Strawberry Letter - He's Double Tapping Her Sexy Pictures

Monday, August 6th


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I'd attention Smart people did you pay any attention to mark what would cut income department people right now. Until tomorrow morning at 728. There in any natural. We're giving away a chance to win Steve barbies grand prize of one million net that's a whole lot of money do you dotted. We're gonna play our favorite game are you smarter than that you'd tell me go to Eva IVF and dot com to register right now. And switching gears this time for this Robert. If you needed by and we. Everybody not just Smart people everybody's talking to everyone here OK if you needed by the relationship on dating and work on that on parenting and mark. You're strawberry letter today to Steve Harvey Afghan dot com click the Mitt strawberry letter right. And will drive read your letter it's like we're going to read this one today. Old row like so many buckle up and hold on to hear it and it in the Austro bury it. I'd subject keep double tapping her sexy pictures and. And surely. I'm a thirty year old woman and I've been dating a 35 year old man for a little over a year and I'm injured by about an issue. We started dating we were already following each other and against Iran and they. I noticed that we have one mutual friend of mail that I went to college. My boyfriend at following her on and ran in eighth book I asked him how he knew her and you as an interested in harm before we started dating. If it in government and he had never been there any method is on me. I told him that I'd know her personally. And although we don't talk op and we are committed for. And I noticed that he started liking her commitment to grant the only like the pictures of her in a bikini wars are threats or short story. When they're behind poking out. I told him that it looked up on me I'd tell them that it would inappropriate for him to like her pictures because he is my boyfriend and it sends the wrong message. I thought he would get it and he without following her and social media or at least not liking her pictures. But now he's still double tapping on her pictures through it today. He told me that it's not a big deal he tells me that it's no different than me enjoying my work out with my trainer who happens to be tipped up in the state. I told him that he was that bad compared that that was the back compare them because I was never tracked my trainer. I feel like my boyfriend is trying to justify his actions by turning the situation around on me and making me fell like I'm being petty. He has no respect for my feelings even surely pleased that I'd be or social media ruined my relationship. Hey listen I agree with you 100 per think you're exactly right in everything you say. Your so called boyfriend is very disrespectful. And not very Smart okay because he's doing this. And you know he's doing it and doing that yet he won't stop. I think you playing a dangerous. Lying to you when trying to turn this situation back around on you know what he's doing. It just makes them look even more guilty and gets social media is breaking up a lot of happy. You know for stuff like that doubled capping goes up to even now you have to speak for itself you have to let him know in no uncertain terms. And he is wrong and you will not be respected and either he got the double tapping her you guys are a true. It's called tough love okay that's what it's called up love. You don't need him if he's double tapping her. The boy I mean. I okay. I mean when all of these in the inland. These millennial men and one woman learn and Melinda your opponent at these Olivia and then when only our land. One issue in this series. Dates here. You know I'll agree yeah. I mean it via an open yeah. The most dangerous word on the phone is seen OK. Okay. Listened to me I know them and UKX. You instantly days. And it was invented. And what it will women have it. Eight kids see yield. On how old way and double to pat. How. I on the net ain't no. Mountain know and remember. Idiom in this. Ai is all agree. That well we have no problem. Man now. The lone guy. Didn't like and they. I. Think you know yeah. Let him get myself a hole. Yeah it. All right jamboree yeah I'll. Bet you today good advice. Junior they'll come up what you got was you got Belinda Hill don't come. Whitney yeah. Want to be with me. I know you well know. And and ED if you. Count it. Now he's. Used it. I. Don't want to. Off oh yeah. It is. A we. Don't think. You can't. The eyes are not I didn't know yeah yeah. Probably might but I bet. Beyond the alternate self the car right now and I felt. That way I don't say that the act health. Different. Tire your stars. Our regular. Eagle which went about regular PG. A all of you how to be ultimately you know. And I know. I'm not in the that at the board screen and you. A oh. Hovercraft. If he was. Read more infrequent and elaborate saying that have ran. Him. Well. The double standard. Lines down and at the double. Yes doubled yeah I think