Strawberry Letter - His Ex Wife Is A Real Problem

Friday, May 18th


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Look at hold on tonight we got a four year probe ever object. It ex wife is a real problem. Here's Stephen surely my husband and I got married two years ago and we're in Ramona. Work. Lyricists and his ex wife is the real problem. Martin and. Well not. And Abby did anything that everybody your mouth. Any law under. I just finished early my husband and I got married two years we don't know whether Marjorie PG Geithner and years strong enough. Our eleven. And next is enough. Congratulations. Well anyway they got this couple got married two years ago and they couldn't be happier. He says this is my first marriage his second. We have a total of five kids and one on the way I love our blended Stanley. But my husband and wife has been a problem since day one. I've read edit my husband's dealings with the ex wife would you buy it without that money. But now I may have to do when he divorced her she got the house 675. Dollar monthly in alimony yet. Except that I think 75. Mongolian alimony and joint custody of the kids you wish right human. All right in February though she lost the house this year and kids had to move in with her mom. Just recently my husband went to pick up the kids and the ex wife and I asked him to help her get an apartment. My husband at that kind hearted man and he helped her out a lot. Financially over the years when he came home and told me that he asked him for more help. I told him we had the guts. Because we he he didn't give an answer right away she got mad I told him that he can't could come and live with us which he is not our problem. We have plenty of room for the pit. He said that he and his ex wife and kids that they and there are things school district. They'll make can't live with that full time I remind him my husband of his obligations if he did not hear her. I told him that I would support him in whatever decision he makes though. So do you think I put my husband and about why am I wrong please help. No you're not wrong. I think you're very strong and supportive wife he's done very pleasant and reasonable to me. And you Celek a great mommy's Alec and caring person I mean. You wanna take him if it's in your home I mean you're happy to do. Don't know I don't think you're wrong. I think she is out of line ago this woman as trifling and does she's trying to control everything she does like the fact that there hasn't moved on and gotten a new wife and you Pacman and all that. Guess what. He can't control it all the kids can come and live with you you're OK with that and your husband. And the new baby you know the kids can be in the mix they'll have to get into a new school. They can do that they have schools everywhere they have good schools everywhere they can get into a new and at that school. Ex wife he will have to get a job. He's gonna have to favor money while she's living with a month that he can get her own place you think your husband apart though you think your husband kind hearted. Which means he might give and film that at the demand but I just once you'd stayed there be supportive. Speak up. And you know so nothing else will go down as far as the white ex wife demand pages they've airlifted to a discuss that and do what you're doing you're doing fine you're not wrong. The well. You know surely. Yeah I hate this that it who sold me. I know you do if you're. Sorry about that moment knows she's. This don't even keel surface. Of what I would hate. I actually. Did my life received any. Calls it is here. First salvo. Excuse me from now fearless feel. Cars he lulls. She got a house is six notice and if that ago. I've lost houses days. And way. We wait mole is ago how they. Yet agreed to be there. Go way mall doubt I'll work for them. But everything's relative union that. What did you tell emotion. Into them it may feel like three this can't get on what I was saying. Oh yeah I agree with that. In this six if I could be choke you. But I'll bet you remained choked him. I don't give a dead able relative now. Conscience. Of a dissident. I don't know dale subject is asked what his real problem Friday. About me. Anyway. Overjoyed. Just recently among those who were to go to kids in his ex wife asked him to help her get an apartment. Where she lost a house. You know all I don't know I don't know if you've lost its dues they shoot low life yes vocational Austin how she got it. She can think people would it take to run an ounce. So anyway. He prim alimony. But he's also paying child support. Alimony is different from jobs. Already uses album 670 flammable. That chow supporters did. So yup please understand this man is that way moment. I now. Scioscia asked him. Husband we're too big of a cute. And ex wife as can help regular apartment my husband's a guy not a man and he's helped out a lot. Financially over the years and the reason he's helped out financially over the years is because she has two key is they got joint custody. The sheet to kids Leo would. Now is she using the kids in this situation as a pawn. Yet. But know this. How do much for illegals. Is how the kids leave. So we have the dilemma here. He's a kind hearted man he loved his Q you hate the what do wife but guess what she got to keep its so he got a problem. An amateur you would you ought to do we compare. Because. Arnold didn't just took the doctors are marching. And tell you lover you see you should just change from figure. And you are right on up at the part of your response to today's