Strawberry Letter - He Wants Me and Not The Children

Thursday, September 13th


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But hold on tonight we got of what you liberties this strong bearing let god judge he wanted me but not the children. Here's Stephen surely I MA 49 year old female married to me 49 year old man we have five children and five grandchildren. Here is the problem my current husband bisons. I have five children and five grandchildren. No we and here is the problem my current husband is not the father of my children I'm married this man to my children were young. Though he's been in their lives for a very long time my youngest son just graduated from high school and will be going away for college. Now my husband thinks that we are done raising children and from now all of it will be just the two of us. He has said that he that we don't have to worry about the kids anymore because they are all grown and have their own lives. All I am I'm not supposed to. So and I'm not supposed to be involved with my children since they are no longer living at home. My children range from ages 32 to eighteen years old. And all five of them live in different states. I wanna see them and my grandkids as often as I can and in fact I'd like to move closer to them. My husband does not want anything to do with them period. You don't want to visit them and he doesn't want them to visit us. He's dead that they don't need to come for the holidays. He really. I think they are adults I am supposed to forget that they exist. I understand that neither are golden years and we should be enjoying. Quality time together and traveling the world. But our travels should also include a trip to feed my children if people really period. I may have been Michael in years alone Stephen surely can you please tell me. Well. Your letters started up nicely though I'll put it like this your husband I'm sure feels like. He's done his job and it's over these were not his kids he raped and anyway he's been in their lives. And they were really young so he's done and not being there biological dad like I said that ties cut we had no connection really to them being on. He he cut them up and his concentration is now on you. And you guys the future together. He wants to live he wants to live that life you know on and do all of those things but now I've. Think that he's being very unrealistic when he says until he doesn't want the kids become a CU or he doesn't want you to go see the kids. How is that and mean drilling and that that's a bit unrealistic especially if that makes you happy to see your kids the year his wife he had won it. You happy and do those things that make you happy I mean. It's very unrealistic to say that he really thinks that because they're adults you're supposed to forget that they exist now. That that's not the issue and he knows that's not the issue. They are grown and they are living their lives that part is definitely true. But she does got to come to some kind of compromised in terms of when you see the kids him when he does he became even if you just go by yourself you have to see your kids these are your kids. The. Europe through it. Now he won't soon be would not do you. Okay that actually relate to a I don't know man he's. He had. I don't really day between December of new girl beautiful just like that. Sort of march on Tuesday. We are parents you afforded and do brands forty. You have by cured by agreeing keys. He's not the father of the key it's. Youngest son just graduated high as Google only Protestant not yeah thing that we don't raising children are from Melvin just read the two of us he has led the way. Hardware about the king is no moral cause they all well and have they all lives. Okay are you kidding me. You really think this Howard goes the hope that you are parents for life. For life. You end up being a little wide from life. Ball once you become apparent you'll hit it full life. This and we're about to end this and that was about it I got you seller all brought to turn into bear wouldn't cause you don't. Don't give it. You and you go to new agency that made him a letter you kids from 32 to eighteen. All live in different states. Annual CQ do you Greinke. Matter fact. You'll move closer to. And don't won't nothing to do what do you. He doesn't want to visit down and he doesn't know all that to visit us he says they don't need confluence of holidays yeah. They wouldn't have been a bit desperate to may be tight don't need to cope on holidays. Hail to Hitler's Reich. Combo man argue for real abrupt. You wanna just act like you've never met these people. Like you you date and may not. He go to college at that she got to come home. He's not ready to live alone is all the I got the deal gives writing from birdied two to eighteen. It did you know much advice they need to how much help they need financial support they need. Come on man doubting how his word when you crazy. He'll want him to visit your ornament chrome foot holidays. What does it do you think that because they are built. I'm supposed to predicted they exist best to praise is part of them. You gotta be moments it doesn't work. Crazy if you'd think. Come home. Understated these are golden years game before it in he. Oh. But does value won't look at it okay coup. And we should be enjoyed quality time together and traveling the world. Player should also include troops see much you. If you can lose your summit beer mug golden years alone. And we will be that you don't Q. Which is facing. Us and we've. While