Strawberry Letter - He Must Think I’m Crazy

Thursday, June 14th


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Let's kill them buckle up and hold on tight we have to forge peace drop him. How many people in your head okay subject. You must think I'm crazy eyes even surely I've been dating a 43 year old man for the past four years. We've had trust issues in the path because he was being dishonest. And it caused a strain on our relationship. I've been trying to let go of the past but there's 1 issue that I am still not comfortable with a problem with how he deals with his son's mother. It's on the seventeenth and then I been with them is had a good relationship with a woman but I wanna know how good is if you could it. He runs a business with our egos and family vacations with her and his son. And he allows her to post pictures of the three of them on her social media pages. Oh and let me not forget that he has accidentally. Fallen asleep over her house. At least five times since we've been dating. When I met her. He was very standoffish. I told him several times that their relationship makes me uncomfortable he tells me that I'm insecure and she's just like family. If where's there's nothing else going on do you think. Am I being insecure or should I be worried about that. It's very frustrating and I'm ready to just walk away from him than I think to be in the way anyway. He must think I'm crazy. Please help figure this out. I don't necessarily think you think your crazy. That's nodded I just think you know he thinks he can get away with certain things. And you've been going through this for the past four years. I don't know why you've been going through that for the past three years I mean he's been lying to eat that among other things that kill the trust between you and cause this strain on your relationship. And then. You know when you bring up the fact that you're uncomfortable with its closeness with his ex wife he brushes you often calls you insecure. He's not listening view nor did the theme. That he is concerned about your feelings OK doesn't it. I don't think from a managed you've been with for four years I think you need to reexamine your relationship with him. Things like he is a better relationship with his ex wife than he does with you I'm very glad though that he's president the sun's light it. It's good but he gets along with his ex wife for that reason for the thicker than. But you know he's being disrespectful to you I think sleeping over house and all of that. That needs to stop and until you really put your foot down and let him know how you really really feel. Talk to him straight up about it. I don't think that the going to stop I just don't. He liked the way things are immediate thinks you're insecure refreshes you'll often goes on about his business where do you Bennett do you they've. Well question is good to. You're comfortable. With his relationship. With his picks. Of the seventeen year old. Okay and why you are comfortable. Because. They go legal order for a holidays. They're posting pictures of the three of animals socially. Air and to top all at all. Home and he has accidentally fallen asleep that are now. What. You accidentally fell asleep. And Eudora and she's Duracell mills took a look of producing and let them. But. The machine in question communities were abused as well. Polls don't fairly big occasions that allows that bulls preserve three doubles social media. And they accidentally fell asleep the first ball. Look I've got being crew which is excellent signature but to boss them team and it was taboo land has been unable one whole year job support. But to Fred did you go on over there take it pitchers and post signal social media. The woman is trying to say that everybody lukewarm weekend. And he might be saying hey look when we get. But Lyoto fallen asleep though. As we let me. And for a guy out of. Ruling. You all. He would show AS. You've got to give it to house. But the fact that he got to the house and what no bill observers from you is the shackle. You're allowing this man to do what he wanted to do and he's doing it. He's flawlessly but not out of these five terms as we've been doing and he can he go over it too loosely. Paying my goal and I yeah you've fall asleep accidentally at bats. Three. He had fallen asleep crawling India. Then you get and how she looked over there every day. There would you bring you know in makes you comfortable he says you insecure. As she's just like friend. She just like family. Husband wives and children after weeks. So we just told you. That there are off really. You're not you don't have a child with his. Day have a child together. And he just told you quick trip that she just like Graham. What have you is married to a moment and we all have had sex together key it's. This college all worlds of fame now he Ke gore what do you know what caused a steal it. The question is why did you cut is that it would. Calls have you read his letter that we do you really should really gave you on a good advice and you steal all news radio Tomo ESP tripped. What do you think Amare being insecure. Or should I be worried about news. Didn't and got to know the family and you okay would. Be an okay front and be okay with. It's very frustrating. And I'm ready you just walk away from him since I seemed being away anyway. He must they don't Kris. Reasonably for yourself you can say that you need to leave. What should handle. This system to people's. Another four years. Many of nothing and so now you have no chance of meeting mr. right because you're a bad situation and you won't walk away from. It's a lot of women in spotlight Q. But we don't go to people somebody else five test policy. Are fear. Come on let's get to part two of your response to today's strawberry letter subject here I think the she must think I'm crazy Shirley and we thank you couldn't. And everybody listens to in his letter thank you please. You bear would have may have faux news who hasn't crazy relation would it's why can't they got to send jingles so OK he's been great follow. The goal fairly vacations to. Big post pictures on Internet. And he falls asleep over her house fact accident. How do you go family vacation. In viewing of him. Most people go from the vacation door open advocate going to benefit him. We're either told Judy I affair when you got mad at me towards users carry your trip that she'd like family to me. Exactly. In the words of George told those grim tone summed it up bottles of mr. Program of the tunnel. Don't Elba Letterman aptitude you'd twice he'll choose and and he don't care if you see. Course you know why are you insecure in your. Lady. You. And cannot tell issues and I just totally true okay yes we love them they've either wrote this letter you are all free should. The Opel and can I just hope you'll understand. Who do you. The old home. For forty years. You. In general just Malaysian it was beautiful and cause you don't that you often an indication would. In a hole I presume you all posted social. And he throws the original house there. Actually did. Think that's the message you would accidentally fall asleep when he comes your housing go to sleep newest seem like there's a purpose to you yes it is. So why they are legal her house he accidentally run closed right. Rise grown as we all know what Eagleton. And you know what he's doing two and the way. Gil you fellows sleep day. And as we do. Let me Mitchell you. What happens. When you really actually. Accident due to follow this is. Surely Murdoch will and so. This moment yeah. We have clearly matter because this has happened to me. Turned. Up. Tomorrow. Really. Need. Yeah. Okay. Yeah yeah. He's. Okay. And so. I changes that night. Hi it's. Me even the only news. And I. I'll be even harder here. It. Here we always collapse yeah. Do you judge. Even Ninan. This deal posts. I. Responsibly to go to our separate ways. Now. Tired maybe. And we just pulls him nobody knew our whole. You got some of the I put and a huge and I was. So in case an obstacle yeah. Me. Relief. And you know again. And and easy for me yeah. My. Yeah. I'm an English. You need anything that it's. Price we he has now. Along in his state. I caveman I'm doing wrong stayed out which. My issue and can. I don't know equipment. Check it turned. I'm trying to get to this. What are you saying about my life long. I don't what angers me to do. Is an honest yeah MIC announced that. Oh sure yeah. Can stay. You look kind of long. Joke how many days. What got around the I. Towns and 800 years old. Sam and I and all of you good to be days. Rabbit hole in China uncle would often. I don't want to mom and CNN of William. I'm trying to compete. Again. Accidentally fall asleep at some. There are real right there. I think we've got to get out of here you get it out there insert M us your thoughts on today's strawberry letter and adds Steve Harvey. Ask them and today don't forget at 1:30 PM eastern time join me for the strawberry letter and live after show on FaceBook you're listening. Pete morning shadow.