robbery letter is ex wife whose real problem caused a bit. Lewis' fuels and he'll give me a dim apartment and he prays exam and Brad dollar Alamo as Giles aboard lulls. Will boo hoo. And damaged man hale. About. Pain of Islam. But they're real real justice. And you off yet this produced better right here is disgusting to me. Now he would over to pick the key is that weren't. His ex wife ask him to help plug in an apartment. Tomorrow's in his account not a man he has helped out a lot financially over the years so when he came home and told me that she'd ask him. Boy don't I told him we could discuss it because he didn't give her an answer right away she got today. I told him that he skiers could come in the it would just but she is not our problem. We have a baby on the way we can not keep helping what we have plenty of room for the key. He said he and his ex wife won't keys stay in a saying scooters now he is a problem. The school district that accuses in the key is an Californians. So return your involvement Ickes you've got to. Consider these key skiers like disproved he has got three and that just to everything. If you don't help the woman get an apartment. What's going to happen with two key. C dusted them limited to Brazilian. And at least he brought it home to you to discuss it with you. But now you suggest that the key it's Colombia which at all. Well that's not how it works. They have joint custody but in real life she got custody. He go body out of this. And did not tell you another thing you can just take two key hits from them now let's just be real about it. It is really unfair. Because the woman is having fun there too difficult to come in and take cues from him mom. Because accused bloody mama Mary regardless as to what you take a chow from Obama man you miss them to keys. You really. Sort of Amanda know was there. Yea yea yea and I and you and you go warmer guard unit told accusing come over here and you coup Woodard and there and an August group. But there at the but the real. Deal he has. Vote. He Garnett to help we'll get to supply. Air into that day he's got to help. You fill pa. Because it keeps two kids in the school district. And you can makeup petty but not heal print now but you also heard two keys. And that's the dilemma he needs. And I appreciate your sister right now Amanda and Syria and I've told a market support him or whatever decision economics. Though so you don't think so so do you pick up Obama and a bare spot them alone what you're not wrong for feeling which you feeling. Because you moment and you won't understandable alone and quit using euros when are you notice what she's doing. But it affects two key. As she know. CNA cannot amend it keeps street hope fairly. Ki yo host. You you have affair with his Karen Allen. So you give an example of how he is even when they try and hurt. He steal got to care or even wishy delves a morale and try to abuse it and use he steeled Attica when that she'll. He sued Olson. So Laura you're not wrong for feeling their way but you should also supporting me. Because it'll make it easier for me you know. Because he's told he got Chu and his family. And everything you know avenue's key is to what you're doing you know in mules and held a warm all the way. Which you can keep giving money like that but if you don't help put you where she gonna do. Andy and Andy not open or you don't know cookies. Now man. Now you'll want to but you think it's wrong for. And if the kids come and live with the dad for a change alone you do you think of it I know several people who've done a numbing get a school if she wants to go allowed it to happen blood. He says they have plenty of space for decades I got all that delivery you'll be honest and some two male. Given a lot of money for an apartment go be cheaper to bring your keys and took house if there's a financial concerns you. But show real concern as you track Utah having openness have for a as you've got to get in the way you pull all your money into Q3 fuel you put you to out of boarded in her. And I understand and she didn't think she'd lost. He just finished runner up or you don't should not to push came to thrive. Well she tried for it it's just it to all of our house is more to make in the middle. You don't the maintenance of a house man does is express available. All so she and over hey. But what you got to understand it did Limbaugh got a guy is it has to baby with the other woman. You've got to understand that to them and under a lot of sisters in their position cause Luke. Pays a lot of blender for him as a man. You just gotta understand to do between Iraq and it catches and the last thing you need from you too. What do you say how she token it now. Alitalia. Bankruptcy argue didn't isn't that awful. Not know that she's so led the shoe to open. There. How we don't keep up this this outcrop. That's the Borough should take she fears they might have to get off until we ain't got no money clerk Greg kids don't we. Cat. Out of Detroit got schools open field. What intrigued at Wyndham before she lost the house. Well why is she talked to ex husband before she lost that she did did the legacy of illiteracy you know promote fundamentally beautiful. And you glad to keep up and yeah he know you hail so yeah Georgia we're going you're all right are we gotta get out of here email us your answer gamut. Your thoughts on today's cover letter it micro surely. And thank you don't forget to join me for the after show live on faith based book every Thursday at 1:30 PM eastern time you're listening. Should.