the world again on this one and graduated aboard this she is not a New Year's. Nine eagle loudly graduated ago we can. Pay out. He's saying no. Don't they should be making me. I wanna see mark Greinke is involved kid is what the woman says in fact I want moved closer to mojo in the morning thing to do with impunity noble to music. The only you don't want him to visit us he said they don't need to call for a college course to you I'd. Holidays in the opposite of what do. Actually no we don't home for the holidays what is Christmas about that Lleyton. You know that things that we called the adult I'm supposed to get the exit to understand these are golden years we've been into our policies to learn together and Kevin world. But I travel plans have been gourd troops seem mature and he's really serious. I'm may have remarkable new loans to user who can you please tell me he wants to check out. In essence he wants to check out he wants to save your job done my duty. I'll raise these keys to the best in my ability. Contributing. And now they go on guess it I'm Sheehan. I wished it was a case. But it honey. Why don't you wanna see the kids I mean. But it did something happen we've already seen kitty we'll keep you think since they were young and Lehman. They they live their own lives now song all I need to see what it was New York I'm not a bit more depraved reopened Jeter caught. And we cobra drained a border border card machine. Out there. And originally and honey we appreciated so much but these are my kids I have to see them on the holidays that's what. The holiday in the fourth then hammered very fairly like Thanksgiving like Christmas period. Like Thanksgiving like Christmas. Morning and have already made arrangements for them to come here. They're critical where. And how all that's. I am you know getting that big Christmas tree and everything they're gonna just got better and we could give you more the what do you write about it. Ford open that Long Will he have to have somewhere to go when he's out of school for Christmas break. And he dug out. Whatever international. A but he I want him to come home I'm miss them I carried them for nine months that the Muslim it's you raise any keys to be done what shall. Normal write the great pity even college now you great curator for air force and. A former Eudora or didn't. I don't understand I mean you are so good let them when they were young and helping me raise them now all of a sudden it's like who owns and I don't know there are. You don't jurors accountant to do you mean you were counting the days they got opted out. It's yours so good they call you daddy you're not even their violent and yeah there computer and meet at a particular firm. Well you know I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate that you were there for me there from like you know you do very appreciated how would you be you'll meet. I am here for you but I also bombed and all the time to add two more days a week. No mom days are never over with under a week ago. No they're not yeah and you Peter Barca back quarter. I kid and visit my house to their coming home for the holidays okay be but my foot down. All around on yet another reason he Q where you give him out there by admirable for a holiday it's still disarmed you don't you we got a little illegal Dearborn trio. We're gonna but it's really up right over there but it would out of drew lawyer argue with you Richard are already up in your group around. Wielding decorate. Is just five kids and five grandkids and there's got to meet the new moon. That may do we need a bigger house and I'm not getting rid of my kids. Are big hop and yet the bigger house. Under. Edgar. We finally got all of you that you really need big enough. It's just for a few days during holidays and a mean one thing Christmas can. Moment ago soldiers don't stage things. So language do you do you know radio grew and do we need to figure out through economic Beth we love doing that merely girls cooking together. We're preparing Christmas dinner at Thanksgiving dinner. You. Can Google started you. Yeah. Didn't matter. Who try to slash people we're going to do the woman in a letter kink you know yeah. Out of drugs by the only conclude that he was trying to to browse. Up and I wouldn't commit to give me. I don't know I'm always made me name Internet and you make bestowed. It argue youth killed a man and let him make your mind on number inaudible orchard drive it was a problem. And so and I think that do. Mr. that you chemical. Including you don't mean he'll meet who. Apply. I'm speaking as the woman in the letter. We begin husband who hates kids now on my new game. And why does it. What they do to you that I don't know about couldn't seem like to me you were getting along fine with them. Cause you was now. Open. Hume know what you. What would global. A new deal with what they gang up one new configured to remind at a dinner one night at border eighteen year old boy called real homicide. Club nobleman it was choking. Oh well yes jingle but this can be so much find one now eaten for a few days. No. True. Market arc knocking to. Gamers from around you can put my supposed assailant asking where is their dad where is Dan and they you know they call you again. It's pretty. And I don't today. You're also known code being home being here. I gotta go gotta get out of here. Email us your answer give us your thoughts on today's show every letter at Steve Garvey at Emory go to Mike girls surely you're listening. He beat morning show.