point of view government can now for the local woman and give his all in relationship to six but blew my my uncles my girlfriends. Withholding sex now. And we really think we're doing the right thing by making me and wait. And you. There was there won't wait for you. Three yeah I all of you saying wait until Metairie. Is that what she's saying the move that which you're making them wait. Other back harmony Meehan have turned away nor did they just want to have that to me of what my mail free and fair to me is true that I have missed out. All the few good me having sex with them. It's like she's a thing wait until she's ready right yet we have a nice thing only harassment via my America and also said that six does not. Overshadow all the other aspects that make two people be compatible. I'm telling you guys bottle with that statement. Next does not overshadow all the other aspects that two people be compatible. But it can definitely be a determining factor as whether or not a man will pursue a relationship. Think you've got it rule. He should pursued a relationship before his sixth. So what is don't gotcha thank it is you've got to give way to sexton had a relationship. That's what's Brad ports about the statement that's roster at the young man is telling you role but he's right. But if he can get killed mine turnaround to think no way to better make sure present is there any guy Richard Dietrich red red were all normal. But a man will give you relationship to get the sector is what I'm trying to argue. A man or treat you right are able put out doors are available was that you may want to you a male will make that commitment to you. Could get this thing. You just got under won't get and understand that wars this fixes. That that made the end of it and where you find that out is it in ninety day probation. On BC's refusal because. Go round and that's. If you wanna do a lot of handshakes. And really didn't than them and religion. I'm with you with an army used it to yeah he is with you and to act like you mean you know we have before. Know what you're not going do exactly figuring that will be and then Mandel Heidi given to using a broad. I'm right here. Actually do it take you drag your kid you know all the car a year ago. Let's say those aren't our world over me you Lou meeting given to me says. I don't let 'cause nobody else had it on that elude me let me add to know me. Where. Are you immediately questioned about it I have this young girl. You really asked the question will a man wait for tax. No that's few and far between it's rare. No Sinatra. It's really not rare that a man wait for us that you're not saying wait to use his. But yet you say wait until you race until she's ready to eat that's the problem is keeping with the you're young girls and women out here. Dog I mean got you all pick in this corrupted the when they gated. Cost up to them in the GO. Exactly. If anybody need to be Colin shots on Windiz cookie get passed out. And get dunked in milk and you crumble it need to be deposed got close wrestler of the candidate he is it true he put range. No matter what he says he didn't care what he should give out years may fifth that today that he won't. Don't know what the problem is is he got they got charred twisted they got you all thinking. That you got to give him some sector have a relationship. And that's she's young and that's what he's doing here where I don't breasts ran Visio two. Because of it was a grown asked Mandy to you do true. But in his mind is saying you're wrong but he right. Calls in his mind as Heidi got to play out. About five fish he can't listen to eat you've got to follow on Manu an all girls adored her all out until with a diagram because my girl who is an hour with withholding is six now that we really think we're doing the right thing by making me away. I look back at how many million are turned away knowing that they just wanted to have a section me. Wow you look back on all of Meehan who just won't just won't dare sector due this year and this program and I didn't know six tonight. And you heard no more follow or you get no six this do we go out annually heard from a you've done yourself a great. And let's be impeached. Any relationship you. Do things. He feels he's eager to help boost those. Why haven't you it's as if change this fiscal growing maturity Afghan. I think your answer if he is hold off asking you for nearly yours and old in me. So why you all to talk to kill. And about his leg right is beyond. Just don't like this the view an analyst at times I knew. Yeah and what's different about them. Mean. Any thing is if a but that's the and Mason you guys don't agree with me like you're perfect in the American greats the youth oh my god yeah pulling. He's just any masks the. He did you live in what is it will. Mean what I'm here now is show I'm glad to hear. That commission late in the theater that clear exactly new here I don't know yet. Wait for the right in reeled me in the right looking for real Meehan who are looking for something wait for it. There are some players that I look at for men anyway. I think he can't hear this. Angle well don't jump while we knew he. I have to. Agree not to distant. There's been to move my. Black. I don't know announcement. And nobody close yelled over a week ago I heard her she'll. I can't live in an email at enter M us your thoughts on today's strawberry letter and Steve RB FM or at my girls surely you're listening. He beat each.