that's right I've we've we've heard for me Weaver from. You double tapping her sexy pictures is the subject of today's strawberry letter. We'll be right back with more here with more of our sponsors right after this that twenty Korea you're listening. The morning should. All right here we are back in the middle of this strawberry letters subject he's double tapping her sexy picture of the thirty year old woman bra and he's been dating a 35 year old man for years now. And when they started dating they were already following each other and in program and they put it noted that if he noted that they had a mutual friend. Which it was a friend of hers actually that he went acknowledgment and although they don't talk much in the that a woman. They are very good friend. Well that I was interested in and her friend before they actually started dating and now he's been to double tapping her pictures. Only the ones where she and a bikini or some short shorts or you know a short dress something like that. So that's what his girlfriend noted the only like that and the picture me you know he said. She told her boyfriend that bind them double tapping the wrong message you know they are in relationship. What do you over your double tapping the mother woman or. You can get it he tried to say that it is nothing different than her. Admiring her trainer and then it to update. Oh he's trying to justify his actions by comparing her situation with a trainer. He says. Don't try to flip and make it seem like you know it's the thing I think of this is that. Your double tapping with the woman I'm asking you not you it's making me feel the kind of way because we're in a relationship. And you need to that's basically what's going. Yet that they do you think it's okay. Things that would. I like the trainer. Yeah you saying. Social media. Is growing relationship immediately to upgrade yet I think she's right in everything she things she needs to let him now. Either leave her alone or their relationship is over. Right now if you wish you'd. When you situation like this because it's the it's a brother that don't know how to lately today. It apparently they don't know how to be real play. So if you listen in after making up late on Jeremy partially because the play I don't know what he built the lead is that the less. Always. All the lead people to. What. That it. That I Dublin throughput that that people like. I'm very. Ugly people with dolls. People working. Out plan and women do. Duke got that the older adult thing now what you really right. Oh you a couple of April yeah what you happening today. Mind I think it's against the what suit and when it's hard Como if the ground which you like Mexico it's about it every time person makes it with about it could be political week. Now the lead the league now people you you know lately it gives you went through all of you don't know what you. And I think that's really cute and Smart and everything but it. Don't play at a actually now been. Ultimately it. And you'll have a merry. How you do it I got you babe looked at three whom. You just started double tapping ugly people we're not going to be on come line. Well or. We'll let me add an ugly and it's definitely I don't know. And you know it is now. Oh now that leaves you try now view that it you. It is. Have. The people and nightly. But then again we start to get there that's helped win and I know it has yeah. And I wouldn't I. Nicely thank you all day and take them to the sincerity about this dog with a lag to lay too late you already know that Ellen yeah. People would cute outfit. Agree it. Yeah. Yeah it and I out. And that Google I batted only cheating to the experts that okay. Vietnam veterans of the job. When it comes to eating what you always get caught certain distant homeland okay. All right. Are you a better cheater than that economic data via a new game. And Leunen and go to week you went up. And I really. Commentary on everything that that. That's the real old real if you look at the U parallel to throw everything all of you don't know what they don't know how. Yep no clue usually leave. The room. Law. Unrelated and yeah. Maybe. He'll. It would not call them out real ugly no real. I'm not seek out and now. And on. The Mountain View and oil and I. And all of a sudden. On the that you you know with in that it does now the lead from day one million and a million. Who is that it now you just that it meant to ask me. Me. Me. I. Had. One today. I go in the road but I. Bra. Bra Cabrera and if you. Here's the pain you used to. But ultimately what makes them no we. I'm viewing yeah I don't even today which it yeah. You have a good. I mean I live in. Coming up in just a few minutes all right about 41 minutes after the hour we're gonna talk. Our talk OK and it's not power hour we'd like we're gonna talk about. All things a Mari Hardwicke fifty. That's definitely mature was not pop goes the. And I came in to talk. About all of that. We talk about art coming up and about 41 after the hour don't go away. You're listening. Be sure.